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Authors: April Andrews

Tags: #bondage, #anal sex, #mm, #anal play, #forced seduction

Bargain With the Beast (9 page)




Chapter Ten


Tobias awoke slowly, bit by bit, the
way he always did when there wasn’t a battalion of alarms to prod
him to consciousness. As he did so he became aware that he was
warm, ridiculously warm in fact. He shifted, trying to find the
sweet spot where sleep would beckon again…and that was when he

He was warm because there
was someone next to him. Because he was being
. A heavy arm was thrown over
his side, his leg was entangled between two others, and a long,
thick length was pressed against his ass.

The Beast.

And then it all came rushing

The abduction.

The underground town.

The sex.

The force of his climax.

The way the Beast had carried him to
the bed, allowing Tobias to fall into a deep, satisfied

One after the other the memories
flooded him, and Tobias couldn’t help but let out a low groan as he
recalled everything. Part of him couldn’t actually believe what had
happened, and he would have been in no way surprised to wake up in
his own bed, this all being nothing more than a fevered,
lust-induced dream.

But it
a dream.

It had happened.

And the Beast was right next to

Tobias shifted, unsure what to do.
Perhaps his movement was enough to wake the Beast, or maybe he’d
already been awake, simply waiting for Tobias to join

Good morning, Tobias,” he

The morning after…Tobias cringed at
the prospect of it. He had never been very good talking to the men
he’d fucked after the fact. Maybe because he had never really known
them, and what was there to talk about after such a level of
intimacy with someone you barely knew? Hell, he didn’t even know
the Beast’s actual name. It didn’t get more impersonal than that.
And yet…in truth, and as he considered it, Tobias knew that he had
never felt closer to anyone than he had last night. Never felt more
like there was a connection.


Good morning.”

The Beast pulled him closer. “Did you
sleep well?”


He leaned in and began to nuzzle
Tobias’ neck. It was the exact same place that he had bitten him
last night, but there was no pain there now, just a gentle ache.
The same sort of ache that was beginning to make itself known in
his balls…

As did I,” the Beast
said. “Better than I have in a very long time.” He ran his nose
along Tobias’ ear, making Tobias shiver all over. “In fact,” he
added. “You are a perfect bed partner. Warm. Sweet.

God…his words…the feel of his big body
pressed against him…

Tobias was hard now, his dick tingling
in anticipation of more of what it had been given last night, his
pucker clenching to be filled all over again. But that was no way
to be thinking, the sane part of his mind screamed. He had to
remember why he’d fucked the Beast. The fact that it was simply a
means to an end. A way to get his freedom. Only, Tobias feared that
he was already beginning to think along a different track entirely,
already imagining more of that mind-blowing pleasure, and that was

He shifted and began to pull away from
the Beast. “I should…”

The Beast did not let him go. Why the
hell had Tobias imagined he would? Instead he flipped him over so
that Tobias was flat on his back, looking up into the Beast’s
yellow eyes. “You’re shy!” he said and he sounded immensely
satisfied about that fact.

Tobias squirmed inside. “I’m not used
to this.”

The morning


The Beast smiled then, his features
softening in a way that made Tobias feel like he was melting into
the bed. “That pleases me, Tobias,” he whispered. “The way you gave
yourself to me last night pleased me.”

Last night

Beautiful,” he said.

Then he captured Tobias’ lips in a
kiss, and Tobias could do nothing but allow it. He melted even more
beneath the Beast and reached up to wrap his arms around him. Like
the night before, their kiss lasted until Tobias was dizzy from it,
until his blood raced and his heart squeezed. What was it about
this man’s kisses that made all his doubts and worries fade away?
What did it mean? Tobias did not know, but when the Beast shifted
position he was already too far gone to care, so far gone that he
didn’t even consider why he shouldn’t be doing this, why he should
be pulling away and putting some distance between them. He opened
his legs and let the Beast settle between them. He expected the
Beast to thrust hard, to be as aggressive as he had been the night

A hard

But he didn’t. He penetrated inch by
torturous inch and Tobias had to grit his teeth as his body worked
to accommodate his lover’s thick length.

It’s too much,” he
whispered when the Beast was about halfway in. “Too much.” And yet,
it both was and wasn’t. There was pain, the pain of the invasion.
But there was also wetness from last night, and there was pleasure.
Tobias didn’t think he had ever felt so much pleasure in his life.
Knowing the Beast was inside of him. That his cock was rubbing
against his channel…it was almost enough to subdue the

You are so tight,” the
Beast whispered. “It makes my head spin.”

He eased more of his cock in. Tobias
gasped and tightened his grip around the Beast, holding on tight as
each inch stretched and pleasured him. The Beast responded by
kissing him again, and Tobias felt like he was completely consumed
by him, wrapped in his warmth, wrapped in his desire.

Almost there,” he
whispered against Tobias’ lips, and then his cock slipped fully

Oh God…” Tobias breathed,
because the moment he was full his dick twitched and pre-cum leaked
from his slit.

That’s right,” the Beast
said. “I am going to make you come so fucking hard.”

He pulled back then, making Tobias
sigh from the lack of contact, but then he thrust back in and
Tobias moaned.

Slowly, carefully, torturously, he
filled Tobias over and over again, and each time Tobias either
moaned or gasped. Pleasure raced through his channel and tingled up
his dick. It was both too much and not enough at the same time. He
wanted to be fucked hard, like last night. But this, this slow
fucking, was something in itself.

With each languid thrust his dick
pressed against the Beast’s belly, his pre-cum making the movement
slick and hot.

He loved it.

It was unbearably

And it may have been minutes, it may
have been hours, but eventually Tobias’ orgasm was coaxed from him
and he came almost gently, softly, his cum erupting between them in
wave after wave, the climax tingling throughout his entire body in
delicate waves of delight.

The Beast came moments later, groaning
as he filled Tobias with his seed, whispering how much he loved it,
how perfect Tobias felt…

His weight pressed on

His warmth surrounded him.

And in that moment Tobias forgot why
they were doing this. He forgot the bargain. He forgot it all. He
could think only of the pleasure, about the way the Beast made him
feel…like no one ever had.


Chapter Eleven


The next time Tobias awoke he was
alone. He sat up in the cavernous bed and looked around the
cavernous room, wondering what time it was, where the Beast was,
and, more importantly, what was going to happen to him

Of course, he had no answers to those
questions, and so he stood up, his legs shaking slightly, and
walked around to the leather chair that had been moved back into
place next to the desk. His clothes were draped across it, his
sneakers placed side by side. Tobias slipped into them, surprised
as he did so, how much his muscles ached. He was also surprised to
notice that his ass was aching only in the most gentle of ways, but
then that was because of what the Beast had done after their second
round of sex.

Tobias closed his eyes, shivering
slightly, as he recalled the Beast flipping him on to his front and
rubbing some sort of ointment along his pucker. It had both stung
and soothed, and the Beast had whispered that it would make heal
any damage he might have caused. Tobias didn’t know about that, he
had never heard of such a cream, and yet…here, in this place…he
snapped his eyes open…who knew what was normal?

He turned around, planning to use the
bathroom which he now knew was through one of the doors in the
tunnel outside the main door, but something caught his eye. He
looked down, to the desk, and saw a note. It was addressed to

Tobias, back soon, wait
for me

Not exactly verbose, Tobias thought,
but then had he really imagined the Beast would be? Because, and
Tobias shivered at this realization, what did he really know about
the Beast?

Nothing. Nothing at all.
Except the way he fucks…

Tobias sighed and backed away from the
note, and as he did so, the reality of what had happened to him in
the last twenty-four hours began to hit home. Perhaps it was
because the Beast was no longer in the room with him, drugging him
with his kisses, coaxing him with his beautiful smile, but as
Tobias moved across the room the full extent of what had happened
began to make itself known.

He had been abducted.

He had tried to escape.

The only way to do that had been to
fuck the Beast.

And so he had.

Only, and Tobias stopped
now, the door to the tunnel just off to the side, he had to be
honest with himself, and that honesty included admitting that it
hadn’t just been the bargain that had him freely bending over that
saddle. He had done so because he
to. Because no one had ever
made him feel like that man did.

And so what will you do

Tobias lifted his hand and ran it
through his hair. He had no answer to that question. None at all,
and perhaps he might have, soon, if he thought about it enough, but
Tobias’ thoughts halted then, because he could hear voices, and
they were coming from the other side of the door.

One of them was the

Curiosity, that damn curiosity running
through him Tobias crept over to the door and placed his ear
against it. The wood was cool, but not cold. Nowhere was cold down
here, though Tobias was sure it should be, they were underground
after all.

He closed his eyes, trying to catch
the voices, they weren’t right outside, so it was difficult, but
after a moment, breathing steadily, Tobias caught them.

He’s fine,” Tobias heard
the Beast say.

Does he know?” someone
asked. Tobias felt sure that voice belonged to Gregovitch, the
Beast’s brother.

No,” the Beast said. “It
is not time to tell him yet.”

So you’re letting him

Silence held for a moment. Tobias
waited with it, eager to hear what the Beast was going to say,
because they were obviously talking about him, but the next words
answered a different question entirely.

Have you spoken to

Gregovitch cursed. “I’ve spoken to her
alright. That girl…” He paused. “Karl needs to take her properly in

He will,” the Beast said.
“After the turning.”

She has already been
claimed,” Gregovitch said. “Already been turned. She shouldn’t
still be behaving this way.”

She was an outsider,” the
Beast said. “It will take her some time. More than it would usually
considering where she was taken from. Give her time.”

? Tobias let out a soft breath. So Layla had been abducted
too? Was trying to get home. Was maybe even being held against her
will? Only, the Beast had said she was engaged to Karl, and
behaving petulantly, so what did that mean?

Time?” Gregovitch
snapped. “Two years is not enough?”

Time passes differently
here,” the Beast said. “You know that. The years can slip by so
quickly and yet sometimes slower than one would ever

Perhaps you should speak
with her?” Gregovitch suggested. “She’s always had a soft spot for

The Beast sighed. “Once I have taken
care of Tobias I will.”

Gregovitch laughed. “You already took
care of him last night.” He paused. “You claimed him didn’t

Yes,” the Beast said.
“There was no choice about that. I knew as soon as I looked into
his eyes that I would have to.”

As did I,” Gregovitch
said. “The way you looked at him…”

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