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Authors: Violet Williams

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A Family Affair (A Taboo Tale #2) (5 page)

BOOK: A Family Affair (A Taboo Tale #2)
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Jess felt his hand slide up her dress. A
spasm of pleasure flowered in her groin.

Since we’re all going to
hell anyway, or lots of therapy, I say we at least get a couple of
communal orgasms out of it,” Davis drawled.

She shoved his hand away. “You can’t be

He pushed back from the table, staggering as
he stood. He unzipped his fly and his rock hard cock sprung

I’m dead serious,” he
gurgled. He reached forward and pulled Jess’ head toward his
crotch. “Taste how serious I am.”

She wrenched away. Now she
more pissed off than aroused.

I’m going upstairs before I
clock you too.” She pushed away from the table, struggling to keep
her composure as he began jerking his cock, completely oblivious of
everything else.

Jess turned to the staircase hoping some
distance would sober him up. “Do us both a favor and go to bed,

She should have force fed him some water, but
when he let out a stream of expletives, Jess decided a hangover was
exactly what he deserved.



Chapter Nine

Try a Little Tenderness (Sara)


Sara Kensington wasn’t an emotional person.
Her friends always joked that she was a ‘guy’s girl’ because she
hated romantic comedies and barely cracked a tear during sappy
movies. But when she pushed into her bedroom, Sara shook with one
key emotion…rage.

What had Davis said the night she’d rashly
propositioned him? Never again? He’d looked at her like she was
some sort of twisted deviant for even suggesting such a thing. The
nerve…the horror!

Yet minutes ago, he’d dropped their
indiscretion like it was no biggie, like brothers and sisters fuck

It wasn’t that she was embarrassed. She was
the one that initiated it, after all. She’d been completely sober,
only drunk on the fact that she was finally getting away from her
overly religious parents and starting at Creighton. Sara fucked her
brother…and enjoyed the hell out of it.

The thing that bothered Sara was that he’d
shared their affair so flippantly, like it meant nothing to him.
They both knew that was a lie…she’d walked in on him masturbating,
calling out her name. So for him to paint it like she was some
jezebel seductress that took advantage of her drunken brother was a
lot to swallow.

To make matters worse, he’d told Jessica.

Jess…Sara had to fight the urge to take her
niece when she strut down the old staircase in her cute summer
dress, her lean frame on full display. She’d bided her time,
tolerating Davis’ drinks in hopes that she’d get some alone time
with her niece after dinner. And then Davis ruined it all.

Argh!” Sara screamed into a
pillow, punching the soft bed beside her. She imagined it was
Davis’ face. A shiner would go nicely with the handprint she’d

She looked up as a flurry of knocks descended
at the door. “I’m SO not in the mood, Davis. Just-”

It’s me.”

Jess’ voice was cool and smooth and made Sara
snap to attention, her brown eyes widening. “Oh Jess. I uh-”

Jess pushed inside the room and Sara’s face
reddened with embarrassment. “About what Davis said-”

Don’t,” Jess cut in. “I
mean, honestly…who am I to judge?”

Sara let out a bitter chuckle. “I guess we
have something in common now.”

Yeah,” Jess smirked.
“Though seeing him blitzed is kinda making me regret

Sara brushed away a stray hair. “My brother
was always a lousy drunk. He just can’t hold his liquor.”

Mind if I sit?”

Not at all!” Sara said, a
little too quickly. She felt like her attraction to Jess was a neon
sign, obvious and unnerving. She couldn’t help it. Even now, though
Jess only took two strides to arrive beside her, she was
intoxicating. Her soft jugs shivered and shook, the hint of her
cleavage making Sara’s mouth water. The smell of vanilla drifted
into Sara’s nostrils and she found herself wondering if her niece
tasted as good as smelled.

So,” Sara said, smoothing
away an invisible wrinkle. “I should probably explain.”

Jess furrowed her brow. “What?”

About me and Davis,” Sara

No,” Jess scoffed, shaking
her head then tucking a gold tendril behind an ear. “I didn’t come
up here to talk about that.”

Oh,” Sara said, a little
surprised. When Davis spilled the beans about his and Jess’ tryst,
she’d wanted all the dirty details. Even though she gave her
brother an earful about abusing his daughter’s grief, deep down she
relished his rehash of what went down. She lived vicariously
through every stolen glance, every hot touch. “So what did you want
to talk about?”

Jess toyed with the hem of her garment. “The
kiss. Between you and me.”

Yeah,” Sara said with a
nervous giggle. “About that…”

Do you think we could do it

Really?” Sara said, with
visible shock.

Jess nodded, then shot a coy glance at her.
“Davis has been great. Really apologetic and understanding about
everything: the abortion, the semi-assault.” Jess struggled. “And
the sex…the sex is amazing and I-” She took a breath. “I don’t know
what we are. And it’s been weighing heavy on me. The only time I
get any relief is when I think about our kiss. In those brief,
beautiful moments, everything else fades away.” Jess raised her
blue eyes to meet Sara’s. “So if you could just kiss me…” Her words
trailed off as she reached out and ran a hand through Sara’s dark

Sara closed her eyes and drunk in Jess’
touch. “I want you. I mean…I’ve been with women before. I’ve been
with guys. But nothing, NOTHING compares to that kiss this

Jess licked her lips. “So what the hell are
we waiting for?”

Sara pushed aside her reservations and just
focused on the pulsing desire in her groin. Jess’ lips were so
pliant, so eager to please. She pulled her niece in, wanting to
feel her caress in her bones.

Jess’ lips were as juicy as she remembered,
but Sara needed more. She wanted to drench her in all the passion
she inspired.

Sara unzipped Jess’ dress with a flourish and
let out a gasp of delight when her perfect tits tumbled free. She
took them in her palms as she kissed her slender neck.

Oh god, Aunt Sara,” Jess
whispered, biting her earlobe. “I want you to fuck me. Can you fuck
me please?”

Sara pulled off her purple shift and Jess
reached around and unhooked her bra. Jess sunk to her knees and
took Sara’s dusky, taut nipple into her mouth and suckled it. Her
teeth tugged and teased it until they were so hard it hurt.

Get on the bed,” Sara said
breathlessly. “Get on the bed now.”

Yes ma’am,” Jess giggled,
pouncing on the cotton sheet. Sara gave her tight little ass a
smack for good measure. Jess let out a moan of pleasure, so Sara
smacked the other cheek.

Jess fell back onto the mattress, biting her
bottom lip in anticipation. “You gonna fuck me, auntie? You gonna
fuck me all better?”

Oh yes,” Sara said thickly,
pulling open Jess’ thighs. Her niece’s cunt was soaking her dark
sheets with her juices.

She took her pointer finger and teased Jess’
honey slit. She just wanted to immerse her skin in her desire. She
wanted it to consume her.

Your pussy is so juicy,”
Sara groaned. “God you’re wet.”

It’s because of you,” Jess
cooed. “It’s all for you.”

Sara lowered her face in the wetness, paying
attention to her hot little knob. Her tongue flicked and swirled
around it.

Oh god,” Jess squirmed. “Oh

Sara took her clit in her mouth and sucked it
good and hard. Jess’ quaking thighs set Sara on fire. She wanted to
make her mark…to show her young pussy what it meant to be eaten out

I wanna taste you too,”
Jess begged, repositioning. “Flip around so I can make you feel

Sara perked an eyebrow. Most of the women
she’d been with were takers and not too keen on dishing it out.
“You wanna taste me?”

Oh I wanna do more than
taste,” Jess grinned. “I wanna bury my face in you.”

Sara flipped around. She didn’t have to be
told twice.

Jess ran her hands up and down the sides of
Sara’s thighs and caressed her ass. Sara let out a moan as the lips
of her pussy were spread and Jess’s cool lips ventured inside.

Jess moved her tongue with a skill that far
surpassed her age. She listened to Sara’s moans, focusing and
teasing. She added two fingers to the mix, probing her aunt’s moist
cunt. Sara rocked her hips to the rhythm of her lover’s touch. Her
eyes widened as Jess found her g-spot. It was the pinnacle of
sensation and every wave drowned Sara in its beauty.

I want you to cum for me,”
Jess moaned. “Cum in my mouth.”

You want me to shoot my cum
down your throat, baby?” Sara stammered, squirming back and forth.
“I’m so close. Just keep fucking my pussy.”

Jess kept working it and added Sara’s clit to
the mix, moving her mouth and fingers with an agility that pushed
Sara to the precipice of ecstasy. Sara felt the building in the
heart of her desire and burrowed her face into her niece’s sopping
pussy. Their contractions matched in time as they rocked back and

Sara released it as every fiber of her body
exploded with sensation. She felt her gooey lust seep from her
pussy and Jess kept sucking, licking every drop.

Sara clasped Jess’ body to hers, not wanting
it to end. She’d asked Davis what he was thinking when he slept
with his stepdaughter, but now she knew first-hand how amazing Jess
was. She was the best little fuck Sara ever had.

Chapter Ten

A Voyeur (Davis)


Davis squinted against the harsh morning sun.
He felt like someone clocked him with a brick. His mouth was bone
dry and he felt like shit…and totally deserved it.

He pulled himself from the sleeper couch in
the den, eyeballing the dinner table. He knew Sara had cooked her
ass off, but the very sight of the dried out steak remnants and
languid green beans made his stomach roll.

He breezed into the kitchen, swiping a
tumbler and filling it with water. After the liquid quenched his
thirst and steeled his nausea, the light of day shone uncomfortably
bright on his stupidity.

What the fuck had he been thinking? After all
the shit he gave Sara for even bringing up their hookup, a couple
of bottles of wine and he let the whole torrid thing come

The look on Jess’ face ripped Davis to the
core, but Sara’s eyes…her eyes broke him.

He downed the rest of the glass and turned on
the water, washing and putting it in the dish strainer. He walked
back into the dining room and gathered the dirty plates. He
scrapped the food in the trash and scrubbed the dishes clean.

He glanced over at the bare table and swiped
a rag to wipe it off. While he was sure Sara would appreciate the
gesture, who was he kidding? It was gonna take a lot more than
doing the dishes to make up for what he’d done.

Apologize,” he said aloud,
running a hand through his messy hair. He needed to apologize to
Sara. And Jess.

He wiped his soapy hands on his jeans and
started up the stairs. He’d talk to Sara first.

What would he say when she asked why he’d let
it drop? He was drunk yeah, but he wasn’t
black-out-slobbering-on-myself drunk. He still had control over his
faculties and could still hear the voice of reason loud and clear.
He’d just chosen to ignore it.

Davis stopped at Sara’s bedroom door. It was

He took a deep breath and stepped into the
threshold. “Kid, I just wanted to s-”

His words caught in his throat when he saw
his sister’s soft figure in a tangle of covers. She was butt ass
naked, her buxom breasts shuddering as she breathed in and out. Her
dark pink nipples were hard as rocks. She rearranged and let out a
moan that made Davis’ dick snap to life. Was she dreaming about
that night they spent together? Could she feel the wet sand between
her fingers as he plunged his member deep in her soft pussy?

A thought flitted across his mind. Maybe he
should show her how sorry he was.

He took a step forward and stopped short when
he saw a tan arm spread across Sara’s fair skin.

Son of a bitch,” he
muttered. It was Jess—her naked body was snuggled up next to his

He would have laughed, but he didn’t want to
wake them. They really were a twisted family. While any red blooded
man could always count on two naked women instantly getting him
off, seeing two relatives together should have been as arousing as
watching a horse take a shit.

But seeing his sister and his daughter in
each other’s arms, content, and all nipples and pussy, turned Davis
on even more.

He took a step forward and unzipped the fly
of his pants, uncoiling his dick. It was already hard as cement and
ready to go. He thought about them together, Jess probably taking
the lead. His little girl was always so eager to please, always
knew what she wanted and how to get it.

Davis jerked the length of it and bit back a
moan as he imagined Sara’s little cunt moistening with
anticipation. He could almost feel Sara buckling against Jess’
touch; Jess probably knuckle deep in wet pussy.

BOOK: A Family Affair (A Taboo Tale #2)
8.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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