Autobiography of Mark Twain (192 page)

BOOK: Autobiography of Mark Twain
Kinsmen club
Malone’s death
McAleer’s death
reads Autobiographical Dictations
story about Sickles
story about Croker’s father
support for Chinese students
Susy Clemens’s illness
witnesses execution of Civil War deserters
Twichell, Joseph Hooker
Twichell, Julia Curtis.
Wood, Julia Curtis Twichell
Twichell, Julia Harmony Cushman (Mrs. Joseph Twichell)
Tyrrell, Harrison
Uncle Remus tales
U.S. Sanitary Commission
Ustick, Thomas Watt
Utterback, Polly Rouse
Vanderbilt, Cornelius
Vassar College
Vedder, Elihu
Verey, Joseph
Victoria (queen of England)
Vilas, William F.
“Villa di Quarto,”
Villa Viviani
Vincent, John H.
Virginia City
Territorial Enterprise:
ownership and staff
SLC as local reporter
SLC as San Francisco correspondent
SLC as substitute editor
SLC as Washington, D.C., correspondent
SLC’s “Josh” letters
Virginia City
Wadleigh, G. R.
Wadsworth, Charles
Wagner, Richard
Wales, Theron A.
Walker, John Brisben
Walker, William
Waller, Thomas M.
Ward, Artemus
Ward, Ferdinand
Ward, Henry S.
Ward, J. Q. A.
Warner, Charles Dudley
Cleveland-Blaine election
as coauthor of
The Gilded Age
Gerhardt’s statue of Nathan Hale
as speaker
Warner, Elisabeth Gillette (Mrs. George H. Warner)
Warner, George H.
Warner, Margaret (Daisy)
Warner, Olin L.
Warner, Susan (Mrs. Charles Dudley Warner)
Washington, Booker T.
Washington, D.C.: SLC’s 1853 residence
SLC’s 1867–68 residence
Watterson, Henry
Webster, Charles L.
blamed for failure of Charles L. Webster and Company
business arrangement with SLC
negotiations for publication of Grant’s memoirs
opposition to partnership with Grant’s sons.
See also
Charles L. Webster and Company
Webster, Noah
Webster Manufacturing Company
Welch, Archibald Ashley
Wheeler, Harold
Whipple, Sherman L.
White, Ellen
Whitford, Daniel
Whitmore, Franklin Gray
as SLC’s business agent
spoon-shaped drive incident
Whitney, Henry M.
Whittier, John Greenleaf
seventieth birthday dinner.
See also
Clemens, Samuel Lang-horne,
, Whittier birthday dinner
Wilhelm II (emperor of Germany and king of Prussia)
Wilhelmine, Princess
Wilkes, Charles
Wilkes, Mary H. Lynch (Mrs. Charles Wilkes)
Williams, Jonathan (“Stud”)
Willing, John Thomson
Wilson, Francis
Wilson, Mary.
Robards, Sarah H.
Winsor, Robert
Winter, William
Wise, Henry Alexander
Wise, O. Jennings
Wolf, Jim: “A Gallant Fireman,”
“Jim Wolf and the Tom-Cats,”
Wolf, Karl Hermann
Chin Lan Pin
Wood, Howard Ogden
Wood, Julia Curtis Twichell (Mrs. Howard Ogden Wood)
Wood, Leonard
Woodruff, Douglas
Woods, Enoch S.
Woo Tsze Tun
Wordsworth, William
Wright, Harrison K.
Wright, Howard E.
Wright, William H. (Dan De Quille)
Wuthering Heights (servant)
Y.M.C.A. (West Side Branch)
Young, John Russell
“The Young Medusa” (painting)
The Youth’s Companion
Yung Wing
The Mark Twain Project is housed within the Mark Twain Papers of The Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley. The Papers were given to the University by Mark Twain’s only surviving daughter, Clara Clemens Samossoud, and form the core of the world’s largest archive of primary materials by and about Mark Twain.
Since 1967 the Mark Twain Project has been producing volumes in the first comprehensive critical edition of everything Mark Twain wrote, as well as readers’ editions of his most important texts. More than thirty-five volumes have been published, all by the University of California Press.
The Mark Twain Papers
The Works of Mark Twain
are the ongoing comprehensive editions for scholars.
Full list of volumes in the Papers at
Full list of volumes in the Works at
The Mark Twain Library
is the readers’ edition that reprints texts and notes from the Papers
and Works volumes for the benefit of students and the general reader.
Full list of Library volumes at
Mark Twain Project Online
is the electronic edition for the Mark Twain Project.
of Mark Twain, Volume 1
, is now published there. All volumes in
the Papers and Works as well as the Library will eventually be made
available at
Jumping Frogs: Undiscovered, Rediscovered, and
Celebrated Writings of Mark Twain
brings to readers neglected treasures by Mark Twain—stories, tall
tales, novels, travelogues, plays, imaginative journalism, speeches,
sketches, satires, burlesques, and much more.
Full list of Jumping Frogs volumes at
Editorial work for all volumes in the Mark Twain Project’s Papers, Works, and Library series has been supported by grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, an independent federal agency, and by donations to The Bancroft Library, matched equally by the Endowment.
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