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"And where are you going?" I said, a little miffed that he could so easily dismiss me.

Marcus took one last look at the frozen image on the screen, then pressed the power button on the remote, and the room was plunged back in to darkness. "I'm going back to work."

Chapter Three

I finally heard sounds of Connor coming to life, so I bounded out of bed and threw the curtains back. He groaned and threw a pillow at me, but I caught it and jumped back in to bed, hitting him in the head with it, before he yanked my legs out from under me so that I collapsed on the bed beside him. Then he grabbed me around the waist and pulled me tight against him, and no matter how I struggled I couldn't get free from him. Even half asleep and with his face buried in a pillow I was no match for him.

"What's it like to shift when it's not the full moon?" I said.

"It's the same really." He unburied his face from the pillow and kissed the back of my head, "don't worry, you'll get it eventually. Remember it took Marcus a month to teach me. It's only been a week. Just be patient and it will come. I promise."

"Actually," I said, "I kind of had a break-through last night."

"How?" I could hear the puzzlement in his voice.

I rolled over in bed so that I was facing him, and by way of greeting he gave me that roguish grin that I loved so much. "After all that stuff you showed me about Marcus I just couldn't sleep. So I went to Marcus' room and I asked him about the photo, and--"

"You did what?" Connor looked perturbed.

"I just asked him, what happened."

"And you're still alive?" He grinned, but looked like he was only half kidding.

I smiled and rolled my eyes, "he told me that they all went in to the city one day, and that vampire you mentioned, Drago, he showed up and killed them. Or at least there was a lot of blood. Marcus only survived because he was still here, with his head buried in a microscope."

Connor got a hard look in his eyes and nodded, "you see, we wont be safe until we kill them all. Every last one. Marcus had everything, a perfect life, and one day a vampire comes along and wipes it all away, just because it can. None of us will be safe until they're all dead."

I sometimes forgot that Connor had his own past filled with sorrow. I preferred to forget it really. I ran my hand down his smooth chest, reflecting, not for the first time, on all the work that Marcus must have put in to putting him back together again after he rescued him. But I still saw little bits of damage sometimes. Especially when it came to vampires. Connor would never stop hunting them, and killing them.

"Well anyway," I said, wanting to change the subject away from vampires, "after Marcus told me about all that he had me do something else, to try and find the wolf inside of me, and it worked! And I think that--"

"What did he do?"

The grins were gone, and Connor was looking at me with a frown on his face, and I realized that he had been trying to teach me to shift at will all week without even a hint of success, and here I was getting all excited about how Marcus had done it in just a few minutes.

"He just approached it in a different way I guess. He said when he trained you to shift he had to teach you to suppress your wolf instincts. You were too much wolf, because of where you were raised. But for me, because I was raised by humans, I needed to be
wolf, so..."

I trailed off, not really sure if I should tell Connor about what had happened next. He had said he was okay with the idea of sharing me with Marcus, but there was a whole lot of space between talking about it and actually doing it. But then it wasn't like Marcus and I had done anything either. I had certainly wanted to though.

"So what did he do?" Connor said, his body tensing up, drilling in to me with his eyes.

Suddenly I wanted to be anywhere but that bed. I sighed, I need to just come out with it. "He had me sit in his lap, and he kind of wrapped his arm around me, and then he told me what to think about, and..." I shrugged and sneaked a glance at Connor's face. He didn't look angry, exactly, but he didn't look happy either.

Finally he shrugged and threw the covers back, and climbed out of bed. "If you want Marcus to train you that's fine, you just have to say so." He pulled on a pair of pants and yanked a shirt from the closet and seemed to very deliberately not look in my direction.

At least he wasn't angry about the sitting in the lap part.

"No that's not what I want at all," I said, climbing out of bed after him and hurrying to reach him before he reached the bedroom door and escaped, still angry at me. I grabbed his arm and he stopped, and after a moment of hesitation turned around for me.

"I know it was kind of our thing, trying to get me to shift at will together," I placed my hand on his chest and smiled, "but now I know how to do it so that it works best for me, and we can do it together, and before long we'll be shifting together."

He shrugged. But he didn't leave.

"Come on," I said in my best encouraging voice, "I can show you how it's done right now." I pulled on his hand but he didn't budge. "Trust me," I said, giving his big arm a second tug, you're going to like this part. And I need your help."

Finally he relented, and let me drag him back in to the room.

"Sit down on the floor," I said, enjoying being the one in charge. "And cross your legs."

I went to sit down in his lap like I'd done with Marcus but then realized something. "And take off your shirt too." Marcus hadn't taken his shirt off, but it certainly wouldn't hurt for Connor to do it.

Connor gave me a level gaze for a moment, and then took off his shirt. His corded muscles all flexing as he did so.

I was tempted to tell him to take his pants off too, but didn't want to push my luck. Or give him any ideas about what might have happened between Marcus and I. It had seemed so natural in the moment, but that erection that Marcus had gotten was troubling me more and more as I kept thinking back to it. Even more troubling was the way I had reacted to it. I couldn't get Marcus out of my mind. I was really looking forward to being shared between him and Connor.

"What now?" Connor said, looking up at me from the floor, catching me day-dreaming.

"Sorry," I said, quickly spinning around and sitting down in Connor's lap, before he could see my bushing cheeks.

"Now give me your arm," I used both my hands to position his big arm across my ribs, and then put his forearm in my cleavage, and placed his fingers on my shoulder. Once he saw what I was trying to do he repositioned himself so that I was pressed against his chest more, and he was wrapped around me. He had no trouble doing it, he was maybe even slightly bigger than Marcus. It made me feel like a doll though, to be wrapped up by him like that, and I savored every moment of that feeling. It made me feel safe, and secure, like I belonged.

"Okay," I said, taking a deep breath and closing my eyes, "now just hold me tight against your chest."

He did just that, pulling me in to him until my back was firmly pressed up against his big wide chest and his hard abs, and his forearm was firmly pressed against my ribs. I could have just stayed like that forever.

I was about to lean down and smell Connor's hand to get his scent, just like I had done with Marcus. But I had a moment of doubt. What if it didn't work with Connor? What if getting a big dose of his scent like I had done with Marcus didn't awaken that part of me that was the wolf?

I tried to clear my mind, and feel Connor's hand against my skin, his chest against my back, his head pressed in to my hair. It was incredibly sensual, the position we were in, and just what I needed to get in touch with that part of myself that was all physicality and instinct. And I realized that I wanted to go to that part of myself. I had spent my whole life running away from the wolf inside of me, and now I really did want to embrace it.

I turned my mind off and became my body, became the sensations that my body was feeling. Then surreptitiously leaned my head down a little and pressed my nose close to Connor's hand on my shoulder, and then smelled him. Relief flooded me as I felt the same hit that I had gotten from Marcus, like a drug entering my system. A hormone cocktail.

I found just a glimpse of that little bundle of the wolf in my mind, and I tried to reach for it but it was gone almost as soon as it revealed itself. Each hit of hormones from Connor or Marcus seemed to reach out to that part of me, and activate it almost. But then it disappeared as fast at it appeared, fading in to the background. I needed to be able to find it at will.

I bent my head down again and took a longer, deeper sniff of Connor's hand.

"What are you doing?" Connor said, and I could feel him leaning over me to try and get a better look at what I was doing.

But I ignored him and focused on my own mind. I was ready this time. The wolf part of me responded to the werewolf scents and hormones entering my system, and I grabbed on to that part of my mind, not letting it escape. I tried to enter it almost, to expand it, embrace it, something. And it worked, or started to work. I felt the first hints of the transformation, just like how it always started on the full moon.

I had been expecting that too, and I tried to get through it, but Connor must have sensed something happening. In a flash he uncrossed his legs out from under me and scooted back. "Woah, I felt that," I heard him say from somewhere behind me.

I laughed a little, excited by it, and turned around. "I was scared of it at first, but that time..." The thought drifted away as I got a second look at Connor's naked chest. His big, wide shoulders and tight abs. I had to have him. It was what the wolf inside of me wanted.

I slowly crawled across the floor to where Connor was, and ran a hand down his chest, trailing it over the ridges of smooth skin. I bit my lip a little and looked in to his eyes, and I didn't need to say anything more. He gave me that playful grin, he knew exactly what I was thinking, and what I needed. But instead of taking me right there on the floor like I had hoped he stood up instead, and offered me a hand.

"Where are we going?" I said, reluctantly taking his hand and standing up.

"We're going to find Marcus."


Connor pulled me through the halls, and I was breathing hard by the time we found Marcus. He was sitting at his desk, the microscope temporarily abandoned, writing patient notes in a spiral bound notebook. He put the notebook down on the table as we both appeared in his doorway.

He seemed to sense without needing any words what was happening. He got up from his chair and calmly walked past us, and further down the hallway. Connor took my hand and we both trailed after Marcus, the only sound our footsteps reverberating off the walls.

Was it really going to happen? The wolf part of me wanted it, wanted to feel Marcus' hands on my body right there with Connor's. But the human part of me knew instinctively that this might not end well. Feelings might be hurt. Mine most of all.

Marcus opened a door on to a bedroom, and he ushered us both inside. The bed was perfectly made, it didn't look like it had been slept in for a long time, and not for the first time I wondered if Marcus ever actually slept, or if he hadn't found some way to surpass that limitation of his body too.

Without a word spoken, Connor dragged me over to the bed, gripped me by the waist and threw me up on to the high mattress, before stalking his way up my body, kissing me as he went.

But I couldn't help but look at Marcus out of the corner of my eye, as he took his time coming over to the side of the bed. The moment we had shared the night before was still etched in my mind. It had come out of nowhere. Marcus had seemed to inspire feelings inside of me for him out of nowhere. Another mystery about him that I wasn't sure I would ever understand.

Connor kissed his way up my neck as I watched Marcus slowly take his shirt off, all the while looking in to my eyes. Finally Connor found my mouth with his, and dragged my face away from the view of Marcus, and I lost myself in Connor's insistent tongue on mine. He wasted no time then, pulling my shirt off and yanking loose the clasps of my bra.

Just as he always did, he watched intently as my breasts spilled free, and then with an intensity that was incredibly hot, bent down and put one nipple and then the other in his mouth, sucking on them until they were hard, and he could roll them in his fingers.

I closed my eyes and moaned, loving the feeling of his mouth, but then felt a second set of hands tracing the lines of my face. I looked up to see Marcus, leaning down to kiss me. I hesitated for half a second, then met his lips with mine, reveling in the feeling of two sets of lips on my body, two sets of hands touching my skin. I felt desired and overwhelmed and I loved it.

Connor moved from my breasts slowly down my body, until he was pulling off the little shorts that I slept in, making me completely nude. His hands traced down my thighs and then back up, making me yearn for his touch between my legs, and I wiggled my hips in frustration, until finally he settled in and gently massaged my wet lips, even as he bent down to stroke his tongue up and down my mound.

I interlocked one set of fingers in Connor's hair to urge him on, even as I used the other hand to guide Marcus' mouth down towards my breasts. My head was full of both their strong scents and it was driving me wild, speaking to the wolf inside of me. I writhed beneath their hands and lips, gasping and moaning as they made my nerve endings sing with pleasure. But even as I was lost in their touch, I was looking inside myself, for the wolf in my mind.

Finally Connor's head and hands disappeared from between my legs for a moment, and I heard a pair of pants drop the floor, followed by two big thighs pushing in between my legs. Marcus continued to kiss my neck and chest and explore my body with his hands, even as I felt Connor slowly drag the tip of his hard cock up between my wet lips.

"Yes," I murmured, breathless, stretching my hips to try and get him inside of me. I needed him, I needed both of them.

Connor slowly pushed his way inside of me, stretching me as went all the way down to the hilt. Marcus lay beside me and draped one big arm over me, covering me with his body and smothering me with his weight letting his lips and his fingers linger here and there. I felt Connor grip my two thighs and wrap them around his body as he slowly built himself up, his hand squeezing my hips. I was moaning with every breath now, the two of them at once was better than I had ever thought possible. And I was so lost in my own pleasure that I didn't even notice Connor groaning and building to a climax until he had released himself inside of me, his hands digging in to me as he tensed with his final thrust.

BOOK: Alphas Unleashed 2
11.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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