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She smiled at the thought as not imagine the imposing Tourenne Therese of hitting anyone. How old was he? He was much younger than her husband. Twenty

five, thirty?
When they reached the hall and saw the gentleman shook Arsène perhaps noticed Therese looked as though he said the word.
She could not understand what was wrong with their marriage, or why he was sleeping in another lot and barely ran a polite greeting when I saw then ignoring him as if his presence disturbed.
Now she saw him drinking in the company of his knights, while a beautiful girl named Sophie ran him admiring glances and one of his squires told in verse the adventures of Caen nun as she fondled her breasts.

Oh, my lovely lady nigh to the fire please, said at the time.
She looked embarrassed and hesitant Therese, and then fled the scene wondering why humiliated like that. What was done, what had offended him? Would consummate their marriage and then had forgotten in her husband causing such disappointment that he had not visited his bedroom?

Follow Madame, I will show the fish ponds.
The castle was like a miniature city, was the kitchen, the bakery, everything was prepared for his servants. There was a loft where he raised pigeons, and a large pond that provided fish which were then cooked in pots or barbecues grills, along with geese, chickens and other birds.
She busied collecting eggs and walking down that farm, forgetting your worries.
However, during dinner her husband, reproached his absence and mocked his request that all the servants had to attend Mass on Sundays.
Although later softened his manners and said it was not a bad idea to get tame these wild grooms.
Her maid helped her undress Annou, his black eyes watching everything and even seemed to know their worth.
'Your hair is like that of a princess Madame, as she said this while shining brushed it with a silver

handled brush and embedded stones.
But the image in the mirror was unhappy. The blue eyes filled with tears. Louis often thought, and her husband, who seemed to despise her and preferred the company of their pages and squires.

Lady, is a woman who can help her recover her husband then told her maid.
Agnes did not understand his words until the faithful Annou spoke of Madame Godelieve, a witch who lived in the castle.

But it's not a bad witch, she helps people, brought many children into the world and reportedly saved the previous count of dysentery as a child die.

Annou never would go to a witch, pray that our Lord will help me.
The maid did not insist, but had managed to arouse their curiosity. And when the next day he found the witch Godelieve started.

Blessed be Madame Countess, the Lord of many children. The old woman said with a bow.
It was a geezer of about eighty years, maybe more, arrugadísima face and dry skin with plenty of spots on his long, bony hands. Truly was almost skin and bones, wrapped in a padded dress as if the old still had some flirtation. The glazed eyes watched her lifeless attentive.
She greeted him unable to hide his disgust as the old, excitedly handed him a kind of amulet.

Take him my daughter, and you will see your husband as you want and makes you a child once. There's nothing like having a child in her arms.
The young countess took that piece of bone wrapped in a dirty cloth and blushed thinking that all the servants knew that her husband did not frequent his bed.
But not thanked him but told him that she had faith in God and did not need anything more than that. And Madame Godelieve should attend Mass weekly.

But my Lady, Madame Godelieve can barely walk,
climb those stairs to go to the chapel

old apologized and touched the end of her back with anguished expression.
And then walked away, before the countess insisted on the matter, limping painfully, complaining of his bones and for mercy to heaven for their pains.
The young countess looked at the amulet with growing disgust and as he did everything unpleasant threw nearest fire and then washed his hands and said a prayer.
Time had become inhospitable, cold had frozen fields and she caught a cold and must stay in bed a few days drinking herbal teas Therese, that company telling him tales of wizards and princesses.

How old are you? Agnes asked after blowing your nose loudly.
Therese said thirty

two and almost inadvertently told him his life. She was the daughter of an impoverished marquis had made a good marriage to marry that relative Tourenne waited inherit land and titles when former Earl died without heirs, but the king had changed his aspirations to deliver the gentleman Tourenne Gauvin.

Too bad, I'm sorry then said Agnes.

It was a decision of the king and accept, my husband has some land to the north, maybe we leave after the Count not need us here.

No, please do not leave Therese.
His brown eyes smiled grateful, but the lady knew it was inevitable, they could not stay there forever living as the poor relations of the late Earl Tourenne.

I like living here Comptesse Madame, but I have to follow my husband.
Her husband, who was a man twice her age and was unattractive, treated her with respect and affection. They used to take walks around the grounds or meet mid

afternoon to chat or read a book. But his ...

Oh Therese, please do not leave, I am so unhappy! My husband prefers the company of this girl named Sophie! Agnes sobbed uncontrollably.
The cold seemed to have increased their sadness, for days that her husband was not going to visit her and knew her maid's room haunting the girl Sophie.
Therese told him to calm down, that Sophie was a girl of light behavior.

Besides the gentleman Arsène ...

Annou saw him in his room.
Given that statement Therese was silent and looked down, but had to comfort the young countess and searched for the right words.
'It's difficult at first, the first time after ... It'll be better.
'But my marriage is a facade Therese. Not a real marriage in name only ...
Therese blushed to understand the true meaning of these words.
I am afraid that somehow disappointed, and do not know why, because I swear I did not do anything ... But after our first night here, he wanted to get close to me but then I do not know what happened ...

Why do not you talk to him, do not you ask him? Your husband is not a stranger.
Agnes shook her head.

For what is Therese, is like a stranger, I dare not. Oh, I could not even tell you why I reject and repudiate seems my company.
Therese embraced and recommended patience not knowing what to say or understand the strange attitude of Arsène gentleman to his poor wife.

Pray, and see how everything is resolved, the Lord will help you. Now you must drink this soup and my teas, you need
to recover
She obeyed and felt more reassured.
He slept until shortly after the noise woke her locks, someone entered the room and despite being a bit asleep heard stealthy steps.
Someone approached her but did not want to be discovered. The feeling was eerie, I could hear her breathing accelerated fury and aroma. He began to tremble when he learned that he was: Arsène, who was watching her with a strange expression of anger in his eyes. As if the hated, his eyes were fixed on her figure.
Suddenly hesitant stepped up to face her.

Arsène, what happens? Agnes said.
I could not keep pretending to be asleep, afraid that her husband, oh, did not dare to imagine but for an instant feared that he wanted to kill her.
He looked at him without answering, his eyes fixed on hers, penetrating hostile and alien. Until spoke quietly but could not hear what he said, until he said my bride

Rest, you see fatigued.
Weary was not the word, they should have said so terrified when I saw Agnes felt so close to her bed, so close but so far away in body and spirit. When she moved away felt a huge relief.





Now the feast of Easter and the castle was much enthusiasm as the new Earl of Tourenne expected to throw a party and greet their noble neighbors.
But that day Agnes received a letter from his mother that filled her with anxiety and thought I should show it to her husband. This took surprised, and read, as if the letter was unclear or would reread it, she was not sure.
His eyes met hers, was not the first time I ran this reproachful look but this time there was more. Fear??
—They are gossips, wife. These peasants have never seen the true sorcerer, or know anything about him. Probably never got to learn that Amir was Alfonso led the real dungeons and died long ago. I apprehend then said holding her gaze.
Then he said he was in a hurry and walked away, without giving more importance to the matter.
But she stared at the letter concerned. His mother just tell that they had seen the sorcerer in the county of Provence, participating in a demonic ritual with a group of demons and witches. And that His Majesty did not think they were mere rumors and had sent his men to investigate.
Because it was also seen in a place called Périgueux. The locals came to this belief in medicine and then discovered it was not the land but the great kingdom of Aragon. The king had sent a delegation to make inquiries.
But the countess had also received another letter, and jealously guarded secret in a pocket of his surcoat and went for a walk to read it from the castle, not daring to open near her husband.
Louis Era, but signed as Fontaine's squire.
"My beautiful lady without mercy, as I have told you will soon find the true sorcerer and who was killed in prison was not a poor sorcerer the cemetery. May your husband deceived us all and receive your punishment when the true necromancer is found.
It is prudent for you to stay in Touraine, Agnes, I greatly fear for your future. When the king of the arrest warrant, to inquire of you and you will be accused of complicity. And not all my influence can help you.
I talked to your parents and they are very alarmed by this situation. They fear for you beautiful, and I can pasaros when they bring you to the palace.
Also then I will snatch the lands and titles obtained by Arsène false arrest the wizard, you will find yourself in misery.
I look forward both to deliver you from a fate so cruel and undeserved.
Therefore I ask you to think calmly and accept my help.
A messenger will go and hunt me in seven days, five days before Easter. You should follow him, he will show you my ring and you can trust him. Be presented in the castle as a young merchant who is passing for Champagne fair. The safe will you, will take you into the forest where it waits a retinue of knights.
I beg you to follow my instructions, when this nightmare ends'll be free to marry me. It's what my heart desires Agnes, and I know that yours. Trust me, I want to help him escape from unhappiness. "
Fleeing misery, danger, ruin would come to the castle. But Arsène had barely paid attention to the letter from his mother, he was not afraid to find the sorcerer. He had caught the true and everything could be a vile intrigue. A malicious rumor.
But it was not the first time Louis was accused of having deceived the King, shortly before his wedding he had said and then did not believe him.
He put the letter and kept it for the first time. Because I felt relieved to read these lines, feeling her perfume, her thoughts about him. She was worried about her and talked to her parents. The lead them to safety. Tourenne would flee and no longer thought the count would not fulfill their promises.
While returning to the castle again had the sense of being spied on, and suddenly he saw. It was one of the knights of her husband, who liked to tell stories about the nun of Caen. But this time it was seen smiling and his face flushed from drinking too much wine. Wrapped in the dense forest seemed like another person, a little animal spying attentive to Mrs. Castle, following in his footsteps and then tell the Earl of Touraine.
But it would have been read the letter? Oh, what had been neglected.
Tourenne Madame, it is not wise to bear walks alone. I was taking care of her as my Lord commanded me, 'said the squire then reddish mane.
I thank you, she said, and walked away.
The cold was intense, and there was a blizzard coming north that stirred everything around: trees, branches ...
He watched the farm and the cottages of the peasants in the distance thinking maybe soon leave behind the castle. But he felt no shame as she had never felt like home Tourenne.
—Agnes, where were you? She asked her husband to get to the weapons room.
Without knowing why, began to tremble at his penetrating gaze.
—I went for a walk in the woods.
You took your coat—No, Ma'am, Arsène observed.
She walked away in a hurry, thinking he had been unwise away because now the squire knew that Pierre was watching, probably on the orders of her husband, because this was suspicious. Or afraid to run away with her beloved Louis.
As if aware of their thoughts, and the other letters she had thrown into the fire.
The searched his alarmed
but realized it was gone, that surely had lost their way and if Arsène came to find her, then I would be lost.
It was the last night before the appointed day, where would the messenger of Montpellier and clouded afternoon, sparking a fierce storm.
Thunder, lightning and thunder exploded around the castle, scaring the servants crossed themselves each time a thunder seemed to shake the thick walls of the fortress.
Agnes prayed to cease that time possessed, for the rain to calm this fear that lightning destroyed the castle.
I was very upset, he could not find the message and Arsène Louis had been very strange that day, looking as if guessing his most secret thoughts.
He had spent much of the day praying in his room, with a slight headache, but the storm had forced out as a frightened little animal, leaving his cave.
— Lady What terrible weather! Jesus said his maiden breaking into his room.
Agnes had changed her dress for dinner, she knew her husband was waiting and could not miss. Although would rather eat in your room, you'd know that this night could not eat anything.
—Oh, my Lady, let me brush your hair. I see tired. And this storm, puts us all so nervous. It seems the devil's night—had told his faithful servant while brushing her hair and placed the veil.
The young countess thought tonight would be eternal and the betray his nerves. Her husband remained very quiet during dinner and barely tasted the delicious feast, nor drank wine.
'But you see my lady scared, do you fear the storm as a kid? She said suddenly looking at her with a smiling expression.
She nodded and continued:
—You must not be afraid of difficulties, I left this worst trances.
His words were strange, but seemed to have a special meaning. Did he know he was trying to flee, he would have read the letter? But he had never mentioned, nor had questions. As if it were necessary.
Therese intervened talking about the storm and her husband nodded, but his gaze was still strange.
God, I should never marry him, was so different before, but I had to realize that the marriage would not be easy when you have the heart in love with another man, she thought happy to retire to bed. Although feared that night could not sleep.
Dawned calm, but everything was wet.
The Countess of Tourenne woke up late and asked if I would come to the castle of Count messenger and if he had the courage to run away with him.
But time had to delay his arrival that day as there was no accommodation for visitors to request Tourenne's strength.
Therese invited her to his room so
tapestries to decorate the castle on Easter. Agnes agreed pleased to kill time and push away those dark thoughts.
When she knew died on that day would not come to her rescue, and he should be patient and wait.
Easter came and there was a big celebration at the castle. Fishes are roasted and cooked cakes and poured plenty of wine. The peasants gathered to celebrate with their families, but no relatives went to visit them Tourenne. Arsène did not, at least had never mentioned Boudelle and family could not make such a long journey at that time.
The counts went to Mass at an early hour, carrying lighted candles and olive branches, took communion and then attended the luncheon with his guests.
The storm had passed but the cold was prolonged, were the last cold winter. Soon, perhaps the spring began.
Agnes looked hopefully at the distance as he walked through the gardens in the afternoon, his thoughts were calm that day but felt uneasy thinking Louis. Dare to go to his squire Tourenne and her escape from the castle? There were so many guards and squires guarding the entrance and the forest! It would take a crew of men to rescue her.
Upon returning, his steps were crossed with the witch Godelieve. The old woman smiled showing his toothless mouth, his eyes looking devious and evil seemed to be plotting something.
—Madame Countess, that the Lord give you long life, said in greeting making an exaggerated bow.
She nodded and tried to move on because that old dread and disgust caused him. But this time not as soon be rid of the annoying woman, who seemed eager to talk to her. Something was up.
I have something to give, to be no longer so worried. It's a secret.
He said the crone and laughed as she hoped was interested in "the secret".
—Madame Godelieve not accept their love potions again.
The witch turned her head like a chicken curious, excited as he walked with a clumsy gait and puny.
—The beautiful Countess that her husband should know the plot and monitor all the time, started and looked sinister glances around as if afraid of being heard — that is dying to play it but
because someone made poison into his wine glass all night. Someone wants to remain chaste lady to other arms. Someone in this castle. Do not believe me Madame? You think I'm old and dull, stupid and bad ear? But Madame Godelieve and hear many things and others, I know that the maids visit every day to ask me spells to attract a waiter who resists. Or because they hope to get rid of the fruit of his escapes into the woods late at night ...
—Oh please, Madame Godelieve, you have lost sanity
The young lady wanted to leave but the old, wily and blocked his way with their glassy eyes seemed to bewitch aging but brilliant.
—Wait, I want to help Madame Countess. So beautiful and so unhappy because of the evil of that castle. So beautiful and proud,
even imagine. But it is true, Madame does not lie. Madame Godelieve knows many things.
Agnes stopped and stared.
— What are you talking Lady? His words are so confusing.
The old, beautiful happy that the bait boasted one by one to know everyone in the castle, servants, pages, mops, fishermen ...
And also the peasants who live in the neighboring village, so I tell them all none is legit, and one handful of coins (even many) people are able to poison his mother, yes Lord. They are thugs, brutes and
. Before the late Earl stole, stole flour, and all that was in the pantry. And the poor count, rest in peace: never suspected. A good man, a saint was. And left this world without knowing that a group of his men when he went to the Holy Land, entered his wife's quarters and abused the poor thing, that crazed with grief and shame fled to the convent. Yes, I was told the servants, telling them reveled hated those things because the lady that said she was proud and had a splendid dresses.

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