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"I had to sort out all the legal shit for the buyout on that company this morning.” I say casually. "But you'll never guess who my solicitor’s intern is..."

He leans forward slightly and shrugs. "Who?"

"That red head from the club on Saturday." He looks confused. “Red dress, nice tit’s, phenomenal arse…”

Recognition crosses his features before he groans and then grins. “Dude, that is no way to talk about my future wife.” He feigns offense. “I always knew I’d marry an intelligent woman… a solicitor no less.” He rambles on.

“Oh, I am all over it.” I laugh.

He sighs. “They always go to you first. Tell me was she as hot as I remember? Just say yes, I want to preserve the image for when I stroke one out later.”

I roll my eyes. "Nice. Firstly, you know as well as I do that you can’t remember anything past those tequila shot’s, let alone what she looks like, and yes she is seriously fucking tidy mate. I had a hard on just talking to her… about shares." I add.

"Well shit, makes the office more interesting I suppose. Can I assume that she is the reason for your sudden 'need'."

I nod. "She's so hot. I give her game and she just throws it right back in my face." I drag my hands through my hair.

"You always did like a challenge." He laughs and takes a swig of his beer. “Don’t complain now.”

"I'm going to fuck her." I say resolved. I had thought about this all afternoon and decided that there is no way I can just turn a blind eye to the storm that is Lilly Parker. Hugo laughs. I shove him hard and he almost drops his beer.

"Sorry bud..." He's still grinning. "…but seriously, she's a solicitor. She's not the standard smoking hot, yet endearingly unintelligent we usually end up with." He shakes his head.

"Don't mistake me for you."

He laughs. "Seriously though, she'll want a ‘nice guy’, not an arsehole like you." He slaps my shoulder.

"Oh, trust me, she wanted it." I say confidently. "Like I said, the girl's got game. She may look all prim and proper, but there is nothing nice about that girl. Under the surface I’d bet she is down-right nasty." I smile at Hugo’s small groan.

"Of course she wants it dick head." He rolls his eyes as though this is a given, which of course it is. "But never in a million years will a girl like that sleep with you. Like I said, she's not stupid, she'll spot you a mile off. She might play you a bit, but she won't fuck you. I think your cock might have to take up residence elsewhere mate." It's a challenge that I’m all too happy to accept.

"Hugo... when have I ever let you down?" I grin wickedly at him.

He laughs. "Never mate, never."


We drink beers and talk about general shit. I catch the eye of a girl stood at the bar. She's hot in the filthiest kind of way. She has tattoo sleeves down her lean arms and a lip piercing. Her long bleached blonde hair is pulled back in a ponytail. She's wearing a tank top and a skirt that could be mistaken for a belt, revealing long toned legs. She winks at me from across the bar.

"She looks like a girl who knows how to have a good time." Hugo snorts.

"Hmmm, normally I'd pass, but right now..." I beckon her over.

"It's been a long time since I've seen you go for that type." He shakes his head.

“You mean your type.” I smirk.

"I don’t have a type. I don’t discriminate when it comes to pussy.” I laugh because it is very true, Hugo really isn’t fussy. “Just bag it up mate." Hugo chuckles and sips his beer casually.

I laugh. "I think I might need two."

The girl approaches and drops into my lap. "You're really fucking hot." She says matter-of-factly. Yeah, she’s drunk.

"Yeah? How about you come back to my place and show me exactly how hot I am." I smile at her.

She smiles widely. "Sure thing."


Chapter 4 – Lilly


I arrive home from work at eight and flop down on the sofa. The soothing tones of Kina Grannis drift from the sound system in the corner. That was a horrible day. Josh quizzed me all day about my strange exchange with Ellis, he’s convinced that I already know him and am being coy about it. Which of course is not exactly the case, but I admit it was an odd exchange.

“Spaghetti Bolognese okay?” Molly asks as she passes me on the sofa, heading for the kitchen.

“Great. Thanks.” I follow her into the kitchen and lean against the side. Molly tends to do all the cooking around here. She knows that left to our own devices George and I would probably die of starvation. George's hopeless and I’ll admit that I’m just hideously lazy and can quite easily live on Haribo, my absolute favourite food, and yes it does count.

“Oh, how did your meeting go today?” I ask her. She moves around the kitchen retrieving various pans and ingredients.

“It was great. They managed to sign some huge designer to the magazine.” I laugh at her sarcastic tone. “How about you?” She asks.

“Um, yeah good I think.” I try to sound off hand about it, but his face pops unbidden into my mind and my heart rate instantly picks up. Dear god, just the thought of him turns me on. Anyone would think I hadn't had sex in months! I'm acting like some sex deprived maniac.

She eyes me and cocks an eyebrow. “Lilly, you’ve got your ‘I would’ face on. Spill.” Oh god, I can’t hide anything from her.

 I exhale in a gust. “Have you ever heard of Ellis Corporate?” I glance up at her.

“Vaguely. What about it?”

“Well that’s who I had a meeting with this morning, Mr Ellis.”

“Sounds joyful.” She snorts. “Arrogant arseholes with far too much money.”

“Well, yes, but it turns out that he’s gorgeous, I mean ‘just bend me over the desk right now’ gorgeous.” I cock an eyebrow and eye her meaningfully.

“Oh really?” She smiles wryly.

Having put some spaghetti in a saucepan she goes to the living room and turns on her laptop. After a moment she looks over the top of it at me.

“Wow.” She looks genuinely dumb founded. “Theodore Ellis. He really is uber hot, he looks like a freaking GQ model Lill’s. I wouldn’t kick that out of bed in a hurry.” She starts fanning herself. I realise that I’d never learned his first name before. I move to sit next to her and look at the screen. It’s plastered with image after image of the most beautiful man that has possibly ever lived. He appears in most of the images with an array of some of the most beautiful women that have ever lived. I recognise most of them as some well-known female celebrities. Of course, he's hot, young and rich; naturally women are queuing up for him. There are lots of magazine articles attached to the images. They paint a rather clear picture. Theodore Ellis, the Multi-Millionaire man whore and party animal. I scroll through the images, at various venues; they range from him looking beautiful in a tux to him falling out of cars drunk with women hanging round his neck, and even a couple of him throwing up in an alley. Nice. One thing's for sure though, the man is heart-stoppingly sexy, even with the vomit pictures.

“He likes the ladies.” Molly comments.

“And the ladies like him.” I murmur.

"What's not to like?"

I laugh. "True, and don't get me wrong he's hot obviously, but god he knows it. He is the epitome of what any hot rich guy would be. I get the impression he does and gets whatever he wants.”

“Well he could do me any time.” Molly raises an eyebrow at me.

"He's a client." I counter quickly. “And were you not listening to the afore mentioned fact that he’s an arrogant cock.”

"I admit that is a slight issue, but if it were offered..." She cocks an eyebrow.

I clear my throat. "It practically was."


"I met him at Poison on Saturday night. I didn't know who he was. He tried to get me to go home with him, but you know I’m more of a seductress than a... seducee? Who does that anyway? Then today I go to that meeting and there he is. Afterwards he sent Josh out, pressed me up against the door, asked for my number and tried to kiss me."

"Holy fucking shit." She glances back at the screen and then back to me. "What are you the patron saint of self-control?!" She shrieks.

I laugh. “Maybe. Or maybe just the patron saint of control. If I had pressed him up against the door, now that might be a different story."

"Pft, semantics." She scoffs.

"Yeah, but there is definitely something to be said for denying a man whilst his hard on is pressed against your stomach." I smirk.

"Denial is way over rated. So you're not going to screw him?!" She sounds horrified.

"Firstly I might never see him again. Secondly he's a client and as previously stated, an arrogant arsehole, so no."

"Li-ar." She sings. "No straight woman would or could turn that down. Not. Even. You. And I would bet my next month’s wages that you will be seeing Mr Ellis again. You just presented an irresistible challenge.”

I roll my eyes at her wild female hormones, not that mine were any better this morning. "I like to play Mole, not be played. Never. Going. To happen." I smile at her, pointing out the obvious.

"Amen to that." She mutters. "But you do realise that this man has probably never been turned down in his life and like you said, he's probably used to getting what he wants. Well now he wants you Lilly. You've got him on the run." She grins. "You know better than anyone how you always want what you can't have. Men climb all over themselves for your emotionally unavailable bullshit." She rolls her eyes.

Now what Molly calls emotionally unavailable bullshit, I call uninterested. I have sex because I like sex, but that’s it. I don’t get involved with people because quite frankly most people aren’t worth getting involved with. I don’t need somebody to complete me, be the other half of me or any of that freaky shit. I don’t trust anybody, and I don’t need to, I have close friends who I know are worthy of my trust. Why place trust in a stranger, who let’s be honest, if it all goes tits up as most relationships do, will walk away? I’ve never met a man who’s made me think otherwise, in fact, my life experience so far has led me to believe that there are very few trust worthy people left.

“He’s going to chase you Lill’s.” She says with a grin.

"Well he'll just have to keep running then. He'll get bored eventually." I shrug.

"Really. And you won't be lured into his games?" She raises an eyebrow and smirks knowingly. “Because believe me, there will be games.”

"Oh, I'll play, but he'll lose." I smile.

"I knew it!" She shouts. "Babe, I think you just met your match." She squeals. "A hundred quid says that you will bang him."

"Deal." I shake her hand, smiling but suddenly not feeling all that confident for the first time in our sixteen year relationship.

"Deal." She smiles smugly. Damn her.


I hear the front door slam. “Hey babes.” I greet George as he enters the living room.

“Hey. What are you two up to?” He’s wearing skinny jeans and a tank top. Super camp, but really hot. It’s the arms, what can I say.

“Oh you know just Google stalking some serious eye candy Lill’s met today.” Molly angles the laptop towards George.

“Theodore Ellis!” George stares open mouthed at the screen. “Shit Lill's, he is so hot the man should have CAUTION: FLAMMABLE stamped on his bloody forehead.”

I roll my eyes at him and laugh. “He’s a client George.” God, I feel like I'm having to defend my ethics. It’s my own fault for having wildly inappropriate friends, and my own wildly inappropriate thoughts.

“Give. A. Shit.” He puts his hands on his hips.

"I'd just like to point out, a client that had her pressed against a door trying to kiss her." Molly adds rather unhelpfully.

George gasps. "No way. God what I wouldn't give for that whole hunk of gorgeous to press me against a hard surface." He sighs dreamily.

"How do you know him anyway?" I ask.

"I don't know him, but everyone knows who Theodore Ellis is." He notices my blank stare and sighs. “I swear you live under a rock. He's London’s most eligible bachelor, known for his infamous parties, beautiful women and enormous bank account. He is the ultimate of what anyone would do if they were granted millions tomorrow...have a fucking good time, all the time. Seriously, the guy lives like a rock star, oh and obviously he's absolutely the most gorgeous man to grace god's earth." I shrug, I can't deny the statement.

“So how the hell is
the Ellis multi-millionaire mega mogul? He doesn’t really fit the bill." I ask.

“Well, apparently his dad died when he was young but was super rich and left a lot of money in trust to his two sons Theodore and William. William was studying to be some business big wig and Theodore studied advertising, so they pooled their trust funds and started Ellis corporate advertising, the first of goodness knows how many businesses. Theo’s always been a big partier, who knows how he manages to run a successful business, but the guy is living the dream.”

He is literally the guy that has it all. “How old is he even?” He must be much older than he looks.

“This is part of why he’s so well known. He’s only twenty seven. Twenty seven and he has all that!” George shakes his head.

“He must be more than just a pretty face I guess.”

He nods. “Oh and speaking of pretty faces, I bumped into Cruise leaving this morning." He sighs dreamily. "That boy is all kinds of wrong... the very best kind." He smiles deviously at me.

"I fell asleep and he took it upon himself to stay. It won't happen again. He knows the rules." I huff.

"You and your rules." He rolls his eyes dramatically. "But seriously Lill's, you can't hog all the yummy men." He laughs.

“How did your audition go?” I ask changing the subject quickly.

“Well I was fabulous of course, but I’ll know tomorrow whether or not they’re blind.”

My phone starts ringing in my handbag, interrupting George. I leap up to answer it.

My face breaks into a smile when I see the name on the display. “Harry!” I practically scream down the phone at him.

“Hey Lill’s. How are you? How’s the city life treating you?” His voice is a soft drawl that I’ve barely heard over the last six months. Harry is my brother, older than me by two years. We've always been very close. He’s been traveling the world for the past six months and god I’ve missed him.

BOOK: Besieged
6.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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