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"Good" he replied "now come here" he said placing a hand behind her head.

She leaned forward slowly. A small smile spreading across her face.

He returned her smile as he stared into her deep black eyes.



Before he could reconcile his observation with any coherent thought, he felt the tip of the saber pierce beneath his breastbone, up to his heart.

His eyes widened in shock. The garlic infused blade tore at the organ, ripping it in the middle.

"K. . . Keena" he managed to gasp as a violent cough erupted from him carrying with it a spray of blood.

Keena got up and stared at him.

Only now, she seemed to stand taller.

Her hair colour started to change as the length reduced steadily. Right in front of him, little by little, feature by feature, Keena transformed in front of him and a now familiar figure stood in her place.


"Remus??" he gasped, groaning with the effort. "Why?"

His friend gazed at him sinisterly.

"You know why" he said simply.

"But . . . you . . . you said. . ."

"I know what I said. I said I'd put it behind me. And you naively believed me. Those beasts raped and murdered her right in front of me. She begged them. They tore her limb from limb Christoph. And they made me watch. Literally. Slowly. Limb. From. Limb." he said emphasising each punctuation.

"And you and your father expect me to just forgive them because of a stupid treaty? No. This war is going to be reignited, and the best part is that, you're going to be the reason it does. The irony is delicious."

Christoph's eyes widened as the implications of what Remus was saying registered in his slowly fading mind. His eyes dropped to the blade sticking out of his chest.

Keena's blade. The royal seal clearly indicated that much.

The treaty would be destroyed for sure.

"I mean what could incite a father more too righteous rage, than his sole heir being killed by the daughter of his enemy" Remus said interpreting Christoph's wide eyed gaze.

"You’ll . . . never . . . g . . . get. . ."

"Save your breath princey. You'll need every single one you can take. Dying for us is not a very quick process you know." he said smiling.

"Now. If you'll excuse me, I have to go now. I have to prepare to be shocked by the death of my best friend" he said pulling a shocked expression.

With one final snigger, he turned on his heels and left.

Christoph lay on his back as he slowly bled to death.



Keena reached the clearing and immediately knew something was wrong. She sniffed the air around her.



She could not hear a heartbeat. She quickened her pace fearing the worst but refusing to accept it.

As she reached the field she saw Christoph sprawled on the floor in a pool of his own blood.

She still could not hear a heartbeat.

She knelt beside him and realised with alarm that the weapon sticking out of his chest was hers.

Her saber.


Instinctively she felt along her waist for the saber. It wasn't there. How?

Then it hit her.


It made sense. No wonder he had been so calm earlier. The bastard. He would pay for this.

A burst of white hot rage went through her, fuelled by her grief.

The transformation process was triggered and her skeletal system was slowly arranged and rearranged as she took the lupine form.

Once the process was compete, sh rested on her haunches, and howled at the moon. Then, with a determined look across her lupine features, she took off in a gallop for the castle.



Back at the running ground where Ranael and his fallen vampire conquest had been found earlier, Turk lay dead.

His chest was torn open. His face frozen in an expression of intense shock. 





King Demetrius Thorin stared at his son's dead body.

The saber lay beside the body. The royal seal on the hilt was clearly displayed for all to see.

Demetrius had a stone faced expression that betrayed none of the tumultuous emotions he felt within.

He cleared his throat.

"For two and a half centuries, those beasts have waged war with us. Killed us. Raided our nurseries and killed our new-borns. Although we gave back just a good as we got, we decided that enough was enough. Not a long time ago, we reached a treaty. A peace treaty. A treaty that was to foster a new era. An era where vampires and werewolves could coexist in peace, and thrive independently" he paused as his voice cracked.

"This is my son" he pointed. "That. Is your prince. Your brother. Christoph Thorin was nothing if not noble, and was the brains behind the peace treaty to start with. Now he lies at my feet, killed by a blade made for someone of royal blood. We cannot take this lying down. We WILL NOT take this lying down. From this day henceforth, our treaty with the werewolves is over. They will feel the pain I now feel, and will come to fear the name, VAMPIRE."

A cheer arose in the great hall and was silenced as King Demetrius raised his hand. He unsheathed his blade and raised it above his head.

"Kill them all"

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