Cameron, Paige - A Fling with the Billionaire Cowboy [Wives for the Western Billionaires 5] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic)

BOOK: Cameron, Paige - A Fling with the Billionaire Cowboy [Wives for the Western Billionaires 5] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic)
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Wives for the Western Billionaires 5

A Fling with the Billionaire Cowboy

Dirk Brodie met Chelsea Pearce overseas. He proposed, but she refused. No cowboy for her. Still, neither has forgotten the other.


Now she's in danger. Dirk, with help, rescues Chelsea, but she's emotionally and physically drained. Dirk fights his desires while helping her recover.


He takes her to his ranch to avoid the press. Desire swirls around them, and they agree to have a fling. But Dirk already loves her. He has to convince her she'd enjoy being a cowboy's wife.


Chelsea grew up on a farm and doesn't have good memories. Still, she is starting to love the ranch life and Dirk. Is their love strong enough for her to choose marriage over her career?


Her boss offers Chelsea her dream job. She goes to New York to check it out, and Dirk is certain she'll never return. Can the career woman say no to the bright lights?


Contemporary, Western/Cowboys
42,334 words


Wives for the Western Billionaires 5

Paige Cameron


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Wives for the Western Billionaires 5


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Dirk Brodie opened the hotel room and stood back to let Chelsea Pearce enter. Tonight she’d worn a skintight, shimmering green dress that hugged her curves and made her dark-green eyes glow like emeralds. He shut the door and put the lock on.

She strolled across the room and opened the French doors to the balcony. The scent of sea air and flowers blew in to the room. Dirk poured a shot of bourbon for him and a bourbon and Coke for her. He followed her out onto the dark deck.

“I made you a drink.” He handed her the glass. The clink of the ice sounded loud in the still night. “You seem thoughtful tonight. Is something bothering you?”

Chelsea turned and smiled. “To us.” They clicked their glasses. “We go back to work tomorrow.”

Dirk took her glass and his and walked back into the bedroom. “Then we don’t have any time to waste.

Her seductive walk was enough to send a man’s temperature rising. She came right up to his body, put her arms around his neck, and kissed him.

“Then what are we waiting for?” Her words purred against his mouth.

Reaching behind her, he slid the zipper down, and the dress fell to the floor. Moonlight coming in the window etched her curvy body in silver. Underneath she wore a tiny bra made of lace, and matching bikini panties. The white lace glowed against porcelain skin. Short, red hair curled around her head.

His dick had hardened when her gown fell to the floor. Heat pulsed in every nerve in his body. His hunger for her never seemed to go below simmer.

“Are you going to look at me all night?”

“I’m always amazed at your beauty. The times between our meetings I’d think you couldn’t possibly be as beautiful as I remembered. Then I see you and know my memories were right.”

He took hold of her hand and kissed her palm. Going up her arm, he lingered at her wrist, his tongue licking the spot where her heart pounded. The next stop was the inside of her elbow. Slowly he moved upward to her shoulder and neck. Little tremors had started in her body.

Dirk reached behind her and unfastened the wisp of lace and let it drop to the floor. His hands cupped her full, soft breasts. She took a deep breath and moaned. His thumbs rubbed across her pebbled nipples. Chelsea gripped his head as his mouth closed over one breast. Her fingers ran through his thick black hair.

“Lay me on the bed and go inside me,” she pleaded.

“We have all night, my love. Be patient.” He kissed her soft skin where her neck and shoulder met. Her pulse beat fast against his lips. His teeth nibbled at the edge of her jaw.

Sliding down, he put his face in between her breasts and took a deep breath of her enticing scent. Going straight downward, his lips caressed the tender skin of her abdomen. He held her snugly at her hips. Then he rubbed his face across the soft hair covering her pink folds. His desire shot up his spine. His cock hard and ready to plunge in her. He stood, lifted Chelsea onto the bed, and spread her legs. His mouth covered her clit, and she screamed his name.

“Ready?” He left her for a moment to throw off his clothes and put on a condom. Back at the bed, he straddled her body. She’d watched his every move and now held her arms out to him.

Dirk leaned over her and ran his tongue around her peaked nipple. He suckled each breast before moving down and kissing her nub. Her body rose up to meet his lips. His tongue rubbed across her clit and along her folds. When he came to her pussy opening, his tongue darted inside.

Chelsea bucked and begged him to take her. Dirk teased her a little more and then positioned his hard cock and plunged into her tight, wet pussy.

She met his every stroke and took him deeper inside her pussy. Her hands grabbed his butt and held him tight. She was hot and wild. She bucked under him. Pleasure burst into every part of his body as he felt her pussy pulsing and clenching around him. He heard her yell as his orgasm hit him hard. He kept his cock tight against her womb as they began to recover.

Their hearts were pounding, and the tremors slowly subsided. He rolled to keep his weight off her, but he held her close to the side of his body. A faint sheen of perspiration covered both of them. His heart still pounded like a jackhammer.

Gradually their breathing returned to normal. He could feel her breaths slowing. She moved out of his embrace and took a thin, short, see-through gown off a hanger, slipping it on as she walked back out on the veranda. Palm trees hid her partially, but not completely. Dirk put his hands behind his head and observed her standing like a gorgeous statue some sculptor had created and left for all to admire. She appeared to hardly breathe.

Dirk got out of bed. He pulled on his pants and walked out and stood behind her.

“Why don’t you tell me what you’ve been thinking about all weekend,” she said.

“How did you know I had something to say?”

“You’re easy to read.” She turned to face him. “You’ve been quieter these past two days. And you’ve started to speak several times then changed your mind.”

“You’re more observant than I thought.” He smiled at her. “Wait here.” He got their drinks and a light blanket.

“I’ll put our bourbon on this table and we can snuggle in this chair with the blanket over us.”

“Are you a prude, Dirk? You don’t approve of my attire for the balcony?”

“I don’t like others seeing what is mine.”

She walked toward him, but raised her eyebrows. “I don’t remember when I became yours.

He sat and pulled her down, and then spread the blanket over them. “Relax. Don’t get your back up. You’re right. I do want to talk with you.” He hugged her tight. “My contract is up in two weeks, and I’m going home.”

Chelsea raised herself so she could see his face. “Home?”

“To Montana. I’m returning to my roots. I’m going to be a cowboy again.”

“You’re teasing, right?”

“Nope. What I wanted to ask was would you go back with me as my wife?”

Her mouth dropped open. She jumped off the chair and stood over him, the blanket held tight around her. “You know being a foreign correspondent is my career. I need to be where the action is happening to report it to our people at home.”

“You want to be there. Someone else would do the news if you didn’t. You put yourself in danger and take too many chances.”

A frown formed across her brow. She paced across the small concrete area. “You,” she looked directly at him. “You don’t take my work seriously. It’s not important to you.”

Dirk stood and took hold of her shoulders. “I admire your work, but it’s not important enough to lose your life. You’ve been lucky. But luck runs out eventually. Come home now while you’re ahead. I love you. I’ll take care of you.”

He pulled a diamond ring from his pants pocket. She flung her hand angrily at his hand holding the ring. The engagement ring hit the concrete. It lay shining in the silver light.

“I don’t need anyone to take care of me, and living as the wife of a cowboy would be the last thing I’d ever do.”

She stormed into the bedroom. He heard her throwing clothes and other items into her suitcase. It had been late when they’d come back from dinner and dancing. Faint sunlight began to lighten the sky. Dirk stared out across the ocean as the day began.

When she’d finished, she came to the balcony. He didn’t turn. “I’ll catch a ride to the airport and head back to the war zone to do my unimportant job.”

He didn’t move until he heard the door snap shut. Then he picked up the ring he’d chosen with such care and slipped it into his pocket. His heart ached but not only because he’d lost the woman he loved. He feared she’d run into danger eagerly following the next big story, and she’d lose her life.

He was ready to go home. Working overseas for eight years was long enough. He wanted to be close to his family and eventually marry and have a family of his own. But first, he had to get Chelsea Pearce out of his head and heart.

BOOK: Cameron, Paige - A Fling with the Billionaire Cowboy [Wives for the Western Billionaires 5] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic)
6.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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