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Eddie tossed his head back and barked with laughter. “You’re so fucking full of yourself.”

“Hell yes,” he agreed, “but I’m right. She’s into me. And you.”

Mick turned serious. “It’s time, Eddie. We have to do this.”

“Have to do what?” Whitney asked, surprising them both as she popped into the living room. Her face was pink and bright from a good scrubbing. She’d let her hair down and changed into a pair of thin cotton pajama pants and a matching blue camisole. The little peek of tanned skin between her top and pants tempted him.

“We have to ask you for a favor,” Eddie said, quickly recovering from her unexpected appearance.

“Sure,” she said happily. “What is it?”

Eddie shot him a quick look of desperation. Mick made something up on the fly. “Uh, well, you know I screwed up the air conditioner, so we were wondering if we could sleep with you.”

Her eyes widened. “Excuse me?”

“Bed down with you,” Eddie hastily clarified. “You know, throw some sleeping bags on your floor.”

“Oh. Well…”

“I have a long day tomorrow,” Eddie continued. “We’re serving warrants on some pretty bad guys. I could use a good night’s sleep.”

Mick was impressed. Eddie was laying it on thick. Of course, he’d learned from the master.

“I guess that’s okay.” Whitney pointed at both of them. “But no funny business!”

Mick crossed his fingers behind his back and smiled innocently.


Between Friends


Chapter Three

Whitney stared at the ceiling. The lights had been off for almost an hour, yet she remained awake. Her mind raced with troubling thoughts. There was the uncertainty of the new job and the sadness of leaving her old one. She had to tie up a ton of loose ends at work.

There was sure to be a mad shuffle as her colleagues vied for her position. She just hoped she wouldn’t be roped into the selection process for choosing her successor. That was a whole new level of drama she didn’t need.

Mick tossed and turned on the floor. He’d thrown down his sleeping bag and pillow and taken the open spot on the left side of her bed. Whitney had expected Eddie to take the right side, the one closest to the air conditioner, but to her surprise he’d chosen the spot at the foot of the bed. He’d deliberately placed himself between her bed and the door. It seemed Eddie’s need to protect trumped his desire for a blast of nice, cold air.

Whitney heaved a frustrated sigh as Mick’s sleeping bag rustled again. “Are you okay?”

He punched his pillow. “This floor is killing my back!”

Whitney rolled onto her side and hissed over the side of the mattress. “I didn’t tell you to sleep on the floor.”

“So I can get in your bed?”

She rolled her eyes. “That’s not what I meant, and you know it.

You,” she emphasized loudly, “wanted to sleep in my room. I didn’t make you come in here.”

“Yeah, well,” Mick gruffly replied, “you’re the one who wanted us to repaint and redo the floors.”


Lolita Lopez

“What?” Whitney’s ire skyrocketed. “Are you seriously blaming all that mess on me?”

“Children,” Eddie interjected, “no more bickering. It’s late. Now close your eyes, and go to sleep. Or else I’ll spank you both.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Mick answered in a singsong voice.

Eddie snorted, and a second later, Whitney heard the telltale whack-thump of a pillow slapping Mick’s legs. There was a minor scuffle that quickly quieted down. “Go to sleep,” Eddie ordered.

Shaking her head, she flopped onto her back and tried not to think about the way Eddie’s voice affected her. When he spoke like that, all powerful and strong, it made her belly tremble. He reminded her of the Doms in those books she loved so much. She replayed the way he spoke to Mick earlier in the bathroom. What would it feel like if Eddie took her like that, rough and commanding? Her thighs clenched. Could she give up control to him?

Yes. Hell yes.

Whitney considered their current predicament. It really was like something out of an erotic romance novel. Two devilishly sexy men sleeping on her floor. One bed. Sexual tension so thick it threatened to squeeze the air from her lungs.

So what to do?

This was one of
moments. She’d closed her eyes and jumped in with both feet when it came to the new job. Could she do the same now when it came to the two men she wanted most?

Heart racing, mouth dry, Whitney swallowed hard and rolled onto her right side. “So, um,” she faltered, unsure how to proceed, “I know the floor is uncomfortable and, uh, I know you both work on your feet all day, so, um, well, if you want, you can come up here with me.”

She trembled with nervousness. “It’ll be a tight fit, but we can make it work.”

She bit her lip with embarrassment. Tight fit? Oh, god. Talk about your double entendres!

Between Friends


Mick didn’t need a second invitation. He’d pounced on the bed within three seconds flat of her offer. Eddie seemed a little hesitant.

“Are you sure, Whit? I mean, it’s a king, but we’re big guys, and I’m a cover hog.”

Whitney laughed. “It’s okay. Really,” she added. “Come on up here.”

She shivered as the covers lifted for Mick and then Eddie to slide underneath. Both were shirtless, with Mick wearing cotton pajama bottoms, and Eddie shorts. Surrounded by their half-naked bodies, Whitney held her breath. Mick sidled up close to her back. Eddie was mere inches from her front. Body heat penetrated her skin, radiating through her tense body and relaxing her muscles.

Eddie’s hand settled on her hip, startling her. “All right?”

“Y-yes,” she stammered as her heart beat furiously. “Fine, just fine.”

Mick’s hand curved along her waist, just above Eddie’s. He gave her a little squeeze. “Good night, Whitney.”

“Good night, Mick.”

“Night, Whit.”

“Night, Eddie.”

The guys seemed so calm and at ease. Her skin burned beneath their touch. Her pulse pounded loudly against her eardrums. It seemed crazy that their nearness affected her so much. She was aroused, big-time. Her clit throbbed almost painfully. She squeezed her thighs together in a desperate attempt to assuage her growing need.

“What is it?” Eddie asked, his voice low and gentle.

“Nothing,” she lied. “I…uh…”

His hand left her hip to cup her face. When his thumb traced her lower lip, Whitney felt lightheaded. “Tell me what you want, Whitney.”

There it was, that commanding tone of his. Entranced, Whitney found she couldn’t deny him. “I want”—she gulped nervously—“I

Lolita Lopez

want you to kiss me.” She reached back and grasped Mick’s side. “I want Mick to kiss me, too.”

“Your wish is our command,” Mick whispered as he nuzzled her shoulder blade.

Whitney shuddered as Eddie’s lips brushed against hers. He claimed her mouth in a gentle, searching kiss, his tongue darting between her lips. Peppermint teased her taste buds. She opened wider, welcoming his deep, sensual kiss. Mick’s mouth drifted across her shoulder. He nipped at her neck and let his tongue swirl along a particularly sensitive spot. Whitney’s toes curled as she vibrated with excitement.

Their well-played onslaught made her dizzy with lust. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined it would feel like this. Four hands, two mouths, and all of them focused on her. Eyes closed, she reveled in the dueling sensations they evoked. She was putty in their very skilled hands.

“We’re going to make love to you.” Eddie’s statement rocked her.

Her first instinct was to put her hands up and tell them no. It was too much too soon. Or was it? She’d known these men a long time. She cared for and trusted them. And she’d wanted them, wanted this, for so very long.

“Please,” she whispered, uncertain how to proceed. She didn’t know what to say or do.

“Just let go,” Mick said, his lips against her ear. “We’ll show you pleasure unlike any you’ve ever felt.”

Whitney nodded then realized they were in near pitch black. “I’m letting go. You’re in control.”

“Good girl,” Eddie murmured before kissing her breathless.

Whitney put her arms around his brawny shoulders and let her fingers drift over the rippling muscles of his back. As a SWAT

officer, Eddie put in serious hours in the gym to keep his body in peak physical condition. She’d always enjoyed sneaking a peek at his sexy physique on those mornings when he came in from a run, his damp
Between Friends


shirt dangling from his hand. Now she had the chance to touch and taste those delicious muscles she’d only been able to ogle. She wasn’t wasting one second.

Secure in Eddie’s arms, Whitney exchanged increasingly passionate kisses with him. Behind her, Mick slid his hands under her thin camisole and stroked her naked skin. His hands squeezed between her body and Eddie’s so he could grope and caress her front.

She gasped when his hands found her breasts. He palmed her flesh and rubbed his thumbs over her stiff nipples. His skillful surgeon’s hands deftly tweaked and squeezed until every touch upon her breasts seemed to shoot an electric zing of energy right to her clit.

As if sensing her need, Mick’s hand moved south and dipped under the waistband of her pajama bottoms. Whitney moaned and tried to open her thighs for better access, but her pants were in the way. Like a hero to the rescue, Eddie grabbed her pants and tugged them down over her hips and legs, whipping them out of the way. The comforter and sheet soon followed. He tossed them down to the bottom of the bed, freeing their hot bodies from the stifling fabric.

“Arms up,” Eddie ordered as he grasped her camisole and pulled it off her body. She gulped when Mick and Eddie broke their intimate caresses to roll onto their backs and remove their pajama bottoms.

When they returned to her, sandwiching her naked flesh between their hard bodies, Whitney shivered. Eddie’s big cock prodded her lower belly while Mick’s stiff shaft jutted against her bottom. She gave a teasing little shimmy and made them both groan.

“Careful,” Mick warned, his voice tight.

Emboldened by the realization she had such power over them, Whitney reached behind with one hand and in front with the other to stroke their thick cocks. Her eyes widened with surprise at the girth and length of each men. She’d had a couple of partners but never any as large as these. “Um,” she said nervously, “we should probably take this really slow.”


Lolita Lopez

“We won’t hurt you,” Eddie said matter-of-factly. “If anything makes you scared or if you’re overwhelmed, you just tell us to stop and we will.”

“Absolutely,” Mick agreed. “We want to make you feel good, Whitney. Never hurt you.”

Whitney’s mind raced as she factored the possibilities two men and one woman presented with coupling. Her face flamed as she said,

“And no anal.”

“Not tonight,” Eddie assured her.

Her stomach dropped. “What do you mean?” she squeaked. “Not tonight?”

Before she could say anything else, Eddie silenced her with a kiss, his fingers tangling in her hair. Her protest was quickly forgotten as Mick’s hands slid along her body again. His fingers blazed a fiery trail as he stroked down her hip, around her belly, and settled on her mound.

“Waxed,” Mick whispered appreciatively. “Not afraid of a little pain?”

“Not when it comes to beauty,” Whitney joked, her mouth dry as she trembled with nerves.

“Do you want Mick to eat that pretty pink pussy of yours?” Eddie nuzzled her cheek. “Do you want him to hold your thighs wide open while he tongue-fucks your cunt?”

Whitney’s jaw dropped as a thrill of excitement shook her core.

She’d never heard such deliciously dirty talk from any man. The filthy words spilling from Eddie’s mouth turned her on so bad. She could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter. Breathless, she said,


“Yes, what?” Eddie pushed, clearly taking delight in making her step outside her comfort zone.

“I want”—she swallowed hard, her tongue heavy and her embarrassment level high—“I want Mick to eat my pussy.”

“Very good, sugar.” Eddie kissed the tip of her nose. “Mick?”

Between Friends


“Happy to serve.” He chuckled and placed a noisy kiss on Whitney’s neck.

Eddie gently pushed on her shoulders until she was flat on her back. He rested on his side next to her, his elbow bent and head propped up on hand while the other petted the swath of skin from her breasts to her belly. “I know you’re nervous. It’s overwhelming the first time,” he said understandingly. “We’ll keep the lights off tonight so you can enjoy yourself without feeling self-conscious, but next time…”

“Next time,” Mick said, “I want to see this beautiful pussy as I slide my tongue into it.”

Whitney quaked with anticipation even as she let them know she was grateful for their understanding. “Thank you.”

“Anything for you,” Eddie said, his tone so very serious. “We’d do anything for you, Whitney.”

“Anything,” Mick echoed as he placed his hands on her knees and parted her thighs. She gulped and reached for Eddie’s arm. She needed something to hold onto, an anchor for support as she experienced her first threesome.

“I’m right here,” Eddie assured her. His big, strong fingers stroked her cheek with such gentleness. His touch, coupled with Mick’s teasing kisses along her inner thighs, calmed her nerves. Still, she yelped with surprise when Mick’s tongue dipped between her folds.

Eddie laughed softly as he nestled his nose against her neck and planted a few kisses along the curve of her throat. “Relax.”

Mick’s fingers grasped her inner thighs, holding her wide open for his enjoyment. His tongue fluttered over her clitoris, the little nub so engorged from arousal the slightest touch was amplified a thousand times over. Holding tight to Eddie, Whitney consciously relaxed her muscles. As the tension fled her body, she discovered the sensations Mick’s tongue evoked were so much more powerful.

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