A Club Esoteria Wedding [Club Esoteria 11] (Siren Publishing Classic) (6 page)

She stiffened at that thought. Lifting her head from where it rested against his shoulder, she looked at him and found him studying her expression.

“Feeling better?” he asked. His voice had dropped to the low, seductive range that had her creaming herself every time he used it.

“Mmmm,” she breathed, dropping her forehead to his shoulder and blinking against hot tears that suddenly sprang up. She could not keep the tears from her voice when she asked, “So what happens now?”

He hugged her tighter as if he understood, even though she had no explanation for herself. “Now you need to make a decision,” Taurus said, his voice still deep and rumbling through his chest where it pressed against hers.

“What decision?”

“Whether or not you would be interested in being my mouse, my slave, my princess for the rest of our days?”

Whitney blinked and lifted her head to stare at Taurus, having a hard time understanding exactly what he was asking. “Huh?”

“Will you, my beautiful Whitney, marry me?

At the more traditional proposal, her mind went completely blank for a second. She blinked and frowned at him.

“Um,” she started before stopping again.

She ran her tongue over her dry-as-old-bones lips. Using his chest for leverage, she sat back until all that connected them was his cock still buried deep in her cunt, and her legs pressed against his hips.

“Are you sure? I mean, I don’t want you to feel pressured to do something you don’t want to do, or aren’t ready for. We don’t have to get married even. I’ve just been feeling like I have no place in your life.”

She would have continued to talk him out of his proposal, except the Dom look he gave her and the finger he placed over her mouth stopped her cold. Instead, she parted her lips and licked the pad of his fingertip.

“I love you, my sweet mouse, my loving Whitney. I want to marry you. I want you wearing my ring, my collar, and my name. I never want you to worry about your place in our bed, or our playroom. Will. You. Marry. Me?”

The heat in his eyes and his serious expression convinced her that he was serious. He really did want to marry her.

“Yes. Yes. Absolutely yes.” Her acceptance was punctuated with a kiss between each word.

Tilting her head, she ran her fingers through his hair and held his head steady as she took the kiss deeper. He responded by tightening his arms around her as his dominant side took over. She relinquished control immediately, not fighting when he rolled them until she found herself flat on her back looking up at him.

He pulled his arms from around her at the same time he pulled his cock from her. Whitney could not help the whine that emerged when he pushed up to rest on his hands and knees above her, separating their bodies completely.

“Where you going?” she asked as he brushed a kiss over her lips.

“Not far,” he assured her as he kissed his way from her lips down over her chin, her neck, the centerline of her body to the valley between her tits. Once there he made forays left and right up each mound to suck and nibble on each nipple before continuing down her body.

He paused at her belly button to lick at the dimple and then blow air in it, sending Whitney into giggles, which continued as he laid a line of smacking kisses down her lower belly to the top of her slit. From there he licked his way down between her thighs to the warm, wet entrance of her pussy that only moments before had enveloped his cock so lovingly.

“Lift your hips, mouse,” he ordered, the vibrations of his words sending shivers through her body.

Always wanting to keep her man happy, Whitney bent her legs, planted her feet, and lifted her hips several inches from the bed. She heard a cloth sliding on cloth, and when Master Taurus pressed on her lower abdomen to signal her to drop her hips, she found they were now elevated on a pillow.

Then Master went to work giving her pleasure. Sliding two fingers into her cunt, he began to slowly work them in and out while licking around and over her erect clit, driving her over the orgasmic edge again and again until Whitney could no longer tell one orgasm from the next.

“Please, Master,” she gasped, though she was barely able to mentally form words, much less speak them.

“Please what, sweet mouse? More? Stop? What do you want?”

Taurus barely lifted his head to answer her plea. Once he finished, he took her clit between his lips and used his tongue to mash it against the roof of his mouth as he sucked it hard. Whitney cried out as her body arched off the bed once more with another stronger orgasm.

“You, Master. I need you. Please fill me with your cock. Please love me, Master. Please,” she panted even as another orgasm rolled through her.

“Of course, my love. All you had to do was ask,” Taurus said with a sexy chuckle.

Pushing her legs to her chest, he licked, kissed, and nibbled his way up her body until he knelt between her legs and the tip of his cock brushed her cunt. With one solid thrust, he once again buried it deep inside her. The second driving push sent it so deep she felt it press against her womb.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned as she worked to catch her breath.

Not in a position to move, which seemed to be what he liked best, she relaxed and smiled up at him. He began to slide in and out. He started slow then increased speed with each thrust. Soon he was pistoning in and out, once again driving her up the mountain of arousal.

Needing to ground herself before she shot into outer space, Whitney grabbed the arms planted on the mattress on either side of her hips. She wrapped her hands around his wrists and tried to pull them closer. She needed him closer, touching her with more than just his cock.

He smiled in response. The feral hunter’s smile told her he knew exactly what her intentions were. He then leaned over her in a move that sent his cock dragging over her clit as well as filling her with every thrust.

One last whopper of an orgasm came out of nowhere just as his hips began to thrust even deeper, and he roared with his own release. Heat filled her cunt as his juices mixed with her own. She released his arms when he slowly dropped and melted over her. Grinning, she hugged him tight and kissed whatever skin was within reach.

“I love you, Master,” she whispered.

“I love you, too, mouse. I can’t wait for us to be married. You have a month,” he said, the edges of his voice softening with his orgasm.

“A month, Master?”

“We will be married four weeks from yesterday,” Taurus said before pulling his cock from her and rolling to her side.

“Can a wedding be put together in four weeks, Master?” she asked, snuggling into his side and laying her hand in the middle of his chest. His heart beat strong and steady, if a bit fast, under her palm.

“Don’t know, don’t care. We’ll have it in Jenna’s garden. It should be in full flower by then, and the weather should be warm enough for an outdoor wedding and reception,” Taurus said, sounding as if he had given this some serious thought.

“Yes, Master,” Whitney agreed easily, once again on the verge of sleeping. “We need to get up and go back to the club.”

“Shhhh, we’ll talk about that after a nap,” Taurus said, rearranging them so her head was on his shoulder and his arm around her back, holding her close to his side.


* * * *


“Come on. Let’s take a walk before we go,” Taurus said after she had checked out just minutes before the checkout deadline.

Taking Whitney’s hand, he led her to the walkway that followed along the Trent River. Turning left once they reached it, they walked past the convention center and under the bridge that linked downtown New Bern to James City on the far bank, then into Union Point Park to where the Trent flowed into the Neuse.

There were only a few people in the park, most of whom were walking, jogging, and playing with dogs and children. No one paid them any attention as he led her up the steps to the gazebo situated at the corner of the park closest to the water.

Though she had already said yes to his proposal, he wanted to have a story they could tell their children and grandchildren. What surprised him was how nervous he felt. Not a comfortable feeling for a man who usually maintained control over every aspect of his life and surroundings.

As he led her to the center of the gazebo, he fumbled in his jacket pocket for the smaller of the two jeweler’s boxes in there. Once he held it in his left hand, he opened the box and pulled the ring out. Then he stuffed the box back in his pocket. When they reached the right spot, he stopped then turned so they stood face-to-face.

She looked confused as he knelt on one knee and smiled up at her. Without a word, he held his right hand palm up. As if they were back in the club, Whitney laid both wrists in his hand.

“Whitney Elliott, my sweet mouse. I love you. Will you do me the honor of marrying me and being my lifelong loving submissive?”

As if she understood his motivation, she did not point out she had already agreed. Her head began to bob up and down as her eyes began to fill with tears. “Of course, Master. It would be my honor, my loving Taurus,” she finally whispered hoarsely after swallowing hard.

With that, Taurus took her left hand and slid the ring on it. It fit perfectly.

“This ring does not leave your hand except the day of our wedding,” he ordered gently before lifting her hand to his lips and kissing the ring and the knuckle adjacent to it.

“Yes, Master,” she whispered before kneeling before him and replacing her knuckle with her lips.

When he finally broke the kiss, his cock was hard as a steel rod, and he could smell Whitney’s arousal. “How about we take this home for a private celebration?”

Whitney grinned up at him. “That sounds like a wonderful idea except there are nearly a hundred kinksters in the club that will no doubt be in need of your attention.”

“Fuck them,” he said brusquely.

“No, thank you. Only you, my loving Master,” Whitney snarked, earning herself a chuckle and a slap on her ass.

Chapter 8


Over the next twenty-six days, Whitney noticed a change in her Master. Though he still consulted and advised on scenes in the club, he no longer got hands-on with any of the subs except her. He also surprised her by stepping back after dictating the time and date they would be married. He took on the honeymoon planning, but left the wedding and reception to her. Anytime she approached him for his input or opinion, he would give her a long, deep, mind-fogging kiss her before saying, “Whatever my mouse wishes.”

Thankfully, Jenna stepped in to help. The two women called on close friends and club members for assistance and put the wedding together without any hitches. Since Whitney had no close family, and except for his cousins, Jenna and Sloan, Taurus was on the outs with his, they decided it would be a small gathering of the three cousins, their partners, and a handful of close friends and staff from the club.

The evening before the wedding, Sloan, Jenna, and several other women from the club took Jenna out to dinner and drinks. Wanting to relax but remain in control, Whitney limited herself to a single glass of wine, and despite arguments to the contrary, volunteered to be the evening’s designated driver.

After driving everyone home, she and Jenna returned to the club. They parted at the elevator when Jenna said she wanted to do a walk-through of the club and find her slaves, so Whitney rode the elevator upstairs alone. Keeping with wedding tradition, Taurus had moved into the guest apartment several days before, building the anticipation for their wedding night.

Stepping out of the elevator, she headed to their apartment, only to stop when she found a note tape to the door. Pulling it off the door, she read it, her smile growing as her cunt filled with her excitement.


Dress in the outfit on the bed and join me downstairs.


Entering the apartment, she placed her shoes in their place in the closet then hurried through the apartment, stripping off her clothes as she went. By the time she reached the bed, she was naked. Her nipples were tight and throbbed when the cooler air touched them. Her cunt clenched, and her juices overflowed.

She could not stop grinning as she pulled on the skimpy orange teddy that she had worn on her first night at the club. The night Master Taurus caught her snooping in his club. After putting the clothes she had worn out to dinner away, she stopped long enough to check her makeup in the bathroom mirror. Going to the dresser where she kept her collar and wrist cuffs, she found the cuffs, but her collar was nowhere in sight. She spent the next ten minutes looking all over the apartment but could not find the black leather collar anywhere.

Her heart began to pound as she rode down the elevator and crossed the first floor lobby. At the door that led into the club, she stopped.

Though she had been in the club hundreds of times over the past two years, this time she felt the same anticipation and near fear as she had felt that first night when she had been a reporter on the trail of a story about the club selling sex slaves. Instead of getting the story she had been after, Whitney found herself entering a world she knew nothing about, but one that gave her life added depth and meaning. In the time since, she had learned about so much about herself and the BDSM world, though she always felt a little shiver in her stomach whenever she entered the club alone.

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