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Now that they were alone however...

As soon as they reached his apartment, she
decided she wanted a shower to relax her tense muscles. Folding her lingerie,
she tucked it back into her suitcase, and pulled out one of Coop’s shirts
instead. It was his move now, if he wanted her.

The shirt was loose, but comfortable as
she pulled it over her head. So big that it reached to her knees, and draped
off her shoulder a bit. Shrugging, she opened the door and found him waiting
for her.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered, and she
watched as his heated gaze took her in from top to bottom. “What no silky
teddy’s tonight?”

“No, I’ve decided to give up.” She tried
to walk past him but he reached out to stop her. Stopping, she turned to face
him. “The ball is in your court now just so you know, I’ve told you that I want
you, practically threw myself at you in the process and I’m tired of the rejection.”

was never intended to be rejection, Meagan. I did it out of concern.” Coop
pulled her towards him and caressed the sides of her neck with his fingers. “I
didn’t want to hurt you.”

“I know,” she whispered, and then gulped.
God, she wanted him.

“You’re looking much better,” he whispered
huskily, one hand moving up the nape of her neck into her hair, while the other
moved a little lower towards her chest, fingers lingering just along the
collar, and she took a deep breath to breathe him in. “And, I’m sorry it’s
taken so long for me to finally wise up. I’m tired of fighting it, Meagan, and
I’m man enough to admit that I need you—“ He back her up against the hallway
wall, and pressed himself close. “Hell, I’m ready to beg if I have to.”

Meagan giggled, as she rubbed against him,
his confession, her undoing. “Oh yeah, what do you have in mind?”

“This—,“ he said, and bent over to capture
her lips. Tongue snaking out, his teeth nipped and sucked on her bottom lip
before he pulled back again. “Will you let me make love to you, Meagan?”

“Yes,” she whimpered, “God,

“That’s my girl.” Coop smiled, wasting no
time to finish what they started. Enough was enough. His hands reached for the
bottom of his shirt to pull it off of her, and his mouth sought hers. Their
tongues were in a frantic dance, as he made love to her mouth over and over
again, and as he tugged the shirt tangled around her hands, binding them. She
let out a frustrated huff, and he couldn’t help but feel amused.

He took a step back to get a good look at
her. Braless, she wore nothing but his tangled shirt in front of her, and a
pair of tiny black thongs. His already aching cock shifted again, saluting
proud and ready to be freed. “Leave the shirt,” he requested, placing her hands
above her head to get a better view, and whistled. “My fantasies didn’t do you
justice, sweetheart.”

“Thank you, now what about you?” Meagan
thrust her body towards him since he still held her bound hands above her. “I’d
like to see if my fantasies are anything like the reality.”

“All right, but in the meantime I don’t
want you to move. You’re a vision just the way you are, bound and waiting for
me to love you.”

“I can follow those rules for now, but
later you have to promise me that I can touch all I want.” She eyed his body
like she craved sustenance, and licked her lips.

“Deal. My body is all yours, for however
long you’d like it, Meagan, all I’m asking is that you let me love you first.”

“And, my body is now yours.” She nodded in
agreement. “Now strip, let me see you.”

Without a word he fisted his
shirt above his head and threw it behind him. Next came his jeans, until he
stood in nothing but his socks and boxer briefs. His muscles flexed as he bent over
to take off his socks. First one and then the other, they both joined the pile
he threw behind him.

“Amazing.” She licked her lips again at
the sight of him. A cut chest met defined six pack abs that flexed as he moved.
His arousal looked long and thick behind his underwear, the tip slipping out
from the elastic band and she wanted them off. “What about your boxers?”

“Not yet.” He shook his head, and smiled.
“If I take these off now there’ll be no going slow.”

He joined her once more, closing
any distance they had between them. Tasting every inch of her skin, starting
with her forehead, his lips moved down to kiss each eyelid, then cheeks, chin,
and mouth once more. She moaned, rubbing her mound against him in excitement.

“I love how responsive you are,” he
whispered. “Now, let’s see what kind of reaction I get, as I move lower.”

Her breasts fit perfectly in his palms as
he cupped them, each nipple turning hard against his touch. He then lowered his
mouth to suck each one, taking his time while she writhed with need for him.
“Please, Lyric...” Her whisper was so faint he almost missed it.

Both shocked and pleased, he pulled back.
“Say it again.”


“My name, I want to hear you say it again.
You’ve only ever called me by my nickname and I love the way it sounded.”

“Lyric,” she said a little louder this
time. “I call you Coop, when we’re around everyone else because I thought you
preferred it, and it’s a great nickname, but the truth is I love your real name
and what we’re sharing now feels too intimate to be screaming out for Coop.
You’re Lyric the lead singer, Coop the great guy everyone loves, and Lyric
Cooper, business man, and all of them combined. I want you, Lyric Cooper the
man. Every single part you’re willing to share with me for as long as you want

“Then plan on sticking around for awhile,”
he said shocking her as he dropped to his knees. “I love you, Meagan.” But
before she could respond his lips pressed against her stomach, and tongue
snaked out to taste her. She lost all sense of coherent thought right then and
enjoyed the new sensations he was creating inside of her. Moisture pooled in
between her thighs as the excitement built and she moaned again in response.
“Dear God.”
I love you too!

She shifted her hips to help him
discard the lacy scrap in the way, and held him close as soon as his soft lips
met her smoothly shaved mound. “Yes, Lyric...” She shuddered, and leaned her
head back with a moan while he worked his magic.

His tongue slid through her slick wet
folds, licking, flicking, and fucking her opening in earnest. He dominated her
pussy, knowing which triggers worked bringing her to the edge, only to back off
a little to prolong her excitement, and back again. Until she was a whimpering
mess of need begging for completion. “Please...” She shuddered again with need.
“Oh God, yes,

His tongue slid through her slick heat
again, concentrating on the sensitive nub to bring her into bliss. Circling it,
and licking back and forth, finally screaming his name again as he sucked it
between his lips with just the right amount of pressure at the same time two
fingers entered her. Riding his hand as her pussy pulsed around them he drank
her juices until she fell back in exhaustion and stood to carry her.

“That was amazing.”

“You taste amazing.” Coop smiled,
looking proud. “And now that I’ve made love to you with my mouth and fingers, I
think it’s time I properly introduced you to another part of my body.” He
winked while he gently placed her on top of his bed.

Rising on her elbows to get a
better look at him, he removed his underwear and joined her on the bed again.
His long thick cock rested against his stomach, and she had the urge to reach
out and touch him. Smooth and soft it felt warm under her touch and hard, her
hand moved from tip to base, stroking him and she moved herself lower to return
the favor.

A long drawn out moan escaped him
as her tongue moved around his sensitive head before taking him as far back as
she could over and over again, enjoying his taste and reaction. His hips
flexed, and hands fisted inside her hair trying to hold her still. “Oh God,
Meagan, please just give me a minute.” Giving her hair a little tug, he pulled
out of her mouth and lie back trying to compose himself. “This will be over before
it starts if you continue.”

She nodded in understanding and
wanted nothing more to oblige him another way, almost desperate to do so.
“Where are your condoms?”

“In the bathroom, medicine

“Good, I’ll be right back.”
Meagan dash off the bed to grab the box, and returned a minute later with a
pack of X-Large ribbed.

He watched her climb on top of
him, straddling his legs and let her work the condom on before slowly sinking
down on him. “It feels too good to go fast. Give me a minute.”

“Take your time. God, Meagan
you’re so tight.” Her hips rotated taking him fully, and she moved up until he
was almost out of her before she plunged down again. He met her thrust for
thrust, picking up the speed. Her breasts bounced, hips rotated, and moans
filled his bedroom. “I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hold on.” He hissed,
“I’ll make it up to you later, I swear it.”

Coop reached between them to
circle her clit. “Come with me, Meagan. Let me see you erupt one more time
before I let go.”

“I’m coming, Lyric, oh God,
baby...”She pulsed and vibrated on top of him. Wave after wave rippling against
his cock, combined with the look of ecstasy etched on her face, and the feel of
her tight warmth sucking him deeper. He then exploded with a scream of his own,
and held her still as his seed overflowed the condom inside of her. They were a
tangle of limbs, as they cuddled afterward feeling content and satisfied so it
shocked her when he jumped up all of a sudden. “What’s the matter?”

“Absolutely nothing, I’ll be
right back.” Bare assed, he ran into the other room and came back with a piece
of paper and his guitar. “You once told me this incredible story about your
cousin and how he impressed Heidi the night he sang to her. The look in your
eye as you told me about them, told me that you enjoyed the sentiment and I
wanted to do something special for you. From the moment I saw you, I knew I
wanted you, Meagan, you’ve brought me joy, given me friendship, and you’re an
inspiration to my muse. I wrote a new song and I’d like to play it for you, but
please keep in mind, this is a work in progress for your ears only until it’s

Coop sat on the edge of the bed
in front of her and positioned his guitar, as Meagan sat up already teary-eyed
holding the sheet up to her chest to keep from reaching out. Nobody had ever
made her feel so special, and she wanted to hear it. A minute later his voice
filled the room, a personal serenade of feelings she completely understood and
the sentiment made her heart swell with love.


was pure hell,

know the feeling,

you were loved,

it wasn’t what you should have been feeling,

and alone,

no more,

here now to show you, you deserve more.

your spice,

new one in your life,

say goodbye and leave that deadbeat at the door,

here now so don’t waste another day,

show you love and take away the pain.

heart will make sure it’s right,

you by my side,

can stop you don’t have to hide,

I’ll keep your love alive.

am yours to do what you will.

I am your spice,

new one in your life,

hurt will be nothing but a faded memory,

you to new heights,

be the new one in my life,

here now so don’t waste another day,

show you love and take away the pain…


cry.” Coop placed the guitar to his side and wrapped his arms around her
looking confused. He rubbed her back. “Are you okay?”

Meagan nodded, and then laughed through her tears. “I love you, Lyric, and in
this moment I feel like the luckiest woman alive. The song was beautiful.”

Meagan, I’m the lucky one.” He gently lay her down, and climbed on top,
entering her again. Pumping in and out slowly to savor the moment, he smiled
wide. “You just told me you loved me, and for that alone I’m the luckiest man

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