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He stands behind me and starts kissing my neck. He knows I love that. He reaches his arms around and palms my breasts. I lean my head back against him, enjoying all the sensations. I can feel his arousal behind me, hard, and demanding entry. Chase slowly leans me forward and I brace my hands against the bathroom tile. He eases himself into me gently, his hand grabbing onto my hips. I am a little bit sore, but it still feels amazing. I can hear him groan, as he enters me, his lips on my neck, my shoulder. His hips move in and out, until we are both panting. I can feel my orgasm building, the tension about to snap. He bites my neck and I come instantly, the warmth spreading throughout my body, the release hard and powerful. A groan is ripped from Chase’s throat, as though he can feel my orgasm. After the pulsating ends, he grips onto my hips harder and thrusts, until he reaches his climax. After he pulls down he turns me around and kisses me gently.

“Fuck” he mutters. “We didn’t use a condom; we gotta get you on the pill, baby.”

Yes we do, I make a mental note to head to the doctor’s ASAP. I mentally count the days, and I shouldn’t be ovulating right now. Dodgy, I know.

“That was the first time I’ve ever gone bareback, fuck, it felt so amazing Layla, plus it was with you. Can’t get any better than that.” He kisses me again, slowly, sucking on my bottom lip.

He then takes a wash cloth and gently soaps me up again. When we are both done, he turns the shower off and kisses me on the nose.

“Best shower ever.” He rumbles.

“I agree.” I say, grinning cheekily at him.

He wraps me in a huge fluffy towel and dries me himself. I wrap the towel around me and walk to the bedroom door.

“Where are you going?” he asks, alarmed.

“To my room to get dressed?” I make it a question, even though it isn’t.

“You can’t walk out in a towel!” He exclaims.

“I don’t think anyone is even home.” I peep out of his door, the house is dead silent. I rip my towel off, and throw it on his bed, then run to my room butt naked.

“Layla!” I can hear him calling out my name. I run into my room and put on a matching yellow bra and panty set. Chase storms in looking exasperated.

“You love to torture me don’t you?” he growls. “You are lucky they weren’t home or I would have had to kill my own baby brothers.” I roll my eyes. Dramatic much. I run to him and jump on his wrapping my legs around him. He catches me without even stepping back from the impact. I look him in the eye, and then let my gaze wander lower to his lips. I kiss him reverently, once twice. He sighs. “You undo me Layla”

I lean my forehead against his and sigh in contentment. “The feeling is mutual.”


I’m standing in the kitchen, enjoying the view. That body! That tattoo! I bite my lip and continue my ogling. It’s a tribal design, and almost a half sleeve. I want to trace it with my tongue, I want to..

“My eyes are up here Layla,” I glance up into blue eyes, dancing with amusement.

“You are standing here, in only a pair of low slung basketball shorts, cooking me pancakes! This whole scene is hot, what do you expect?”

That earns me a throaty chuckle. He flips the pancake, showing off, and then stretches his hands above his head, causing the muscles in his back to ripple. I sigh. I still can’t believe this is all mine. Chase serves me a plate with three pancakes and passes me the maple syrup. I glance at the syrup, and then back at him, lifting one of my perfectly arched brows.

Chase also glances at the syrup, then at me, before saying “First you eat, I won’t have my woman going hungry,” in a dangerously seductive tone. He watches me eat every bite, when I’m finally done he grabs the syrup and drags me off to the bedroom. I’m sure the whole street could have heard my screams.

Chase reluctantly goes to work, his phone has been buzzing all day. I walk into the kitchen and whip up some chicken pasta. I eat and then leave the rest for when the men get home. There is a message on the answering machine, so I hit the beep.

“Mr. Jackson, we couldn’t reach you on your cell phone. We are having an issue with Miss Belle, please call us back ASAP, thanks.”

Huh, I wonder who Miss Belle is. Pushing it from my mind, I’m about to leave to go shopping, when the doorbell rings. I open the door to a delivery man.

“Package for Miss Crawford.” I nod. “Sign here please.”

I sign, then take the two large boxes into my room. I undo the red ribbon on the first one, and lift open the lid. Inside is a stunning, elegant black satin gown, with a sweet heart neckline. The second box contains a Jimmy Choo shoe box, and also a small box from Tiffany’s. Holy shit, I have never been more spoilt in my entire life. I’m not very materialistic, but this has me overwhelmed. I open the shoe box to see a sexy pair of strappy stilettos. The Tiffany’s box holds a beautiful diamond necklace. I grab the note:


For the event tonight. You are going to look stunning.


The charity event. The reason I was about to head out to the shopping center. Chase had invited me to a business function, a charity event held by his company. I glance over the items excitedly, and then pull out my phone to send a text.

L: You spoil me. I love everything. Thank you Chase xox

C: I can’t wait to see you in it. Xxx

I grin, and then head off to the salon to get my hair and makeup done.


Chase knocks hesitantly on my door. “Baby, are you ready?”

I look at myself in the mirror. The black dress clings to every curve, and I love it. My hair is artistically pinned, wisps of curls falling out. My lips are nude, my eyes smoky. The chain hangs around my neck, nestled between my breasts. I have never felt so beautiful in my life. I open the door and face Chase. He looks delectable, in a black suit and white shirt. I lick my lips. Chase takes in my hair, makeup and dress, his eyes turn heated. He takes my hand and spins me around, causing me to giggle.

“Most beautiful woman, I have ever laid eyes on.” I highly doubted that, but he sounds like he means it. “I’m thinking maybe we should stay home, the way that dress clings to your body, shit Layla. I can’t get into a fight at a fucking charity event.” I roll my eyes; he is being dramatic as ever.

“You look so handsome Chase, sexy as hell.” He grins and pulls me in for a kiss.

“Let’s go baby.”

Chapter Fifteen

I’m sitting at the table with Chase, getting several looks from women. The looks range from jealous and bitter, to smug. It’s the smug ones I despise, because they look as if they have already had a piece of Chase, and it’s making me jealous as hell. I get introduced to all of Chase’s associates; one man named Eric was eyeing me too obviously, causing Chase to hiss “That’s not where her fucking eyes are Eric.”

Eric went bright red and excused himself, only causing Chase to mutter, “Probably excusing himself to go to the bathroom now, sick fuck.”

When it hit me what he meant, I blushed like crazy. “Not everyone sees me as you do, Chase.” I retort.

Chase just looked at me like I was insane. The dinner was delicious, and I loved watching Chase eat. He saw me watching him and purposely licked his lips. I stifled a groan. I was shocked when I saw a familiar face. My cousin’s boyfriend, Colton. I stand up when Colton comes over to greet me, wrapping me in a warm hug. I can feel Chase bristle at another man having his hands on me.

“Where’s Sasha?” I looked around for my cousin.

“She’s not here, we uhh, kind of on a break right now,” he says a little sheepishly.

“Oh.” I reply. I had no idea; I thought those two were solid. I made a mental note to give her a call to see how she was holding up.

“Chase, this is Colton. Colton, this is Chase.” They shake hands.

“I’m her man.” Chase states smugly.

They seem to be staring each other down, though I have no idea why. This man was considered family to me. I slowly elbow Chase, who looks down at me and frowns.

“Nice to see you Colton, Chase and I are going to dance.”

Colton gives me a smile. “You too Layla. You look stunning.” Chase pulls me to the dance floor before I can say thank you.


“He was staring at you! Your breasts, your hips...” He hisses in my ear, so no one could hear.

I sigh. “I seriously doubt that. He’s with my cousin.”

“Not anymore apparently.”

I roll my eyes at him. “Semantics. We have considered each other family for two years.”

“Well ‘family’ is currently staring at your ass.” He growls, his voice getting aggressive.

“Well then I guess we are even, because I’ve had to put up with stares from various women all night. The worst stares are the smug, knowing ones. Because their eyes are telling me they have already had you!” Now I’m getting angry.

Chase is silent. I can see him glancing around.

“Who’s fucking giving you looks? I’ll fire their asses.”

I sigh. I see one woman who’s been staring at me all night. I gesture to her inconspicuously. Chase looks at her then grimaces. He looks at me sheepishly. “Okay maybe her, but it was a long time ago. Like a couple of years.”

I practically growl. “Doesn’t your company have a no fraternizing policy?”

Chase grins, “We do. But it’s more frowned upon than anything.” His grin drops and his face turns worried. “I don’t want you to be uncomfortable Layla. Do you want to leave?”

“No,” I reply quickly, “but you can also deal with Colton checking out my ass for the entire night.” I sway my hips seductively.

Chase glances behind me and growls. “Bastards eyes are fucking glued to your ass.”

“Karma,” I snicker.

His lips twitch, then he spins me so I’m facing the other way.


The next day I decide to do some cleaning. I crank my iPod dock to full volume, and start with the kitchen. After the kitchen is sparkling, I remember Sasha so I give her a quick text.

L: Saw Colton last night. Forget to tell me something?

S: Oh yeah I dumped his ass.

L: You okay?

S: Yes! I’m already seeing someone new ;)

L: We need to catch up soon!

S: Yes we do, I’ll call you. Mwah xx

I giggle. My cousin is a firecracker.

Since I’m home alone, I start dancing to One Direction- Kiss, you while I vacuum and mop all the floors. I do a little grinding move, step back and land on someone. I scream and turn around, grabbing the mop as a weapon. I see all three brothers staring there, laughing. I walk to my dock and turn the music off.

“Give a woman a little warning around here!” I growl, embarrassed.

Chase’s eyes are soft of mine. “We were enjoying the show babe.” His dimple is out in all its glory.

Kade lifts up his phone. “I’ve got it recorded if you want to see. My favorite part is you using the mop as a microphone.” He erupts in laughter again.

I groan. “You show anyone that Kade, and I swear! I will be the biggest cock block the next time your lady friends come over!”

That causes James to crack up laughing again. These men! Chase kisses me and gives me a curious look.

“Why are you cleaning? You know we have someone come in once a week or so.”

I frown. “What is she, a fairy? I’ve never seen anyone here before.”

This causes all three of them to chuckle, although why I have no idea.

“She comes on Monday mornings. I think you have classes then.”

I do indeed have classes then. I guess that makes sense. Chase pulls me mop away from me and pulls me into his arms.

“So, I didn’t know you were a One Direction fan,” he says, voice on the verge of laughter.

“I am not a One Direction fan!” I say defensively.

“Then how come you have heaps of their songs on your iPod?” Kade barks out merrily as he snoops through my IPod! Argh!

“I plead the fifth!” I say adamantly. They all laugh.

“You can dance like that all you want though.” Chase mumbles through a crooked grin.

“Hopefully to better music next time,” James adds.

I bury my face in Chase’s chest and sigh.


I get home from my doctor’s appointment; I’m finally on birth control. That’s one less worry for me, and in a week from now we can stop using condoms. Chase was going away to Sydney on business tomorrow. He had avoided it as long as possible, but now he had an important meeting he couldn’t miss. I was going to visit my parents for the weekend, coming back on Sunday. Chase was only going for a night, coming back on Friday. It sucked but it was what it was, I’m sure we could survive a few days apart. I was cooking some lunch when James walked in, coming over to me and kissing me on the head. Both guys treated me like their little sister, it was adorable. He started snooping around the kitchen.

“James, taste this.” I hand out the spoon to him, and he takes a taste.

He groans, “It’s good.”

“It will be ready in about five minutes.”

“Love you living here.” He grins.

I scoff. “Are you sure? I’m pretty sure you guys are limiting your sexual exploits because of me.” I was just guessing, but James’ blush answered my question.

“I’m going away this weekend. You guys can do as you please. Just wipe down all the counters after please.”

James laughs, “I’ll remember that. But seriously, we don’t mind. I think Kade is on his best behavior these days anyway.” He says, his mouth twisting. Huh. “We respect you and Chase will hunt us down if we make you feel uncomfortable. But I still do have girls over; I’m not turning into a saint for you.”

“I don’t mind really. Carry on as you did before I got here. It’s your house. Here, the food is ready.”

“Thanks, Layla. It smells amazing.”

“You know, Chase won’t accept my rent money, so it’s in my room, accumulating. Can I give it to you?” James choked on the piece of chicken he was eating.

“Yeah, about that. Chase said you don’t need to pay anything. We don’t need the money, we just wanted a roommate for when we go away, which can be often during the holidays, and the house is just left empty.”

BOOK: Chase
5.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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