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When Hiyori was talking about the idol her intonation immediately went ebullient, as for me who was excitedly thinking “we’re gonna have a far-away date” to face the truth, it’s already enough.

To think of it again, of course. Her first aim couldn’t be spending time with me. Keep dreaming, dude. Anyway, I don’t know who was that idol, but since she can capture Hiyori’s heart until that standard, it’s really kinda creepy.


"St, Still, that kind of celebrity’s signature isn’t very easy to get right….."

"Heheheh. Usually it is. As for this time, there’s a chance to get it."

"Chance? You mean like a ticket to an autograph session?"

"Oh no nope. Plus, that idol hasn’t done any autograph session before. I think it’s because her popularity is too high, that wherever she goes there’ll always be a crowd of fans around her, which is really not understandable at all."

A new popular idol whose popularity is so high that she can’t organise an autograph session, what kind of peerless beauty  is this.

No, I don’t think she’s someone really incredible.

There’s no girl in this world that can win Asahina Hiyori’s beauty at all.

Still, if there isn’t an autograph session, isn’t it harder to get the autograph?

I hope she doesn’t say something like “You’ll need to get it for me no matter what”…………..

"Heh, the truth is, my brother-in-law is her school teacher. An idol as a student like seriously! A moment ago he called me and said, ‘I’ll help you get the signature, why don’t you come here and play during the Obon’. Sooo, I was expecting to go there and play and take it as a trip, but my parents went mad, saying ‘you don’t even bother to study well, still you’re playing tricks like this~’ things like that."

"That’s why you’re hiding from your parents to go on a trip….."

"Yup, and that’s all. It’ll be my first time going to town alone, so I was thinking if you could help me to take my luggages or not. Understand?"

If it’s like that, even if she said ridiculous things like “Just the two of us going on a trip”, it’s all understandable.

Since she has a relative who’s so close with the idol, I guess the signature is easy to get in hand, the accommodation will not be a problem too.

Hiyori’s personality is, once she got scolded by her parents she’ll just go alone, from this angle, the meaning of “just the two of us going without letting our parents know” is pretty obvious.

If that’s the case…..

"That, that means the necessity for me to go with you….. actually exist?"

"uh nope but if there is maybe it’s because you seem like you’re willing to listen to my commands"

And I can feel that something sharp just pierced through my heart. In front of Asahina Hiyori’s casual attitude, Amamiya Hibiya who was thinking about “she was so fascinated by me……”, his smile just completely disappeared.

In other words, in a nutshell. Hiyori has no special affection towards me at all.

At the “i’mdoomed” festival in my brain, the mighty Hibiya kept on tearing off the masked cloth of the masked men, once again tore off the killing SHOW into pieces, he himself suddenly huddled, and kneel on the ground.

"but…. I thought you wanna achieve my wish……. isn’t that what you want??!! How can this kind of thing simply……….."

"As I was saying, what the hell were you talking about since the beginning? Just to accompany you to buy a phone has nothing to do with my intention kayyy."


Why all of the sudden talking about handphones. I don’t think I’ve ever mention anything about handphones during our talk.


Lemme just analyse  the whole conversation little by little again.

Asahina Hiyori, found my pass holder, with her photo in it. After that she said “I understand that enthusiasm of yours, that’s why I said I’m gonna help you”.

Later on she even said such unforgettable words “You want it right?” No, I’ll never forget that.

Then why talk about handphones…..?

There shouldn’t be anything to do with handphones…….



My brain popped out an abominable hypothesis, that I spoke.

And this hypothesis, was like a missing piece of jigsaw puzzle, and by that it was clear enough to erase out all the commotions at this situation.


I subconsciously looked at the full-length mirror at the corridor, and of course there reflected me who remained the same after I got back from school.

I hastily put my hand into my chest pocket which I usually put my pass into it and realised, that that thing I usually put with the pass inside my pocket, has gone.

"You’re thinking about handphones so bad that you even cut out the ad and stuffed it inside your pass holder huh. I already told you that I’ll purposely bring you along to achieve your wish, why are you trying to pick up an argument with me?"

At that moment, that freaking stupid misunderstanding had finally came to a clear end, my ecstatic mood back then heavily fell onto the ground.

What Asahina Hiyori saw wasn’t the photo.

To wish someday I could talk to her, or bring up a topic, unconsciously put it in my pocket, is that very ad of a department store, there printed a discount for a phone.

Why didn’t I noticed it all this time.

It’s true that I became indecisive when she called me.

Still, this kind of misunderstanding is really too cruel.

What “She must be a SHY GIRL”. What “I really want it”. Go die you shameless pervert.

Just that when I recalled everything just now, I couldn’t control myself from screaming “UwaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”  I feel like hitting my head on the pillar now, but now to think of it, there’s one important question that hasn’t been explained.

"………………Is there anything else inside the pass holder, besides the ad?"

I asked, trembling, but Hiyori sighed as if she was speechless, and coldly answered.

"Is it something important? There’s nothing else besides the ad……. Why? Is there suppose to have something important in it?"

"Ya, yes. erm……"

I KNEW IT. The photo wasn’t on Hiyori’s hand at all.

No wonder. If she were to found that photo, she wouldn’t have called me, instead she would have called the juvenile crime branch in the police station.

Still, if you think about it, it’s reasonable. In school, the closer the age as Hiyori, the more the Asahina fans.


—-Simply throw a stone and you can easily hit a Hiyori fan—-


And that’s why.

If say, one of the hungry hyenas, before Hiyori come in, he found my pass holder with that meticulously chosen photo by me, the professional Asahina fan, what will he do?

The answer is obvious.

He’ll take out the photo and dump my pass holder back at the original place. A pass that can only use in this kind of small village, it’s completely useless.

Plus, it has my name written there. if he is to steal such thing that leaves a clue, it’d bad for himself.

If it’s just the photo, it won’t be a matter even it’s stolen. That kind of discord thing, if I were to report to the police saying “I’ve lost something and I’ve been finding it for a long time”, I’d end up being brought to the juvenile crime department.

Of course I wouldn’t ask anyone about it. Even if it’s stolen it’s nothing, it’s still normal. Maybe it’s because the pass holder has two folds, I could have accidentally put the ad into it.

Or maybe, that hyena Asahina fan who saw it first, could have actually carefully slotted the ad into my pass holder. I’m pretty furious about the fact that he might took the photo and showed off, but at the same time I’m quite thankful. Just thinking about the fact that I could have been accused if my sexual addiction were to be exposed by Hiyori, in some way it actually saved my life. Thinking about what will happen if this happened, my intestines started to roll. I guess I’ll get to eat a few years of meal in jail huh.


"I see…. so that’s the case……"

I leaned my back at the table where the phone was placed on, remained holding the receiver, and slowly sat on the floor.

"I, I say you’re pretty weird…."

"Ah~ yea. I know it’s pretty weird right now. Sorry."

Conclusion, it was all a misunderstanding, and all the lame delusions I made only.

Although I was blown by the huge gap of happiness just now that I couldn’t straighten up by back, yet, oddly, I felt relieved.

In the end it was just castles in the air. I knew it, Asahina Hiyori is still a rare beautiful flower that someone like me couldn’t touch at all. And because I clearly knew that, that’s why I kept daydreaming, but looking at this huge possibility, then being extinguished, I once again clearly faced the truth.

"So? You going? Or not?"


Said Hiyori, as if she wanted to quarrel, yet patiently waiting for my reply. My cold heart started to pump intensively again. 

That’s right. It’s not as if it’s the end.

Or to say right now, the opportunity is just right in front of me, like a miracle.

Even if it was a misunderstanding, even if I was impetuous towards Hiyori, right now, it’s as if she’s not far away from me.

She’s on the phone with ME. She’s inviting ME to go on a trip with her. I don’t care what’s the aim for the invitation, is there really anything worth to be happier than that.

Using my hand without the receiver to support my body, I stood up.

"Of course I’m coming. Let’s have a happy summer hols together."

That’s right. Everything will start from here. There must be something that has already slowly working on it.

Even if it’s a coincidence or luck, it’s fine. No matter what, as long as I don’t give up, I’ll definitely convey my feels to her.

"Mhmm. Well then, I’ll dispatch you, so be conscious kay. We’ll start planning by tomorrow. Understand?"

"Roger that! Please take care of me."

"Yea. please take care of me too. bye then."

Ka-ta, Hiyori’s voice was cut-off.

To relax my taut body due to tension, I gave a big sigh of relief.

Inadvertently, looking at the entrance, I felt an odd urge to breathe the outside air. I walked along the corridor, wore my worn-off shoes and walked out the entrance, the cooling air dyed with the scent of the summer grass, blew by.

Walking along the small road before the entrance while lifting up my head looking at the dark blue night, the big full moon was glowing, for the street lamps along the small village road —— enlightening.


Summer is coming. The adventure that we only know is just around the corner.

My excited mood hasn’t calmed down yet, as I quietly poured my expectants  to the full moon far away, wishing that this upcoming summer, will become an unforgettable memory.









































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The stretcher was making loud noises, swiftly passed by in front of my eyes.

I was kinda surprised with the near distance, but the situation right there was currently serious till nothing could be cared, thus at a glance.

And that thing the stretcher was carrying, might be the heaviest, yet the weakest thing I’ve ever seen in this world.

That’s why it was troublesome for the hospital. Because they had to face that thing.

Because usually in daily life no matter who or anyone, living numbly, torturing to understand the horror of death ,and that’s “that kind of thing”.

How long had time passed since that moment.

Maybe because it was a sudden run, my “slightly solid than burdocks” legs started to shrivel and tremble. I don’t think it’ll be useful, temporarily. 

Well, of course. if I were to use my legs in usual life, were only the time I go to the toilet and bathroom only. Using these legs to go to the department store and the amusement park, and lastly, all of a sudden running for all the will. Even if it’s not me, I bet it’ll be the same too.

Anyway, what’s up with that brat’s mind. Wait no, I’ll NEVER understand that brat’s mind. Important thing is, I don’t even wanna know what’s up with her playful, evil thoughts.

However, this lil brat today made me unable to not worry about her. On the way back from the amusement park, she suddenly said “Can you catch up with that guy?!” and made me chased the ambulance, finally when we reached the hospital she even said “Can you leave me alone with this guy for a while?” and had my phone passed to a guy who I DON’T KNOW AT ALL, and then I was brought to some unknown place, and seriously. this is just ridiculous.

And NOW, this situation, me standing in front of the examination room which the stranger kid was brought into it, thinking about a whole lot of questions, couldn’t go anywhere at all, just waiting for the guardian of the kid, I think, who had ENE on his hands,  to return.

I smoothly sat down as if everything’s going fine, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought that my existence here wasn’t exactly the right time to be. I don’t even know that kid there, and it’s not that I have something to find him, but simply just, sat here and wait.

If that kid’s parents were here now I’m sure they’ll ask me “what’s with you?”. And then I’ll just give a gloomy grin, saying “nope nope it’s nothing…….”.

I’ve enough of this lately. I’m already used to Ene’s queer actions that make my head spins, but she’s been way toooo over for these few days. I’ll just go home after that brat returns, and live my usual life again, but, will that Mekakushidan even allow me to do so.

All kinds of troublesome stuffs piled together, just by thinking of it makes my head in real pain.

"This is totally absurd………"

"HAAA." I sighed.

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