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“Good evening sir. May I get you a drink?” She’s hot, though that may have something to do with the lack of clothing she has on.

“I’ll have a Corona please.” I smile at her politely. She looks up at me and then instantly blushes and looks away.

“Seriously, you have to teach me how you do that. I think I just saw smoke coming off her knickers…” Hugo appears at my side, flanked by two more half naked women.

“I don’t do anything.” I say innocently.

“It must just be your face then. Lucky prick.” He murmurs. I only smile sweetly feigning innocence. The truth is from the moment I lost my virginity I have loved sex and thus women. It's always come so easy to me. Women have always fallen at my feet, I know I have a power over them and so I use it. Or at least I have power over most of them.

I follow Hugo to one of the booths and sit.

Hugo flirts outrageously with the half-dressed girls, who despite being employed for the club seem to have the job of entertaining Hugo for the night. I'm not quite sure what to think of that.

The music in the club changes to a popular upbeat track, there are screams of appreciation from the dance floor. Hugo stands and leans on the balcony overlooking the club, I join him. The place is rammed, so much so that the entire club has become the dance floor as there is no room for movement.

Hugo is grinning like a school boy, clearly happy that his new venture is proving so popular. A large area of the dance floor has cleared and people have stopped dancing to watch a couple. A tall blonde man spins a woman away from him and back again, he holds her to him, and she winds her body around his, her hips are hypnotic. They are both smiling at each other and have a natural chemistry. They look like professional dancers of some sort. She presses her body against his as he runs his hands down her sides. He spins her so she is facing away from him and grinds into her behind before she grabs the back of his neck and drops to the floor, doing the splits as she lands, the split in her dress opens to the top of her thigh. He stands back pulling her up with him before running a hand down over her stomach.

I recognised her the moment I saw her. Her long auburn hair flicks around her as she spins away again. She is beautiful, the way she moves is tantalizing and my aching need for her only intensifies. He dips her and she leans back elegantly so that her hair almost touches the floor, every graceful plane of her body is exhibited as her spine curves around his arm. He plants a soft kiss at the base of her throat. It’s alluring and very intimate. Maybe she has a boyfriend? I hadn't thought of that.

“Damn, that girl is fine.” Hugo interrupts my thoughts.

“Yeah, she is.” I murmur, never taking my eyes off her. From the corner of my eye I can see him look from me to the dance floor and back again.

“Is that…?” He gestures toward the dance floor.

I nod.

“Holy shit.” He laughs. “You are screwed. I think I might have actually just come in my pants a little.” He grins as he watches her. She circles the man in a seductive taunt. She is the smouldering flame and I am the moth being drawn helplessly to her. Looking at the men watching her I would say they all feel the same. What’s the betting that I’ll be the only one stupid enough to get burned, still some things are worth the pain.

The music changes again. Lilly embraces the man, and he lifts her off the ground and spins her in a circle. He places her gently back on the floor, she turns and speaks to someone, then heads toward the bar.

"I'll see you later." I throw over my shoulder as I head for the stairs.

"Have fun!" He calls after me.


She stands alone at the bar wearing a short black dress that’s clingy and very simple, but flatters every inch of her amazing figure. She wears killer heels, which accentuate her legs. I approach her and stand at the bar right next to her, she smells amazing but I can’t place the scent. Her auburn hair is in a wild mane around her.

"Can I buy you a drink?” I say quietly, close to her ear. She turns slowly to face me. Her dazzling smile contrasts her deep red lipstick.

“Well I don't normally take drinks from strangers...” She smiles. She’s clearly tipsy, but even so, she is just breath taking. She’s slightly flushed from dancing, and her eyes look even brighter than normal, framed by dark eyeliner.

"Not even charming ones?" I smirk at her.

"Charming's not my thing, far too much like bullshit." She smiles wickedly. "Now hot, hot is my thing... luckily for you Mr Ellis I never could resist good old sexual attraction."

“Theo, please.” I smile, amused by her emboldened state.

“Hmm, I quite like the name Theo.” She muses as she leans in, her lips brushing my ear lobe. “But then Mr Ellis is so formal, it makes you seem so forbidden... and I do so love to break the rules.” Her voice is low and husky as her warm breath touches my skin.

The alcohol is making her bold, really bold, she’s bad enough sober, still at least she’s more receptive than usual. I smile and cock one eyebrow at her, it's an invitation. Her eyes blaze with something dark and sensuous. My cock twitches violently. Holy shit. How does she do this to me? She’s just another woman, just like all the others. Apart from the fact that I want her in a way that no other woman has even come close to evoking. She presents a challenge, and it has been a very long time since I’ve had a challenge.

“Do you now Miss Parker?" I lean in so my lips are close to her ear, my palm presses against her lower back. "Well now you see... I make my own rules.” She shivers slightly, but then composes herself.

“Lilly, please.” She says, mimicking my earlier response, apparently unaffected by my closeness to her. “And the only thing better than a man who breaks the rules is a man who plays completely by his own.” Our eyes lock for a moment as something passes between us. Touché Miss Parker. She gives me a mischievous smile before turning away and trying to get the attention of the barman. I take the moment to attempt to pull myself together from the dribbling teenager she turns me into. The bar is packed, and people are all pushing to be served. I step forward and catch the eye of one of the girls who is rushing to serve the impatient customers, she smiles and heads straight for me.

“What can I get you?” She’s all breathy and flustered. I turn to Lilly, who is frowning.

“Four Jaeger bombs, four Tequila shots, a jug of Woo Woo and two Corona’s please.” She gives the bar maid a hefty list. The girl disappears and starts gathering various glasses and bottles.

I frown at her. “That’s a lot of drinks.”

“Yes, it is.” She smiles and then rolls her eyes. “Oh, lighten up. What’s the worst that will happen?”

“Oh, trust me, I'm the last one to criticise heavy drinking. In fact I pretty much recommend it. I just didn't take you as the type." I smile at her.

She laughs and it is such a lovely carefree sound. "You have no idea." She's so cryptic. Her drinks arrive and the barmaid places them on a tray. I pay for them before she's even opened her clutch. “Well thanks for the drinks Theo, it was nice seeing you again.” She smirks at me. I look around. The bar is packed, the likelihood of her making it all the way to the other side of the room without spilling anything is slim. I see my chance.

“You’re going to drop that, do you want a hand?” Before she can answer I pick up the jug and the Corona’s.

“Thank you.” She answers, eyeing me warily.

I follow her over to one of the booths in the wall and place the drinks on the table. She turns and waves at a blonde girl on the dance floor who immediately comes over.

“Who’s this?” She eyes me up and down appreciatively. She’s classically hot. Long blonde hair, long legs, small waist, really pretty face

“This is Theo” Lilly grins at me, the alcohol making her a lot more receptive than usual.

Molly eyes her meaningfully, before she looks up at me. Her cheeks flush just the slightest shade of pink, she swallows and then looks away.

“Theo this is Molly.” Lilly waves a hand in Molly’s direction.

“Nice to meet you Molly.” I hold out my hand to her but she seems dazed. Eventually she takes it, but quickly lets go.

“Um, you too. I’m Lilly’s flatmate.”

“Mole there are shots for you. Where are Harry and George?” Lilly asks her.

“Last I saw Harry was gyrating all over some blonde.” She feigns a sad face. Lilly rolls her eyes. ”And George is being George, he’s absolutely hammered and dancing with any random who shows willing.” They both laugh.

“Thanks babes.” Molly says chirpily as she and Lilly clink glasses and down Tequila shots, followed immediately by Jaeger bombs.

"Are you not drinking?" Lilly asks.

"No, I drove." I explain. She nods before gently sipping on the straw in the jug. I can’t help but watch her as her lips gently wrap around it. She looks up through her lashes meeting my gaze and making heat course through me. All I can think of is her looking at me just like that whilst sucking my cock, causing blood to rush south immediately. Damn it. I need to try and control my thoughts more around her.

“So Mr Ellis, care to dance?” Now, I’ve seen her dance and she can move, so this should be good.

“Love to.” She grabs my hand and it’s there again, that electric current pulsing through my body like an untamed wave. She walks toward the dance floor, but even without seeing her face I can tell she feels it to. We move through the packed bodies until we reach the middle of the floor. She tries to keep walking but I pull her back sharply and she collides into my chest where I hold her for a moment, my face just inches from hers. Her breathing accelerates and her pupils dilate. I lower my lips to her ear.

“You look stunning tonight Lilly.” I spin her away from me until both our arms are outstretched, and then pull her back until she has her back pressed against my front, and my arms around her.

“I want you Lilly... badly.” I breathe close to her ear again so that she can hear me over the music. I feel her tremble gently against me. She starts to move her hips to the music and grinds her arse into me in a seductive taunt. I can feel my cock stiffen in response. I remove my arms from around her and place them on her hips. Damn she can move.

She reaches her right arm up and grasps the back of my neck. She leans her head back against my chest, then bows her back, pressing her arse against my crotch. My breath hisses through gritted teeth, Jesus I’ve had lap dances that weren’t this good. I run my hand down her arm and over her waist. I grab her hip and pull her into me firmly, pressing my pelvis and hard on against her.

She turns and faces me. Her eyes are wild in a way I’ve never seen and Christ, it's so fucking hot. She presses her body flush with mine so I can feel every contour of her. She thrusts her pelvis against me on the beat and I exhale sharply at the reaction in my groin. She places one leg between mine and then slowly bends her right leg, running her toe up the outside of my lower leg until the inside of her thigh is near my hip. Why is that such a turn on?

She places her cheek against mine and whispers close to my ear. “You’re used to getting what you want Theo.” It’s a statement of fact. “But didn’t anybody ever tell you... you can’t always have what you want. Life doesn’t work that way.” Her voice is so cultured, yet slightly husky. It’s sex and seduction that sends shivers down my spine. Now I’m the one panting. She drives me crazy. Never have I been driven to such lengths by anyone. She turns again so she’s facing away from me and then shocks me by dropping to the floor and then slowly rising back up, she then abruptly grinds her arse into my crotch as she bends over in front of me. Fuck, she’s killing me here. She turns and slowly circles me, tracing the collar of my shirt with her index finger. Her touch leaves tingles in its wake. When she's stood behind me she wraps her arms around me, placing one hand on my chest and the other on my stomach, lightly tracing her nails over my abs through the thin material of my shirt. Shit, where has this woman been all my life?! I know exactly what she's doing, trying to flaunt what she thinks I can't have. Little does she know. I turn and grab her around the waist, pulling her to me. My turn.


Chapter 6 – Lilly


I stand face to face with the enticing creature that is Theodore Ellis. The bass of the music vibrates through me. I am horribly drunk and I know that I’m behaving outrageously, but I’m enjoying my high. His presence makes my head swim and his touch makes my body burn. His left arm is around me, holding me like a vice. His erection presses against my stomach. My effect on him boosts my confidence to whole new levels, add into the mix an obscene amount of alcohol and hey presto… suddenly I think I am the definition of sex.

His blue eyes fix me to the spot. My heart is racing. Desire ignites and blazes through me like wild fire. He drops his hand and grasps my thigh just above my knee, he runs his hand ever so slowly up my leg and just underneath the hem of my dress. The tips of his fingers gently skim the edge of the lace on my French knickers. My breathing hitches and accelerates. He brushes his lips across my neck making me tremble, then he suddenly pulls back and looks at me. The look he gives me is raw and primal and so full of promise. It makes me want to tear his shirt off and run my nails down what I now know is an amazing set of abs. He tilts his face to mine and pauses a moment; I think he’s waiting to see if I’ll turn away. I couldn’t if I wanted to. I have allowed myself to become intoxicated by him… something I know I would not have allowed to happen had I been less inebriated.

From the first time I met this man I have made every effort not to allow him to get under my skin, denying his effect on me, whilst inviting his attentions. It’s a very fine line to tread and a particularly difficult one at that, but I have never felt more sexy and confident than I do in this moment, though I have a feeling my excessive alcohol intake may be responsible for that. There is something about him, that makes you just want him, whilst hating yourself at the same time.

I can feel his breath on my lips. Suddenly he grabs a handful of my hair at the base of my neck and presses his lips to mine with a force verging on violence. Before I can stop myself I find my own fingers mimicking his pulling at his hair. My entire body detonates like a bomb, desire gives way to pure untamed animal need. I want him, every fibre of my body burns for him. My skin tingles and a soft moan escapes me.

BOOK: Besieged
4.1Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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