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Looking up into Alex’s eyes, she said, “Nothing’s changed. He pretty much ignores me. I think we’ve spoken more in the last twenty-four hours than we have in years. And that’s because we were stuck in a car for six of those. Oh, and I’m staying in his room.”

Alex opened and closed his mouth a few times, making Tia giggle. She didn’t know why he looked...well, he looked a little like a fish.

“Umm. Tia, why are y’all sharing a room?”

As she told him the story about Uncle Jack’s decision to cancel her room, Alex stared at her in disbelief, then started laughing in the middle of the dance floor. Tia just stood there with her hands on her hips, waiting for him to tell her what was so funny.

“Well, sweet cheeks, if you think that man is ignoring you, you’re not as smart as I thought you were. He’s been shooting daggers at every man you’ve danced with, and he hasn’t taken his eyes off you.” He pulled her in closer as a slow song started.

Tia rested her head on his chest, thinking about what he had just said. Could it be true? Could Axton want her in the same way she wanted him?

As if her thoughts had conjured him, Ax appeared beside her, his hand resting on Alex’s shoulder. For the second time that day she noticed that his jaw was clenched, the muscle clearly twitching from the strain.

“I’m cutting in.” His roughly spoken words were accompanied by him moving Alex out of the way before slamming Tia’s body to his. The muscles of his arms felt like granite under her palms. Picking up the slow beat, Axton began guiding them around the floor.

Tia looked over her shoulder at Alex. He just smiled at her and shrugged as he walked off the dance floor, probably on the hunt for a new partner.

Ax had a tight hold on her, his hands banding around her, she could feel that they overlapped, showing her how big he really was. “What’s wrong, Ax?” she asked while placing her head on his chest. Well, sternum really, she was too short to reach higher than that. Breathing in his scent, she was in heaven. She couldn’t remember ever dancing with Ax. She’d danced with all the others growing up but never Axton.

“Nothing now, baby,” he said as he tightened his grip around her waist, his right hand resting just above the swell of her ass.

If she wasn’t mistaken, rubbing into her tummy was one impressive erection, making her think about what Alex had just said. Snuggling closer to him, she shut off her thoughts and let the music and the steady beating of his heart dim out the real world. They danced like that for a few more minutes, neither of them saying anything else.

The feel of Axton’s lips brushing against her ear had Tia’s heart beating faster and her breath stalling in her lungs. The hardness of his arousal pressing into her had dampened her thighs and filled her heart with hope. Turning her head, she mentally prepared for their first kiss.

The kiss she’d been hoping for was replaced by his spoken words. “You ready to go?”

Slowly letting out the air trapped in her chest, she answered him as calmly as she could, annoyed with herself that she’d let the opportunity to see if he felt the same attraction go. For not having the courage to take charge and kiss him herself. “Yeah, sure. It’s been a long day.”

After saying their goodbyes to everyone, they caught a cab back to the hotel.

“We’re gonna have to share a bed again, Ax. They didn’t change the mattress on the pull out.”

“Shit! I knew there was something I forgot to do today. Are you sure you don’t mind sharing the bed? I can sleep on the floor. I’ll call down tomorrow and get it changed, it’s too late to do it now.”

A little voice in the back of Tia’s mind asked why he was so concerned. Was it that he didn’t trust himself to be in the same bed as her? She thought about his erection, the one that had rubbed and poked at her stomach while they danced, and the fact that when the scent of her arousal filled not only her own nostrils but also permeated the taxi she had witnessed him adjusting himself. Considering that, the voice could be onto something.

“Ax, we’re both adults. I’m positive sharing a bed isn’t going to kill either one of us.” If anything, she thought it might give her the opportunity she’d missed. She just needed to figure out where the hell she’d left her courage. The little voice in her head turned into a little nympho, spinning around in circles before dropping to all fours and pushing her ass into the air like a dog in heat. “I’m just gonna have a quick shower.” Ducking into the bathroom, Tia sped through her shower, anticipating what she was going to do.

Walking back into the room, she found Axton sitting on the side of the bed. His jaw did that clenching thing again, but without saying a word he got up, walked past her, and closed the bathroom door behind him.

Getting into bed, Tia waited for him to come and join her. When she heard the sound of the shower running, an image of Axton’s naked body covered with soap popped into her mind, re-dampening her pussy. Tia counted the passing minutes. When five turned to ten the image of him masturbating made her lower belly clench and a fresh gush of cream coated her thighs. The sound of a long, male moan drifted through the wall; Tia was positive it was the sound of his completion.

Lying still, she waited for him to reenter the room. When he did, her eyes zoned in to where his deflated erection hid behind the soft jersey material. Even with the loose shorts on she now knew he was large enough for her to be able to see if he was still hard. His movements were quiet, as if he was trying not to disturb her.

“I’m awake, Ax,” she said as he finally climbed into the bed. The smell of clean soap floated from his skin. After imagining the hot water running over his body she wanted to lean over and do the same with her tongue.

“Go to sleep, baby. We’ve had a long day, and I have a few things I need to do tomorrow while we’re still in town.”

Did he know he’d called her
again? It was time to pull out her not so new, but re-found courage.

“I’m too excited to sleep.”
Here goes nothing.
“And I want to celebrate with you,” she said as she reached out and ran her hand up his inner thigh, slipping it past the edge of his cut-off shorts. Ax bolted from the bed like she had electrocuted him.

“What the fuck, Tia? What the hell are you doing? You can’t be touchin’ me like that.”

She had been so close to finally touching his cock when he’d jumped up. And she couldn’t help but notice that even though he was protesting about her touch, his dick was a steel pole pointing straight at her.

Licking her lips, she dragged her gaze up to his face. “Why?”

“Because you’re my fucking
.” His hand ran over the thigh where she had touched him, his eyes finding something fascinating on the floor. The look of confusion on his handsome face didn’t deter her.

“No, I’m not,” she said, sitting up, her eyes again wandering to his large, stiff cock. He seemed in no hurry to hide his arousal from her, so she didn’t see a point in not enjoying the view of his desire for her.

His head shot up to look at her. “Not what?”

“I’m not your niece, or your sister, Axton. We are not related,” she said, shaking her head and waving her hand back and forth between them.

“You’re like a daughter to my brother. That makes you my niece!”

“No, Ax. That makes me very loved by a wonderful man. A man who took me in when my own blood wouldn’t.” She took a breath to center herself. She had come to the conclusion that she needed to be a lot more blunt with Axton or they weren’t going to get anywhere. “And if you really thought of me as family, you wouldn’t have had a hard-on while dancing with me.” There, she’d said it. Now she just had to wait and see if he would admit it.

A sneer crossed his face. “Sue me. I’m horny, and you ruined my weekend plans.”

Tia recoiled in hurt. She knew he’d had enough beer tonight to make his brain a little slow, but being nasty to her because his body obviously wanted her while he seemed to be fighting it in his head? That wasn’t gonna happen. His words were saying one thing, but his body was telling her the truth. He looked like he could hammer nails with the way his cock stood straight out, bobbing with his angry movements.

Fuck it! The man is an idiot.
Again her mouth had one of those rare moments when it worked faster than her brain. “You’re horny. Well, so the fuck am I.”

Oh Christ. At her words she saw his dick jerk and heard a small groan come from him. It was like watching a clock ticking. With every beat of her own heart his cock flexed the front of his shorts.

Ax’s voice took on a deep, raspy tone; a shadow of its usual sound. “You’re a virgin! How the hell can you just throw
I’m horny
out there? Fuck.”

“What, because I haven’t been with a man, I can’t get horny?” She laughed at that. Really, the man must be stupid if he thought that teenage girls didn’t go through the same things boys did. Just because they didn’t sport a noticeable boner when attracted to someone, didn’t mean their bodies weren’t doing other things.

The first time she had gotten wet panties, which was after seeing Ax skinny-dipping in their lake, she’d been horrified. At fifteen she thought her period had come early. When that turned out not to be the case, she googled it. What a relief it had been to find out she hadn’t somehow caught some type of vaginal infection, but was simply horny.

“Okay, not only am I your uncle, I’m thirty-six, and you’re only twenty-one. If you’re horny, you need to go find a boyfriend your own age.” Axton punched the wall as he walked over to where his bag sat.

She could tell he was getting ready to leave. He was pulling clothing out of his bag. She knew this would be her last chance. If he didn’t accept her tonight, they would never be together and their relationship would be even more strained.

While Axton had his back to her, she sucked up all the courage she could find. Yanking her clothes off, Tia knelt on the bed, facing him. If this didn’t work, she would be mortified. But she had to do something. Even if he rejected her that would be better than the regret of never knowing how he truly felt about her.

If Ax didn’t take her tonight, she would do what he suggested and find someone else. But it wouldn’t be someone her own age. With her IQ, her partner would need to have life experience or she would end up bored, or feeling like she was having a conversation with a child. And she wouldn’t be able to give her full heart to someone else. Axton would always hold a piece of that.

“Look at me, Axton. Is that really what you want? Someone else touching all of this,” she said as she scraped her nails down her dimpled nipples. They had gotten painfully hard.

* * * *

Ax turned around, and froze. Tia was kneeling on the bed, completely naked. His fantasies hadn’t done her justice. God, she was gorgeous. Her large breasts stood high, her tummy was slightly rounded, and she either waxed or shaved. She was completely hairless. Christ, she was everything he had ever wanted in a partner, but more, no other could be compared, this was Tia—the woman he had been fantasizing about for more time than he was willing to admit.

Her fingers were pulling at her nipples as he stood there staring at her. He hadn’t even realized he had dropped the clothes he’d had in his hand, but that hand was now squeezing his cock while he watched her play with her own nipples.

“Ax. Is that what you really want? For me to find another man, to touch what no man, or boy, has touched before?”

She seemed engrossed in the way he was holding his cock in a tight fist. The way she ran her hands down her tummy, widening her knees just a little, had him holding his breath in anticipation. She moved her fingers down to the lips of her pussy, collecting some of her own juices before dragging them back up to rub little circles over her clit. Tia threw her head back, and a loud moan spilled from her parted lips. His heart went into overtime. She was a wet dream come to life.

“Damn, do you know how long it’s been, Axton? Forever, it has been forever since I’ve had an orgasm.”

She was absolutely beautiful, kneeling on the bed, with her fingers teasing her own pussy, head thrown back, eyes closed. Her breasts rose and fell with every breath she took, her skin slightly flushed from her arousal. She was like a tornado—she sucked him in, and destroyed the world as he knew it, only to leave it reshaped, better for just seeing her like this.

He hadn’t even known he was walking toward the bed until his shins connected with the edge of the mattress. Then her smell hit him, and the fragrance was intoxicating—strawberries, honey, and womanly musk. He grabbed her hand before she could finish herself off. Tia’s eyelids fluttered open, orbs the color of violets and glazed over with lust peered deep into his own.

“You don’t know what you’re asking for, little girl,” he said as he brought her nectar-coated fingers to his mouth. She tasted fantastic. Like tart honey, sweet and tangy all at the same time. He watched her eyes dilate as he licked and sucked at her fingers, needing to taste more of her.

“I know exactly what I’m asking for, Ax. And you have no idea how long I’ve wanted it.” With that, she used her other hand to grab a handful of his hair, slamming their mouths together. The way she drank her own flavor from his lips had his cock twitching with impatience and an animalistic growl coming from deep inside of him. Her silky tongue ran over the top of his own in a dance as old as time.

It was better than any dream he had ever had. They explored each other’s mouths like they were looking for the lost ark. Her hands now fisted in his hair, as if she was worried he would pull away, but that wasn’t going to happen now that he’d finally let himself taste what he had wanted for so long.

Not breaking from the kiss, Axton pushed her back into the mattress. Tia’s rounded, yet toned thighs cradled his larger frame. When he ground his cloth-covered cock against her bare cunt, she broke the kiss, a gargled moan vibrating from her throat as she threw her head back, exposing her delicate pulse point.

Kissing down the column of her neck, Ax nipped the skin at the base of her throat, only to then sooth it with his tongue. He was probably making the biggest mistake of his life, but there was no way he was stopping now. He’d dreamed about taking her like this since she was seventeen. Now that he’d had a taste, there was no way he could end it.

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