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BOOK: Be With Me in Silicon Valley: The Juliette Trilogy (The Princesses of Silicon Valley - Book 3)
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Chapter 8 – Dinner


Nate and I walk the three blocks to Cascal. It feels good being close to him. It’s like he has this magical ability to calm my mind, or is it his presence is so strong all my conflicts pale? The restaurant is packed. They have a table for two next to the window where we can look out across the plaza and onto Castro Street. Nate orders a bottle of Malbec while we take turns choosing an assortment of small plate tapas to share. The atmosphere is intimate, matching our mood.

My stomach is crammed with butterflies as I look at the strong planes of his face, and get taken in by his cool blue eyes. The wine relaxes me, while making me horny. Should I still be taking this slow? Have I decided to try out Nate while Zach is out of town? My mind, befuddled with alcohol, starts to swirl. Isabelle’s comment about the Bon Jovi episode from
Sex in the City
floats into my thoughts. Is Nate a player? Is he serious about me? I’ve only slept with Stephan and Chris… yeah and Gray, making me feel inexperienced and young. Kelly easily moves between guys, but I don’t want that, as I start overthinking the night.

Nate reaches across the table taking my hand into his. Gently he rubs his thumb against my skin, causing sexual shivers to run up my arm and down my core.

“Hey, I think I lost you,” he says. “What are thinking about?”

“You’re not like Bon Jovi from
Sex in the City,
right?” Shit, did I just say that out loud?

His thumb stops as he squints his eyes at me. “Come again?” he looks at me concerned, “What does some rock star from the eighties and a TV show from the nineties have to do with me?”

Covering my eyes with my free hand, I shake my head. “Saying it out loud does make it sound kind of crazy.” Nervously moving my hair behind my ear, I continue, “Bon Jovi’s character sleeps with Carrie. Afterwards he tells her he loses interest after he’s had sex.” Looking into his eyes, I ask what’s really concerning me, “You’re not one of those guys…that’s into the chase, then gets bored once he captures his prey?”

Nate blinks. He shakes his head slowly. “I was wondering when we were going to have this conversation. I like it that you didn’t want to sleep with me right away.” He smiles and shakes his head, “Well, I would have liked it if you wanted to sleep with me right away, but it’s nice to take it slow for a change. You don’t come across as a sexual adventuress.”

I’m afraid to say anything as I watch him format his next thought in his mind. “No, I’m not interested in sleeping with you once, then moving on. It’s way too early to make any promises, but I would like to get to know you more.” He leans in and twirls one of my curls between his fingers, “But I won’t rush you. We can take this as slow or as fast as you want.”

My entire chest is fluttering; am I ready for this conversation? Why did I bring it up? Though I did need him to affirm as I push the next question on my mind to my lips, “There’s no current girlfriend, or wife, back in Minnesota?”

He gets a big smile, “No current girlfriend, or wife, back in Minnesota.” He brushes his thumb a couple of times over the back of my hand and asks, “Any boyfriends or husbands I should know about?”

Gray’s face and then Zach’s flash across my mind. Neither of them are mine, as I answer, “I’m single. No current attachments.”

Finally, I give him my one condition. Looking down at my hand in his, I pause, then look back to his eyes, “I don’t share. If you want to sleep with me, you can’t be sleeping with anyone else.” I take a deep breath after saying this. Is this comment really about me, have I made my choice?

The atmosphere can be cut with a knife as his blue eyes look into mine, “Yeah, I can live with that. I don’t share either.”

I nod in agreement as I wonder if I just pushed this too fast. Then I say to myself, I’d still be making this decision next week. I just needed to choose. Nate is who’s here.

Our server breaks our thoughts. Nate asks if I want dessert. Shaking my head, I realize I just need to be close to him. Kelly always tells me to stop over planning my men. It all of a sudden hits me that she’s not talking about getting ahead of the relationship—something I never do—it’s about needing certainty too early in the relationship. Focusing in on Nate’s touch I smile and say, “Why don’t we go back to my place.” Immediately Nate says, “We’ll take the check now,” and reaches in his back pocket pulling out his wallet and handing over his credit card without glancing at the bill.

My cheeks hurt from smiling so wide as he signs the receipt.

Standing up, he grabs his leather jacket. He’s wearing jeans and a button down. His shirt is tucked in, which highlights how flat his stomach is. Having a hard time taking my eyes off his flat stomach, he says, “You coming?”

Nodding my head slightly, I stand up and grab my jacket off my chair. He helps me on with it as he looks down at me with a panty-wetting smile. Then he tilts his head at the door, “Come on.” He places his hand on my lower back, opening the door with his forearm. The cold air hits, causing me to shiver. He raises his hand from my lower back to my shoulder pulling me in close. He’s just tall enough that I comfortably fit to his side with my head leaning on his shoulder.


Chapter 9 – Stay … Just a Little Bit Longer


The sexual tension is high as we walk the three blocks back to my place. Silently, I pray Cassie isn’t home. Pulling out my house keys, I let us in. Immediately Nate blocks me against the wall, kicking the door closed with his foot. One hand is on the wall next to my cheek, the other is on my waist pulling me tight against him while his lips meet mine. He kisses me hard and deep, my groin throbs, his mouth tastes like wine, his tongue is strong and demanding igniting a fire down my core. My hands are flat against the wall behind me as I tilt my head up into the kiss.

Moaning into his mouth he releases the kiss as he whispers, “I want you.” Lifting my hands to his shoulders, I reach up, pulling him back into me, reigniting the kiss. My stomach is smashed against his core. The condo feels cold, I just want his warm skin next to mine. Reaching up, I pull his jacket off his shoulders. Responding, he releases my waist from his grip, pulls his hand out of the jacket arm, places that hand on the wall, moving his weight to the other side as he shakes off his jacket letting it drop to the floor. We continue to kiss deeply for a few more minutes.

At some point, he takes a deep breath releasing our lip lock and rubbing his cheek against mine. Rocking back on his heels he pulls my coat down my arms. Maintaining eye contact, he pulls me in tight again. His hand is on my lower back searching for the bottom of my sweater. Pulling his shirt out of his pants with both of my hands makes it easy to find his warm skin. At the same time, his hands find my back. In unison, our palms stroke the skin of each other’s back. He releases my lips, moving his head to my ear. In his gravely sex voice he says, “I don’t want your roommate walking in on us, can we move to your bedroom?” My heart thunders in my chest as he sucks on my ear lobe, making me noticeably shiver. Raising my chin, he rains kisses down my neck.

Trembling from sexual energy, I release him, step back. Staring into his eyes, I grab his hand and lead him to my room.

The window shades are up, shedding a soft gray light from the street lamps onto the bed. Nate pulls me to him by our connected hands. His mouth meets mine for another deep kiss. His hands are back under my sweater. His palms feel warm as they caress my back, I feel him release my bra. My stomach rolls from excitement. Reaching my hands to his front, I start unbuttoning his shirt, feeling up from one button to the next. His hand moves from the skin of my back under my released bra to my left breast causing me to gasp into our kiss. He holds the weight of my breast in the palm of his hand, then moves his hand so his thumb can massage my nipple. As the top button of his shirt releases, I place both my hands over his diaphragm, moving them up so I can feel the contours of his pecs. He must lift weights since they feel so defined. Gently, I move my fingers through his chest hair. His heart thunders under my palms. He pulls away from my lips. We both are breathing like we just sprinted a hundred meters. His eyes are glued to mine as he grabs the bottom of my sweater and pulls it up; I find myself lifting my arm so it comes off easily. He looks down at my chest, barely covered by my bra. Gently, he drags his fingertips, one on each side of my neck, down my shoulders and arms gliding my bra straps to roll down. As my bra drops to the floor, I shiver from his light touch, searing eyes, and the cold air. Leaning back for a better view, his pupils get large as he stares at my breasts which rise and fall with my deep breaths. Grabbing the waistband of my jeans with his index finger, he pulls me towards him. Our mouths crash into each other for another deep kiss. His hand is on my breast, massaging it, flicking my nipple with his thumb, twisting and pulling it with his fingers. His free hand undoes the top button of my jeans. My groin is pulsing hard, craving friction. With both hands I’m undoing his belt, the top button on his pants, and pulling down the zipper. I can feel the outline of his erect penis still housed in his boxers. This little bit of contact causes him to emit a low growl as his mouth leaves mine landing on the tingly spot where my neck meets my shoulder. My neck tilts back in response as he licks me from my shoulder to ear sending shutters down my spine and causing me to gasp again. Taking his hand off my breast, he places one of his hands on each side of my hips, pulling my jeans down.

Backing me up, my calves hit my bed as he gently lays me down. My back is now on the bed, as I prop myself up on my elbows. Leaning back, he grabs the heel of my boot. “Zipper, you need to pull down the zipper,” I breathlessly stammer out. Giving me a half smile, he pulls down the zipper and pulls off the boot, followed by a quick roll off of my sock; then he does the same with the other boot, finishing up by dragging my jeans off my legs. I’m now only wearing my panties. The strong angles of his face are highlighted by the shadows the street lights have produced. Gazing from his face down, I view his well-toned chest through his open shirt. My gaze continues south to his pants that are half sliding down his hips, exposing his boxers, which cover his hard on. Looking into my eyes, he reaches down dragging his fingers from my ankles to my shins. When he gets to my knees, he extends his thumbs so they’re on the inside of my knee, and his fingers are on the outside of my thighs. Pulling my knees apart, he continues to maintain eye contact as he gently drags his thumbs up my inner thighs until they reach my panties. He rubs his thumbs against my folds. I gasp loudly and clutch my comforter in my fists as he rubs my clit. Raising his fingers, he grasps the sides of my panties, pulling them down my legs and discarding them at my feet.

Standing up, he unbuttons his shirt’s cuffs, letting his shirt drop to the floor. In a deep, gravelly voice, Nate pulls off his shoes, and says, “I hope you want me to continue.”

All I can do is nod.

He continues, “You will tell me if you want me to stop.” I nod again. Nate pulls down his pants and boxers. His penis is large and hard as it springs free. His eyes move over my naked form, from my thighs to my groin up my stomach past my breasts, finally to my eyes.

Nate leans down and places a kiss on my stomach, right above where my pubic hair ends. It tickles and makes me shudder. He then licks a line up to my belly button, which causes me to gasp again as I feel the start of an orgasm tightening my muscles. Looking up at me through my breasts, he balances his weight with one arm, while the fingers on his other hand caress my breast. Licking and kisses his way up my stomach, he heads for the breast his fingers aren’t teasing. Licking from the inside of my breast he circles my areola. Then he takes my nipple in his mouth and sucks hard. A loud deep moan releases from my mouth as my sex clenches in response and a tingle spreads across my chest. Flicking my nipple with his teeth, he moves to rolling his tongue around it and then he pulls it back into his mouth sucking hard as tremors envelop my body. Flashing me his blue eyes he takes a big lick from my nipple to my clavicle. The entire time he’s doing this with his tongue, his fingers are gently massaging my other breast. Looking up into my eyes he says, “You have amazing breasts, I could get lost in these breasts.” He crawls up so his face is even with mine, releasing my breast, and placing that hand on my temple, gently massaging my hair back with his thumb. Looking me in the eyes he says, “You still want me to continue?”

I nod.

He smiles as I hear a deep gravely, “good.”

Finding my voice I whisper, “Can we continue under the comforter where it’s warmer?”

Smiling, he nods as we both race our naked bodies towards the pillows pulling back and crawling under the comforter. We’re now lying side by side, as he pulls me close as we start kissing again. His hand rubs large circles from my thigh over my butt to the top of my hip. Placing my leg over his thigh, I drag the back of my hand from his lower abdomen to his chest, letting his chest hair play through my fingers along the way. On my path down, I let the pads of my fingers continue until I reach his penis. He groans as I run my finger along its length twisting my fingers to feel around its head.

Reaching in between us, he runs his fingers along my pubic hair as he says, “You’re natural, I like hair down there.” Reigniting a deep kiss, he reaches lower to between my folds creating the friction I’ve been craving. Gently he pets my clit with his thumb. Pulling away from his mouth, I let out a low whimper.

“Come for me, I want to feel you come on my hand.” he growls. My stomach contracts, as his petting gets stronger and deeper. He continues with the friction, as his fingers probe up into me. My breathing is intense as I feel him bring me higher. He rolls me to my back continuing my climb by dragging his fingers deep along the inside of my folds and now placing two fingers inside of me. Leaning on his forearm, he bends his head to my chest and starts sucking my nipple hard, twirling it with his tongue, and pulling it with his teeth. Responding to all this stimuli, I arch my back, throw back my head, and pant as gasping noises release with each exhale. He continues touching me. Placing one hand on top of his, I feel the tendons of his hand move as he rubs my clit bringing me higher and higher. Feeling myself quake and moan, my legs and stomach shiver. He releases my breast from his mouth, kisses my cheek as he watches me orgasm.

Wiping his wet hand on my sheets, he gently drags his fingers up my side, along my breast, stopping at the side of my head where his thumb gently strokes my cheek. It takes me a couple minutes to come down, finally I open my eyes.

He’s staring at me with a satisfied smile. He rubs the back of his fingers down my chest and along my stomach. In a soft bedroom voice, he asks “Are you up for more? Can I join you this time?”

Not able to find my voice, I nod, bend my neck into him for another deep kiss. Our tongues continue their violent interaction. He pulls away, smiles and then leans over the bed. Coming back with a condom, he gives me a cocky smile.

Smirking, I can’t help but raise my eyebrows. “Optimistic.”

He smirks. “Forever hopeful.”

Breaking the wrapper’s seal with his teeth, I can feel him roll the condom on under the covers. He looks back at me with half lidded eyes, “You sure you want this?”

Nodding, I look into his eyes. “Yeah, I want this with you.”

Smiling he says, “good,” as he brushes my face with the pads of his finger he says, “I’ll take it easy.”

Rolling me to my back, he kisses me strong and hard as he pulls himself between my knees. Leaning on one forearm, he uses his other hand to run his penis deep along my folds. Finally, he positions his penis above me. My hands are on his shoulders as he releases my mouth. His breathing increases as he gently strokes inside of me, each stroke going a little deeper, a little harder. I’m already primed from my orgasm only a few minutes ago; I can feel my body shutter in response. His penis goes so deep it feels like he’s hitting my ribs. It’s width creates a lot of friction. He continues to rock in and out of me. Both of us are gasping.

Whispering in my ear he says, “I’ll wait for you.” Reaching down he grabs both of my knees bringing them up to the sides of my chest, which only brings him deeper inside of me.

Gasping loudly, I feel orgasmic spasms race through my system causing my whole body to tremor. His strokes change, as he thrusts and releases. He lets out three grunts in unison with his releases. My whole body spasms along with my vagina as it clutches and squeezes his penis. Kissing my forehead, he pulls out of me leaving me gasping in his wake. He rolls onto his back grabbing my hand. We each lay on our backs staring up at the ceiling, breathing hard. My body shakes from the orgasm. A strong buzz floats through me, all the way up to the top of my head.

Nate rolls me to his side, pulling me close so that my head is on his chest as he weaves his feet with mine.

This is such a surprise. My mom always called me her cuddler. Both Chris and Stephan hated to cuddle. Sex with them always made me feel so alone afterwards. I just figured this was a difference between men and women. Nate drags his hand in large circles along my butt and hips as he takes in my curves. The heat of our bodies feels good as I come down from my orgasmic high.

Nate kisses my forehead as he says, “That was good, real good.”

My groin and thighs feel sloppy wet and sticky, but I’m enjoying the cuddling so much, I can’t move. After a few minutes, when my body is no longer quaking, Nate moves me off him, and leaves the room. My heart clenches. Is he going to get dressed? Is he going to leave? From what my friends say, I know a lot of guys flee after sex. Silently, I pray that Nate doesn’t flee. The toilet flushes, the water turns on, then he finally comes back.

Throwing our jackets in the corner, he hands me a warm wet washcloth, and says, “I didn’t remember locking the front door.”

I wipe my sticky thighs and groin, then drop the wet washcloth on the floor. Crawling back under the covers, Nate says, “Where are you?” Reaching for me, he pulls me into a tight spoon as he says in his deep husky voice, “You’re awful quiet. Is everything OK? Did I hurt you?”

Snuggling back into him, I feel the smile over take my face as I shake my head, “I’m good, real good.”

Nate entwines our legs while his hand is on my breasts. It does feel really good to lay encased in his warmth.

BOOK: Be With Me in Silicon Valley: The Juliette Trilogy (The Princesses of Silicon Valley - Book 3)
9.92Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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