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Authors: Melanie Walker

Bliss (The Custos) (2 page)


              I swear if smiles were orgasms I would be screaming about now.


              "London say something you’re not a mute." Brittany said and then looked at Cacius and smiled. "She's shy. Don’t let her behavior run you off."


              "I like shy. “He spoke low enough for me to hear, his words meant to rile that throbbing inside to heightened levels I could barely stand. “It leaves something to the imagination." He said. His eyes never leaving mine.


I could not understand this pull, this need to touch him, hear him speak, do anything he asked of me, It was terrifying to be this enthralled and exciting to know he wanted me just as bad. He too was as translucent as I.


              As if I had been cursed, that or I had completely lost my mind, I said the words that burnt coming out. You know the kind you can’t get back.?  "I really want to fuck you."


              As if the club dropped fifty degrees, I felt the shock as it radiated around me, but I had no worries. I wanted this man with a need that went deeper than my blood. Bone deep intensity that started in my toes and pooled between my legs. Every fiber in my being warned me to run the other way, this guy was a danger I had never met. He would crack me wide open and leave me in his wake. I didn’t care, this was pure physical attraction in its rawest form and I couldn’t walk away. He was more than what I had hoped for tonight. He was the end of my suffering, and the orgasm I had been depriving myself.


              "Jesus London, are you feeling ok?" Chelsea asked, not bothering to hide her shock. But I could give a damn, this, he was all I could see.


              Cacius looked away long enough to roll his head back and laugh, a deep rumble from inside and it had me reeling. He leaned to the side by Chelsea and raised his eyebrows, "I take it this is out of character for her?"


              "Yes very out of character." Chelsea said, and looked back at me. I felt like a fool. I had this voice inside screaming for me to shut up and an even louder voice screaming "tackle this man and make him scream." I was lost to my two sides, but the latter was winning.


      Smiling from ear to ear I laughed. "I’m a celibate, have been for six years." Then I laughed hysterically because I was under a spell and had to be, I would never offer that info to anyone.


              "Then I say thank you." He said smiling back at me. The strobe lights in the club throbbed like a heartbeat, in blue and red while white flashed and pulsed over the dance floor. The combo made his skin a soft paleness, alabaster satin skin stretched over steel and I was losing my grip on reality. This man was sex personified in faded blue jeans and a black T-shirt.


       "And ok." He said in all seriousness.


              I swear no sweeter words were ever spoken, and I was
on board. "Bye." I said with nothing more than a smile before I gathered my things and followed him out the door.








              I could feel Morris behind me and I had to smile. I had had every intention of getting laid tonight. I was tired of my celibacy and as long as the guy didn’t know my name I knew I could enjoy the sexual company and the release. When my father learned the gravity of this current situation, let alone the guys appearance in general… his fear of humiliation alone would have me out on my ass. I hoped anyway.


      I was fighting for a coherent thought and knew he would give more than I had thought possible. "So celibate huh?" He asked me, his eyes drifting towards me while he shifted gears. I could see every corded muscle in his arm as he went from third to fourth and I licked my lips in anticipation.


              "Yep, and before you ask it has nothing to do with religious beliefs. Plain and simple it's the oldest story in the book." I paused when my memory flashed back six years ago when I walked in on the man I loved with another woman. At twenty I should have known better than to go looking for forever but the outcome was still awful.


              "Man does wrong, gives us all a bad name." He kept his eyes on the road and I looked out the windshield shocked that I was so transparent to him.


              "Where are we going?" I asked.


              "My place." He looked at me then, his sapphire eyes now more intense than before. "That ok?"


               I looked out my side view mirror and sighed. I would be fine, the place the time the guy. All of it. But my Dad would have him bleeding by morning. "Depends." I said and looked at him. I sat on my hand because the need to touch him was almost unbearable. "You look like the type of guy who isn’t too scared of a speeding ticket, and you see that car behind us?"


              He looked in his rear view mirror and nodded a look of interest coming across his face and I had to smile. Bingo. This guy just keeps getting better.


              "That’s Morris, long story short he will follow us, not bother us, but then follow me home where he will tell my tyrant of a Father what it is exactly we get down to. Now I’m ok with dear old dad knowing all the dirty deeds from tonight, but I don’t want you to get hurt in my plan of screwing the old man over. So decide now big boy, you in for the good bad and the ugly or are you out? Either way I’m ok and I get it but decide now because he is gaining on us."


              Before I could get to the second option he laughed and took my free hand, his thumb brushing over the top of my hand. "So what you’re saying is, I lose him, and I get to walk away in the morning?"


              "That’s exactly what I’m saying."


              He stepped on the gas and in minutes Morris was a goner, lost behind traffic lights and other cars. All I could do is smile and hold Cacius's hand tighter. "You must be something special for there to be a cavalry behind you."


              "One man does not a cavalry make." I mumbled watching Morris's headlights become nothing more than specks of light no bigger than a grain of sand.


              He looked at me a knowing look and he wasn’t settling for my evasion. "And exactly who are you London."


              I wanted to tell him and have it not matter but it always did, that was the one thing on this earth I was certain of. I was certain that had we been pulled over, the cop would have let him go because I was in the car. I was certain that had Morris threatened Cacius the order would hold because of who I was. And I was certain that this man beside me had no idea that I was Walter Chase's daughter and even more certain he was just as excited about fucking me as I was of him.


              So with a smile I licked my lips and said "I’m the girl who wants to fuck you remember?"


              He nodded and gave a subtle laugh. "How could I forget?"







I stood with a bottle of Miller in my hand and my Prada clutch bag in the other and leaned against the granite counter of Cacius's kitchen. His house was large and dressed the way any mans bachelor pad would be, he had a couch, a plasma and a PS3, Wii and XBOX360. Yeah I was in the Bachelors sanctuary. I knew men who would give a kidney to have the freedom of a house like this.


              Cacius was checking a fax that he said he was waiting on and I wanted to ask what he did but it wasn’t my business. I wanted to keep this simple, like a transaction. We both get laid, he gets to live and I get the freedom to do as I wish without a second thought. I could see my restaurant in my sights, so close. I had saved and pinched every dime I earned from being a lab rat for my father and finally had enough to enroll in culinary school. I career my father more than frowned upon.


      I looked around the kitchen and saw a set of French doors that lead to a large patio. I looked out and saw nothing but trees, large pines that seemed to surround his entire house. I heard footsteps down the hall and turned to see him walk back into the kitchen.


              "How's the beer?" He asked coming up and reaching his hand out. I handed him the bottle and he took a swig before setting it on the counter. Next he took my clutch from my hand and placed it next to the beer. My hands now empty he took them both and pulled me closer.


              My stomach was flip flopping and I wanted to catch my nerves but his touch branded my skin and such a subtle touch had my pussy aching. "Kiss me..." I said on a gasp completely helpless.


              The smile he gave before kissing me was like a punch in the gut, this man made me want to cry. His mouth slanted over mine, his kiss was gentle and soft as if making sure I was certain.
Yes! Please! More!
I wanted to scream and as if on cue, like he read my thoughts he pressed on. His tongue slid across my lips and I opened for him eager for his taste.


              I could kiss like this forever, he tasted of .... God all I could think is man, he tasted like man and I was eating it up, taking whatever he would give me. I knew I should concern myself with the tricks my mind and body were playing with me. Sure I had been celibate and hell bent on getting laid tonight, but until this moment I didn’t know how deep my need ran. With him now I wanted everything, deep and dark and dirty and I knew I was going to get it.


              His hand slid over my ribcage, knowing permission was granted the second he touched me, he slid beneath the hem and went for my breast. He lifted my breast so it spilled from the top and pinched my nipple, the perfect mixture of pressure and pain made me cry out and arch into him. "I bet you’re on fire right now." He rasped, his teeth against my neck right beneath my ear making my skin tighten and shake.


              "I have to be." I squealed as he nipped at my skin and lifted the shirt, attacking my other breast. "I can’t explain it but I swear to god do not move your mouth."


              He laughed at my feeble demand and pulled back as if to teach me my bossy lesson. "Don’t get crazy on me now London, this is just the beginning, I plan to lick and taste every inch of your body tonight." Proving his point he sucked my distended nipple in his mouth and sucked back, one hand on the small of my back he lifted me to the counter and laid me down, his free hand tracking its way to the front of my jeans and slipping below the band of my panties.


              His mouth went to my other nipple and followed suit from the previous breast when his callused fingers found my clit, hard and hot I about lost it when he hissed. "You’re wet...." He said it as if he didn’t believe how much I wanted this, as if it were a game. The look I gave him had him standing back quickly. I heard a fax machine squealing and knew his attention was completely off me.


              My body now on fire I didn’t know what happened, confused and burning I wanted more and his retreat made me ache. "Well yeah that happens."


              Looking at the fax in his hand he glanced at me a few times, his face taking a violent edge that made my skin crawl. It would be my luck that I would totally let a serial killer molest me. "Wait- your London Chase? Walter Chase's daughter?"


              So much for the night ending on a better note, it was about to change drastically. "In the flesh." I said not hiding my frustration.


              Cacius stood back as if the thought of me scared him, and probably did now that he knew who I was, but his eyes no longer held that erotic light, in fact he looked pissed off. "Want to tell me why it matters?" I asked as I swung my legs over the side the counter and dropped down to gather my clothes.


              "Why does it matter?" Each word was clipped as he stalked towards me a lion stalks his prey."Fuuuuuuuck!!" He roared and I hated that I flinched back. He was talking but not to me as he paced the kitchen tile. I could see his cock through his jeans and he was still hard and I couldn’t help but wonder if that were normal. Didn’t anger tend to be a mood killer?


              "You need to leave." His words were clipped as if the mere thought of my wanting him now repulsed him. Whiskey? Tango? Foxtrot?


              "Cacius what happened? Your freaking me out."

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