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Authors: Violet Williams

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A Family Affair (A Taboo Tale #2) (2 page)

BOOK: A Family Affair (A Taboo Tale #2)
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There was no response.

She walked down the stairwell, trying to
quiet the fear peppering in her gut. He just went into work,

His study was just the way they left it,
papers and broken glass scattered on the floor. She walked over to
the desk and traced the faint scratches in the finish, remnants of
the agony and fear that engulfed her.

She swallowed and picked up the receiver,
dialing Davis' office.

"Thank you for calling Kensington and
Associates, how may I direct your call?

"Davis Kensington," she said, her voice

"I'm sorry, Mr. Kensington has taken a
personal leave. I can forward you to-"

"Personal leave?" Jess repeated, her mouth
falling open. "He's gone? He just left without saying goodbye?"

"M'aam, if you could just give your

Jess hung up the phone. What would she have
told the secretary? I'm his stepdaughter. Yeah, it is kind of weird
that he didn't tell me he was leaving.

She picked the phone back up and punched
Davis' cell, but it went straight to voicemail.

Her breathing became erratic and laboured as
her mind went to the worst case scenario. Last night was the last
time she'd feel Davis' cock inside her tight pussy. It was almost a
fate worse than death.

She called his cell again, the phone shaking
against her ear. After the message beeped, she stated her case. "I
don't know where you are, Davis, but it can't end this way. I'll do
anything. Just don't leave me."

She let the phone clatter to the floor as she
let the tears flow. Davis was more than just her stepfather...he
was the best lover she'd ever had. She still had so much to much she wanted to experience.

The buzz of her cell snapping to life shook
her from her stupor and she swiped her eyes.

The call was from Davis.

"Where the hell are you?" she snapped, before
he could get a word out. His answer made anger replace the fear and
longing in a blink of an eye. "What the FUCK are you doing in
Emerald Isle?!?" She sunk into his leather chair, but she wished it
was his arms that held her tight. But he'd left her, without a
word. Doubt festered in her gut. Maybe she was wrong about
him...why else would he just abandon her?

"You know what?" She said icily, cutting him
off. "Save it, Davis. There's not a damn thing you can say to
justify any of this."

She pulled the phone from her ear and threw
it toward his bookcase. It shattered into a million little pieces,
just like her heart.

Chapter Three

A Surprise Reunion (Sara)


Sara Kensington's jaw hit the floor when she
pulled open the gate and found it wasn't her agent, bugging her
about her manuscript after all. It was her brother...and he looked
like he'd seen better days.

"Davis!" She gasped dusting a wisp of salt
and pepper waves from his eyes. "What the hell are you doing

His face crumbled and Sara caught him before
he sunk into the ankle length grass.

"I've messed up, kid," he said in between
sobs. "I've messed up big time."

Usually when he called her 'kid' she'd
retaliate by giving him a good, hard sock on the shoulder. His pet
name for her wasn't endearing at twelve, and it was even less so at
twenty six. But she hadn't seen him this despondent since he lost
Claudia. Something was very wrong.

With a grunt, she helped him to his feet.
"Let's get inside. I just brewed a pot of coffee and you look like
you could use a cup or two."

They maneuvered on the cobblestone driveway
and up the old oak stoop. Sara held the door for her brother,
though it wasn't like he had an armful of belongings. He had
nothing more than the clothes on his back.

"So what do you think?" Sara asked, gesturing
at the new yellow paint job. Their parents had opted for neutral
colors like beige and white. Since she'd bought the summer house
from them, she'd opted to switch it up and make it more bright and
welcoming, hoping to inspire some creativity. She'd had it painted
weeks ago and she still wasn't past the two words, chapter and

"It's...bright," Davis said with a smile.

"Come in the kitchen," Sara said, dragging
him into the next room. She went to the cupboard and pulled out a
couple of mugs.

"So," she said, pulling the coffee pot. "What
brings you to North Carolina?"

"I needed a change of scenery," Davis
answered, plopping on a bar stool. "A vacation."

"Mm," Sara said, picking up on his cryptic
answer. "Dealing with a difficult case?"

"How's the book coming?" Davis asked,
changing the subject.

"It's going great!" Sara lied. "Really solid

Davis' face brightened. "Maybe I could read a
bit while I'm here? I'm a helluva critique partner."

"Y-yeah sure," Sara stammered, biting her
lip. She pushed the mug toward her brother. "You know what? I'm all
sticky and gross from going down to the beach. I'm gonna hop in the
shower." She reached over and squeezed Davis' arm. "You make
yourself at home, okay?"

Sara breezed from the room, unable to look at
Davis' stormy eyes. This had to be more than just a case. He could
always talk to her...they were always close and they shared a deep,
dark secret. Why wouldn't he find solace in her now?

She eased up the stairs to the hall bathroom
and opened up a window, letting the warm salty air waft inside.

She pulled off her cotton dress and turned on
the water, letting the liquid soft run over her thirsty

She stepped into the shower and let out a
sigh of pleasure as the beads pounded her flesh. Did he come to her
because of what happened between them all those summers ago?

She let her hands roam over her wet body,
imagining, hoping that he was down there thinking about her in the
shower. Did he think about her velvet softness in the quiet of the
night? Did he dream of her at all?

She sunk a finger into her wetness, and let
out a slight moan when it slid inside her like butter. She wished
she were as bold as she was at eighteen. That night she hadn't even
needed liquid courage. She wanted him and she took him, damning the
consequences. She'd rode him like a woman possessed, his cock
throbbing inside her juices.

Sara gripped the handlebar as her other
finger pumped her pussy. Her moans were drowned out by the stampede
of the water, wild and rushing. When she exploded, the guilt seeped
back in. They'd promised to never, ever speak of that night again.
Davis had claimed that he was so drunk that he didn't know what he
was doing. Those words cut her then and now. They loved each
other--why couldn't they lie together as a man and woman?

Sara stepped under the stream of water,
wishing the aqua bullets could pierce her brain and cleanse her

"Goddamn it, Davis," she said hoarsely,
squeezing her eyes shut. With the memory of what they'd done
screaming in her groin, she knew she definitely wasn't getting any
work done.

Chapter Four

No Rest for the Wicked (Davis)


Davis lied back on the bed, already missing
the velvet folds of his California King back home.

The guest bed sheets were starched and rarely
used and the mattress barely had any give. What did he expect? Even
as a kid, the family barely frequented the Emerald Isle house. They
had several all over the country and his mother always found the
neighbors too nosy and the beaches too sparse.

He'd always relished the old house with its
spindly legs that reached out to the sea. The house had character
and walls and nooks filled with secrets.

Davis stretched his arms above his head,
remembering the biggest one of all. He'd come to the house after
Sara's graduation, the whole Kensington clan under one roof. Most
of that weekend was fuzzy and filled with lots of alcohol...but he
remembered that night.

He'd stumbled down to the beach, away from
his mother's probing questions about grandchildren and his father's
steely blue eyes.

Sara had beat him to it, and was frolicking
in the cool water, her thin white dress revealing her petite

He'd covered his groin, embarrassed that his
desire was on full display. His mom and dad adopted her when she
was days old. He'd changed Sara's diapers for crissakes; he'd put
the fear of god in overeager ex-boyfriends. She was his baby

But she'd beckoned to him like a siren, her
ebony hair hanging in wet ringlets around his face. The liquor had
probably made him more pliable and numb to the consequences of his
actions, but he'd felt it all. Her salty, warm mouth on his, her
lithe, soft body glued to him. Even now, he could feel her rock
hard peaks against his chest. God he'd felt invincible that
night...he'd taken her down to the sand and buried his cock inside
her. Her moans had tickled his ears and driven him wild. She'd
never been so beautiful, so intoxicating.

He could hear Sara milling about now, humming
from the master bedroom. Did she still wear those paper thin
nightgowns that looked like whispers on her skin? Was her bush
still as soft and virile as he remembered?

"Fuck," Davis whispered hoarsely as his
swollen cock taunted him. Davis Kensington...a man that truly only
thought with his cock. Was his tryst with Jessica really such a
surprise? After lying with one’s sister, everything else should
have been as easy as breathing.

He moved his hand beneath the sheet, taking
hold of his stead. All eight and a half inches of him stood at
attention, his body immediately responding to the erotic touch. He
imagined them together...Jess with her angelic, golden hair and
Sara, the smoldering temptress, both on their knees before him.

Their lips were cool and warm on his cock,
every sensation magnified and intense. They fought over tasting
him, their breasts swinging like pendulums until they succumbed and
Jess went first. She took all of it in her mouth and he could feel
her need to please him. Sara was next, her chocolate eyes on him as
she flicked and teased the head of his cock.

"Sara," Davis moaned, sliding his hand up and
down his cock. "Oh god baby...SARA!"

Davis' eyes went wide as he turned and saw
his sister standing in the door. A spasm of delight went through
him as he saw that she did in fact still wear the sexy little sheer
numbers he remembered. The one she wore now was black and made of a
mesh that teased her soft curves underneath.

"Oh god I'm sorry!" Sara squealed, turning

"What the fuck!" he exclaimed, covering his

"I thought you were calling me," she
explained. "I didn't know you were-"

She stood in the doorway, her tight little
ass close enough to touch. He wanted to reach over and pull her to
him. He wanted her so bad.

So I-”

Davis shook his head, trying to quell his
desire. "Well…you can go."

Sara turned a bit, her face red. "If you
want, I could, uh, help and-"

"NO," Davis thundered, his eyes going round.
"That one time? That was it. Never, ever again."

She faced him fully, the hurt evident on her
face. "Am I that appalling? Is it so inconceivable that you could
possibly want me?"

"You're my sister," Davis said quietly. "I
was older, I should have known better."


"I should have known better!" he insisted.
"But I took advantage of you. And I took advantage of her."

Sara furrowed her brow. "Her? Who?"

Davis closed his eyes. The truth would have
to come out sooner or later anyway. "Jessica," he said finally. "I
slept with my stepdaughter."

Chapter Five

Mile High Club (Jess)


Kara twirled a crimson strand around her
finger as she drug Jess' suitcase through the busy airport

"Are you sure about this, Jess?" she asked,
her face scrunched with worry. "I'm not even think you should be
flying in your condition."

"I had an abortion, I'm not an invalid," Jess
said acidly, fumbling for her boarding pass.

Kara held up her hands as they reached the
security checkpoint. "I'm not judging you. Hell, you're eighteen
and I know Clay Roberts is far from father material. I just don't
get what the hurry is. There's midterms and-"

Jess whirled to face her friend. "I really
appreciate you going with me to the clinic and helping me out Kara,
but I can take it from here." She glanced at her watch. "I should
go...the plane boards in thirty minutes."

Kara let out a weary sigh but hugged her
friend anyway. "Well text me when you land at least. And be

Jess smiled, giving Kara a good squeeze.

She pushed into the line, stepping out of her
flip flops. Kara had a point...what the hell was the rush? She
should spend this time reflecting or focusing on school. Instead,
she was standing in the airport, about to board a flight to RDU.
She just had to see Davis...especially now that she'd taken care of
the thing. They could do it right this time. She just had to make
him understand.

Once she cleared security, Jess weaved into
the airport, making her way through the bustling throngs in the
terminal. The smell of espresso invaded her nostrils. A nice
cappuccino was exactly what she needed.

She gazed at the expansive menu. They had
everything under the sun from au laits to macchiatos.

"Kind of overwhelming, huh?" a voice piped
beside her.

Jess turned to her right and smiled at the
man who stood next to her in line. He was mid 30's with strawberry
blonde hair. His body was lean and athletic and he was clad in a
crisp white shirt with airline insignia. The thing that really drew
her was his eyes...they were vibrant and wild--just like

BOOK: A Family Affair (A Taboo Tale #2)
3.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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