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"The real absurd thing is happening here at my side…. Seriously….."

All of a sudden right beside me, as if it was to join me by sighing “haa” and muttering, I was shocked that I bounced up from my seat.

"Woahhwahhh!!! You, since when you were already here!"

As I turned my head, the white-haired teenage guy whom I passed Ene to, was sitting right there, he lifted up his head and gave me a clueless expression.

"Sorry…. I ……"

The teenage guy seemed to think that I’m angry about him, and he used such slow intonation to apologise.

However his expression had never changed at all except he was even dumber-looking and less worried than back then, while me who didn’t respond at the moment, thinking “What is that brat trying to say”, hence the blank spaces during the conversation.

"Eh? Ahh, it’s fine…. It’s not about you but it’s this brat’s fault."

The guy looked at the screen of my phone that he was holding for quite a while, that familiar blue-haired girl pouted and sulked while floating in the screen. 

"Yea. Is there anything, master"

She was still pouting while floating in the screen, and she didn’t even looked at me at all.

"Ah no, I was saying that when are you willing to come back. Anyway, who the hell is this guy. Isn’t he someone you know?"

I was been tricked all around while not knowing what was happening. So I think it wasn’t wrong if I find the source that caused all these situations.

I asked her because of that, but I didn’t know why, when I was questioning her, she switched on the phone vibration, and severely glared at me.

That glare at that moment, was something I had never seen before besides her playful attitude, but for some reasons, it was an unbelievable look where I had seen it before, somewhere.

Towards me who was a bit timid at the moment, Ene pouted again, and muttered.

"It was a mistake. I don’t know this guy. I apologise to you for doing so much running. Let’s go home."

Ene said it in a way that she furiously exposed the truth of it, the white-haired guy’s blank expression went a bit dark, as if he thought it was his fault again.

"I, say you…….. It can’t be helped if you say you mistaken a person, but you actually stopped someone when his relative is in a emergency,  I don’t think that will be mistaken?"

"That’s because….. that… aaaAAAHHH~~ YOU’RE SO ANNOYING!!! Didn’t I say that it was a mistake?! No wonder master isn’t very popular huh!!"

Ene shouted, the white-haired guy was scared but he shook his shoulder a bit without any changes on his expression.

Is he shocked or what. That attitude of his that no one could understand his mind, as if he’s as dull as a robot.

"That…. I’m sorry. I think this child is angry because of me. I think"

The white-haired guy looked over with his poker face, and said with an apologising-like intonation.

"This child was crying while saying things like ‘I miss you’ and ‘I thought you were dead’, but I completely don’t understand……. I think this child kinda misunderstood something."

It was as if 20 seconds passed from the moment he started talking till he stopped. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m used to Ene’s fast speed of talking, that guy’s intonation was so slow that I felt an illusion that time had slow down.

I see. I think it’s because this guy looks like a friend of Ene’s.

It’s true that this guy somehow showed an unstable atmosphere. If he were to be Ene’s friend, at least I could accept that oddness.

However, I was worrying more about my phone that was vibrating since the moment the guy stopped talking.

As I timidly looked at the screen, there laid Ene who wasn’t in her usual pure blue form, instead, her ears went bloody red and she was non-stop vibrating.

"You, you, why-"


The scene froze at the moment. I could slightly see that the guy shook his shoulders again, but with his expression unchanged.

Even me who was used to this brat’s talking, froze as it was the first time seeing Ene showing her feels to that standard.

In the screen, laid Ene who was hugging her head while her legs kicking, but suddenly she stood up as if she realised something, and made a smile with cold sweat towards me.

"…….Please? Master"

Not sure if she was trying to hide herself from that uncontrollable action, or she was trying to act as usual, the dead silent in the air slowly spread away.

As if she wasn’t very happy, Ene’s face once again turned red.

"Technical problem…?"

Saying while I knocked the phone, it vibrated as if it was trying to show how much it hated that.

"What do you think I am??? It’s not what you think!!!!"

Ene shouted noisily as if she was surprised. Seems like she’s healthy. It’s not as if there’s virus, I guess it’s due to a cold….. wait no, this brat doesn’t get a cold at all.

Although she used to be a weird brat, but her weirdness just got worse  today.

"It, it isn’t wrong to occasionally have an utter confusion right!!! It’s because he looks like a friend of mine back then, so…. that, was it because I said something weird, or I recalled a lot of things, await….? Is it because I accidentally await for it……?"

"No, I don’t know what the heck are you talking about. Long story short, is? Because he looked like some partner of yours, therefore you were emotional?"

As I finished, Ene who was awkwardly saying weird stuffs, suddenly shut her mouth tightly, as if she was speechless, surprised, an gave a confused look.

"Ah~ I think I really know why master isn’t popular. Perhaps you’ll be lonely forever. I think it’s not bad. (monotone)"

"Ehhh?!! Did I actually say something really bad?!! Also why am I actually not popular!! TELL ME!!"

"Ah, please don’t talk to me for a while, you pathetic creature"

"OH NO I JUST HEARD YOU SAY ‘PATHETIC’ DIDN’T I!!! Even if you just mentioned it casually I can still hear it kayy!!"

"You’re freaking noisy!! In short, even me myself have things that are unable to tell Master…….."

Just when Ene pouted and wanted to say something, a huge sound was heard from the examination room where the boy, who was tightly hugged by the white-haired guy, was in.

Not long later, some noises of metals falling onto the ground was heard.

"………?! Master! This isn’t good!"

”I know…..!”

Crossing the corridor, I hurriedly opened the examination room door, the boy who was been sent in, was on the floor.


Messy blonde hair and a white vest, looking from the back he might be around 11 years old. Thermometers and medical devices were scattered all over the floor, at the center, the boy creep to support his knee to stand up, but he couldn’t.

"Hey, hey, watcha’ doin’!! I don’t know what’s going on, but you’ll need to lie down first……!"

I squatted beside the boy to lend him a hand, but he pushed away my hand as if he was afraid.

When I first saw his face in the front view, it was wetted by his tears. Inside his watery eyes, as if there was hatred about something cruel he suffered from, brought out a dark and heavy black feel.

"Who are you……. don’t…. stop me….!"

The boy stood up and his body wobbled, yet he stabled his pace and went towards the exit door by himself.

"Hiyori….. I need to get to Hiyori……"

The boy muttered as if he was dreaming, and walked out from the room without listening any advice.

I quickly caught up, just after the boy stepped out the room, he met the white-haired guy face-to-face.

"It’s all your fault……. None of these will happen if you didn’t exist……"

The boy gave the guy a deadly glare as he said, once again his tears fell.

The white-haired guy bore down till the end, he gave a confused-like look, but he just stood there and said nothing.

"That’s it….. I gotta go….. Have to go………"

The moment he finished saying, the boy swiftly changed his direction of body, and ran away with a shocking momentum. The time is late, the boy who ran along the dim hospital corridor, just disappeared in the dark not long later.

"Ma, master what are you doing??!! If you don’t chase that boy he’ll be in danger?!!"

"Oh oh oh oh. I know. Ah, my legs can’t do it anymore….."

That’s right, just at that urging moment my “slightly stronger than celery” legs were starting to tremble miserably.

"DAAAAHHHH!!! SERIOUSLY! MASTER ARE YOU A FAWN??!! Why are you so useless at this kind of important moment…….!"

"Sh, shut up!! To say the truth it’s suppose to be your fault!! DON’T UNDERESTIMATE MY SLIM BODY!!"


As we were bringing up this useless argument, the boy has gone long away.

According to his speed, I’m afraid that he can escape the hospital compound after a few minutes only. If so, he’ll be totally out. Then we’ll not know where is he at all.

"Call the nurse…. but I guess it’s too late…….. I say, can you at least do something!! Although it looks like there’s something hidden, still, he’s your relative right??!! If this goes on we’ll not know where is he??!!"

Facing my question, the white-haired guy nodded with a confused face, and spoke with a slightly faster yet slow and steady intonation.

"Hibiya is quite angry because of me…….
I must do something...... c, can you come with me?"

The rhythm seemed a bit messed up, but I guess that Hibiya is the name of the boy who just ran away. 
Seems that this guy also felt the danger in his own way. Saying “come with me”, the guy’s calm expression was slightly different, as his eyes kinda contained a lil enthusiasm.

"Oh oh, no no I don’t mind coming with you, just that my legs aren’t very convenient now….."

"What’s up with saying that your legs are inconvenient since the beginning master. You’re just a slag who’s lack of exercise aren’t you"

"No matter what you say right now I can’r really run…… uhm, eh?"

As if he wanted to cover up my sentence, I felt that after the white-haired guy  appeared in front of me, my body immediately felt a pressured floating atmosphere which I had never experienced it for years. 


As if he was playing high-raising with a baby, the guy relaxingly lifted me up and carried me on his shoulder.

"Sorry, it might hurt a lil….."

After he said with a low voice, accompanying a sonic boom and an impact, the corridor view was moving backwards in an extremely high speed.

The guy half squatted and in that pose he jumped over meters and meters, and I took freaking 1.5 seconds to realise what was going on.


I couldn’t make a sound at the moment, but after looking at this situation again, I miserably shouted from my pubes.

"P, p-p-p-put me down….. UPPU!!"

Trying hard to say something, but was cut off by the huge landing impact next on, air came out from my mouth to replace my words.

"S, sorry, please be patient for a while"

The next moment, it wasn’t the high speed movement of the corridor anymore, but it was the ground that was suddenly far away from me. Realising that it was an extremely big jump from right up, I nearly fainted.

I tried to hold on my intention and looked at my phone that I was tightly grabbing, Ene was using a cushion-like thing to cover her head, tightly closing her eyes, as if to defend the next impact.


As I was shouting, with the air being cut off, we jumped into a cool-aired space. The hospital rooftop laid beneath my eyes. The ajar dormer that we jumped out from it had become small.

I wonder how does it feel to skydive. No, to be exact, it’s almost the same feel as my current dark fear, the roller coaster I rode back then.

So I’m afraid that once I land on the ground, I’ll end up like what happened after the roller coaster ride.

"Found him….!"

The guy whispered. Maybe it was to relieve the landing impact for me, he removed me from his shoulder, and carried me in his armpit.

Then, the loss of sense of weight that moment attacked, this time the ground approached in an incredibly high speed.

My brain started to recite continuously “No matter what this is some height that will cause death. THANK” and prayed to the god, then like Ene back then, I tightly closed my eyes.

"THUMP!!" a huge sound was accompanied with a strong sense of gravity. The impact was lighter than expected. Still, it was enough impact for my stomach that was stimulate by the big flight, causing it to roll and mix up and down. Once I was release by the huge landing  impact, the guy worriedly asked.

"Are you okay?"


As if it was a response towards the concern, me who was still being hugged, gave a big sigh of relief.

"u…. uuuooo……"

Annndd as usual I puked. Despair.


((((((((Illust where Konoha carried Shintaro wwww)))))))))


"kyahhh!!! So gross don’t come near me!!!"

"Haaa….. haaa…. no, you should have at least be concerned about me ….."

"Sorry, but I had to do it fast. I sorry for making you freaked out…."

Carrying a big guy jumping meters and meters just to be faster, how many of this type of person can we find in this world.

I slipped out from the guy’s arm and stood up, wobbling while looking at his face, I noticed that the eyes of the poker faced guy was flashing some kind of bright pink light.

"Your eyes……..your body has something too huh. What’s going on seriously"

I had expect that kind of possibility, from the colour of his eyes and his unusual actions, this guy also has a power, like Momo and the Mekakushidan.

I’m kinda used to this phenomena due to Momo and Ene, but it seriously doesn’t seem right at all to meet these people for a few times within a day. 

Speaking of it, what’s with those eyes? I think it’s better not to investigate it too much due to curiousness…..

"Who are you……."

"Master!! That child, is out of the hospital??!!"

I stopped thinking and quickly looked at the direction Ene pointed at. On the long road in front of the hospital main entrance, there was the boy running.

And that boy was very close to exit the hospital compound.

"Hibiya…. We’ll lose him if this goes on..!!"

The guy said and held my arm as if he wanted to carry me again.

"GAHHH!!! NONONONONO!!! I CAN’T ANYMORE!! I beg you please LET ME GO!!!"

"S, sorry, I won’t do it again…."

As I rejected, the guy thrilled and released his hand. Although I successfully avoided some screaming entertainment show that could happen again, it’s true that the boy will run into the street if this goes on. It’ll be troublesome if that happened.

"No, I can’t. I’m scared to do it alone so I can’t… wuwu…."

The guy did an action that was completely unimaginable besides his tough demeanour,  and weakly bowed his head.

Once again I looked at the boy running towards the entrance, even if I wanted to chase him, my legs couldn’t work at all.

Just when I was about to give up, I suddenly thought about “something”. I quickly talked to my phone.

"Hey, Ene! Call Momo!!"

"Eh? Call lil sis? ……… Ah! I see!! Roger that!!"

As if she understood it, Ene clapped her hands and used her right hand to draw a cross, the screen changed into the dialling mode to call Momo.

After about 2.5 seconds, the screen appeared a big green “CALLING” sign.

"Ah~ Heyy is this brother? Are you done with Ene’s stuff~?"

"It’s done, but now there’s something else to do…  Momo, where are you now?"

"Eh? Uhmm~ Let’s see…. Where are we leader? Ah, thanks. Ah, brother? I’m now~ in front of the hospital? Under the tree beside….. Arehh, what’s up with that kid. Running so fast"

"Heyy!!! Stop that kid from running right now!! Please!!"

"EHHH??? WHYYY??!!"


"URGENT?!! Uhm~ OKAY…… Got it! I’ll try!!"

Momo hanged up the phone, the screen appeared a red “END OF CALL” sign.


"Lil sis, no prob right"

"She may be stupid but she’s very active…"

"Yeah…. may be a lil stupid…."

As I looked, the boy was about to pass the entrance.

When he was just about to reach the entrance, the boy staggered as if he met up with something.

The next moment, Momo suddenly appeared in the empty space, the boy was shocked and wanted to defend, but was pressed hardly by Momo that he couldn’t move at all.

"Woahhhh!!! Good job lil sis!! Ah~ ah~ but she hugged so tight….."

"She has somehow become a good cushion. Alright, if we don’t chase up now…"

"The one who’s being slow is only you Master"

Ignoring Ene I forwarded my pace, finally when I almost reached the entrance, Momo was there tightly hugging the boy who was struggling as he was nearly suffocating to death.

"Ah, brother! What’s going on seriously….. Ouch that’s pain! Don’t simply move you………"

"Sorry Momo. Hey, you there! I’m not sure what’s going on but can you at least calm down! You suddenly went missing in the hospital makes people worried kayy!!"

"Eeehhh!?? This child is a patient!?"

Momo released the strength of her hand maybe due to being surprised, the boy escaped from Momo’s arms. The boy’s face went red as he took a deep breath, then gasped as he glared at Momo.

"Watcha’ doin’ you fat lady! Don’t suddenly jump out from nowhere and block me!!"

The boy said as he faced Momo, due to her slow reaction she made a blur face for a moment, but after she understood the meaning of it, her face gradually went red.

"H- HUHHH??!! f-f-f-fat lady……. WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY??!!!!"

"I mean it literally you big fat lady!! I’m in a hurry……"

The boy once again was about to run, but Momo who was as fast as anyone there grabbed the boy’s hood, and pulled back the boy’s body.

"I, I say you…….. you’re a patient aren’t you?!! Of course running away isn’t the right thing to do!! A-and f, fa, fat is……"

Perhaps the strike was too  big for her, Momo’s body started to tremble, and her breath was off-rhythm.

The boy once again glared at Momo, took down his hood that was grabbed, and shouted at Momo again.

"As I say…..!! Don’t stop me!!! And also I’m not a patient there’s nothing wrong with me!! As for you auntie, I think you should let the doctor check your cow-like body?!! It’s definitely a disease, that"

The boy said as he pointed Momo’s boobs or nearby, Ene from my phone laughed “Puuupuu…. ahh, sorry”, and a broke sound was heard at Momo there.

"S-someone is worried about you yet you!!!!!!! YOU…….!"

Being bullied by a boy she almost cried, just when the red-faced Momo was about to rush and seize the boy, this time it was Momo whose hood was pull back by something invisible, stopping her from attacking.


As Momo struggled like a mad cow, combined with what the boy said, I couldn’t resist from “ppu” laughing  a lil, and it seemed that Momo heard that and sharply glared at me.

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