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Suddenly she felt dizzy and weak, that windowless room was like a dungeon. How could I resist?
He had the feeling that an eternity passed until the door opened again and that fateful night a maid appeared red hair and very dark eyes carrying a tray of food.
— What is happening? Why have me locked up here?
The servant advised him to feed. She could not answer your questions, without more, left closing the cell door with a crash.
Agnes would not prove anything more than fresh water, watched the dishes, chicken in sweet sauce and fresh fruit and fearing that he was poisoned discarded.
Then he heard the roar and screams coming from the upper floors of the castle and shuddered, remembering the words of the witch Godelieve. Rise of the servants, driven by the marriage of the cousins
of the late Earl. They longed for himself Tourenne ...
What I did not imagine the young countess was that someone else was behind the deadly rebellion.
Days passed, and food for the famine had finished beating him. Ceased to be heard thunder and screams
, everything seemed calm again which gave new hope. As if his prayers had been heard. Perhaps it would be released soon.
One morning a powerful beam of light came into the room and as he dressed and washed his hands and face the maid went back hair wearing red as fire breakfast and good news.
—Then come to fetch madame, M. de Tourenne want to see it said.
That simple sentence gave new hope. So would it be released? Does your husband had managed to quell the rebellion? But if so then why it had not been for her?
When he later learned that he had a new count of Tourenne shuddered. Who was and why no one had mentioned him?
A Annou was afraid to meet her when she arrived at the main site. Agnes hugged her and asked for her husband. The maid opened her big eyes and said nothing. As if I did not want to tell.
—You must follow madame said the squire irritably. They treated her like a prisoner.
She held her breath to reach the center of solar and view the tapestries broken or burned. Everything looked different, weapons and shields Tourenne had been replaced by other different. Like the paintings, and the portrait of the Madonna and Child that had so admired, where was I?
But someone was waiting in the shadows, and his
appearance was familiar.
See him
caused a great shock. So there she was the husband of Therese, with a sly expression and pride too much to bear. This moved away shortly afterwards after making a brief bow, leaving the place Louis Armand de Montpellier.
—Agnes Boudelle, you are more beautiful than I remembered he said at last.
She stepped back frightened, seized with a great excitement.
Louis, you did this, you have besieged the castle, you have destroyed. And what have you done with my husband?
— Do you mean the traitor of Gauvin Arsène? He fled like a coward, but it was the most sensible. The king has ordered his arrest for having deceived him, for that matter that I told the witch doctor, remember? I find ... But I doubt that you return to him.
The young Earl did not like the look of his beloved, dismayed by the absence Gauvin Knight. ¿What was wrong? ¿Did you forgot? Arsène was impotent, he had ordered a filter provide him so he could not touch her. Besides saying, that he had been wearing, her seducer and his child in her womb.
¿So what the hell was going on?
—Maybe you should thank me madame, I saved myself a traitor.
For I know that you married him out of spite, to torment and that you had never any affection Louis's voice rose as he approached the beautiful Agnes and his strong arms around Crusader.
But she pushed him furious and he returned to catch and steal passionate kisses.
You will come with me, dear, and when the king cut head that felon, you will be free to be my wife.

I will not marry you Louis, I no longer want and maybe you never wanted.
The harsh words were hurtful to the young whip crossed. So much time had planned then and now, his beautiful she rejected. It could not be, must have heard wrong ...

Will you avenge me, that's why I say these things. Well your words METER madame, because now you are my prisoner, and you will be at my mercy. So I beg you not provoke my anger.
She flinched at his words, in his eyes there was no mercy, was a gentleman might be bloody and could kill her husband if she confessed how sad was absent. Should be controlled and sensible, was at his mercy, took the castle by force and Arsène had disgraced. I did not know whether to believe her story but should be cautious.
Slowly away and demanded to be treated with respect and not stay in this horrible dungeon.
He agreed to his request and ordered his squires to take her to the room above. But his penetrating gaze followed her all the way, making plans for the future.
He was probably in a bad mood for the closure and uncertainty, then change his mind, he would see to it.
Agnes prayed for hours in his room, thinking how everything had changed in a few days. Her husband was gone and she was at the mercy of the Count of Montpellier. The castle had been besieged, many servants were dead or had fled. Annou told him everything that had happened, how the attack had caught them by surprise, no one imagined that the relatives of the deceased couple Earl Earl of Tourenne betray that.

Where is my husband, Annou? She had asked.
But her maid did not know, shook his head and looked down.
'They're looking for him, madame. Hopefully they are not afraid that the new master of Tourenne
not have mercy on him.
At these words the girl shivered.

I said Annou escape.
The servant denied this possibility head.

It is impossible madame, is very dangerous, and no one will help her now. The count them dominates, is a fierce cross and sword ... is invincible.
But Agnes reminded Godelieve witch, she had tried to tell the plot and had mocked Arsène ...

You are wrong, the old Godelieve. Long ago she warned me.
'But Madame Countess, it's just an old woman who can barely walk. How could I help you escape this castle?

He said if I gave my jewels, she could talk to a waiter in the stables.
Annou was not so sure.

No risk their lives for a handful of jewels madame, and surely betray you. I never would trust these grooms, not one of them, I know them well at all. But fear not, your husband will not leave here, come get her.
Arsène Agnes knew that was not going to leave, but Louis took care to sow doubts in his mind. Day after day, ever approached him trying to convince her that her husband had fled like a coward leaving left to their fate. And that the castle had been snatched from his hands by his betrayal of the crown.
In vain the young lady asked him to take her back to Paris with his parents. Louis planned to seduce her, wrap with some promises and lies. He did not understand or had hoped and expected so much resistance that the time was on their side and do change their minds.
It was his captive again and one day, was furious at his refusal to see the witch's castle, Godelieve: the manufacturer of spells and love potions. This should give you something to make the beautiful Agnes, I would like again. What the hell had happened?
The crafty old woman listened very calmly, watching as usual, hoping to take some advantage of the situation.

Do not despair young lord of the castle, Madame Godelieve will help. Wait a bit ...
He went to a corner where he kept his powerful love potions. They were nothing but weeds juice that had the power to awaken lust. If with that, which was the strongest the beautiful lady did not answer ... Well, then the knight was lost.

A few drops in wine tonight monsieur and you will see how the lady gives her favors without hesitation.
The count took the bottle and that night remembering the advice of the old witch put a few drops in the cup to drink the beautiful and doubting emptied almost all content by mistake.
The beautiful lady was pale and indifferent as ever, just a bite but seemed thirsty. What was an advantage.
He waited impatiently for him to drink more than half a glass. But then something unexpected happened, a small problem: the girl fainted, as if dead on the floor.
Frightened, he called the servants and took the girl to his room. That damn filter! Ran for the old liar asking what had given filter. The old woman turned pale ensuring that gave him right for love.

Just a few drops monsieur,
a lady swoon. Unless you have removed other ointment.

Old liar, devil witch, gave him what you told me to fall in love with my lady and instead has left asleep and as if dead.
The poor old woman was shaking like a leaf.

No way, are made with herbs from the castle orchard are harmless plants. They have never hurt anyone, M. Earl. You must have done something wrong. Let me go see it.
Louis was going to stop him but he hesitated, he needed to cure his beloved and any help would be welcome.
I hope that you know how foolish witch amend your clumsiness, or much regret it warned him.
The old woman was, in fear of retaliation would take the new lord of the castle against her, entered the bedroom of the Countess and saw misery, still with a deathly pallor and suddenly feared the worst. Does the filter was wrong? She used to keep the poisons or at least visible but never left them, maybe someone came into his room and accidentally mixed. But
no one dared to enter his room
that could not be.
It looked terrible, seemed asleep but his heart was fine. It was very rare. Never seen anything like it, but maybe ... Her tired mind desperately sought a similar case in his years of pandering. But never went so wrong with your filters, yes there was some guy who had the guts loose a couple of days but ... And he went to another spot in the member, and a third ... The old woman smiled mischievously. So many years of service to the lovers could not end with his head in a basket that was not fair.

Oh, monsieur, how sorry I am. Really. Do not worry, she is only asleep. You have to let it rest.

It was the sound advice of the witch, it was necessary to downplay the issue and calm the young count who brought bad countenance.
His potions did not harm (and rarely did "good") but if something bad happened to the young lady, she would be taken to the gallows, hanged as a witch inept.

Annou, do not stay so stop looking around like frightened mouse, go ask Griselda to go in search of a doctor

ordered with some authority to the servant who obeyed him scared, while Count of Montpellier rage grew by the minute .

What was that filter witch?
Did you wrong
and you gave me a poison?
Oh no, my Lord, I would never do something like that. Godeliève always helps the masters of this castle, ask the older servants and they will tell you as I saved children suffering from fevers and unknown evils. I have given birth to more than half of the younger servants of the castle, know much about medicine, and I would never hurt anyone.
The Count's eyes and pursed lips, standing in front of the old with hostile eyes.

Still have not responded Madame, what was this love potion?

Peppermint and Thyme, around, and a touch of honey for flavor.

Peppermint? You are a complete liar. And what are their powers of witchcraft?
Do not wake the countess can’
t revive her? It is very pale.
He was impatient for the doctor. It should have one in the village. Someone fix the mess caused that old fool.
A doctor of Padua came to the castle to heal the sick young countess. Coincidentally Tourenne passed by and went to Paris where he was to meet with other friends of his father physicians who recommend him so he could make his way. In Padua were only sad memories and hoped to start a new life.
He spoke French perfectly thanks to their good upbringing and because years earlier he had spent time in the big city.
The case of the young woman was very strange, seemed a kind of enchantment.

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