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BOOK: Besieged
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A She Who Dares Novel

By L.P. Lovell


This book is a work of fiction, any reference to historical events, real events or real people are used fictitiously. Other name’s, characters, places and events are products of the authors imagination. Any resemblance to actual places, events or persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

Copyright© 2014 by L.P. Lovell



Table of Contents


Chapter 1- Theo

Chapter 2- Lilly

Chapter 3 – Theo

Chapter 4 – Lilly

Chapter 5 – Theo

Chapter 6 – Lilly

Chapter 7 – Theo

Chapter 8 – Lilly

Chapter 9 – Theo

Chapter 10 – Lilly

Chapter 11 – Theo

Chapter 12 – Lilly

Chapter 13 – Theo

Chapter 14 – Lilly

Chapter 15 – Theo

Chapter 16 – Lilly

Chapter 17 – Theo

Chapter 18 – Lilly

Chapter 19 – Theo

Chapter 20 – Lilly

Chapter 21 – Theo

Chapter 22 – Lilly

Dear Readers


About the Author





Have you ever looked around you and wondered about the lives that pass you by every day? The people behind the faces?  Each one has a life, family, friends… a story to tell. The thing about people though, is that we are masters of pretend. I know this because I am one of those people. From the outside looking in nobody would ever know how broken I am. I am a practised actress, a true master of my craft.

I live every minute, every hour, every day locked in an epic internal battle where strength fights weakness in a bloody dual, but strength must conquer or weakness will consume all that I am, all that I have fought so hard and risked everything to become.

Weakness is a poison that betrays people you love. It tears at your soul until nothing is left. Weakness is a state of mind; you are only as weak as the point at which you choose to break.

Strength is the ability to endure beyond your own capabilities. Strength is hitting rock bottom and still clawing your way to your feet again. Strength is determination and tenacity. Strength is also a state of mind, and you are only as strong as you believe you are.

The difference between me and everyone else... I've endured more pain and betrayal than most people could dream of. I have endured the stuff of nightmares and yet here I stand, fighting for my strength.

You know what they say though…Diamonds are made under pressure.


Chapter 1- Theo


I slam back the tequila shot and inhale a deep breath as it burns its way down my throat.

"Woo." Hugo shouts, shaking his head. His bloodshot eyes and permanent grin are a dead giveaway to his plastered state.

He slides the shot glasses across the bar and signals to the bar tender for four more.

I can feel the wonderfully numbing burn of the alcohol starting to seep into my blood stream like a welcome friend.

"There is no greater joy in life than tequila." Hugo announces as a woman brushes past him. She looks back over her shoulder at him as she passes, which I might add, he may have noticed had his eyes not been firmly fixed on her arse.

"...and of course women, let’s not forget the women." Hugo smiles as his eyes follow the woman's retreating rear. He slaps me on the shoulder before turning around and casually flicking his eyes over the packed bar. It's a Saturday night and we’re in one of the smaller clubs in Mayfair; Poison, one of our regular spots. It’s absolutely heaving, making the club hot and the air stuffy.

"See anything you like?" I ask with a smile as I sip on my beer. It’s a stupid question. Hugo’s not fussy.

He laughs. “Dude, it’s a pussy fest in here." He’s right, there must be a female to male ratio of at least four to one, which suits me just fine. “The blonde at the bar has a fucking awesome rack though.” He indicates straight ahead of him.

I turn and look over my shoulder spotting the woman in question. Her dress is sporting a dropped neckline, clearly displaying her very ample cleavage.

I laugh at Hugo's predictable choice. "Nice, although you should really look for something a little more challenging." I goad.

Four shots are placed on the bar in front of us. I hand the guy a twenty.

Hugo downs a shot, before eyeing the blonde again. "She might be a challenge..." He feigns offense.

I smile wryly at him. "Really Hugo? You know better. Hundred quid says you could have her bent over in the toilets within the hour."

"So if I get her in the toilets you win? Where's the incentive in that. It's a win win situation. You suck at bets." I shrug before clinking glasses with him and downing the remainder of the shots. The tequila brings its usual welcome numbness.

Hugo claps his hands together. "Right, let’s go find Rambo a nice place to stay for the night." He grins as we turn away from the bar, and just like that he's completely forgotten about the busty blonde. Yes, he does have the attention span of a gnat. Oh, and Rambo is his dick.

"How about in your pants for once? I’m surprised that thing hasn’t dropped off yet." I snort.  Hugo is the biggest whore I know, in fact Hugo’s probably the biggest whore in the history of mankind. Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly no angel, but Hugo is on an entirely different playing field.

"Nah, Rambo likes to party…hard." He smiles as he wiggles his eyebrows and thrusts his hips. I roll my eyes. Like I said, whore, but who better to have as a wingman right?

"So let’s go find him some pussy." He bounds off like an over eager puppy. Hey, I didn’t say I understand how he gets laid.

The bass thuds through the club, as we pass through the crowds of people. I glance around, occasionally locking eyes with someone. I spot a brunette in a little black dress, she meets my gaze and I flash a small smile at her, she looks flustered and has a sudden fascination with the floor.

The way I see it, sex is just one big game. Everybody either plays or wants to play, whether they admit it or not. Those who bitch about it are generally the ones too unattractive to be invited to play. Women especially try to deny it, but I’ve been with enough to know that when offered a guaranteed orgasm, they're just as bad if not worse than men.

People like me just happen to be very good at the game. For instance, right now I'm making eye contact with some of the women in the room; it's a fleeting second that says 'maybe, just maybe, if you're really lucky you may end up in my bed tonight.' This one moment is what fascinates them, lures them in, whilst at the same time they realise they're out-leagued. The irony is that to become the ultimate game player unattainability is your best weapon. Make them want what they can't have. Of course I don't have to make them want me, that's a given. I just have to make them believe I’m unattainable... which I'm clearly not or I wouldn't play to begin with now, would I? As I say, ironic.

As I follow Hugo to the middle of the dance floor I spot a group of four women, they’re all fairly attractive. I nudge Hugo and we split around the group. I sidle up behind a blonde and grasp her waist, pulling her back against me. I grind my hips against her in time with the thumping music. Hugo has latched onto the brunette across from me. The other two girls have stopped dancing and are staring blatantly at me. Noticing her friend’s faces, she stiffens and tries to turn, but I hold her fast allowing her no movement. I wink at one of her friends and she blushes, giggling.  I run my hand around the blonde’s waist, pulling her back hard against my chest; she sucks in a sharp breath as I move against her, teasing her.

As the song melds into another equally up beat track, I skim one hand up to the front of her ribcage, almost brushing the bottom of her seriously perky tits. My other hand runs up her thigh and under her dress. She reaches back and runs her hands down the outside of my thighs as she drops to the floor and grinds back up against me. I skim my lips across her neck, just the lightest brush. She shivers. This is what I do, what I’m damn good at. Her entire body is screaming that she wants me so badly, and yet... she hasn't even seen my face. Just as I'm about to turn her around and let her see exactly what a lucky girl she is, I'm shoved roughly from behind sending me forward a step.

I turn in time to see a whirlwind of red storm past me. I have to do a double take at the woman who seems to be in pursuit of a blonde guy currently shoving his way through the crowded dance floor. She turns and I feel like all the air leaves my lungs at once. She's stunningly beautiful, and I mean fuck me now gorgeous. My eyes travel up her curvaceous body until I eventually come to her face where I’m met with a pair of glowing emerald eyes. She holds me in her gaze. It's a look that says so much, that fleeting second, so full of possibilities. It’s a question, invitation and promise all wrapped into one erection inducing moment. Holy shit. Her lips slowly turn up as she smiles like the devil and winks before taking off again. I stare at her retreating back, my cock now rigid against my fly. That woman is like every man’s walking wet dream.

I watch her go. Her bright red dress is short, revealing long toned legs. Her back is covered to the waist by thick waves of dark red hair. She oozes sensuality with every fibre of her body and silently demands attention as she slinks through the packed dance floor with a grace and effortlessly raw sexuality I have never before witnessed. I'm so instantly turned on by her it's ridiculous.

I turn my head back to Hugo whose eyes are also fixed on the spot where she just disappeared.

Meeting my gaze, Hugo gestures with his hand, like he's having a wank. I nod my head in agreement, that woman is enough to make me explode in my pants with just a look, Christ. He tilts his head to the side. It's a 'why the fuck are you still standing there?' look.

I roll my eyes at him. Normally I wouldn't pursue a woman, but there is something different about this one, irresistible even. She’s a game changer, a rare anomaly for whom you’d bypass your own rules.

Ignoring the blonde, I move across the dance floor heading toward the bar. I instantly spot her stood at the bar seemingly alone. To say she stands out in a crowd is an understatement. There's something about her that draws your attention and then grips it… by the balls. A few men have gathered around her like vultures, but there's something about her that screams unattainable, and none of them seem to have the balls for the inevitable rejection that will surely follow upon perusal of the beautiful red head.

I approach the bar and lean against it my arm a few inches from hers. The bar maid quickly scurries over to me smiling shyly.

"What can I get you?" She asks brightly.

"Corona, please." I hand her a ten. "Keep the change." I smile and wink at her as she blushes furiously.

I casually glance over at the red head just as she rolls her eyes. I look at her questioningly and as though she can feel my eyes on her, she slowly turns her penetrating gaze toward me. Her startling eyes and close proximity cause reactions that I swear I haven't had since I was fifteen.

She's stunning, even in the darkness of the club.  Her long red hair is loose around her shoulders in that effortless ‘I wake up like this’ way. Her abnormally bright green eyes are piercing almost to the point of unnerving. Her full red painted lips gently curve up in a smirk as she fixes me in her gaze, radiating an easy confidence. I smile at her, whilst subtly checking out her body.

"Sorry, they're a little shy today." She says sarcastically, gesturing to her chest. Not so much with the subtle then apparently.

I smile. "What can I say... they're very easy on the eye." I shrug and unleash the full scale ‘I‘d love to screw you' smile. To my horror she only rolls her eyes again... not even a hint of a blush. It’s almost as if she’s totally unaffected by me.

 Everything about her screams untouchable, but I’m Theodore Ellis and no-one is untouchable to me.

"Your friend seemed in a hurry?" I ask easily.

BOOK: Besieged
6.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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