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Authors: L.P. Lovell

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Besieged (35 page)

BOOK: Besieged
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Thank you to the book bloggers and the Twitter followers who have shown an interest in Besieged and read my blogs.

Lastly, I want to acknowledge my horses who have suffered days of no work, and nights being fed late because mother is on a roll with the writing and needed just one more hour.

Thank you all of you.


About the Author


I’m a 24 year old country girl from Wiltshire, England. I live with my partner Garrick and my Cocker Spaniel Tulula.

I have spent eight years working with and producing competition horses, until eighteen months ago I decided to write a book, and now here I am. I still have two horses; Topie and Daisy, who I adore.

I have to say between reading, writing and riding I don’t do anything exciting. I have to live vicariously through my characters.

I hope you’ve enjoyed spending time in my world and I hope you’ll come back soon. Visit my Author page for upcoming releases.








Table of Contents


Chapter 1- Theo

Chapter 2- Lilly

Chapter 3 – Theo

Chapter 4 – Lilly

Chapter 5 – Theo

Chapter 6 – Lilly

Chapter 7 – Theo

Chapter 8 – Lilly

Chapter 9 – Theo

Chapter 10 – Lilly

Chapter 11 – Theo

Chapter 12 – Lilly

Chapter 13 – Theo

Chapter 14 – Lilly

Chapter 15 – Theo

Chapter 16 – Lilly

Chapter 17 – Theo

Chapter 18 – Lilly

Chapter 19 – Theo

Chapter 20 – Lilly

Chapter 21 – Theo

Chapter 22 – Lilly

BOOK: Besieged
2.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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