Bailey, Debbie - Stephanie's Homecoming [Men of Kinsey 4] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) (8 page)

BOOK: Bailey, Debbie - Stephanie's Homecoming [Men of Kinsey 4] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

Grabbing a handful of wet hair, he pulled her mouth away from his and whispered against her neck, “Say it again, baby, say my name again.”

“Garth, please…” she begged.

“Now this is an incredible sight.” Kane was leaning against the door frame with only a towel wrapped around his hips.

Smiling, he walked over to them kissed the side of her head and told Turk he’d finish drying her, and for him to go shower.

“I was having fun, Kane,” she pouted.

“You need your rest, angel eyes, so let’s get you dried off and into bed.”

“Kane?” she called his name softly.

“What is it, baby?”

“Why did you start calling me angel eyes?” Kane looked up from his kneeling position and frowned at her. Standing, he wrapped the towel around her and lifted her to sit on the counter.

“I started calling you angel eyes because every time I looked into them, I saw heaven.” The hands that had been resting on the counter beside her were suddenly holding either side of her face. “I still see heaven when I look at you, Stephanie, I always will.”

Kane’s kiss was so different yet so familiar. His lips could still make her juices flow between her legs quickly, that was for sure, but now they also made her want to give in to any desire of his. She hadn’t always known she’d liked to give up control in the bedroom. It wasn’t until about four years ago, after she found out about Kane and Club Kinsey.

She had decided to do some research and spoke with one of the local clubs about it. At first, they balked because they were afraid she was trying to do some seedy expose, and they ensured their club members of privacy. She agreed to sign a waiver that stated that anything legal and consensual she witnessed within the boundaries of the club could not be written about unless she was given written permission by the membership board. Once she signed the form, she was allowed to enter the club. She arrived at the club that first night terrified of what she would find, but luckily she was paired with a Dom/sub couple that was willing to allow her to ask them questions and to watch them. Donavan and Megan were the most wonderful people she’d ever met, and after that first night she knew she wanted to find someone she could trust, like Megan trusted Donavan, and surrender to them.

Kane’s warm tongue delved into her mouth, and she moaned and rubbed her breasts against his chest. But as he wrapped one arm around her back and the other under her knees, she lost that full contact she wanted. Still kissing her, he carried her through the bedroom to the large bed on the other side of the room. Tearing his mouth away, Kane placed her to stand in front of him. He smoothed back the tangled mess of her hair and smiled as he removed both their towels. She may have forgotten a couple of small things about him, but she never would forget how huge his cock was or how well he used it. She ran her hands up and across his chest to his broad shoulders.

“There is nothing on this planet that I would love more than to bend you over the side of the bed, spread your legs, and plunge myself deep into that sweet, sweet pussy of yours, baby, but tonight you need rest, so that is what we’re going to give you, so climb up on the bed and snuggle down.” Kane groaned when she did exactly as she was asked because it displayed both her pussy and her ass so nicely, and she knew it. God, she was so fucking sexy.

Turk had walked into the room just as Steph had climbed on the bed. The view he got was spectacular, and obviously, if that groan was any indication, Kane thought so, too.

“That was the most delectable sight I’ve ever seen, kitten,” Turk said as he walked naked to the other side of the bed.

Stephanie could feel her whole body heating just from the knowledge that both men had taken a good look and liked what they’d seen.

“I thought this was my room?” she asked sleepily.

“It is your room, baby, but it’s also now ours. From now on, you don’t sleep alone. We need you close to us so we can take care of you and protect you.” Kane lay down beside her and pulled her back against his front, inhaling sharply when her ass came up against his rock-hard cock. Fuck, he didn’t know how much sleep he’d get tonight, but it would be damned worth losing sleep over knowing that his angel eyes was back in his arms again.

“I’m a big girl, Kane. I can take care of myself, you know.” He smiled to himself because he had been hoping she was sleepy enough to let that one slip by.

“I know you can, baby, but when you’re with me or Turk, you will let us protect and care for you from now on, is that understood?”

“I should yell at you for being so arrogant, but I’m too tired, so I’ll just say yes, Kane…for now.”

They knew she was asleep when her breathing evened out, and her body relaxed against them completely.

“We’re not going to let her get away, are we?” Turk asked quietly.

“Never again, buddy. Now go to sleep, because she made this just a little too easy for us. If I know Steph, by the end of the week she’ll be yelling and kicking up a fuss about our protectiveness.”

“She’s a little spitfire, Kane, and it’s going to be so much fun riling her up every now and then just to see all that fire.”

Turk must have a death wish he thought before sleep overtook him.

Chapter 5

Waking up to the smell of coffee was a really nice feeling. As her eyes opened and adjusted to the light, Stephanie sat up and looked around the room, wondering why she’d woken up alone. She could just hear the clang of a pan from the kitchen, so she figured that Kane and Turk didn’t wake her up because they thought she needed the rest. They were right.

Getting up, she grabbed the T-shirt that was lying over the chair and pulled it on. She’d never been one to hide her body, but she was ten years older than the last time she lived here and, for some reason, felt self-conscious around Kane and Turk.

Rustling through her suitcase, looking for her red bra-and-panty set, she didn’t hear the door open behind her.

“Well, don’t you look just good enough to eat.” Kane’s voice was so close it startled her.

Turning, her breath caught in her throat at the sight of the two men who had just come into the room.

Both were huge and well over six foot four, with Turk standing about an inch taller than Kane. Their well-worn jeans hugged their hips like they’d been sewed right on them. Two devastatingly gorgeous male specimen, and both were Doms. Fuck, she could be in big trouble now.

“Why the frown, angel eyes?” Kane asked as he walked toward her. For such large men, they both moved with surprising grace, but she wasn’t gonna be the one to tell them that.

“Ah, nothing really, just looking for some clothes to wear into work today. I have a lot to do, and sleeping late isn’t going to help me get done all the things that I need to accomplish.” She cringed at the bitchy tone of her voice, but she needed to get a shower and head into the office, and all she wanted to do was have them ravage her.

“You’re not going in to work without one of us with you, Steph,” Kane told her.

“I don’t need a bodyguard, Kane. That guy was probably just some nut job. How anyone could be pissed enough at me, when I haven’t even written my first editorial yet, is beyond me. Christ, I haven’t even been here long enough to get this week’s galleys together.”

Finally seeing the red set she’d been looking for, she picked it up, along with a pair of her favorite 501 button-fly jeans and a T-shirt, and headed to the shower. But before she could take more than two steps, Turk picked her up and threw her over his shoulder and headed downstairs to the kitchen.

“Food first, shower, and then we’ll discuss work,” he said as he carried her down to the kitchen.

Stephanie saw red. She’d heard the expression many times but had never actually experienced it herself until now.

“Put me the fuck down, you asshole,” she yelled. “I am going to have a shower and then head into work. I’ll pick something up on my way.” When she realized he wasn’t listening to her, she started to kick her legs to try and shake his hold on her, which, if she would have thought about it, wasn’t such a good idea.

She stopped kicking immediately and lifted her head to look for Kane. He was walking behind them with a shit-eating grin on his face.

“He just fucking spanked me, Kane,”
she said, shocked by the unmitigated gall of the man carrying her.

“That he did, baby, and I’m sure it’s only one of many that I see in your future.” She knew that Turk had been holding in a laugh when it finally burst from him.

“Now he laughs at me…? I think I want to go back to Joe and Helen’s please, at least I’m not the butt of everyone’s jokes there.”

Turk stopped when they reached the kitchen and set her sore ass down on one of the chairs.

Grabbing her chin, he knelt in front of her and pulled her so she had to look at him. “We would never laugh at you, sweetness, but you are a kick in the pants sometimes, and you know it. We never said you couldn’t go to the paper today. We just want to make sure you’ve eaten and that you arrive safely. You’re ours to protect now, and we don’t think those people last night were just some nut job. They’d been waiting for you for almost an hour and had their escape well planned. Our only saving grace in this is that I got the license numbers.”

Sighing, Stephanie knew he was right. She just didn’t like being scared like this.

“You didn’t write the tags down, so how can you remember them?” she asked.

“I’ll let Kane explain that one to you. It’s all mumbo jumbo to me, and I live with it.” Gently kissing her, he stood and went to finish whatever he had been making.

* * * *

Kane had sat quietly and watched the interaction between the two most important people in his life. One of the main reasons he hadn’t gone after Stephanie sooner was because of Turk. He hadn’t been ready to settle down, and Kane knew that Stephanie would be the last woman they ever shared together because she would become their wife.

“He has what is called an eidetic memory,” Kane told her.

“And am I supposed to know what that is?” She smiled at him and then at Turk when he placed a platter with a huge pile of scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast on the table and told her to dig in.

As if he’d been doing it for years, Kane picked up a plate and started piling food on it. He sat in front of her and then grabbed some food for himself before continuing his explanation.

“Someone who has an eidetic memory is able to recall memories or reproduce things that they have previously seen with startling accuracy, clarity, and vividness. Turk also has a photographic memory, which makes it even better. That’s why when he joined the Marines, the intelligence guys grabbed him. See, Turk has an extraordinary gift, or curse, as he sometimes refers to it. He remembers
. He could read a book today and recite it back to you word for word a year from now.”

Placing her hand over Turk’s, she said, “That must be awful at times,” her voice filled with empathy. “To not be able to forget things, especially being a marine, you must have seen humanity at its worst.”

* * * *

Stephanie had no idea the gift she had just given to Turk. Very few people saw that side of Turk’s abilities, they only saw what it could do for them. No one seemed to give a shit that every time he was sent into a war zone to gather intelligence, it wasn’t just the information from the numerous papers and computer files that he remembered, but it was also all the faces of those that were killed or injured along the way. Kane used to think he had it bad because he couldn’t forget the one young woman who blew herself up in front of them, but Turk remembered so much more.

“You are a gift, sweetness. I don’t know what I did to do deserve you, but I will cherish you ’til the day I die.” Turk lifted her hand to his lips and placed a kiss on her open palm.

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