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Bliss (The Custos) (40 page)


"No Princess." He lifted me and held my ass in the palm of one hand, the other between our bodies he pushed into me before I could get a breath. We both shouted out the minute he was inside. He sat on the edge of the tub letting me straddle him and looked at me. "Feel me, fuck so deep."


"Yes." I cried as my words escaped me. I could see myself, my body a golden bronze against the pale alabaster contrast of his thick frame. My legs spread wide over his hips; I was fascinated by the sight of us.


"Put your foot by my hip, it'll open you more." Cash said and he was right. It lifted the weight so I could rock deeper and faster against him. He used one hand on the base of my ass, guiding me over his cock.


I felt the first nudge of his pinky finger against my anal passage and cried as he pressed barely in. "Fuck you’re so tight on my cock, but here." He pressed deeper and then thrust up while his cock worked my pussy his fingers my ass. "Here you a virgin aren’t you Princess."


I nodded lost in the passion he always built inside of me. "Look at my hand princess, look at me touch you where no man has before."


I could feel him slipping deeper inside of me and also see his hand moving against the rush of his touch, every nerve inside of me was alive and I wanted more. Holding his shoulders I straitened my body and rolled my hips, getting him deeper, fingers and cock now buried inside of me. "More...." I panted as another orgasm raced through me, instantly making me want more as the waves disappeared.


"You like how I touch you here Princess, in that pretty little ass of yours?"


"Yes." I cried not even hesitating.


“One day I’ll fuck you here.” He hissed and slammed his hips up and deeper into me. “Fuck just the thought makes me want to come.”


I laughed, because I could with Cash. I pulled my other foot up by his hip, now both feet were braced on the side of the bathtub, the large mirror showing me every secret that fucking hid. I held him tighter, resting my head on his shoulder and pulled him deeper, harder against me. “I love seeing me on top of you.” I moaned and bit my lip to keep from crying out again.


He looked at me through the mirror, his fingers digging into my hips as he pulled me faster to him. “I love you.” He whispered against my cheek. Our eyes locked on one another in the mirror.


The look in his eyes sent me over the edge again, a full body orgasm that had me bowing my body back, Cash gripping my hair and making me look at him.


“Let me see you Princess.”


I watched him as my body shook, I came with a ferocity I never had before. Looking at him, watching him rein in his control so he could watch me lose it against him; he was the love of my life, if I even questioned it before, I sure as fuck knew for certain now.




My eyes didn’t waver while watching her come against me. I felt every ripple of her body and knew she had given me all she could. I lifted her and took her back to our bed, the shower would wait. She fell back against the pillows, her hair splaying the way it did, dark and smooth as the satin she lay upon. “I have to real it in London, it’s too much.”


It was too. I felt so exposed when I was inside of her, looking at her like I was now. How could I lose control and fuck her? She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, so smooth and wet for me. I needed to savor her and worship her, Christ I almost lost her.


In the end seduction only takes you so far and it all becomes emotion. I wanted to fuck her hard and deep, but I wanted to savor and relish in everything she brought to me. I planted my palms on the bed Next to her head and let my hips go.


I felt her nails digging into my spine and I hissed before going down at her breasts. Taking one of her hardened nipples into my mouth I sucked her into my mouth and released with a pop. “Are you weak?”


Arching up as I spoke those words she shook her head no and scratched her nails in drawing blood. That was all it took to snap my control. I shifted my ankle under her leg and shifted rolling until she was on top of me. She knew what I wanted, but of course she did.


She pulled her hair to the side and exposed her neck. My fangs punched down with devious intent and I snapped them into her vein, no pause. I drank her in, deep pulls I sucked from her as she kept that rocking against my cock. I didn’t need to feed; I only needed to have all of her inside of me. I felt the orgasm come strong and pulled back from her neck and closed the holes I had made.


“Come close to me Princess.” She lay her body against mine and let her hips rock until my body finally stiffened and I released all of myself into her, not just the orgasm but everything and in that instant I knew I was hers. Forever.





Three months later






“Tell me my love, what would you suggest I do with my cock?” I rolled to the side so that I could look in the eyes of my love. She was so soft and smelled like lemons and beauty. I felt her cunt tighten against me, so close she was so close and I loved this part. “Emigen….” I gasped and felt her come against me.


“Mac, keep going let me feel you….” She sounded so far away and panic set in as I held her closer.


“I’m here love, feel my skin and myself inside of you.”


“Pull me closer Mac.”




“Mac, I need you where are you?”


The scream so loud, so desperate I flew from the bed, from a bed that wasn’t ours and desperately tried to find my barring.


Seattle, right.
I forgot. For one blissful second I forgot. I had no choice but to shake off the pain and get back to my un-life, my Vampire within. It was all that kept me fighting and seeking my vengeance against all enemies.


My thoughts like always drifted to the same place and with a quick scrub of my face I waited for the pain to set in.


I felt the smooth burn as always and rested back, welcoming it. Who would have thought that in mere weeks my best friend would be getting married? You guessed it folks; Cash and Cookie are sealing the deal. Admission to the great event comes with a cost though, for me anyways.


How am I supposed to feel about it though, bitter is all I feel. Don’t confuse what I’m saying, I love them both and couldn’t be happier but still I am bitter.


I watch them and see what I had once, what was mine and solely what I lived for. I lit the blunt behind my ear and did what was now so natural. I grabbed my second hand guitar and smoked away the loss inside of me.


Pain and loss would be with me forever, but as the cell phone on the night stand started ringing I knew that though my shattered heart would remain so, my nights were mostly packed with the vengeance inside.


I flipped the phone open, seeing Cash’s number knowing it was time for work. “Where to?”


“Queen Ann district, there’s a tattoo parlor off Aurora Avenue that was hit by
looking for a Custos getting some ink.” Cash was silent and all I heard was a soft giggle and sheets ruffling. Aaah yes, the darling couple was mating when the call came through. Natch. "Guess what the kicker is?"


"Talking tattoo's I'm at a loss, that’s your area of expertise." Not that tattoo's bothered me unless they hogged up all the glorious space on a woman. I just preferred to keep my temple as it were, as clean as I could.


Double Natch.


"The Nex talked the artist up looking for a quick fun night on a new drug named Bliss."


"Another one?" We had assumed we cleaned it all up, hadn’t heard a thing of the damned drug in almost six weeks. Hearing it now made my spine tingle.


“Meet ya down stairs.” I flipped my phone shut and stood to strap on my weapons. I would be killing tonight and I know longer sent them in peace, merely in pieces.


Faith is a funny thing to carry for such a long life, but the emptiness it left in its wake when you finally stopped believing? I couldn’t answer that, my life had become about revenge and hate. Every night I rose to avenge my beloved wife and children and the only faith I had left was that I was closer to finding the one who took them.


And may God have mercy then.





The End… for now.

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