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“Yes. It was,” Travis acknowledged. “We all like to say how
far we’ve come, but how do you think it would have looked? Our friends here may
have turned a blind eye on the unusual nature of our friendship, but I couldn’t
take that risk out there.”

“So whose idea was the sharing to start with?” Fiona turned
back to Travis. She was pretty sure she knew the answer.

“Fiona, don’t,” Matt pleaded.

“Mine,” Travis said, shrugging. “Matt had a disastrous
breakup with his girlfriend. She insinuated he was bad in bed. I found a girl
for us to share, thought I would give him a few pointers, maybe some practice.”

“But you liked it.”

“Yes. I liked having him there. I liked watching him fuck
her. I liked him doing what I told him to do. We became quite good at sharing
and the women we were with never seemed to mind.”

“But the dynamic changed, didn’t it?”

“What do you know about it, coach?” Travis asked angrily,
ready to push away from the table. Matt’s hand covered his.

“She’s more than a coach, remember. She’s a counselor; has a
degree in this sort of shit,” Matt reminded him.

Travis stared at him. “Fuck.”

“I changed the dynamic,” Matt told her, still looking at
Trav. “I accidentally kissed him.” His lip quirked and his eyes shot over to Fiona,
who was trying not to smile. “On purpose.”

Fiona couldn’t help the grin. “You are a very good kisser.”
She wanted Matt to kiss her now. To tell her everything was going to be okay
and she wasn’t about to lose him to Travis, which had been her fear ever since
she heard he was coming back.

And as if he had read her mind, he was pushing her chair
away from the table and was on his knees before her, pulling her head down to
meet his. His lips were soft but insistent, prying her lips open. His tongue
parried with hers and he swallowed her long sigh. He only let her go when they
needed to come up for air.

“So have we done enough couples counseling for the night?” Travis
asked. He got up and took his beer bottle to the sink, rinsing it and placing
it on the counter.

“You know who’s also a really good kisser?” Matt asked Fi,
tilting his head toward Travis in the kitchen.

Fiona didn’t want to think about how Matt knew this was okay
with her, but she nodded, and got up from her chair. When Travis turned around
from the sink, she was there. She pressed her hands against his abdomen,
resting her forehead against his chest. She sighed deeply.

Travis wrapped one arm around her shoulders, stroking her
hair. “Fuck it, Fi, I never meant to hurt you, to hurt either of you.”

Fiona looked up at him. “In the months since you returned,
you never once tried to split us up or get him back, though I know it had to be
killing you. I’ve moved into the house you shared with him, but you said
nothing. You watched. Happy to be one of our friends.”

“Not happy.” He shook his head. “Resigned.”

She nodded. She understood that, and part of her understood
the feelings she had developed for him in recent weeks. “Kiss me, Travis. Kiss
me and maybe we’ll know if this ever has a chance of turning out the way it
does in Matt’s head.”

Travis dipped his lips to hers, hovering there. “It has more
than a chance.” He covered her mouth with his. It wasn’t what she’d describe as
an easy kiss. It was slow and hot. He feasted on her, his tongue dancing with
hers, as he pressed her closer to his body.

A shudder rolled through her. She wasn’t immune to him, and
his cock, suddenly hard in his sweats, said he felt the same way.

When his lips lifted from hers, Matt was standing beside
them. He looked hopeful. Like a puppy who had been told it’s time for walkies.

“I’m not easy, you know.” Her lips quirked in a little
smile, and she pushed away from him. “But that’s definitely earned you the
chance to woo me.”

She winked at her lover, then sashayed out of the kitchen
with more bravado than she felt.

Chapter Three


Travis didn’t know the first thing about courting another
man’s girlfriend, but was resigned to the fact that Fiona wasn’t going to let
this be all about what happened between the sheets. She was in it for the long
haul with Matt, and that meant she had to judge him worthy to be part of that
long haul.

Over the last two weeks, he’d spent all his down time with Matt
and Fiona, but instead of holding back on the subtle touches, the light
flirtation, as he had before, he let it out in spades. At least when they were

Not that Fi had complained about the way he would touch her
in public too. He would squeeze her hand, kiss her cheek, or stroke her arm if
she walked by. He touched her almost as much as Matt did. If their friends
considered it odd, they hadn’t said so, even after seeing him pull her to him
for a kiss. Kristine and Jon had merely winked and carried on ahead of them.

He was early for dinner, and knocked on their condo door.
When Fiona got to the door, she was out of breath and laughing. Her skin was
flushed, and her hands were wet. “Since when do you knock?”

“Since I have a surprise for you?” He pulled the bouquet of
crazy daisies from behind his back.

“Oh, that’s so sweet.” She wrapped a wet hand around his
neck and kissed him. “Get in here. We were just playing dishwater wars.”

She dragged him along to the kitchen.

“Do I want to know what that is?”

“I was trying to get her to do the dishes. It’s her turn,”
Matt said, turning from where he was washing pots in the sink. “But the lady of
the house didn’t want to get her hands dirty.”

“I’m cooking,” she retorted. “That’s the deal. I cook
tonight while you clean up last night’s dishes.” She cut off the ends of the
stems and stood them in a vase.

“So why didn’t you just do the dishes last night?” Travis
asked curiously. He knew better than to leave dishes in the sink. It drove Fi

“Because someone,” Matt looked at Fiona and waggled his
brows, “distracted me from the chores with new underwear she bought.”

“We could make all of us happy,” Travis suggested, “and just
order pizza.”

“Hallelujah!” Matt began drying his hands. “A sensible

She stood there, looking at them both, with her hands on her
hips. “Whatever am I supposed to do with the two of you?”

Matt and Travis looked at each other and then Travis made a
grab at Fiona. “You could show me the new panties.” Travis laughed as he lifted
her onto the island, setting her on the edge. Laying her back, he covered her
upper body with his own and slanted his lips over hers. He held her down when
she tried to move as Matt stepped between her thighs to remove her shorts and
panties. He held the panties up triumphantly, and she squealed.

“Let our boy taste you,” Travis whispered to her. “Let him
have dessert first tonight and I promise he’ll do the dishes later.”

Fiona sighed but closed her eyes, giving herself over to
them. Travis was humbled by the trust she had in them. In him.

Now that she had submitted, Travis released his hold. He
slid up her T-shirt and flicked open the clasp at the front of her bra. He
looked down on her hungrily. “You like that, don’t you?”

His hands cupped her breasts, his thumbs teasing her plump
nipples, peaking them further. “You can’t hide that pretty flush. Your neck and
chest get all pink when you are aroused. Your nipples are rosy and hard. Let’s
see if we can’t get them harder.”

She mewled, as he bent his head to her breasts, laving one,
then the other. He sucked one taut nipple into his mouth, pinching it in his
teeth as he tweaked the other between his fingers.

She arched against his mouth and twisted her hips.

Matt placed both of his hands on her hips and held her down.
“Whatever you fucking just did, do it again. She loved it.”

“Don’t tell him that, Matt,” she said, even as she pressed
one hand against the back of Travis’ head, holding him to her breast.

Travis chuckled. She had no idea what it meant to be loved
by the two of them. They would let the other know exactly what she wanted,
needed, all the time. He lifted his head and pulled her hands away from him, holding
them over her head. He looked down at Matt. “If she can talk, then you’re not
doing a good enough job distracting her.”


Matt stopped watching them and brought his lips back down to
her pussy. She was dripping wet, her arousal sliding through the valley between
her ass cheeks. His tongue traced the same line, dipping into her then creeping
nearly to the tight rosebud of her ass. On the return trip, he encountered
Travis’ fingers, which were teasing at her clit. He rolled his tongue around
them both, and heard them moan in reply.

He could eat her for hours, and would like to do that
someday. Have her tied to their bed to play with, but right now he wanted Travis
to see how beautiful she was when she came.

Matt sat back, watching them. My god but he had been waiting
to see them together. She was so tiny compared to Travis. Delicate next to his
raw masculinity. He watched as his friend skimmed his fingers past her clit,
sinking one inside her.

Matt smirked, knowing that was only a tease for his girl. He
added a finger of his own. “I told you how wet she’d get, thinking about being
with the both of us,” he told Travis. Travis let go of her breasts long enough
to step back and watch where his finger sank into her next to Matt’s.

Fiona raised onto her elbows and watched them. Watched them
fucking her.

“We should tie her to the bed some weekend and play with her
pussy all afternoon,” Matt suggested.

“And her ass,” Travis said roughly. “Don’t forget I want
that ass.”

“I haven’t fucked her ass yet, but she takes a finger well.”

“I’ll buy her a plug tomorrow. She’ll need it if she’s going
to take our cocks.”

She growled and Travis laughed, sliding his finger from her
hot sheath.

He loomed over her again. With his hand beneath her chin, he
forced her to look at him. “He wasn’t exaggerating about how beautiful you
are.” He kissed her. “I am giving Matt all the honors this time, because I want
to watch you fly apart in my arms. Okay?”

She breathed raggedly, so close to the edge already. She
nodded, and Travis grinned. He looked over his shoulder. “Make our girl fly.”

Matt smiled and returned to the feast presented to him. He
sucked on her clit as he slid two fingers back inside her, curling them to find
her sweet spot. And that’s all it took to make her come, clamping down as she
did so hard on his fingers he thought she’d break them. He continued to stroke
her through to the other side of her orgasm.

Matt licked his fingers clean as Travis helped her sit back
up. “Now that’s what I’m talking about.” He grinned.

“Now that’s enough from the both of you,” she scolded as set
her clothes to rights. “Next you’ll be high-fiving each other.” They shook
their heads, then fist-bumped when they thought she wasn’t looking. She whirled
on Matt. “You are going to wash those pots from last night. They’ve been
soaking long enough. ” She turned to Travis. “And you are coming with me to
pick up pizza.”

She looked around for her panties, not seeing them. She
stomped her foot. “Just as soon as I go put on underwear.”

* * * * *

Dino’s pizza was just down the street. The crust was thin,
the sauce was spicy, and it was by far their favorite takeout location. Fiona
slipped her hand in Travis’ on the walk. It seemed the right thing to do,
considering he’d just been half responsible for her orgasm, and she was pretty sure
she going to ask him to stay the night with them.

Whether anything happened tonight, or not, was a different
story. She wasn’t sure she was ready for that yet, she kept telling herself.
Then the devil on her shoulder said,
Screw ready, just do him
. It was
very tempting.

“Hey Fletcher,” a strong voice called from the other side of
the street. They turned in time to watch two young men dash across the road.

“Sorry about this,” Travis apologized before they got close.
“Hey guys,” he said clapping hands with them. “Didn’t expect to see you guys in
this neighborhood.”

“My girlfriend works at Boomerangs.” Jones nodded to the bar
and grill across the street. “We were just waiting to pick her up.”

“Cool, yeah.” He looked at Fiona and remembered to introduce
her. “Fiona this is Constables Troy and Jones. I work with them.”

As if she wouldn’t have been able to guess from the word
“Nice to meet you both.” They each shook her hand.

“Well, this is great,” Troy said. “My wife was fixing to set
you up with one of the teachers she works with but now I can tell her she
doesn’t have to worry.”

“No,” Travis agreed. “No need to worry about me.”

“So would you two like to join us,” Troy continued. “We are just
going to wait for Lisa to finish work then head back to our place. We have

Travis faltered, and looked at Fiona for a reasonable
excuse. She jumped in. “Oh, gosh, you know we’d love to sometime, sure, but we were
grabbing a pizza and heading back home. With Travis just off nights we are all
set to binge-watch the
Amazing Race

The men seemed to understand the need for some alone time
but made
promise to bring Fiona by the next time the unit got
together. After that their walk was much more subdued.

* * * * *

“What’s wrong?” Matt asked as soon as they walked back in
with the pizza.

Fiona sighed, unsurprised that Matt had picked up on his
friend’s suddenly sullen mood.

Trav shrugged and carried the pizzas into the kitchen. Fiona
tossed her keys on the sideboard and turned to Matt. “We ran into some of his
work colleagues. They think I’m his girlfriend.”

Matt sighed and followed Travis and Fi into the kitchen.
“And this is a problem because?”

“She’s not my girlfriend.”

“If you need her to be your girlfriend, I don’t see the problem.”

“So we will just continue to have two sets of friends. One
who see her as yours and the other who sees her as mine?” Travis argued.

Fiona knew this would happen one day. That one of them would
start to see the whole heap of trouble this sort of arrangement meant. She
hadn’t wanted to think about it herself, but she couldn’t just wish it away.
Questions would arise. She had just hoped they would have a few more weeks and
a few more good times behind them.

“Why does she have to belong to either one of us? We are all
just together,” Matt offered.

Travis shook his head. “Yeah, that’s the way to have a
long-term relationship.”

“Guys, as I said, we don’t have to solve this tonight,” she
coaxed, pulling out plates and opening the pizza boxes. “It’s fucked up, and Matt
will get to that realization shortly.” She passed them both a beer. “In the
meantime, let’s just eat our pizza and watch
Amazing Race

Travis looked crushed. “You were serious about watching
that? I thought you were joking?”

“I never joke about the
. Now get your pizza.”
She turned and grabbed her plate and a can of Coke and padded back out to the
living room.

“I thought you said she was perfect?” Travis complained.

“I can hear you,” she called.

“She has one or two flaws.” They grabbed their pizza and
trailed after her into the living room.

BOOK: A Risk Worth Taking
5.82Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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