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Alien Sex 101

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Alien Sex 101

Alien Sex Ed series

Allie Ritch

Published 2012

ISBN 978-1-59578-900-6

Published by Liquid Silver Books, imprint of Atlantic Bridge Publishing, 10509 Sedgegrass Dr, Indianapolis, Indiana 46235. Copyright © 2012, Allie Ritch. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author.

Manufactured in the United States of America

Liquid Silver Books

This is a work of fiction. The characters, incidents and dialogues in this book are of the author’s imagination and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is completely coincidental.


When New Earthling Quinn makes love to his Allurian bride on their wedding night, he discovers a few surprises. Like the fact that losing his virginity to an Allurian woman is painful. He and Xindra are able to work things out, but they realize other interracial couples on their planet face similar problems. They start an Alien Sex Ed class, but this isn’t your ordinary anatomy lesson. This class is very hands-on and more than a little steamy. Xindra’s friend, Mera, is the first to benefit when she meets and falls for one of their students, Trett. As an Ibration, Trett doesn’t thrust during sex; his penis vibrates. That’s perfect for an Oquaran like Mera, who’s so sensitive she comes almost instantly and can’t stand a lot of chafing. When Xindra and Quinn notice more than one of their students checking each other out, they have to wonder. Could the romance between Trett and Mera be just the beginning?

Part One

Quinn and Xindra

Chapter One

The Wedding Night

Quinn was thirty-six years old, and he was about to make love to a woman for the first time in his life. The thought made him laugh as he settled their luggage in the honeymoon suite. Over the years, he’d had more one-night stands, quick lays, and weekend flings than almost anyone else living in Trilanta, the largest city on the space-hub planet of the same name. But he’d never cared enough about those women to call it lovemaking. Xindra was different.

She wasn’t just another conquest, and she wasn’t even from New Earth like he was. His beautiful Allurian was everything he’d never realized he wanted or needed until she stole his heart. And as of two hours ago, she was his wife. They were now officially Mr. and Mrs. Phlyx-Nigel.

Quinn kept waiting for panic to kick in—the commitment phobia that had kept him a bachelor for so long—but it didn’t surface. Instead he felt the sinuous warmth of lust and anticipation rolling through his veins. Because Xindra was special and because he’d wanted to make sure she believed that right down to her soul, he’d waited for their wedding night to make her his. Now he felt like he’d been through months of hellish foreplay. He was ready to explode.

“Finally, I’ve got you all to myself.” Xindra purred as she wrapped her arms around him.

Her head only came as high as his chin, but Quinn knew his wife’s trim body held incredible strength. He felt her breasts squash against his chest as he pulled her closer and luxuriated in their firmness. She had to feel how firm certain parts of him were growing as well. Looking down into her deep lavender eyes, he felt love flood him until it overwhelmed and then mingled with his lust.

“You are so incredibly beautiful.” In all his life, he’d never delivered a line so sincerely, so without thought.

Her answering smile undid him until he couldn’t remember his own name. She lifted onto her toes just as he dove for her mouth. They joined somewhere in the middle. The hard aggression of his lips met the soft pillow of hers. Then they were slanting and shifting while their tongues wrestled. By the time they broke for air, his pulse pounded like a jungle drum in his temples and groin. He was fully erect, and the sight of her flushed cheeks made everything jerk tighter inside him.

Clearly reveling in her power, Xindra flashed her white teeth and backed out of reach with a teasing glint in her eyes. She slipped out of her shoes and started a slow, sensuous dance as she reached for the closure seal on her dress. Quinn’s eyes feasted on the erotic curve of her waist, the flare of her hips, and the gentle rocking motion of her tight backside. The dress was open all the way to her tailbone now, but he caught only the barest glimpses of pale skin beneath her long, curly locks. Her hair was such a dark purple it was nearly black. It glimmered like strands of royal satin.

“Well, husband, do you plan to consummate this marriage fully dressed, or would you like to join me?” She slipped out of one sleeve and then the other until the bodice of her dress clung by a thread to her tightly furled nipples.

To his surprise, Quinn laughed aloud just from the sheer joy of being with her. He was going to remember this night for the rest of his life.

“Impatient?” he teased her, already sliding his own shirt open. “Your relatives did have a few ribald suggestions for me at the reception.” The bawdy Allurians had managed to make him blush, which wasn’t easy.

“Maybe we should explore some of those suggestions,” she replied, but she was distracted now.

He discarded his shirt and watched with pleasure as she licked her lips. Then she dropped her dress to the floor with a hushed slide and plop, making his mouth water. She was stark naked underneath.

“The support is built in,” she explained saucily.

He was too busy trying not to lose it to respond. His belt hit the floor with a thud at the same time that he slipped out of his shoes. Good balance was the only thing keeping him standing as he tore off his socks and dropped his pants, although the pole between his legs could have propped him up at that point. Quinn had never felt so hard or desperate in his entire life. Which was precisely why he left his underwear on. If she handled him bare right now, he’d never last long enough to get inside her.

With a growl, he shot forward and swung her into his arms. She giggled into his mouth as he kissed her and then squealed in delight when he threw back the covers and tumbled them both onto the bed.

“You’re so beautiful,” he chanted over and over again. “You don’t know what you’re doing to me.”

Even the floral scent of her hair stroked him from the inside out. She was a banquet, and he was ravenous. He sifted his hands through her locks, feeling each purple curl caress his fingertips and twine around his knuckles and wrists. Shifting his mouth up from her swollen lips, he kissed her dainty nose, her thick eyelashes, and the feminine curve of her ear. The hot spot over her pulse point was next while he swept his hands up and down from her shoulders to her fingertips.

Her nipples pouted for attention. She gasped and moaned when he attacked one and then the other with his starving mouth, sucking and licking and nipping while his fingers tweaked the other one. The dip between her breasts was fascinating, too. It carried her natural scent and the first drops of perspiration. After pecking a trail down to her bellybutton, he penetrated the indentation with the tip of his tongue and buried his face in her gently rounded tummy. His marauding hands stroked her from knee to thigh. By the gods, she was so soft and sweet. He’d never get enough of her.

Quinn cupped her breasts with hungry palms and gave them one more squeeze before all his attention centered on the treasure between her legs. He cocked an eyebrow in surprise as he explored new territory. Unlike New Earthling women, she wasn’t curly and coarse down below. Instead, she had very short, perfectly straight hairs that formed a pelt over her mons. When he ran his fingers through this novel down, he discovered it was as fine and soft as cat’s fur and just as thick. He felt her shiver.

“A natural purple,” he mused, which made her chuckle.

The humored sound turned into a groan when he parted her folds for a deep kiss.

Her luscious body arched into a bow even as something seemed to pop inside his head. Gods save him, she smelled like flowers and musk down here too, and the scent scrambled something in his brain. Foregoing the finesse and technique he’d learned over the years, he simply devoured her. He speared and licked and sucked as hard and fast as he could while reaching for every bit of her skin at once.

The feel of her fingers clenching in his brassy blond hair sent shivers cascading from Quinn’s scalp to the soles of his feet. It took him a full minute to realize she was pulling him back. When he pried himself off and looked up, he discovered she was glossy eyed but clearly smiling.

“Enough,” she said huskily. “I want you inside me.”

He wanted that too. Trying to rein himself in again, he kissed his way up her body. Along the way, he sighed into her navel, laved the undersides of her breasts, and nibbled on her neck before returning to her lips. When she ran her nails up his sides, he groaned and kicked back his head in bliss. Then her feet slid up the naked backsides of his calves and hips, teasing the crisp hairs on his legs not to mention the nerve endings underneath. Her flexibility nearly made his eyes cross when she hooked her toes in the waistband of his underwear and slid it down.

Quinn’s erection rocketed out like an overstuffed freighter out of space dock, and he was worried his testicles would jettison their load before he was ready. He had just enough presence of mind to dip his fingers in her cream and assure she was ready before he took aim. Before he could make berth, though, the little minx flipped him onto his back.

“What’s your hurry?” she murmured. “I haven’t even gotten a look at you.”

He groaned. “Xindra, I’m not going to make it here.”

“Just breathe.” She kissed his lips gently. “We’ve got all night. It’s our wedding night, remember?”

As if he could forget. Her words calmed him as nothing else could have. This wasn’t about scratching an itch. This was their first time together and the start of their new life. He didn’t want it over in a blink, even if he was nearly delirious for her. With that in mind, Quinn managed, if not to calm his arousal, then at least to step back from the knife-edge enough to do as she said and breathe.

“That’s it.” She kissed him more deeply and shaped his face beneath the soft caress of her fingertips.

Everywhere she touched him, he burned and tingled. When she ran her hands through his hair again, he felt it over his entire body. Her teeth scraped against the tendons in his neck until his hips came off the bed. It wasn’t until she sucked his nipple and kneaded his pec that he realized she was following the same trail he had. Which meant he was in for some serious torment.

“Xindra.” Her name came out as a moan, but he wasn’t sure whether he was begging or protesting.

She mouthed the ridges of his abdomen like each muscle was a fresh delicacy. His bobbing erection nearly clocked her in the chin when she blew hot air on his stomach and tongued a line from his navel downward. The muscles and tendons in his thighs quivered and strained and locked so tight they hurt as she slid her hot little hands over them. Then she shucked his underwear the rest of the way off his legs. She froze over the part of him standing up for attention.

Suspense added a hot edge to Quinn’s desire. Xindra hovered there, her mouth not far from the enflamed head of his engorged penis. Any second now, she’d lower her lips, take him into the hot cavity behind her pearly teeth, and stroke his shaft with that wicked tongue of hers. Any second now.

“Oh, Quinn.” Her murmur sent a draft over his wet tip, and even that slight stimulation caused him to shudder.

Although his mind was swamped by lust, something in her tone made him lift his head enough to look at her. Her eyes were incredibly soft as she gazed at him.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were a virgin?” she whispered.

At least that’s what he thought she said. His brain was muddled, and she chose that moment to rub her thumb over his foreskin. He’d never been circumcised, which wasn’t usual for New Earthlings, but wasn’t abnormal either. Was that what she was worried about?

“Does it bother you?” He had to ask through gritted teeth because she was still fondling him.

“No, baby. Just wait here. I’ll be right back.”

Quinn stared after her stupidly as she darted around the corner to the bathroom. While he waited, he tried to calm his libido enough to get his basic brain functions working again. He could have sworn she’d said the word “virgin,” but he’d been with lots of women, and he knew she’d been with Allurian men. He must have misheard.

Before he had time to ponder this further, she returned to the bed, striking him senseless anew with the full force of her gloriously naked body. He opened his arms to her immediately, impatient for the feel of her against his skin again. Settling between his legs, she pressed her full length against him and kissed him soundly. He ran his hands up and down her spine beneath her enchanting hair until she hummed against his lips.

Her eyes were crafty and full of sensual promise when she finally pulled back and slid sinfully downward to kneel between his knees. It was only then that he noticed the bath towel she’d brought with her.

BOOK: Alien Sex 101
10.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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