Boosted (In The Fast Lane) (5 page)



The Pursuit


Brody dashed to his car as soon as he exited Remy’s. He'd
been watching the BMW for an hour and of course it was at that particular
moment Hannah sat down that the driver decided to return. He felt guilty for running
out on Hannah like that, but there wasn’t much else that he could have done.

He told himself that once this job was done and over with
that he’d be able to give her the attention that she so rightly deserved. He
just hoped that she was willing to stick around that long.

For now he had to concentrate on business. The BMW’s owner
was traveling with one of his lackeys this time around. He had gone to lunch at
the place across the street from Remy’s and left his body guard to watch the

 Brody concluded that he probably brought a bodyguard with
him to any meeting such as this which basically ruled out the idea of swiping
the car off the street. He would have to keep after him, searching for another
opening. He could see now why Sergei had give him this assignment. It would
take patience. The kind of patience that his fellow thieves rarely possessed.
After all, those who went into a life of crime were rarely the measured,
patient type.

He reached his Impala, hopped inside, and turned the key in
the ignition. He was just about to pull out when the passenger side door
opened. Brody looked over to find Hannah sitting next to him.

“You can’t be here,” he said to her.

She slung her seat belt over her chest and buckled herself
in. “I want to come with you.”

Brody saw the BMW pulling away. “Hannah, this is not a good

“Take me with you,” she insisted.

He was losing precious time by arguing. “You don’t want to
be a part of this.”

Still she didn’t move. She just looked at him with steely
determination. If he wanted to get her out of the car he would have to
physically lift her out of it. And he didn’t have time for that.

“Fine.” He said, as he pulled out in pursuit of the BMW.

He was able to keep a sizeable distance from the car as it
didn’t seem to be in much of a rush at this point. They made their way through
the streets at a leisurely pace.

“Where are we going?” Hannah asked.

Since he didn’t really know exactly, Brody couldn’t give her
much of an answer. “You’ll see when we get there.” Better than outright telling
her that he was tailing someone.

As he drove he noticed that she was looking over at him with
doe eyes.

He really didn’t need this right now. He liked her too but
this was not what he should be concentrating on right now. One slip up and he
could lose the target. Or worse, be spotted by him. As much as it pained him,
he had to do his best to ignore her for now and focus as hard as he could on
the road.

Normally he was able to drive naturally without even
thinking about it. But now every movement was a considerable effort. He was
hyper-aware of every one of his own decisions: how he bent his ankle while
pressing down on the gas, how his hands left just a trace of motion on the
wheel whenever he moved them, how he lost sight of the BMW for a nanosecond
whenever he blinked.

It was then that he became aware of her hand on his leg. He
had been so worried about driving that he hadn’t noticed it at first. But as
she slid it up his thigh there was no way that he could pretend it wasn’t
there. She reached the bulge in his jeans, which had rapidly grown in the last
few moments, and began to rub her hand on top of it.

She massaged his cock through his jeans as he followed the
BMW onto the highway. For the first time today, the target made a move that
actually worked out for Brody. A little stress-free highway driving was exactly
what he needed right now.

Hannah took her hand off of the protrusion in his pants but
only in order to unbuckle, unbutton, and unzip. She reached into his pants and
freed his cock from its denim confines, tugging on it playfully.

“How far away are we?” She asked with a sly tinge in her

“It’s hard to say,” he said with some difficulty. His
breathing was becoming irregular now.

She gave his cock a squeeze. “I can’t convince you to find
some place to stop, can I?” She accentuated the question by rubbing the head of
his cock with her thumb.

“Unfortunately not,” he said, as much as he desperately
wanted to right now.

“Well then I guess I’ll just have to make due.”

She pulled on his cock a few more times before lowering her
head toward his lap. Now more than ever Brody found himself struggling to focus
on the BMW ahead of him. He felt her hair brush against the sensitive skin of
his dick as she lowered her face down to his lap. He shifted in his seat. He’d
never felt such a conflict between his work and his personal pleasure. The
target was probably just heading back to his mansion. But he had to be sure.

He felt Hannah’s lips wrap delicately around his cock. They
were soft, wet, and warm. She lowered her lips around the head of his dick and
tickled it playfully with her tongue. It felt so good that he almost felt like
he was being punished for ignoring her.

She was forcing him to recognize that she was in the car
with him and showing him what he was missing out on by not getting off the
road. She knew he couldn't enjoy it as fully as possible. It was like a game to
her. A game to see how crazy she could drive him. And so far she was winning.

She pressed her advantage further as she slowed lowered her
lips down the shaft of his cock. She didn’t stop until Brody felt the head of
his cock pressed against the back of her throat. She then started the long
journey back up, sucking all the way. She then repeated her descent, only this
time adding a few twists of the tongue on the underside of his cock. It felt so
good to Brody that his vision started to blur. He gripped the wheel tighter.
This was going to be even more difficult than he had first expected.

She moved her lips up and down his cock in a slow rhythm,
making sure he felt every moment of it. He sped up the car to keep pace with
the BMW. He was glad that it didn’t seem like he would need to do any higher
skilled driving than that. He could just sit back and enjoy (at least
relatively). As the car sped up, so did the clip of her head movement. Her
tongue was also more active. She curled it around his shaft each time through
the up and down cycle of her mouth’s movements. Brody could feel his cum
beginning to build up inside of him.

It was almost as if she sensed that he was about to climax.
She took her lips off of his cock. She gave it another pair of playful tugs
with her hand.

“Feels good?”

“Yeah,” he said. It occurred to him that this was probably
the first time he had been able to breathe since she had first put her head in
his lap. “It feels amazing.”

He didn’t look down but he could sense that she was smiling.
Instead of going back to work on his cock she shifted her focus lower. She ran
the flat of her tongue along each of his balls. The sensation furthered
distracted him from the task at hand. She suckled each of them tenderly in

Hannah lifted them with her tongue and cradled them before
giving a healthy suck. Brody was forced to shift again in his seat. He could
feel beads of sweat developing on his brow.

Brody’s knuckles gripped white on the steering wheel. He
gnashed his teeth together in frustrated pleasure. He might as well have been
tied up. It wasn’t even a matter of following the target anymore but of simply
staying on the road. One slip of concentration and they could be careening off
the road and into a ditch.

Hannah moved back to his cock, giving Brody a comparative
respite. She licked from base to shaft multiple times making sure to cover the
whole thing. She then wrapped her lips back around it and dipper her head back
down. This time she took him further into her mouth than ever, testing her own
limits. She sucked and slurped vigorously.

Brody labored through his breaths. His chest heaved in and out
as he grew closer to climax. The BMW was now far ahead. He did his best to
catch up but his reflexes were shot. Pushing the car any faster could have had
major consequences. Best to just enjoy the moment and hope that the target was
still there when he was free to think again.

He was growing close. Only moments away now. Not even the
stress of driving could prevent him from tumbling over the edge into an abyss
of pleasure. Hannah’s head bobbed up and down in his lap. Brody bit his bottom
lip and tried desperately to stay in his lane on the highway. The intensity of
her sucking was unparalleled and he'd never experienced anything like it. It
was poorly timed, to be sure. But damned if it wasn’t worth it.

As the BMW became little more than a twinkle on the horizon,
Brody finally burst. He came hard and came repeatedly in Hannah’s mouth. The
more he came, the more greedily Hannah drank it up. She kept her lips sealed
around the head of his dick as if she were attempting to suck every last drop
out of his cock. Not one trickle escaped from her mouth.

Brody began to feel dizzy as she rubbed her tongue against
the tender and spent head of his cock. She kept sucking long after he had
exhausted all of his fluid. She must have known the discomfort this caused him.
True, it felt incredible. But he still couldn’t help writhing around
involuntarily in the driver’s seat.

When she finally had her fill, Hannah lifted up her head and
reclined back in her seat. Brody looked over and saw a mischievous grin on her
face. This had obviously been her aim ever since she’d gotten in the car.

“You want me to put that away for you?” Hannah asked. She
playfully tapped his quickly receding erection.

Brody was too flustered to even answer. He had completely
lost sight of his target and was speeding up in an attempt to catch up. She
took his silence as consent and tucked his cock back into his pants. She
re-zipped, re-buttoned, and re-buckled his pants, finishing her act with a pat
on his lap.

“There you go.”

The BMW was completely out of sight by now. Normally Brody
would have just assumed that it had returned to the mansion. But they were
nowhere near the Canyons. He increased his speed and began weaving in and out
of different lanes.

“What’s going on?” Hannah seemed alarmed by Brody’s driving.
It was enough to snap her back into some sense of reality.

“I’m, uh, late for something.” Brody said, though he knew
she wouldn’t believe him.

He had more important things to worry about than the front
he was putting up for her, however. He steered the Impala into the far left
lane and found a bit of daylight. He pressed the gas pedal even further down.

“Brody, calm down!”

“I told you it wasn’t a good idea to come with me.” He said,
his eyes fixed on the road.

Brody was now driving recklessly. He veered onto the left
shoulder to pass the car in front of him and nearly scraped the guardrail in
the process. Up ahead he thought he could see the telltale boxy shape of the
target’s BMW. He hoped that this glimmer was more than just wishful thinking.

“Let me out!” Hannah cried. It was barely audible over the
laboring of the engine.

“I can’t do that,” Brody said before adding, “I’m sorry.”

She grabbed onto his wrist, causing him to swerve the car
and nearly sideswipe the semi truck next to him. He flung her hand away.

“Don’t do that again!” He took a deep breath and calmed
himself down. “I’m sorry. I know this seems strange but I need to do a job.”

“I’m scared.”

“You’re perfectly safe with me.” He assured her.

Brody grabbed her hand in his and squeezed it tight. He even
managed a brief look over at her. “It’s going to be alright. I promise.” He
squeezed her hand tighter. “Do you trust me?”

She glanced back over at him and nodded reluctantly.


Brody looked back at the road and saw ahead that the BMW was
exiting the highway. He slipped across two lanes in a space so tight that the
margin of error was a matter of inches on either side. The honking horns from
the cars he had cut off seemed to unnerve Hannah even more. She let out an
audible gasp and her body shook.

“It’s alright. Look.” Brody slowed down as he reached the
exit ramp. He had gained so much ground that he needed to slow down
significantly in order to now avoid being detected. “The worst of it’s over

Hannah calmed down as the car settled into a leisurely pace.

“See? Is this better?”

She finally seemed to have her breath back. “What was that?”

Brody was beginning to feel trapped. He didn’t want to lie
to her. But he also didn’t think she was ready for the truth. “It was just
something I had to do.”

“Tell me.”

Brody decided to test the waters on another tactic. “Maybe
you just got me so excited that I couldn’t help myself.”

“That’s not funny.” True, it wasn’t. But it had served to
calm her down and take her focus off of what had just happened.

He followed the BMW as it took a right turn back onto the
surface street. Tailing the car in this lightly populated area would be tricky
but would be a walk in the park compared to the last five minutes. It had been
his own fault and he vowed to himself that he wouldn’t make a mistake like that
again. He could have easily dissuaded Hannah but he had decided to let her go
on...much to the detriment of his work. Now he had risked alienating her by
trying to make up for that mistake. It was selfish and indulgent.

Brody shook these thoughts out of his head. No time for second
guessing right now. There was still a job to be done. The road was becoming
desolate now. There were houses and businesses but very little traffic. Shit.
Pretty easy to be spotted when you’re the only other fucking car on the road,
even in something as low-key as an Impala.

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