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She took it and saw that it was a cross on a thick gold chain, smiled excitedly.
All witnessed the scene thoughtfully. It was the right time to announce a wedding, so why hesitate? Arsène looked shy, insecure, like a gallant knight in Last Crusade.
During lunch, Adrien Boudelle bluntly asked why he did not speak with her daughter in private, he authorized him. In the eye of the gentleman had fear, insecurity.

It might not be the time to speak, replied Monsieur Boudelle drank from his cup and pewter.
Oh, do not delay, Agnes is changed, is happy and satisfied. But the ladies are changing again fear attack sadness and melancholy, the goldsmith thought watching his daughter. The change in her was remarkable, after the sad episode of Saint Martin. And that change could only be due to Arsène gentleman. Would I ha
ve the courage to tell this
Both joined the round and danced in the spacious lounge this Christmas, looked and seemed to understand without words. A picture beautiful
and touching. The brave knight of the king
and the beautiful Paris.
In the village of M. Boudelle, goldsmith and golden guild membership is Agnes decided the fate of the most beautiful maiden in the city ...

We will never rest until someone ensure she will not be eternal Madeleine. Our daughter is of marriageable age and this time should be decided Boudelle Master said.
His wife nodded.
I'll talk to Agnes

Arsène said only marry her if she accepted willingly, for he was a gentleman and his honor was first. Or must say pride, for he loved the girl dearly and would have refused a forced marriage ...

You have our blessing Gauvin Knight said the goldsmith.
I thank Master

Boudelle but I ask you not oblige your daughter to accept my request. Just tell him what to think calmly.
Madame Boudelle intervened saying they do not force her to make such a decision.

Daughter, you must make a decision. Arsène Knight wants you to be his wife but also wants him willingly ACCEPT.
Agnes was helping the Beguine in the orchard and was very busy that day. He thought calmly in the words of his mother and that his life would change whatever their decision. He liked the gentleman, was gentle and well


If you marry the gentleman I miss nothing and live in Tourenne, in a castle. In winter you can come and visit you often. Think about it calmly daughter, is a good man, a gentleman of the king. And I have affection. But if you think that you
accept further delay your decision. Is coming feast of the Epiphany, then come February and will be very intense cold for such a long journey.
She nodded. The Beguine winked and when her mother was gone he said, 'Agnes, you will make a wise choice if you accept the king's knight. Very soon will kill the sorcerer and we thank you have been your suitor who captured him. He is also handsome, and his manners are charming, and they say that all the ladies of the palace pining for him.
Agnes smiled and wordlessly Beguine continued market

A lady also said that now that he has titles and fortune, many daughters and nieces of the courtiers wanted to catch him but he ... The completely ignores them all. Because his heart is already smitten by another lady, which only know she is beautiful and has long golden hair.

Beguine, I like the knight Gauvin, but do not love him then said Agnes, speaking because his mother was not around. His eyes were fixed on the garden, and in the bushes covered with dry leaves. It was cold but it was the hottest time of the day and decided to use it. I was not going to church, because the sheriff had told his father that someone had seen the Count of Montpellier prowling the city. It was like a prisoner in her own home.

Oh, my dear girl, love comes later, always. Just you know, but it seems a respectful and gentle man, very handsome and I will tell ... No worries about that.
'But I'll go to a foreign land if you accept Beguine, to a faraway place. Tourenne is many miles from Paris.

Well, it's true. But there are further afield. Also you need a suitable husband, to protect you from the dangers of this world and Arsène is right in my opinion. Well do not forget that you kidnapped twice the bastard of Provence, whose name I
even pronounce. And now apparently is back in Paris, oh, there will be no peace until you leave from here and the good knight care and protect you from all evil.
Wise words. More convincing
than the pleas of his mother. The Beguine was right, was not sure in Paris, and if that gentleman insisted ... He had not forgotten, and did not know what kind of spell had made him so powerful, why could not forget him or stop thinking about him. Despite his cowardice, his dishonest intentions. Agnes was afraid and wanted to see him, and I knew it could not happen because end yielding to their whims. And I could see her future lover turned into Count of Montpellier. His parents die of disgust what she could be happy? He doubted it. So better take this bandit head and heart sooner.
By mid
afternoon Agnes had made a decision and their parents were the first to know.
Oh dear, you have made a wise decision, 'said his mother excitedly.

Talk to the gentleman immediately Gauvin said his father fearing that her daughter repent.
Lots to do, a wedding should be organized without haste, the suit, the banquet, the church ...
In the royal palace reigned concern. The prisoner should be executed after Kings but shortly before that happened made a confession. He said he was innocent of the scriptures and kissed the cross and cried desperately begging forgiveness.
The king visited him in his cell and then spoke to his closest knights, but Arsène was not among them. I was beginning to have serious doubts. What if perhaps it was not the sorcerer?
Her Majesty, the city lives in peace without strange happenings. Perhaps moved by despair prisoner denies everything.
But the king had his doubts and sent a messenger to the kingdom of Aragon, hitherto suspending execution of the prisoner.
Hearing, Arsène paled. His bright future together with Agnes, who finally had accepted him was like a dream that slowly began to fade. He cursed his luck and regretted having left till Christmas, thinking I had to leave before Tourenne ...
He had to do something, anything before the deception was discovered and fell from grace.
Boudelle Agnes attended a Sunday Mass with his family, and to leave the sacred precincts his mother insisted that they were looking for a market for silk wedding dress. Then, while a
llowing for
trick he wanted to charge too much for a young blue velvet thought it was the second time her mother was excited with the preparations for a wedding then you may not be conducted. First was the merchant's son and now ... Something made him fear that this marriage is not held. Nonsense thought.


said a voice.
In front of her was Philippe Guillaume, his former fiance and took a while to recognize.

Philippe replied watching with surprise. It looked the same, had lost the sparkle in his eyes and his skin, as if it had been through a difficult experience that completely transformed. Had been the night he spent in jail when he was caught celebrating a mass false?

You are beautiful, Agnes. They said they are going to marry the hero of chivalry, is it true?
She nodded and Philippe was serious when he said how much he regretted what happened.
Recalling the episode the girl shuddered, then not much affect the youth that commit mischief, though his parents were very angry and condemned, but the encounter with the false sorcerer. It really was scared.

Philippe I forgive you, go in peace, 'said the young man in a hurry.
When his mother saw the young Guillaume gave her bad ways, furious, as she stared at the young Goliardo strangely. How had changed, it seemed young and daring rogue who had courted her for some time, seemed really sorry and sad.

Go cheeky rascal, come this way! Oh, I should bring to beguine. But she was so busy ...

His mother complained.
She's different, 'said the girl as they left the market.

Philippe? Yes, it happened a few days in prison. No longer mocks the liturgy with his friends while I say something goliards my daughter, those rascals never change, they are like wolves in sheep. After lamb skin ... They have the wolf, yes sir! Madame Guillaume, his mother, was very offended with us off the wedding. As if we could accept you into our family after what he did with his friends.
But Agnes was no longer listening, his eyes fixed on a black gentleman walking toward her coat. It could not be, then it was true that he was back in Paris.
A terror and intense emotion enveloped her when she was approached and his eyes never left his. He had escaped from Saint Martin and his seduction plans, but her feelings for him were still very much alive, had not Forget and judging by his look it either.

Who are you and why Monsieur you look at my daughter that way? Her mother asked annoyed.
Questioned, Count of Montpellier smiled, made a long and lovely bow and presented as a squire of the king: Antoine de Fontaine, Arsène friend of Gauvin.
Such credentials very favorably impressed Boudelle Madame, who did not know in person the abductor of his daughter and therefore could not tell the truth. Ignoring this detail greeted delighted to squire while her daughter watched both indecisive and troubled. Why the hell did not betray to Louis and his mother told him his real name? Why particip
ated allowing this lie,
gentleman his mother with his charming manner?
She was relieved and troubled when the young gentleman walked away.
What squire so well

bred, someone thought it would be more important to judge by his clothes, 'said his mother watching the receding Count taking long strides.
And then forgetting the incident, Madame Boudelle showed his daughter proudly velvet.
The Beguine the waiting impatiently and dazzled with velvet, but said that blue was not appropriate for a bride. Someone had told him that was bad luck.

Oh, what nonsense you say Beguine! Madeleine cried, shaking his head.
Marry before Easter, and had time to get new clothes and arrange other details now that he had finally said yes.
But that night, alone in her room she refused to think about her wedding with Arsène since the encounter with the gentleman of Montpellier had left very upset. It could not be, was a fool. He must forget this rogue, this seductive and tell him to leave her alone and she was determined to marry the gentleman Gauvin.



But the Count of Montpellier had other plans and wrote a message the next day, "I need to see you in church, I must speak, please come to the ninth hour."
He tossed the parchment in the fire, he had found his feather pillow to wake up and wonder how on earth had come to that place.
Of course I would not go to church at that time. It was very cold and also did not trust his words or in his intentions. Did not know he was betrothed to the knight Arsène?
But the Count insisted and days later had the audacity to come to your home, pretending to be Antoine de Fontaine, Esquire real. I needed a sword and a cross with a new chain he had lost his.
Goldsmith attended your order pleased and very soon they were talking about the sorcerer, the crusades that the king planned to ... And Master goldsmith thought it was a subject very friendly and knowledgeable of all important matters, so I invited him to lunch with his family.
Agnes turned pale when he saw him come through the front door, first lost color but then regained it and blushed like a rose while stuttered a greeting.
His mother, who witnessed the scene frowned. Her daughter was very nervous and the young squire, well, I could not blame him, Agnes was beautiful and it was not surprising that not out of sight. But it was not right or prudent to converse alone moments later.
Tried to intervene but her husband called and then he remembered the case both were sitting at the table at a safe distance.
Before leaving the wily Count gave a message in the hands of the young. And this, surprised and grip of a major upheaval took.
"My Fair Agnes:
I very much regret what happened in Saint Martin, please forgive me. "
Your loyal servant
L. M.
Fire quickly threw the message, nobody should see it because if the true identity of the visitor was discovered ... What madness had driven him to his father's shop posing as a squire of the king? Is not afraid of being discovered?
That night he could hardly sleep, and when he did not did more than dream about it and having strange dreams.
And although midmorning knew never forgive Montpellier had left his presence disturbed and nervous.
Other messages received increasingly insistent, begging forgiveness and promising marriage, but they were just words. Besides she forgot Arsène marry?
I was a bit intrigued that this does not appear to greet her as she often before commitment. His father had said that the palace would have important issues to resolve, but Agnes knew they had to be so estranged from his absence as herself.

Just one word my beautiful, a word from you and wait for time to tell me and I promise I will talk to your parents whispered the count that night at dinner.
It had started to snow and it was not anything that was safe again to the village of goldsmiths. Is not afraid of being recognized by someone?
She did not answer. And he continued, in a barely audible voice:

Forget Arsène, I will marry you, I swear beautiful Agnes. If you accept me I will make you my wife.
Again promises, but the words were not enough for them and do not forget that even though appeared remorseful and tormented by his previous conduct of the priory in the village, he had planned to seduce her, without any promises of marriage. Why should I trust now? Oh, I should not
hear, did nothing, but
with that voice, and with his presence.

I beg you to leave me alone Louis, or I will speak to my parents and tell him who you really are, she threatened him. But in his eyes there was firmness and knew the young count still remained hopeful.
The appearance of Arsène Gauvin, made like a bandit fled, hiding first the servants and then sneaking out the back door. After recovering from the shock of discovery let out a few curses.
Boudelle Adrien and his wife received the gentleman with excitement and enthusiasm, however noted that this seemed dismayed. They greeted without enthusiasm and asked Agnes, who had sneaked into her room shortly before without anyone noticing.

We are joined by a squire of the king, Monsieur Fontaine. You must know him.
Arsène barely heard the words of the goldsmith, or agreed to share with them a plate of roast beef covered with plum sauce, ginger and garlic, seemed restless, nervous.

What Gauvin Knight? You bring bad mood. Did something happen in the palace? Boudelle Madame asked, puzzled, as he sent the Beguine in search of his daughter.
The gentleman pretended that nothing bad happened, and in an effort to calm herself sat down and told them what happened.

I have sent a message Tourenne, land that King gave me. Apparently relatives of their former owners claim possession of them and I have to travel soon. But I do not want to do it alone and talked with Father Anselmo to grant us special dispensation to advance the wedding.
Boudelle Madeleine gasped in surprise.

Knight, still did not finish the wedding dress of my daughter complained to look of consternation.
Her husband, more practical and sensible said it did not matter, though it seemed rushed to marry so fast, he had his approval.
Arsène nodded relieved, as there would be supported in these difficult times that the parents of the girl objected. It too had to think about after his majesty sent the letter to the king of Aragon, who sent him that I recognized the prisoner who claimed to be the sorcerer Alfonso because this swore on the Holy Scriptures be innocent and he could not convict who repent of their sins.
But his spies had told him something far more disturbing: that someone had sent letters to his majesty, saying he had seen the true necromancer Spanish in Boulegne forests, casting evil spells and rituals celebrating. And that Arsène had cheated.
The king had not believed in the cards, the fire had thrown annoying, however if everything was discovered who he would be in prison. Do not bother to find out who was the author of these anonymous, some resentful courtier or this relative of the king who seemed very offended after he had spurned the chance to marry his niece. What mattered now, his life was in danger and so he had begun to plan how to get rid of the necromancer once the cemetery and out of self doubt.
Then, I would not stay another day in the palace. He had delayed his departure too, because of the beautiful, but now it was time to leave and live in peace.
Agnes saw him alone in the dining room, it was like a light angel with golden hair and eyes like two lighted candles, cheeks flushed. Unable to contain and building enclosure loneliness took her in his arms and kissed her passionately.
It was the first time he acted well and she scared him away, dizzy.

What is it? I see very strange

He pulled away slowly.
'I came to see you girl, you will soon be my wife and I hope then I turn away like a bandit.
She blushed and to learn from her that should advance the wedding felt a shudder through his body cold. It could not be.

There are problems Tourenne castle, I must travel in a few weeks, he said wondering why the girl looked so distant that night as if he suspected his sins and rejection he felt.
'But my clothes ... It is very cold now and will soon begin to snow knight Arsène, the journey will be difficult.
Yes, the weather was diabolical, he also had thought, but alas by St. Thaddeus! He had to flee Paris before it was too late.

I will give a few days for that you should fill your cabinets with dresses and coats, and with all that ye will bring.
When the knight left
Agnes felt trapped. A few days around, was very little time.
His mother was in a bad mood, I hated the rush and did not understand why the gentleman came that day to change all their plans.

But we
organize a wedding in such a short time, I talk to the musicians. It was to be a party so pretty.
The goldsmith seemed annoyed, surprised by the sudden decision of Arsène gentleman. Although it was well understood that react in fear of losing the manor had bequeathed him the king but was greatly changed and began to fear that keep a secret. Never
seen him
in such,
a bad mood.
I doubt that the gentleman wants a banquet Gauvin, my wife said bleak

. And maybe we should do without.

Oh, no! His wife exclaimed in horror.
The bride sighed. He hated the rush, and a wedding banquet was nothing without. Marry and flee as fugitives ...
The Beguine was also concerned, and helped the young with their chests and then with the needle to finish the dress soon.
But I needed to buy more fabric and needles, thread, and all it should take a lady to a distant castle. Having heard that in some parts of the kingdom had no peddlers. A lame excuse to run errands and get away from home.
It was very cold, and walked quickly to his feet wrapped in a small boots would not freeze.
He had returned to write a message. He must be crazy, if a servant came to see those letters betray him and put her in trouble.
His heart always beat each time he sent him a letter. And that morning while walking through the market a man handed him a scroll rolled again with a white ribbon and seal of Montpellier. Before I could protest the unknown servant walked away and disappeared into the crowd from the main square.
"I Dream of Paris:
I have said that I will marry very soon with Arsene and I ask calmly ponder it. For the gentleman that your parents have great esteem and confidence is not only a liar and a felon. He has betrayed the King catching a sorcerer who is no sorcerer of Aragon without a single necromancer north. And now our monarch has concerns and has sent a letter to the king of those distant lands for someone to come to identify the most feared wizard of all Christendom.
Arsène fears discovery so he needs to rush their wedding, fearing to lose the reward he got with his trickery.
I beg you not you marry that man, soon catched him a traitor and if ye shall press you to take you Tourenne prison with him and no one can help you.
In anything I have lied and the Lord is faithful witness of my words. No you marry with Arsène. "
L.A. M.
A great agitation enveloped when finished reading the letter. It could not be true, Arsène was a gentleman of honor, could not have deceived the king or a traitor.

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