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Emily gasped inaudibly. How did he know she’d…oh, Clyde of course. Or, considering Chace had found out where she worked, it wouldn’t be a mean feat to know her schedule, as well. Deciding she didn’t need the aggravation, she said, “Okay, whatever. You win. I really must have messed up in my past life to get all this hassle. And to think we aren’t even dating yet.”

“Yet?” Chace had a cocky smile as he said the word. “Then you better hold that thought.” He added those last words close to her ear as he buttoned his suit and then brushed past her to move in his fluid stride out of the restaurant.


Chapter 13

“I believe we have some unfinished business.”

Chace’s words sent a chill down Emily’s spine. Inside the confines of the Mercedes, it was all she could do to keep her mind out of the gutter being so close next to Chace. Lennox was driving them from the restaurant and each moment made her feel she was entangling herself more and more in a web of her own making.

“When will you realize I’m none of your business, Chace?”

Her defiant eyes swung to his, which of course was a mistake. That face – those eyes and lips, that chiseled jaw she kept imagining tracing with the tip of her tongue…ugh. Less than a week since their last time and she was so damn hot for him. Was she nothing more than the sum of her animal desires? Or did this go deeper, had she fallen harder than she’d even imagined?

“When you start sounding like you mean it,” he murmured coolly. “Do you like your job, Emily?”

“You mean at the restaurant? It’s something to do.” She shrugged, wondering where this was going. “Why?”

“I’m thinking you could come work for me. I know you have a degree in Literature. You can basically do whatever you want. Work in publishing, administration, or advertising. I’ve got some positions I know would suit your capabilities. You don’t have to be running round on your feet attending to ogling customers.”

There was an edge to his tone that made Emily want to laugh. “Excuse me, but I think I can handle myself – whatever comes my way.”

“Maybe it’s not you I’m worried about. Just the fact that back there, each time I saw a guy giving you a side eye I took offence to, I wanted to punch him. Just for looking.”

His eyes blazed into hers, and Emily couldn’t look away. Couldn’t tell him to mind his own business and that she wasn’t his woman, even though she thought it in her head. It was pretty hard making herself defy him. Her mind told her one thing, but her body wanted another.

He must have seen something in her eyes because moments later, he’d grabbed her waist and had her spread half across his lap. Emily gasped aloud, instinctively wrapping her hands around his neck. Before she could react, he smashed his lips against hers.

His tongue probed her lips in an instant, sending all sanity flying from her head. Emily’s fingers gripped his silky locks while she moaned as his hands roved hotly down her back, over her thigh before slipping in between her legs.
Oh shit

His touch on her bare skin set her ablaze. Those pillow-soft, yet firm lips of his played their havoc, and Emily kissed Chace back eagerly. He thrust that sweet tongue in and out of her mouth, sinful and erotic as hell. His hand patted the soaked mound underneath her skirt. He applied the most titillating pressure right on her clit and even with the barrier of cotton, Emily felt the electric charge shoot right through her stomach.

Moaning into his mouth, Emily was suddenly aware of Chace reaching his free hand underneath her arm to squeeze on her breast. That carnal, possessive caress blocked out all that was left of her coherence. It was the sudden thought of them having an audience – Lennox – that finally managed to get Emily back to her senses as she pushed Chace back.

Lips swollen and protesting, Emily looked up to meet Chace’s gaze now dark with lust. She tried to right herself, but he held on tightly, keeping her pinned on his lap. The more she squirmed, trying to get free, the more she became aware of his undeniable hardness nudging her rump.

“I’m never going to back away, Emily. Neither do I want to take things slow. I want you – everything about you. If you think that’s overwhelming, then imagine just how it makes me feel,” Chace growled. “I couldn’t think these past few days. Trying to function was a drag because you weren’t there.”


“I’ll go all out if I have to. Woo you, drive you crazy…but letting go is not an option.”

It was hard to think when Chace still had his hand trapped between her legs. His husky words swam in her head, while he moved his fingers closer to where she wanted them to be.

“Well, Emily?” He’d slipped one finger into her dripping core, then pumped in and out at the most excruciating pace. Emily gasped again and again.

“I…you…,” she panted, her nipples straining through her shirt while indescribable sensations flooded her humming center.

“Just say yes.” His face nuzzled at her throat, while he tongued the erratic pulse there. “Yes to being with me, letting me be inside you. Giving you what you crave.”

Every thrust and pull of that finger made her vision spark. Chace then bunched the fabric of the crotch, dragging it back and forth over her slit and the hot bead of her hooded clit.

“I’m waiting, Emily.”

. He had his finger pumping nice and slow again, deep inside her wetness. His tongue now tickled at her ear, his warmth breath adding a tantalizing sensory factor to her seduction. Emily felt her walls helplessly quivering and clenching around that perfectly hitched finger. Something clicked and loaded inside her, sending her heart dropping to the base of her stomach.
So close

“Oh, Chace,” she breathed, staring widely into his fathomless eyes.

“Say it.”

Emily knew she was moments from crashing face first into her very loud, very noticeable orgasm that would be observed by the outwardly ever-stoic Lennox. Chace stroked slickly within her giving, pulpy inner tissue and she made a last bid effort to stop him by clamping her inner thighs on his wrist, but she was too far gone. An instant later, she was giving him exactly what he wanted.

“Yes! Yes, Chace. Ugh you’re evil,” she moaned. He chuckled and kissed her mouth, nibbling sensually on her bottom lip and groaning.

“We’ll finish this…later,” he said, eyes gleaming with triumph.
This was so unfair
, Emily whined to herself. This time she managed to struggle of his lap, hastily pushing down her hem and looking any way but to the front where Lennox drove on efficiently. She didn’t even know where on earth they were headed, not recognizing the route.

She was too busy thinking how the hell she was going to stay balanced on edge like this after Chace’s unforgiving teasing. Emily wished she could get her own back, if only she could figure out how. Then she hid a smile knowing that if this was a battlefield, she could manage a truce if Chace kept his promise about finishing what he started. No one knew his way around her secret buttons the way Chace did, the devil.

He ruled her body with a blend of iron hand and velvet glove, but just the thought of never again having a taste of it made her heart sink completely.

Was it love? Or just lust? Without the sex, Emily knew in her heart she cared for Chace. Being close to him felt the safest place she could ever know. Just hearing his voice or seeing his smile was a gift to the senses. She couldn’t say she had her feelings all mapped out. She could be crazy in love with Chace now, but that didn’t mean she’d feel the same the next week, right? Not like she thought this was to be the great romance of her life.

Yet beneath all those disclaimers, Emily already had a feeling she was in too deep. So deep her emotions no longer possessed definition – and that was scarier than the normal labels of love and infatuation. When you needed someone so much you couldn’t imagine a world without them, then you were in big trouble. And there was no way out.


Chapter 14

Emily’s body ached, in that special way that started from her toes, making them curl sweetly, and then reached right up to her hair follicle.

Each strand still recalled the way Chace had wrapped them tight in his hand, pulling with perfect timing just as he stroked in that deep-seated thrust from behind.

She definitely could still feel the proof of every spot he’d touched, tasted, and entered with demanding passion. Simply thinking about it had her clit tingling, swelling with greedy enjoyment. Good Lord, this man. He’d done things to her and with her that she’d never have imagined. Fantasies were nothing next to this.

Right then, with the sun barely peeking through the windows, Emily couldn’t help but feel satisfied and full as they rested side by side. She’d been claimed

With an internal shake of her head, Emily pushed aside any disappointment with herself. Aside from her needs of the flesh and her craving to be accepted, loved, and needed, there was simply that special high that Chace sent her to each time. So why fight it?

Her eyes opened slowly, one after another. At once she was afforded a delightful contrast: a muscled, slightly tan forearm resting possessively across the warmer caramel glow of hers –  light against dark, different yet so in harmony.

Last night had been a whirl of events. Chace had them driven from the restaurant where she worked straight to his waiting private jet. When he informed her that their destination was mere 45 minutes away – Las Vegas – Emily didn’t bother to take time arguing. Chace said he’d have much preferred Hawaii – he wanted them as far from prying or stalking eyes even for just this once – but hadn’t wanted to strain Emily with the over five hour flight.

Emily could understand that in the life of movie stars, billionaires, and corporate execs, it wouldn’t be too much of an excess traveling round in your personal plane. From what she came to discover, it sure had its perks.

You could leave and arrive whenever, enjoy fine food and drink while having plenty of leg room to stretch, and of course, have a limo drive right up to your plane once you reached your destination.

Emily took it all in stride, barely letting her awestruck emotions show. She caught a few of Chace’s indulgent smiles, and they kept an amicable atmosphere all through the brief shuttle. But the crackling underlay of burning chemistry never fizzled. If anything, it built up to a roaring inferno the moment they arrived at Chace’s Las Vegas condo.

The sights and sounds of the all-night city would have to wait. Emily barely took anything in, not during the limo ride and certainly not from the picturesque windows of the ultra modern condo. Her sight, mind, and in fact all her senses remained trained on the man who didn’t even have to say a word, but had her short of breath, panties fraying as her secret folds twitched together endlessly in lust.

The new day breaking upon them filtered misty diamond lights into the room done all in white…and Emily could swear she heard soft whispers in her ear, making her hopeful and almost forgetful of how dangerous it was to fall for a man like Chace Hammond.

She’d never expected this kind of feeling to find her, but it had. To have Chace stir awake beside her, slowly opening those piercing gray eyes and saying her name in that rough, silken rasp…It sent groves of thin metal spikes up and down her skin, suffusing her with a heat that had nothing to do with the brightening sun outside.

Emily had had her share of being hurt and misled by love. Once before, this same man had caused her immense pain. But she’d been young and she’d found a way to pick up her pieces and stand strong. If such pain was to happen again now, she wasn’t sure she’d ever find her way back from the brink.

Knowing all this, yet choosing to stay…did that make her most deluded female that ever lived?

Ever since the first “yes” Emily had uttered in Chace’s Mercedes last night, there’d been a series of more yeses, more submission, more surrender.

“I want more than moments. I want us to spend more time together,” he’d said huskily. It had been his prelude to a night-long sensual conquest. They were barely inside the house and he’d backed her up into the wall, cupping her face as he kissed her cheeks, nose, and temple.

“More time?” Emily had squeaked because at that moment he’d popped open her blouse, sending buttons flying as he raked one hand down her front. He deftly freed one full breast from its lace cup and sprung a thumb over her dusky, hardened nipple.

He trailed warm, feathery lips down her jawline. “I was so sure my life had no room for complications. I’ve been unapologetically selfish when it comes to having my way. I’m not perfect, and I’m much too set in my ways. But you…you make me want to break all my rules.”

Emily let out a choked gasp, feeling Chace bend his head to trap her dark stiff bud in his mouth. He circled it with his tongue, wetting it with pleasure and then tugging hard with his teeth, inviting sweet pain that brought a rush of moisture to her core.

“We could just keep things…simple,” Emily managed, while her head flung back in bliss from the sensation of Chace pulling and biting on her sensitive nub. She couldn’t wait for him to do the same for the other breast and then do it all again. Christ, he put her in heat.

“If only it were that easy,” growled Chace in between lapping at her punished nipple to ease its throbbing pleasure. Her hot, trembling moan sent a shudder through them both. The next moment, it seemed she’d switched on a tiger in beast mode.

Chace popped her nipple from his mouth, fisted a hand in her hair, and bent her over, hands reaching for her toes. Before she could think of protesting, he’d racked up her skirt to her waist then shoved her panties to her knees. His hand found the soaked V between her legs, making him grunt in approval. Emily heard him unbuckle his belt, unzip his fly, and free himself from his pants. Then she knew he was about to take her, like this, bent at the waist and her ass exposed, her dripping sex ready to be penetrated and owned the way only Chace could.

She wanted it. Like this. No apologies, no pretext. With knees trembling, Emily waited in position, her stomach clenching in readiness for that first potent, spiking thrust.

BOOK: Billionaire's Black Runaway Love (BWWM Romance)
5.95Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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