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Authors: Neneh Gordon

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Captured For The Fairy King II (2 page)

BOOK: Captured For The Fairy King II
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The four of us came together beside the river and I met
Dean’s eye. He looked dazed – like he’d had one beer too many or he was on the
way down from the best sex he’d ever had. Was that what I looked like?

The buzzing of wings started up again, but this time it
wasn’t coming from the king and queen. Dozens of tiny fairies descended,
brushing against our naked bodies as they flew around us in a cloud of chatter
and tinkling laughter. Their wings grazed me all over, tickling my nipples up
into hard nubs and sending tremors of sensation right through me. They seemed
to pay special attention to my breasts and my crotch – dive-bombing between my
legs and prodding me with their miniscule hands. They swarmed over me so fast
that I could barely make them out individually. All I saw was the occasional
flash of a pretty face or a handsome body. They were like miniature versions of
the fairies that had flown us there, but instead of just lilac, their hair and
eyes were as many different colours as you could imagine.

Gradually, they slowed down, taking only the odd pass at us.
I looked over at Dean and saw a pair of female fairies fighting over his cock.
One with orange hair and a boyish figure pulled it away from a green one with
generous breasts and a rounded ass. Then she clambered aboard, wrapping her
teeny arms and legs around Dean’s dick and making him throw back his head in

“Leave them,” the queen said, and they flickered away from
us. But not before one of them plunged his hand inside my pussy as a parting

The colourful throng of
arranged themselves in rows along the riverside as if they were waiting for a
show to start. And then it dawned on me that they probably were.

“Will you make love for us?” The fairy king gestured to the
river. I don’t know if it was wishful thinking, but I heard an unspoken promise
in his words.
Put on a good show and
we’ll fuck you.

I stepped forward into the shallow water and Dean did the
same. He took my hand and we walked into the water together. The river was
lukewarm, heated by the sun’s rays. It lapped around my thighs as we waded out
into the middle. By the time we got to the deepest part, I was in up to my
waist. Keeping hold of my hand, Dean walked around to face me and we kissed. I
didn’t want to compare him to the fairy queen, but I found myself thinking of
her tender lips. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and thought about what would
happen when we were done. Would the four of us make love in front of the crowd
of little fairies, or would I have the queen to myself?

My fantasies leant more urgency to the kiss and we clung to
each other. His hard cock got trapped between us and I wondered about what the
fairy king would do to my strapping boyfriend. I wanted to watch. I wanted to
see the king take him from behind and fuck him hard. Oh god, I was so horny. I
lifted a leg and draped it over his hip, pressing my slit against his shaft as
I probed his mouth. He shuddered against me and I groaned. My clit felt
enormously swollen. I was glad the water was there to take away some of the
heat between my legs.

Dean grabbed my waist and boosted me up. I wrapped both of
my legs around him and he speared me on his dick. I cried out as he pushed all
the way inside me. A glance towards the shore showed that our audience was
watching carefully. All of those eyes on us magnified every touch of his cock
in my pussy. I ground against him and hoped that the show was good enough to
please the
. Dean was on fire.
thrusted into me, holding me tight to push deeper inside.
My orgasm
built quickly. I dug my fingers into his back and he pounded into me, splashing
the river water between us. He’d never fucked me so hard and it didn’t take
long for me to reach my peak. I came fast and strong. The orgasm ripped a
scream from my throat and the fairies granted us a round of applause.

My lover brought me in close and I slumped against his neck.
God that was good. His chest rose and fell against me, his breathing as heavy
as mine. I kissed his throat and he kissed my temple. “I love you,” he

“I love you,” I told him. But we both knew that our love
didn’t mean we weren’t hot for those fairies waiting for us on the bank.

We walked back to shore hand in hand. It took us longer to
get back – we were tired.

The king and queen of the
waited for us with their arms around each other’s waists. His erection was as
strong and proud as ever.

“That was glorious,” the king said. Their smiles gave me
hope and triggered another wave of juice from my pussy.

All of the little folk sat quietly, watching us expectantly.

The queen let go of her husband and came to me with open
arms. Her wings quivered as she took my hand. I went with her gladly and Dean
did the same with the king. They took us over to a soft bed of leaves on the
lush grass and the four of us lay down together. The queen sat up beside me as
I lay on my back. She looked deep into my eyes and any nerves I had melted
away. After running a hand down the king’s back between his wings, she turned
her attention to me, slipping her fingers between my legs. My knees fell apart
and she traced her finger along my wet slit. Our eyes never left each other as
her fingers explored me. She smiled at me as she slid her fingers up and down
my pussy lips and I started to writhe on the floor.

The teeny fairies crowded closer, jostling each other for
the best view. I hardly noticed them. Not when I had a beautiful fairy queen
who wanted to make love to me.

“You have a pretty cunt,” she said and eased two fingers
inside it. My pussy throbbed and took her in. Twisting her hand, she thumbed my
clit and wiggled her fingers inside me. I moaned and arched my back.

“Very pretty.”
She leaned over and
kissed me lightly. I felt a hand grab mine. Dean. When she kissed her way down
my throat, I turned my head and saw the king sucking Dean’s dick. Dean’s eyes
were screwed tightly shut and he squeezed my hand as the king took him balls-deep.

I hadn’t thought I could get any more turned on, but seeing
my man with his dick in the fairy king’s throat made my pussy clutch at the
queen’s fingers. I gasped with pure joy. She kissed her way lower, still
manipulating my pussy with her fingers. I don’t know what she did to me, but
the tugging and wriggling in my cunt felt amazing. I could feel her thumb
slipping and sliding over my aching clit. My pussy was making so much
it was hard for her to get any friction going.

The queen’s lips travelled over to my breast and she took my
nipple in her mouth, sucking hard. I cried out, closing my thighs over her
hand. She brought her teeth together, nipping at the sensitive flesh of my
nipple. The way that she walked the line between pleasure and pain brought
tears to my eyes. Her other hand went to my other breast and she squeezed as
she nibbled. I tightened my grip on Dean’s hand, vaguely aware of his grunts
beside me. He was close to the edge. I wanted to see him come.

Turning my head, I saw that the king had Dean’s legs over
his shoulders and was sliding his finger in and out of his ass as he sucked his
dick. The little fairies were just as curious as me. Their wings buzzed as they
moved closer and found the best seats for the spectacle.

My pussy clenched. The queen’s hands moved faster, gliding
through the slick moisture in my pussy and pawing at my breast. I stared at my
man and his fairy lover, watching that finger working in his butthole. It was
the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. My orgasm pushed closer, but Dean got there
before me. He held my hand so tightly it hurt and bellowed out his climax,
filling his lover’s mouth with hot spunk. The king swallowed it down, pulled
his finger out and flipped Dean over on to his belly straight away.

“You want to watch?” the queen asked.

I was torn between getting my big O and moving to get a
better view. She decided for me, slipping her fingers out of my pussy and
rolling me on to my side. I gave a squeak of disappointment, but she reached
around pinched my clit between her finger and thumb. She rolled it a little and
I lay flat on my side gasping for breath.

The fairy king heaved Dean up onto all fours and spread his
cheeks. My pussy twitched as I watched him lean over my boyfriend’s ass, his
wings quivering. The fairy’s dick was huge and hard. I was sure I could see it
moving as he licked his fingers and smoothed them over Dean’s hole.

Dean put his forehead down on his hands, sticking his butt
high in the air. The king reached between his legs and took hold of his cock.
At the same time, he put the tip of his tongue to Dean’s asshole. The queen’s
fingers tightened around my clit and I moaned. She kissed my shoulder and I
watched the king forcing his tongue into my boyfriend’s ass. God, it was hot.

Dean started to groan and wiggled his hips around, pushing
back against his partner’s face. They moved together with the king licking out
Dean’s hole and playing with both of their cocks. He fisted his hands along
their shafts in time with the movement of his tongue.

I watched for as long as I could, but the queen’s hands were
moving faster and my eyes fell closed as I felt the orgasm rush over me. I held
my breath as she rubbed my clit through the crest of my climax. I felt it
tingle from the top of my head all the way down to my curling toes. Every
muscle in my body tensed. She kept on rolling my clit between her finger and
thumb, drawing out my orgasm so that I was sure it would go on forever.

But it didn’t. The pulsing between my legs subsided and I turned
my attention back to Dean. He was shaking. The king had stopped tonguing his
ass and was pulling on his dick with the same long, firm strokes he was using
on himself.

“Why don’t you fuck him?” the queen asked me.

I didn’t know what she meant, but then she spat on her
fingers and touched them to my clit. It felt very strange where she touched me
– cold and itchy. I looked down at my crotch. My clit was moving. It was
growing. I couldn’t catch my breath. What was happening to me?

The air filled with the sound of laughter and our audience
clapped their miniature hands as they watched the change in my body.

My clit stretched longer and longer until it wasn’t a
clitoris any more. It was a penis.

The queen gave it a friendly squeeze and giggled in my ear.
“Go and fuck your boyfriend.” When she touched my new cock, it made my stomach flip
over. I had a cock. And I knew what I wanted to do with it.

The fairy king saw me coming and moved aside. Kneeling up
behind Dean, I ran my hand over my hardening dick. Is this how it felt for Dean
when he got hard? It was good.

I was going to give him the fucking of his life.

Confidence flooded through me and I slapped my boyfriend
across the ass. He flinched and I spread his cheeks wide. His tight little hole
looked back at me and I spat on it. I could imagine my cock in there already.
All nice and snug.

I spat on my hand too, and rubbed it over my erection. It
would be a tight fit, but that just made it more enticing. After one last tug
on my dick, I lined it up with his hole and pushed my way in.

It felt incredible. I pushed harder, inching further into
his ass. I slid in all the way up to my balls.
I had balls!
Then it was time to pull back out for another thrust.
He clamped down on my shaft and almost stopped me pulling back, but I pulled
against him and relished the sensation. He was even tighter than I’d imagined.

There was movement behind me and I felt a cock brushing
against my ass.
The king.
My balls tightened. Could he
fuck me while I fucked Dean?

I was ready to give it a try. But first I wanted to get as
deep in Dean’s ass as I could. I sank my dick back inside him and held still.
The fairy king didn’t waste any time. He held my cheeks apart and jammed his
cock into me. It was a bit uncomfortable, but in a good way. He stretched me
open and it stung all the way into my ass. When he came to a stop I felt
marvellously full. He held on to my waist and I got ready to make another
thrust. We found a rhythm like that. First I’d move in and out of Dean,
the king would move in and out of me. It took a while
for us to work up enough speed for anything close to an orgasm, but once we got
there, an irresistible pressure started to build just behind my balls.

I held on to Dean, my breasts dragging along his back as I
fucked him up the ass. The king kept up his thrusting behind me, filling up my
ass and rubbing this wonderful spot somewhere deep inside me. I made myself
keep my eyes open and saw the queen come to sit in front of the three of us.

High-pitched voices called out to us. I couldn’t understand
what the little fairies were saying, but it was obvious they were cheering us

The queen winked at me and I came again.

The feeling when
the cum
out of me felt so alien.
And so good.
I froze with my
dick buried in Dean’s ass and grunted through the orgasm. It was so different
from coming with a woman’s body. I didn’t have to focus on it at all – once I
reached a certain point, my climax was inevitable and I just had to let it
happen. Dean shouted out another orgasm and went limp underneath me. When I
felt for his cock, it was all sticky with spunk.

Then the king went still and trembled behind me. I barely
felt the spunk that he shot into my ass. We stayed locked together like that
for a moment and I rested against Dean’s back. That was it for me. Whatever
else was on offer would be a step too far. The fairy pulled his dick out of me
and I slid out of Dean. As soon as the air hit my cock, the magical flesh
shrivelled away and I was left with my familiar cunt and clit.

BOOK: Captured For The Fairy King II
13.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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