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“Welcome to work, rookie,” Officer Olivia Waters said, as she breezed past her new recruit. It took the kid a moment to realize what was happening, but he quickly figured out who Olivia was, and he raced to catch up. He was short with brown hair that fell into his eyes, and there was still a scattering of acne on his chin.


“Office Waters?” the boys asked, struggling to keep up with her. “I’m Ted Sweeney; I’m supposed to ride with you today, right?” he asked.


“Yup,” she said, “and we’re going right now.” She hit the elevator button, and it arrived almost immediately. Olivia stepped in, and Ted followed her. The music came on, and she could see the kid eyeing her nervously out of the corner of her eye.


“It’s my first day,” he gushed. “I’ve never... you been a cop.”


“I know,” Olivia said with a nod. The elevator arrived at the garage floor, and Olivia strode to her car and the rookie followed. He jumped into the passenger side and buckled his seatbelt.  As Olivia settled in, she watched Ted as he gazed open mouthed at all the gadgets in the car.


“You from around here?” Olivia asked.


“No, ma’am about three towns over. I’ve been to Marina’s Crest a few times, but I don’t know it too well.”


“You can call me Olivia,” she said, as she pulled out of the garage. “We’re gonna be patrolling the north side of town. It’s not the best part of town, not a lot of mansions, but there are still people there that we have to protect and serve. There’s gonna be a lot of domestic disputes, a lot of breaking up fights, but that’s the job—and I don’t shy away from hard work. We answer every call.”


“Yeah, cool, totally,” Ted said, gazing out of the window, and she knew he was experiencing the novelty of people doing a double-take at a police car passing. “So, uh... I have to ask, are the stories about you true?”


“Depends on the story,” Olivia answered, raising an eyebrow at Ted.


“Did you really bring down a drug cartel with an afterhours investigation after you were suspended?” he asked. His puppy dog eyes were large, and Olivia had to stifle a laugh.


“It’s a little more complicated than that,” she said.


As the day closed, Olivia pulled up outside the God’s Reapers headquarters.


“How was your day?” David asked, as he walked out to meet Olivia, wiping his hands off on a blue rag.


“Good,” Olivia answered, giving him a quick kiss. “The new kid had a lot of questions.”


“I bet,” David said. “So, are you ready?” he asked.


“Yes, I am ready,” Olivia answered with a smile. She followed him around the garage until they came to a gleaming black motorcycle in the parking lot with two helmets resting on it.


“It’s easy, I promise,” David said. “Just hold on and keep your balance, no sudden movements.”


He handed Olivia a helmet, and she pulled it over her head, lowering and raising the visor and giggling. David put on his helmet and straddled the bike, motioning for Olivia to follow. Carefully, Olivia slung her leg over the seat and sat down. She reached her arms around David, and he squeezed her hand. She winced, as the motorcycle roared to life, feeling the rumbling of the machine between her legs.


Without warning David took off, and Olivia closed her eyes and clung tightly to him. She could hear and feel the engine as it revved beneath her. Finally, as she began to feel the balance of the bike, she opened her eyes to the world that was flashing past her. The wind hitting her exposed skin and ruffling her clothes was exhilarating, and she watched Marina’s Crest, as they left the city behind and drove out into the desert.


Once out on the open road, David drove the bike faster and faster, and when Olivia peered over his shoulder to look at the odometer, she was shocked to see that they were going close to ninety miles per hour. Olivia’s stomach dropped, and she wanted to beg David to slow down, but their ride was smooth and she could feel his tense muscles underneath his arms. David knew what he was doing, and Olivia had to trust him.


Night was falling all around as they drove further and further away from any human settlement. There was a full moon out, and it lit the desert with its pale glow. Everything seemed alive in moon’s pale light. Olivia watch cacti as they sped past, and she could see rock outcroppings only as darkness that blocked out the stars. And there were so many stars, millions and millions of them above her. As they raced beneath them, Olivia looked up, thinking that the stars were so far away, and no matter how fast or how far they went, they were always overhead. She began to feel like she wasn’t moving at all.


Finally, at an outcropping that was shaped like a large diamond, David finally slowed down. He turned off the road and stopped next to the outcropping and cut the engine. Olivia’s ears were ringing in the silence for a moment. David got off the bike, and Olivia lifted the helmet off of her head and looked around. The desert was quiet without the bike’s roar; there was only the whistling of the wind and the faraway flap of a bird’s wing.


Olivia got off the bike and reached for David’s hand, and once she had it, he gave her hand a squeeze and pulled out his flashlight, illuminating a path beneath their feet. They followed the path up and over a hill and then down to a campsite where a fire pit filled with wood was waiting for them. Olivia spread a blanket over the sand in front of the fire pit and watched as David set up the wood and kindling. He sparked his lighter and the kindling took flame, the fire growing fast as the wood quickly caught flame. As the fire grew, the air around them grew warm, and she looked around with a better view.


“What did you think of the bike ride?” David asked.


“It was crazy, but in a good way,” Olivia said. “I can see why you like it. I definitely want to go on another ride.”


“We will,” he answered. Behind her, David began to set up the tent, giving Olivia a nice view of his abs and arms as he stretched to build their shelter. He put blankets and a pillow in the tent and then came back out to sit next to Olivia. He wrapped his arm around her, and they looked into the fire.


“So this is what you wanted?” Olivia asked. “This far from civilization?”


“You have to admit, it is quiet,” David said, kissing her neck. “And private, and it has a great view.” Olivia looked up at the stars and sighed in agreement. She turned to face him and kissed him deeply, bringing her hand up to his face and holding his cheek, as his arm wrapped around her waist. “There’s no one around for miles,” David whispered, as his hand began to sneak up Olivia’s shirt. She smiled as she kissed him, and he finally had to break their kiss so he could slip her shirt up and over her head. He ran his hands over her soft shoulders and down her strong arms, all the way to her hands, which he brought up and kissed gently.


“Now you,” Olivia said, tugging at his shirt. David complied, taking his shirt off and throwing it in a pile with hers. Olivia reached out and ran her hands up his chest, feeling the tight muscles of his abs and raking her fingernails against his skin. He was so strong and firm and Olivia wished he spent more time without a shirt on. Olivia looked at David as she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, slowly revealing her breasts to the moon and the desert around them.


David reached for her, his hand engulfing her breast. He massaged it, and she put her hand on his chest to steady herself. He focused on her, running his fingers over her nipple, pinching it and pulling gently on it while his other hand gently stroked her other breast. Olivia moaned at the twin sensations, one rough the other gentle, and she leaned into his touch. While his hands worked, he leaned down and kissed her.


“Lie back,” he whispered, and Olivia complied, slowly lowering herself down until she was flat on her back and stretched out before him. David got on his knees and stared at her beautiful body. He could see her perfect breasts and her flat stomach in the moonlight, and he wondered how he could possibly be so lucky. He moved, hovering over her, and then he leaned down and kissed her on the mouth, his tongue sliding over hers, and she sucked on his lower lip, and David moaned in response. He brought his head lower and kissed her right breast and then her left, and then he brought his hands up and massaged her breasts, making Olivia moan and writhe beneath him. He kissed the space between her breasts and the sensitive skin all around them, and then he kissed and bit at her left nipple while his hand gently stroked the other.


Olivia writhed underneath him, lost in the sensation of his rough mouth and his gentle hands. She buried her hands in his hair and moaned his name as he continued. He moved his way up from her breast to her neck, biting and nibbling at the nape of her neck until he was back at her mouth, kissing her passionately. He brought his hands down on her wrists, pinning her to the ground.


“Stay just like that,” he said. Olivia nodded and watched as he moved down and unzipped her jeans. She kicked off her shoes, and he shimmied her pants and her panties down her long legs until she was finally free of them. She forced herself to resist the urge to cover up; she let her body lie naked and exposed under the stars. She watched as David stood up and pulled his pants off, tossing them to the side, leaving him wearing only his boxers, his erection visible through the fabric.


David knelt between Olivia’s knees, and then he kissed her left leg and then her right. Goosebumps erupted over her sensitive skin, and his mouth and his tongue kissed her in places she had never been kissed before. He worked his way down her legs, kissing her lower stomach and then kissing lower before finally slipping his tongue between her folds. Olivia could feel his warm wet tongue inside of her stroking her in just the right way. She moaned out loud, into the night sky. Her body was writhing underneath his, and she brought her hands up to run them through his hair, urging him on. David’s tongue found her clit and he began to work his tongue over it in long and lazy strokes that slowly built her orgasm up inside of her. It was intense—almost too much. Olivia was already desperately close. 


“Yes,” she whispered, and then louder, “David, yes!” His tongue was driving her wild and she was already close to finishing. As her body tensed for that release, David suddenly pulled away from her.


“Wait for me,” he said, as he sat back up on his knees. Olivia felt her body twitch underneath him, and she wanted to cry out in frustration. She had been so close, and he had so cruelly stopped. She was desperate for his touch. She was wet, and her body ached for any touch from him. He was only inches away, torturing her with his mere presence. 


Olivia remained on her back, as David came forward and lay down on the blanket next to her. He was on his back, and he reached out for Olivia. She smiled, as she rolled over and put her legs on either side of him, straddling him. She was desperate to have him inside of her and she took his member in her hand and guided it into her. Taking a deep breath as he entered her all the way, he gave out a loud groan and gripped her hips tightly.


Olivia began to move with him inside of her. She sat up, and her hips did all the work as she closed her eyes. She could feel his cock, as it slid past her clit and made her shudder with each contact no matter how slight. He reached up and took her breasts in each of his hands, massaging them as she continued to rock on top of him. She could feel every centimeter of him inside of her, she could feel him on her inner walls, and the sensation was almost too much to bear.


“Olivia, yes,” David moaned, and his hands moved to her hips. He gripped her tightly and guided her, moving to match her rhythm. Olivia opened her eyes and looked up at the stars above her and then at David below her. She put her hands on his chest and continued to move her hips, as her body tensed and shuddered.


“Oh, David, yes, more, please,” she whispered. She writhed over his body, moving herself against his cock, each contact creating electricity between them. Each movement forward and back brought her closer to her orgasm, Olivia opened her eyes, looked out into the desert, and then looked up at the stars, and she pushed her body against David’s. She was moving fast now; she was so close again, and this time she knew she couldn’t stop. She had to come; she had to finish. She was so close and so desperate for that release.


“Yes, yes!” she cried out as her body tensed. She could begin to feel her orgasm as it approached. Her entire body tightened, and then she lost control as her baser instincts took over. She thrust against him uncontrollably, as David groaned and pushed as deep into her as possible. Wave after wave of pleasure pounded her body, as she screamed out his name and then, finally spent, collapsed on top of him.

BOOK: Bound by Lies (God's Reapers MC Book 3)
4.25Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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