Read #3 Mirrored Online

Authors: Annie Graves

#3 Mirrored (5 page)

“It's cold in here and everything's backwards,” she said in a rush, “and you told me about glass buildings and glass people and everything, but outside it looks the same, and I can't even open the door to go outside.”

“Of course you can't open the door. The mirror world can
reflect your world. My world is only a reflection. There's nothing else.”

Abbey looked at Bee in horror. “But what about the houses and cities and parks made of glass?”

“Don't be stupid, Abs, that's not real. It's make-believe. And you love make-believe, don't you?”

Abbey felt suddenly cold, even colder than she had felt lying on the floor.

“So let me out,” she said. “Let's swap back.”

Bee laughed at her. “I don't think so, Abs.”


She smiled the most evil smile you could imagine. “It's my turn to be Abbey now.”

With that, she walked back to bed and climbed in.

When she leaned over to switch off the light, she was still smiling.

Then all was black.

Now, it's probably just a story. At least I hope it is.

The older kids probably made it up to scare us.

The only thing is ... I saw Abbey in the bathroom one day. And I'm sure that when she passed the mirrors, I couldn't see her reflection.

I really want to scream after that.

I want to scream and scream and scream to drown out the sounds of Abbey screaming, but I know she will just go on screaming in my head and I will never, ever, EVER sleep again.

Unless someone else tells me another story to take my mind off it ...

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