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A Muse for Mishka (Wiccan-Were-Bear #12) (4 page)

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Tilting her hips, he drove his tongue into
her pussy, and then lapped at her clit. The bud tightened under his
tongue, and she writhed above him. He held her still, driving her
to the peak of pleasure. Closing his lips over her clit, he sucked
the bud into his mouth and slid his hands over her thighs and
pressed his fingers into her pussy. She moaned, the sound rippling
down his shaft, and he used his fingers to spread her pussy apart
for his questing fingers as he laved her clit with his tongue. Her
whole body trembled, and her clit throbbed against his tongue as
she lifted from his cock and shouted his name. She writhed on top
of him, and he almost lost it.

He pushed her gently to her back and moved
over top of her, stopping to kiss her sensitive clit and lick the
sweet essence of her arousal from his fingers. Kissing up the
center of her body, he slid into the cradle of her hips and probed
her entrance with his hard length. She wrapped her legs around him
and fisted his hair with a soft cry of need. Her eyes were
brilliant blue, shining as if lit from within, and he felt the
first early connection of their bond strengthen. He pushed into her
until their bodies were tightly wed and gazed down at her.

Her pussy gripped him hard, and his cock
twitched. He reached for the headboard, anchoring himself to the
wrought iron frame as he gripped her thigh and pulled it higher up
his side. Moving slowly, he eased out of her heat until only the
tip was inside, and then he pushed forward. She met his thrusts,
twisting her fingers in his hair and holding his gaze. He pulled
out again and pushed forward, feeling his control slowly
unraveling. He increased the pace, using the headboard for leverage
as he moved in and out of her. She moved one hand to his bicep,
wrapping her hand around it and digging her fingers into his

“Fuck, Mishka,” she moaned, meeting him
thrust for thrust.

“Mine,” he growled, lowering his head to kiss
her. She sucked on his tongue with a sultry sound, arching under
him as her pussy hugged him. He pushed his hand under her lower
back and lifted her from the bed. His pelvis rubbed against her
clit, and he knew he’d found a place to take her over the edge
again as she sucked in a breath.

He held her tight, moving in and out of her
as fast as he could, using all his strength to hold his own
pleasure back until the end, until she came apart on a keening cry,
her body locking down on his and pulling his climax from him. He
shredded his wrist with his fangs and pushed his bleeding arm
against her lips. She moaned as she latched onto him. He sank his
fangs into her throat, his body still spasming in the throes of the
most intense pleasure that he’d ever had.

As her blood crested his throat, the
connection between them snapped into place. Her blood was thick and
sweet on his tongue, and he closed his eyes as her life flashed in
his mind. He saw her childhood, her father’s illness and death, her
friends rallying with her as she began her search for her beloved.
He saw what looked like dreams and knew he was seeing himself, as
surreal as it seemed. He was humbled that she had been looking for
him, hoping to find him as she moved from city to city.

He extracted his fangs and licked the marks.
They would close quickly but scar permanently. She released her
hold on his wrist and tenderly kissed the wound. “You taste like
honey,” she said. “I thought you tasted metallic before, but I was

Her eyes were half-lidded and sexy as hell.
“My beloved Harmony, you are a wonder.”

“I’m just yours,” she said. “Forever.”

“I vow on my life to be the best mate. Your
happiness is the most important thing in my life now.” He wasn’t
really sure he’d ever said anything more truthful. He could feel
their connection as beloveds, and although he didn’t love her yet,
he knew he would soon. She was his perfect match, and he was hers.
For a male who’d been alive for five hundred years, he’d finally
found someone worth living for.





Harmony stared at Mishka as he slept. Through
their connection as beloveds, she’d actually been able to
when dawn arrived. It was as strange as it was awe
inspiring. In Mishka’s underground chamber, where she shouldn’t
have been able to tell if the sun was in the sky or not unless she
looked at a clock, she’d actually felt the night fading away and
the sun’s affect on not only Mishka but also on the other vampires
in the coven.

Her sexy mate slumbered next to her, his hair
a tousled mess. The beloved bond had been far stronger than she’d
imagined. She hadn’t realized that sharing blood with him would
connect them so tightly. Because beloveds shared memories, his
entire life had flashed through her like a movie on fast forward.
She’d seen his childhood, when he’d been turned in his
mid-twenties, the males and female he’d turned as he aged, and the
brutal war that had secured him as master of the Cleveland coven.
There was peace in Cleveland because of him, but she could sense
that the peace wasn’t easy to hold.

She knew she should sleep. Mishka was a night
owl by nature, and she would need to be one, too, but she was
having trouble turning off her mind. All she could do was wonder
what the future held, not only for them but also for her friends.
Mishka stirred next to her, and she turned into his embrace,
resting her cheek on his bicep.

“I thought I wore you out,” he said with a
low voice that tickled over her skin.

“You did. I’m just thinking too hard to

“Tell me what’s on your mind. A burden shared
is half the weight.”

“I didn’t know that we’d share memories.”

His brows rose. “You said we were beloveds. I
assumed you knew what it meant.”

“I thought I did. I knew we’d be connected,
but I didn’t realize how deep the connection would go.” She ran her
thumb along a scar on the edge of his collarbone. “I saw your

“I should have stopped us last night to
ensure you understood. I’m so sorry, my heart.”

She smiled at the nickname. “Before I started
dreaming about you, I didn’t spend a lot of time in vampire clubs.
I knew my truemate was out in the world somewhere and that when the
time was right, the dreams would start. Muses always find their
truemates through dreams. When I mentioned to Wyst that you were a
vampire, he said that meant we were beloveds because a perfect mate
for a vampire would be his or her beloved, not simply a

All supernatural creatures had the ability to
have truemates, but only vampires had a deeper connection with
their beloved, a truemating on steroids. “You’ve only changed a few
into vampires. They’re special to you. How did you choose?”

“I have my
. They’re what you
might call my ‘inner circle.’ One of the vampires I turned left my
coven right after I took over here. He opted to start his own coven
in Australia where his mate was from. I think the winters here
didn’t agree with him. But the others – Cella, Temple, Traz, and
Ven - were turned before I came here. Vex and Rage, the twins –
they joined my coven before the takeover, and Brone has been with
me the longest. He’s over one thousand years old.”

“Wow. He must be a really good fighter to
have lasted so long. Or extremely lucky. The oldest vampire I met
was seven hundred. I think he wasn’t so much a good fighter, but he
had surrounded himself with people willing to fight for him.”

“It takes cunning as well as strategy to stay
alive,” he said, running his fingertip along the edge of the fur
that covered them. “I know some masters who turn anyone who will
oath themselves to the coven, but I picked the few I did because
they brought something to the table that I knew I could use in the
future. Cella is an organizer, Temple is a researcher, and Traz and
Rage like a good fight.”

She chuckled. “My guys are like that, too.
Bridge is a wolf shifter, and he does all our computer work. He’s a
whiz at tech stuff. Tamar’s a puma shifter. He has amazing tracking
abilities in both his human and shifted form. And Wyst is a falcon.
He’s fast with a sword and won’t tolerate anyone bothering any of

He brushed her hair back, tucking it behind
her ear. “You’ve surrounded yourself with people who care about
you, the same as I did. It’s a wonderful thing. Now, you’ll be
mistress of the coven. My people will be yours.”

“Will they care I’m not a vampire?”

“I can’t see why they would care. You’re
immortal, and judging by what I saw of your memories, you are sweet
and kind, and you’ll be an excellent leader.”

“Do you feel bad that you don’t get to change

“Not remotely.” He lifted a lock of her hair
and frowned. “Your hair is very dark. Do you need to feed?”

She was touched that he cared. “Let me see if
I can use my power on you. You might be too powerful for me.”

He settled back against the pillow with a
playful smile. “Sing me something sexy.”

It took only a moment for her to decide on a
song, picking one she’d written about the vampire in her dreams.
She tapped into her power, curious to see if it would have any
effect on him. The older the vampire was, the stronger his ability
was to ward off supernatural charms. As she sang, she focused her
power on him, attempting to increase his emotions. He gazed at her
with interest, and she wasn’t certain that she’d be able to affect
him, until his eyes widened slightly, and she felt herself tap into
his emotions.

She could feel how happy he was, how
blissed-out and delirious with pleasure he felt to have found her.
It touched her heart deeply to feel how much he cared for her
already. They hadn’t even known each other an entire day, and she
was the epicenter of his universe.

It would be impossible to make him any
happier than he was, which made her want to strut around his room.
But instead of acting like a nut, she finished her song and eased
her power from him. It was akin to wrapping a blanket around a
person and then slowly drawing it away. She saw in his eyes the
moment he knew she had withdrawn; there was an understanding in the
golden depths.

He looked at her hair and made a surprised
sound. “It’s blue.” Wrapping a lock of her hair around his finger,
he drew it between them, and she saw that she’d indeed fed from
him, even though he hadn’t needed any help emotionally. Buried in
the dark strands were bright blue stripes.

“That was…easy,” she said.

His brow arched. “I’ve never been called that

Laughing, she kissed his knuckles and said,
“My power allows me to alter someone’s mood. Your average
supernatural creature in a club might be in a decent mood, but I
can always make them happier. That mood changing is like energy for

“But it was easy with me?”

“You’re happy.”

“Very. But surely you run across people who
are happy and don’t need mood elevation.”

“Not like this.” She tapped the skin over his
heart. “Our connection made you happy. You’re literally the
happiest man I’ve ever known.”

He chuckled. “I felt your power. It brushed
against me.”

“I think you could have kept me out if you

“I didn’t want to keep anything from you. May
I try an experiment with my power?”

“Of course.”

He cupped her face and gazed into her eyes.
The golden color of his irises seemed to swirl, to darken with bits
of bronze. She’d never seen anything lovelier. “Not that I don’t
enjoy staring at you,” she said, “but are you doing something?”

He blinked rapidly a few times and smiled. “I
was trying. I guess muses are immune to the power of vampiric

She hummed. “You can persuade people to do

He nodded. “Humans are easiest, but most
supernatural creatures will succumb unless they’re particularly
powerful like an alpha, or very old.”

“What were you trying to persuade me to

“Use your talented mouth for activities
besides singing.”

Laughing, she lifted the fur and slid down
underneath. “As long as you promise to return the favor.”



* * *


Harmony held Mishka’s hand as he led her out
of the chamber. After they’d made love, she’d been able to fall
asleep quickly in his arms. When they’d woken before the sun set,
she’d discovered that her friends had brought her things from the
RV and left them outside of the chamber. She had no idea how a
vampire master’s beloved should dress, and although Mishka said she
would be lovely in whatever she chose, she knew one of the first
things she needed to do was find appropriate clothes. Mishka wore
tailored slacks and a navy dress shirt with diamond cufflinks. His
hair was tied at the nape of his neck. Even her nicest clothing
looked like bargain-bin finds next to his fancy duds.

Glancing down once more at the black satin
pants and aqua tank with embroidery around the neckline, she

Mishka stopped and turned to face her.
“What’s troubling you?”

“You look like you fell out of a men’s
catalog, and I look like I walked out of a discount department

He snorted. “You’re beautiful. You can dress
however you like. You’re the mistress of the largest coven in the
Midwest. If you want to wear pants with no panties and a top that
reminds me of the ocean, then please, for the love of all that’s
holy, do.”

She couldn’t stop her grin. “How do you know
I’m not wearing panties?”

“Oh my heart,” he murmured, stepping close
and kissing the tip of her nose, “I watched you get dressed.”

“I thought you weren’t peeking. I wanted to
surprise you.”

“I’ll pretend to be surprised later.”

“I would like to dress nicer. I want us to
fit together. Unless you want to go get a pair of jeans and a
T-shirt, then I want to dress upscale.”

BOOK: A Muse for Mishka (Wiccan-Were-Bear #12)
8.25Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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