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What shocks me more than his GQ model looks though is the power he radiates. He wears it like an impenetrable shield, palpable in every inch of his being, pulsating in those deep sapphire eyes. He looks at me as though he could physically crush me under the weight of it, and I can’t imagine anyone ever denying him anything. This may explain how the playboy extraordinaire I met on Saturday is in fact one of the wealthiest men in the country. How did I not know this? I really need to get out more.

“Mr Ellis.” Josh greets him and holds out his hand.

His eyes never leave me, but his face shifts becoming colder. He seemingly ignores Josh, his eyes locked and penetrating.

“Mr Walker.” He finally acknowledges Josh, but still does not release me from his stare. His face is a mask, giving away nothing. He only holds me, pinning me with a single look. I hold his gaze, refusing to look away, refusing to show weakness.

“I didn't expect to see you in person. I know you're a busy man." Something about Josh's comment seems to amuse him as his lips turn up in a small smile. The mask cracks and suddenly here's the man I met on Saturday night, the hot, smooth, cocky guy who doesn't know when to quit. I'm normally pretty immune to male charm, but I have to say, I’m proud of myself right now. I could have had that on Saturday night and I turned him down. Admittedly I turned him down because he was so bloody sure of himself what with his ‘come home with me’. Really? Is there a woman out there with so little self-respect as to say yes to that proposition? I look at him again, that face, that
which you can just tell is going to have just the right amount of chiselled abs to set a girls heart racing. Okay, yes, there are definitely women who would go for the forward approach. Luckily for me I’m not one of them right now.

"Um, this is my intern Miss Parker.” Josh splutters, seemingly aware of our odd exchange taking place.

“A pleasure Miss Parker.” He holds out his hand to me, smirking in that arrogant way of his. I take it and promptly let go. My body thrums at his touch, basking in the energy rolling off of him in waves. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. Compose yourself!  When I look up again he flashes me a small knowing smile, the smile of a man confident in his effect to the point of infuriating arrogance, he remains impassive and calm. I smile back politely as though nothing happened. God I need to get a grip.

“Please sit.” He gestures to the seat on his left tearing his eyes away from mine; he diverts his attention to Josh. I sit. Josh sits to his right.

I exhale in relief, shit that was so intense. That guy could manipulate a woman with a single look. It’s written all over him, he is the ultimate player. I knew he was a player the moment I saw him, now I can see why. With a face like that and enough money to buy your own country, the world must fall at his feet. Oh and not to mention the kind of power that could physically bend people to your will. I am so glad that I am a total control freak and turned him down. Can you imagine? Awkward. If I’d had a couple more drinks I may have been persuaded. I mean who wouldn't, he is beyond gorgeous, and something tells me a man with that much prowess would be an animal in bed. He did promise three orgasms after all.

Still, he’s that guy. The one who seems to have it all and oh how I wish I wasn’t attracted to him right now. He’s just the kind of guy I love to hate.


Chapter 3 – Theo


Well what are the chances? Of all the offices in London, she had to walk into mine. Lucky me. I can't say it hasn't thrown me off slightly though. My cock jumped up like a bloody jack in the box when she shook my hand. Yes my hand, from the way my over eager appendage is acting you'd think she'd grabbed that instead. But what can I say, I find her intriguing and by that I mean she is probably the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen, and believe me, I’ve seen a good few. There's something about her that is far beyond the normal realms of attractive. She has that draw. I noticed it the first time I met her, it's just so damn irresistible, I still can't pin point an exact reason for it. It takes a lot to grab my attention like that once, but to hold my attention is nothing short of miraculous.

As much as I would love to look at that view all day I need to be semi-professional. I take a deep breath and try to focus on the man sat in front of me, but I’m acutely aware of her presence like a domineering force pulling me towards her, demanding my attention.

“We have the contracts for you sir.” He says very formally.

“Good, but we need to talk about our options. What have you managed to dig up?” Good, yes I must focus on him, do not look at her or I’ll be a walking hard on for the rest of the day.

“Well Lilly has researched all the company liabilities.” He says turning his attention to her.

Oh great. Cautiously I turn to her; she's looking down at the paperwork in front of her. She has a pair of reading glasses propped on her head, nestled into her red locks. She removes them and places them delicately on her face without looking up. I can’t help but check her out. I thought she couldn’t get any hotter than that scrap of a red dress she was wearing on Saturday, but I have to say, there’s something about the office look. Maybe she’s just fulfilling my dirty secretary fantasy, which by the way has never been fulfilled. Her blouse is slightly unbuttoned at the top revealing just a hint of cleavage.

She clears her throat making me look up. Caught again. I flash her a small smile and she rolls her eyes. She starts to speak as her eyes fix mine in a way that has the crotch of my trousers tightening. Most people wilt as soon as I make eye contact with them; they're either infatuated or intimidated, often both. It means I always get what I want from them. She appears to be neither intimidated nor infatuated by me. The complete opposite in fact, the way she holds my gaze is verging on confrontational.

Everything about her is aggressive and assertive; I'd love to work that aggression out of her. I have a feeling she likes it rough. I’d put money on her being a scratcher.

She subtly repositions her glasses further down her nose, and looks up at me over them. Those startling green eyes study me; a small sly smile graces her lips. It’s like an unspoken invitation. It’s so hot, it’s almost predatory. My cock jumps excitedly and my heart picks up in anticipation. God, this is so not the time to be aroused, but all I really want to do is send Walker out and bend her over my desk. I realise that she seems to be waiting for a response from me, but I haven't heard a word she's said. I nod, hoping this works as some form of response.

I manage to somehow get through the rest of the meeting, but I make it quick.

Unless it's a bedroom I should not be in the same room as this woman. My brain seems to short circuit to my dick when she's around.

“It’s been a pleasure to meet you Mr Walker.” I hold out my hand and he takes it.

“I’ll contact the other shareholders and offer to buy out. As I said there are already some that are willing to sell, so I’ll draw up the papers for those and get the ball rolling. I’ll stop by at some point in the next couple of days and bring you the papers.” Okay, so apparently I've just agreed to buy a company. This is why hot women should not be allowed in business meetings, although it does make it decidedly more interesting.

“Good.” I stand, grateful that I left my jacket on this morning as it is currently covering my raging hard on.

I steel myself and turn to her. She looks even better stood up, her toned calves drop into six inch heels. They’re the sort of shoes that make you want to fuck her wearing nothing but those shoes.

I reach out to shake her hand. She takes it tentatively, eyeing me warily. It’s there again, that unique force that radiates between us. I look her straight in the eye, she feels it to, I can see it on her face.

She flashes a coy smile. “Until we meet again Mr Ellis.” She says it in a low voice, almost a whisper meant only for me. She makes it sound like a threat. Red hot desire courses through me. My cock is starting to ache with an overwhelming need to be in her. I close my eyes for a moment and when I open them again she gasps and drags her teeth over her bottom lip. Oh and she definitely wants me in her. Shit. Before I can stop myself I turn to Walker.

"May I borrow Miss Parker for a moment?" He looks confused but doesn't question it. Of course he doesn't question it. I'm Theodore fucking Ellis. He steps outside and I turn to her. She looks suspicious.

"Well, well. I didn't expect to see you here,
." I caress her name. "How fortunate."

"Yes, you can imagine my shock when the firm’s top client turns out to be the perve from the bar." I laugh. I’m pleased that her knowing who I am hasn’t changed her attitude toward me.

"I'm sure, but seeing as you are here, I want your number."

"No thanks." Her lips pull up at the corners as she fights a smile. I step closer to her. She backs away until her back is against the door. I place my hands against the door either side of her head, our faces are only inches apart.

"Well, the way I see it, this sexual tension here needs to be worked out." I gesture between us. “And your boss is waiting, so I'm guessing now isn't the best time." I smirk at her.

She rolls her eyes. "I'm sure you and your hand will have a lovely time working out your sexual tension together." She raises one perfectly plucked eyebrow. She's such a snarky bitch... why is that such a turn on?

I lean in until my lips almost brush hers. I can feel her warm breath. "And as much as the thought of you and
hand is enough to make me come over very unnecessary. I think you'd find my cock much more effective."

"You clearly underestimate my abilities. I'm very good with my hands." She smiles and cocks an eyebrow at me.

"I have no doubt." I study her face, her lips. I reach up and tuck a stray hair behind her ear. My fingers linger on her neck, trailing across the warm skin of her throat. She swallows and her tongue darts out over her lips. Holy shit, those lips were designed to please. I lean in, wanting just a taste of her. I brush her lips and her breathing quickens.

"I should go." She whispers, her warm breath washing over my lips and breaking the trance. I step away from her, dazed by her effect over me. She quickly opens the door and steps into the hall.

“Goodbye Miss Parker.” I smile at her and her eyes seem to visibly ignite before me, it's beautiful to watch.

She turns to leave and gives me a view of what can only be described as an incredible arse. The phrase ‘I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you go’ seems very apt. I feel like I’ve just been hit with a wrecking ball.


The rest of the day is difficult to say the least. It took me an hour to get rid of the raging hard on she left me with. I go home and hit the gym for two hours. I train until my body can take no more.

After training I shower and change into jeans and a shirt. I’m aching all over but it hasn’t helped, I’m still horny as fuck. I need to find a woman I can bury myself in. I decide to call Hugo in.

“Hey. How are you?” He sounds chirpy as always.

“Good, You about tonight?”

“Well I have Charlotte scheduled for nine, followed by Tamara at eleven.” He laughs. “For you though, I can rearrange.”

“I need to get laid. Fancy it?" I ask.

"Well I love you dude, but you're really not my type." He laughs.

I sigh, ignoring Hugo’s usual bullshit. “I'll meet you at The Duke?"

“Sweet, in a bit.” He hangs up.


I walk into the pub just after eight. It's a Monday, so it's not too busy, but a quick scan of the place reveals a few possibilities for tonight. I spot Hugo already seated at a table near the bar, prime hunting ground.

The Duke is a regular haunt for Hugo and I. The sort of people who come here don't recognise us, it's nice to just be left alone occasionally. No Paparazzi, no desperate women or crazy boyfriends. Over the last few years Hugo and I have gotten ourselves a reputation as London’s rich playboy bachelor’s, the press eat up that shit. I swear to god, every time I get near a tequila shot they fucking know. Whenever I wake up with a monster hang over I can guarantee there’s a paper somewhere with a picture of either me, Hugo or both absolutely trashed. I never remember it though. My life is a blank to myself, but its okay, the press caught it for me so I can be reminded of the trashy women and the occasional public vomiting my life has become. Fucking great.

“Hey.” Hugo beams. Hugo has what I’d call the beach bum look with messy blonde hair, blue eyes, a golden tan achieved through regular trips to the south of Europe on ‘business’ and overly whitened teeth. He’s always happy, seriously he never has a bad day. That shit’s just not right. We've been friends since college. I helped him set up his now nationwide delivery business, putting in the capital to get it off the ground. Hugo’s life basically consists of a weekly visit to the office, at least I usually make twice a week, other than that he parties and fucks his way around London... with me.

“Hi.” I fist pump him as I sit down. The sound system is blasting some kind of rock music in the background. This bar has that kind of vibe, it attracts a lot of rock chicks who tend to make easy pickings.

"I got you a beer.” He pushes the corona across the table.

"Thanks mate."

“You missed an awesome party last night." He shakes his head grinning.

"Sorry, I had an important meeting this morning. I can't deal with business and a hangover before ten o clock."

"Well you missed out, it was wild. I woke up this morning in some random bed with two girls. Can't remember very much, but I’m thinking it was fucking ace!" He grins. ”Although my dick feels like I had a wank with sandpaper. I think I got thoroughly used.” He grumbles.

"Fair play mate." I chuckle.

"What was so important that you missed Darcy Lorell's birthday party?" He asks looking horrified that I would do such a thing. Darcy Lorell is an it girl and lingerie model. She’s seriously hot and extremely adventurous in her sexual exploits. That’s not just rumour either, I can fully attest to this,
adventurous. Her parties are infamously wild and full of fellow hot lingerie models.

BOOK: Besieged
3.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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