Alone Time: Visits to Petal, Book 1 (3 page)

BOOK: Alone Time: Visits to Petal, Book 1

Impatient, she took matters in her own hands and unbuckled and unzipped his jeans, bringing his cock out. He started to argue, but why? Why complain when she rose up enough to slide herself down on his cock, taking him inside fully.

“That’s so much better.” She spoke into his mouth as he smiled.

“Mighty forward, ma’am. I am helpless against your filthy urges.”

This made her laugh. “Hush now. We can’t get this truck rocking or we’ll attract attention. So I’ll do my best to keep my movement…internal.” She showed him what she meant as she squeezed around him, jutting her hips a little and then back.

It was the illicit nature of the encounter, coupled with the heat of her, that tight embrace and the slide of her around his cock, that shredded his control.

“Just so you know, I’m going to fuck you again when we get home.” His fingers got busy on her clit and she squealed.

“I’m counting on it. You do have some mighty fine recovery time. What girl wouldn’t like that?” She braced her hands on his shoulders and pressed down on him, taking him in so deep he saw stars.

“I have the best fiancée in the whole damned world.”

She laughed again but then gusted a curse when he increased the pressure of his fingers against her. Her pussy tightened around him and he knew it wouldn’t be long for either of them.

And when she fell over the edge, she leaned forward and sank her teeth into his shoulder to keep from crying out. Which only made him hotter for her. Pushing him over right with her.

“I suppose some might think it’s crazy to get down out here when we have the house all to ourselves,” she said sleepily.

“Some don’t have gorgeous, sexy women who’ll take their panties off and give their men the night of their lives in a pickup just like they were teenagers again.”

She appeared to be in no hurry to leave so he held her there on his lap, her body against his, still inside as their heartbeats slowed to normal again.

“I love you, Nathan.”

He smiled against her hair. “I sure am glad.”

Chapter Four

Matt pulled into the garage and sighed happily when he turned the engine off. “Just me and you, Venus. Hear that utter quiet?”

He got out and she met him, taking his hand as they went into the house. “Note it. It’s such a rarity.”

He spun her into his embrace. Her hair spilled around in a shower of pale moonlight. Her skirt flared as well, giving him a great view of her legs and those sexy-as-sin high heels she had a penchant for.

“I noticed something tonight.”

She laughed, heading toward their bedroom, stepping around the toys, books and other flotsam that came with having kids.

“My new bra?” She said this as she tossed it to him, her blouse dangling from her free hand.

He caught up to her quickly, getting in close and taking a handful of those beautiful breasts. “Not until now. I tend to always be thinking about your breasts on some level. I did notice the way you jiggled when you danced tonight.”

He pinched her nipples and she squeaked her approval. He spun her and backed her up to their bed.

“I haven’t had you alone in this house in so long I don’t even know.” He bumped her back to the mattress, and she smiled up at him, topless and totally his.

“It’s probably a good thing since you knock me up every time we get alone.”

He laughed as he pulled his shirt and jeans off and managed to get totally naked before he leapt on her like the feast she was.

He moved closer and unzipped the side of her skirt, sliding it down and off. The panties were deep blue, and they were so pretty against her pale skin he nearly hated to take them off.

But he did, tossing them over his left shoulder.

“What I did notice, aside from that new shade of lipstick you have on—and that I do like very much.” He leaned down to kiss her quickly. “I noticed you didn’t have a beer. Not a margarita either. No. I noticed you were drinking ginger ale. You rarely drink ginger ale. In fact, there are only a few times you do.”
Her smile grew as his heart pounded.

“I was going to tell you tomorrow. I didn’t even know myself until this afternoon. I had a doctor’s appointment two weeks ago. MaryAnn Twombly called me, she’s the nurse in my doctor’s office you see. You know her probably. She’s one of those cheerleadery types you used to think were so great.” She went about her story in the way she had, complete with little asides about everyone and everything. “So they ran a battery of tests on a sample I gave. I don’t even know why they made me pee in a cup. I hate that.”

He burst out laughing. “Sugar, is this your way of telling me you’re having a baby?”

She nipped his lip when he came in for a kiss, pulling him down to her. “Yes.”

“Hot damn, you’re making me a daddy again.” He kissed her once more, this time settling in for a long, slow smooch, her mouth open against his, the taste of her something he’d never tire of.

“You did have a little to do with it.”

“I did, more than a few times.”

She laughed and pulled him close before shoving him on his back and climbing atop his body.

All that pretty, moonlight-pale hair spilled around her bare shoulders, long enough to play peek-a-boo with her nipples.

“You’re not feeling sick anymore?” He slid his palms up her sides, over skin so soft and pliant, over a body he knew every inch of but never ceased to appeal to him.

“Same as with the other pregnancies. I only feel woozy for an hour or so in the evenings and then I’m fine. I’m nearly two months along now. Thought I had the flu.” She laughed and love filled him to bursting.

“Then it’s safe to ravish you?”

“I’m always up for being ravished by you, Matthew Chase.”

To underline her point, she went to her knees, reached around and guided him true and sank down again, taking him deep and stealing his breath.

“Damn, sugar, that feels fabulous.” An understatement of course.

Tate should have known he’d be thrilled by her announcement. She should have known he’d notice she was drinking ginger ale. He kept a close eye on all those he loved, especially his women, as he referred to her and their daughters.

His concern always touched her. His excitement at the idea of adding another child to their family only reinforced that she was the luckiest woman on earth. This baby she carried would grow up in a house filled with love and joy, where he or she was wanted. That she could give that to her children was one of the best things she’d ever achieved. She’d come so far, had been blessed with so much it sometimes made her stop, her heart pounding, a smile on her face and tears blurring her vision.

All because of the man she loved.
The man who loved her

But right then it was just the two of them. Alone. Naked. She had far better things to do with her time and his body than getting weepy.

He was thick inside her. Hard. Insistent. That laid-back thing he did on the outside hid the less-than-laid-back realities of Matt Chase in bed. That man liked things his way. She smiled down at him and began to move, slowly at first, simply enjoying the moment. Knowing he’d strain to let her be in charge before finally taking over.

As games went, it was one of her favorites.

“That smile on your face should scare me. But I know you well enough to understand it’s gonna be good for me either way.”

She laughed and added a swivel, delighting in his grunt and the flush on his face.

“You feeling okay?”

So sweet. She nodded. “Better than okay.” She pointed to him. “Hello.”

His expression changed, and after a dizzy movement she found herself on her back with him looming over her. “That’s better. Not that I don’t love the way you look above me like the goddess you are. But this way…well.” He waggled his brows and underlined his words by thrusting in deep and hard.

With her first pregnancy he’d been careful with her. She’d practically had to jump on him to get any action. He had been afraid to hurt her. Ha. But this was baby number three, and he’d learned she wasn’t so fragile and that if he was hurting her she’d tell him just that.

Plus she knew he couldn’t resist her, which was the most powerful aphrodisiac ever.

Another lucky thing was how good the man was with all his parts. He kept his pace relentless, but enough to hold back from climax. He could tease her for long periods of time, rendering her into an incoherent, begging mess.

“I love you, Tate.” He bent to kiss her and she stretched up to meet his mouth.

“Love you too. Now make me come.”

He laughed but moved to obey, his hand caressing her thigh to reach her clit, giving her a feather-light touch. Still, enough to send jolts of pleasure arcing through her system. Enough to make her inner walls clutch him tight.

“Damn,” he snarled, and the touch on her clit became more sure.

He continued to devastate her until he had indeed turned her into an incoherent mess, just dancing right on the edge of climax. And he looked like a model while he did it. She was lucky.

“Now I think I’m ready to fly apart with you, darlin’.” He said this as his touch firmed and that edge she’d been on sent her teetering over, headlong into orgasm so intense there was nothing but the two of them, nothing but his body against her, inside of her.

He followed with a snarl of her name.

When he fell to the bed with a happy sigh, she snuggled into his side, her arm over his chest.

“I’m a fortunate man to have you as my woman. First, you’re sexier than all get out. Secondly, you’re the finest cook ever. Thirdly, you make me laugh. You’re good to my crazy family. I have to stop numbering because there are too many things. You listen to people. You make us all feel safe and loved. And you fill our house with our babies, mothering them so well. I know those girls aren’t always easy to manage, but you do it. And you do it in a way that makes it look effortless. Thank you.”

She blinked back tears. “You’re going to make me cry.”

He chuckled. “I seem to recall you do that a lot when you’re in a family way.”

This was true. Everything seemed to make her cry when she was pregnant. Cotton commercials, dog-food commercials, sunsets, sirloin on sale at the market, didn’t really matter. Everyone made allowances for it, which she found sweetly infuriating, and that made her cry too.

“You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. And I still watch my morning visual donut when you go to work early and I’m in the shop.”

He laughed at the reference to her daily ritual of sitting at the window of her hair salon and drinking her coffee, waiting to watch him walk from his car across the street to the fire station. It still made her happy to do it. Knowing that long, lean body of his was hers to touch and kiss. Knowing they’d made something real and deep. Knowing she’d be at his side for each graduation, each first date and prom, all the things they shared with their daughters.

Every day she had with him was a gift.

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Nathan Murphy is pretty much resigned to his bachelor status—until he looks up from his desk to see an all-grown-up Lily walking into his classroom. Of all the women who turned out to be totally wrong for him, she’s the only one who felt right. At least until his foolish, immature mistake drove her away.

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