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Authors: Colleen Faulkner

After Midnight (11 page)

Emily opened and closed her hands. "Hand over the child."

"Hand over the child," Gordon echoed, joining Emily in the game, circling Ruth.

Eleven-month-old Isabella put out her chubby hands to her father and Gordon swept her into his arms. The baby immediately reached out to explore his fangs.

Emily caught Gordon's hand and together they spun their daughter around in play.

Ruth watched in good-natured exasperation. "You know Emily, I never understood this whole vampire nonsense with Gordon and Angus, and now you're fixated on it, too." She walked out of the library. "I think all three of you need to seriously consider psychiatric care," she called, as she disappeared down the hall.

As Emily's and Gordon's gazes met, they both beared their fangs.

"She's never going to understand," Emily said with amusement. "She'll never believe the truth."

"Nay, never." Gordon brushed his lips against her neck. "But we know," he whispered. "And I'll love ye forever for what ye did for me. The risk ye took with your life for mine."

Emily brushed her hand over her daughter's golden-red hair, her heart so filled with love for her and Gordon that it ached. "For our lives."

lives." Gordon sealed their words with a kiss and nuzzled her nose with his, the baby between them. "I think our fangs are locked."

"I think so." She laughed as she brushed her lips against his again. "Guess you're stuck with me for the next fifty years now."

He grinned wickedly. "The pleasure is all mine, E. Bruce."


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