Chrome: With a Heart Forged in Steele (Carolina Bad #4) (24 page)

BOOK: Chrome: With a Heart Forged in Steele (Carolina Bad #4)
Chapter Twenty-One

Making Up





My brow furrowed, and I slung the towel around my neck. “I’ll get your stuff. You need a lift?”

Breaking from her trance, Rayce quietly asked, “Just like that?”

I dropped back, my shoulders meeting the wall. “No, Rayce. Not just like that at all. It’s the last goddamn thing I want to do, if you want to know the truth.”

“Then why?” She stepped closer, chewing on her lip.

“I just want you to be okay. If you can’t be good with me then—” I shrugged.

She started talking so fast I could hardly keep up. “I didn’t come back to move out. I came back for you. You were right. I was lost and you saved me, found me, and I’m not strong enough to be without you.” She raised soft, sad eyes. “When Kinkaid’s grandfather died just like that it hit me how quickly everything can end.” Enormous tears spilled out of her eyes. “I don’t want to lose you. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

Shock ran through me. I’d all but given her up. I couldn’t even speak. Couldn’t move. Couldn’t lose her again.

Sniffing, she wiped at her cheeks. “Shouldn’t have come. Should’ve known better. Not good enough for anybody.”

Rayce turned to go.

Rushing forward, I grabbed her.

“Get back here, woman.” I clasped her face, brushing my fingers across her lips before I took them with mine. “Don’t you ever apologize to me. And don’t you dare leave me one more time. Just to be clear, I’m not letting you go again. You are mine.”


“Because I love you.”

Rayce buried her face in my neck. “I love you too.”

Tipping her chin, I locked her against me and her gaze smoldered to mine. “Say that again.”

“I love you, Boomer Steele.”

A thrill shot through my body so fast and hot and hard, I crushed her against me, kissed her ferociously. My tongue lunged into her mouth only to be met by wet heat and punishing sucks from her lips. I curled my arms around her, hitching her higher against me so I could feel every part of her.

She attacked with bites and kisses, coming back at me just as hungrily.

I stopped her with a long groan, thrusting her an arm’s length away.

Her black hair swept over her slimmed eyes. “What?” she gasped out.

“Just wait.” I wrenched the towel in my hands so I’d keep them off her. “I’m a sweaty mess. At least let me clean off.”

“No way.” She sauntered to me—hips, and tits, and sass in her flashing eyes.


Her hands roamed all over me. “I like you like this. Salty.” She licked a drop that trailed down my neck. “Musky. All man. All mine.”

.” I gripped her hips.

“I bet you wanted me like this too. Straight from the garage. Fuck me right out of my coveralls.”

I could only groan while she dropped to her knees.

She tucked her fingers into my shorts and pulled them down, her tongue dipping into my belly button and circling the crisp black hairs that misted down, down, down. Like her mouth. Her hands.

My head fell back. My hands worked into her hair.

“Compression shorts?” She raised her glowing eyes. “I can see how you’d need them.”

“It’s been too long, Rayce. I don’t wanna be rough with you.”

Her face was at my groin, my trapped cock nearly butting her cheek.

“Yes, you do.” Her palm ran over the long roll of hard flesh in the tight white undershorts.

She kissed the engorged tip of my cock just under the flared head.

My fingers slid to her neck. “Let’s at least take it to the bedroom.”

“Living room.” She kitten-licked again, down my entire straining shaft.


Driven by my cock, I kicked off my workout gear and limped across the driveway to the house in nothing more than nearly sheer compression shorts
that showed the throbbing length of my dick.

She glanced back, a bounce in her walk. “Having trouble?”

I tackled her at the door, pressing her against it. “
asking for trouble.”

She fumbled with the doorknob while I unzipped her coveralls. My fingertips melted into her sleek wet pussy.

“Oh, fuck.” She rolled her hips.

I opened the door and strong-armed her inside. Closed it. Locked it. Fingered her deeper, her swelling heat guiding me into the tight clutching slit.

She laid back across the counter.

I withdrew my fingers with a slow wet suck and licked them off. With her chin in my hand I drew her lips to mine.

The kiss was hot and slow, my tongue playing with hers.

Licking her neck, I rumbled. “If you’re coming back to me, it’s for good.”

“I can live with that.”

Live with me

Her lips clung to mine, grasping, greedy, so fucking soft and wet.

“Yes,” she agreed.

I dug my hands into her lush ass, grinding against her. “Bedroom.”

Screw the living room. I wanted to do her right.


Up the stairs we went. I swatted her on the ass to get her to hurry up.

She snarled back at me.

I didn’t give a fuck.

Rayce pushed me on the bed. Told me to get naked. Disappeared into the bathroom.

I made haste whipping off my undershorts and propping up against the pillows. With my thighs spread, my cock was so rigid it pointed to the ceiling, and the slit dripped precome.

Rayce exited the bathroom wearing . . . nothing but tiny, black, lace boy shorts, her hands cupped over her tits.

Good Lord Almighty.

“Show me your nipples.” My fingers fell to my shaft, choking it like a throttle.

Lifting her breasts in both overflowing hands, she pinged the pink crests. “Like this?”

I stroked up and down my dick, fingering all the veins, butting the huge crown. “Fuck, princess.”

“Hands off, sugar. That cock is mine. Although I do want to watch you jerk off for me.”

“What?” My pelvis kicked and I fisted the sheets beneath me.

She sashayed to the bed. “I want to watch you masturbate, and explode for me, but only if you come in my mouth . . . later.”

I nearly nutted right then and there.

“Spread those big thighs for me.” She crawled between my legs, her hands skimming, her lips kissing along the way. “So I can get at that big gorgeous cock of yours.”

I’d fucking learn how to do splits if she kept that up.
My chin lowered, my cock waving in the air like a flagpole, I widened my legs even more for her to fit between them.

Even the rasp of the sheets against my sac made my head spin.

Then Rayce perched in perfect place with her tits swinging low.

Her meandering mouth landed on my balls, and my eyes rolled back. She sucked me between her lips, licking lightly across my flesh.

With her hair in my hands, I slipped my cock against her face.

She laughed, spinning her glistening lips up my thick rod. Her breath beat against me as she wriggled out of her panties.

Kissing all over my groin, she sank her nose into my clipped curly pubes. Rayce rasped the black lace boy shorts against my dick, grazing the sexy panties along my pulsing cock.

She licked the engorged crown. She stroked me while she wrapped her panties around the base of my cock and tightened them with a cruel twist.

“What are you—” My hips bucked.

The rampant veins in my shaft bulged even more as she took me eagerly into her mouth. Her lips sparkly and wet, she sucked me off. Jerked me off. Made sure I couldn’t come.

“Modified cock ring.” Ducking her head back down, she toyed excruciatingly with my twin dydoe piercings, biting at them.

“Fuck. You kinky woman.” My head thrashed back. My hips rolled.

Lacy cock ring or not, I couldn’t take much more of this.

Prowling on top of my body, she draped herself over me with all that rich glorious skin.

She bit my chin and kissed at my lips. “Want me to ride you?”

“Unless you want me to come all over your hand right now.”

I grabbed her ass, her hot slit so close to my cock.

“You sure?” She made quick work of a condom, pulling it down over my filled-to-bursting length.

“Yes. Fuck me, Rayce.”

.” Her fingers stroked the column of eager flesh and she rose up on her knees.

“I’ll have to go slow since you’re so . . . damn . . .
.” She sighed with each word and every light stroke and swirl of her fingers up and down.

My head craned back, and she licked the straining cords of my neck, biting and sucking. Slowly, she lowered her drenched pussy onto my cock but never quite enough.

I tried to grab her and thrust up, but she pulled back and away. “Hands on the headboard, sugar.”

My arms stretched back, I held onto the wood with two cranked fists.

Rayce dropped down again, just enough for her slick pussy lips to swallow the wide cap of my cock. She softly rocked on that one rigid inch, moaning sweetly.

“Stop teasin’ me.” I gnashed my teeth, her tits so near to my mouth I just wanted to eat them whole.

“Oh, I’m not teasing because you are gonna get fucked and fucked good.” Rayce dropped down, yelling out, “
So you like it when I ride?”

Rayce enveloped me, her body tight, her lips wet, her cunt so hot.

I gripped the headboard tighter as she ripped the lacy panties from around the base of my shaft. She rounded on top of me with small circles of her hips and nothing more, her hands pressed to my chest.

My arms bulged. I stared at her, my eyes half-shut, my thinned lips holding in the groan that wanted to break free.

Do I like Rayce fucking me?

“Yeah, I like you riding me.” The husky rumble tore from my chest.

She slid up and dropped down, impaling herself on my cock. “That’s what I thought. And you know how much I like to ride fast.

“But I like it slow too.” Her pace excruciating, she pumped up and down.

Every time my cock emerged, gleaming from her, she stroked her hand up the length.

“Jesus Christ, Rayce. Yes!”

“Touch me,” she gasped out, falling against me.

With a roar, I clasped her ass and quickly drew her nipples into my mouth. She came fast. Loud. Hard. Squeezing me. Pumping me.

I rolled her over, driving my cock into her. My glans parting her slick lips. My shaft swelling as she wailed.

With her hips in my hands I lifted her to my lap, let her hang off my cock. I pounded faster, grunting like an animal. My savage thrusting pushed Rayce over the edge again, and I mounted over her through the tight internal clenching of her cunt on my cock. Moaning with her breasts—one then the other—deep in my mouth, I drilled her into the bed. My meat practically hummed and vibrated, engorged and glossy every time I withdrew all the way.

With her red-hot tipped nipples teasing my tongue, and my cock expanding even more, I exploded with a fury of fast rough lunges. The orgasm continued through me in unending ropes of pressure that peaked in pleasure so intense I couldn’t stop.

The last aching shot just about blinded me. Without the barrier of a condom I knew I’d have overloaded her sweet cunt with so much come it would’ve slipped from her stuffed pussy around my inflated girth.

Buried to the depths inside Rayce, I fell to the bed and towed her over me. “Jesus Fucking Christ.”

She flipped her hair off her forehead and sighed against my lips. “You can say that again.”

“Can’t.” I tried my legs. Fucking dead weights attached to my body.

Apparently the only thing that worked was still rock fucking solid inside of Rayce.

She reached behind her, down low, and grasped the base of my shaft. “How in hell do you function with this thing?”

“Works pretty well with you.” I flexed my ass.

She slid farther up my chest.

Her lips collided with mine and then slowly and softly, she rolled off me.

Curled beside me with her back to me, she whispered, “I didn’t tell you everything, Boomer.”

I pulled her against me, seating her perfectly to my body. With the lights out, only the moon shone through the window, highlighting her curves until I gathered the covers around us.

“I know.” Hugging her tight, I kissed the nape of her neck and the one colorful flower tattoo there.

“It’s ugly.” She shivered. “Don’t want to tell you.”

“God, princess.” I slipped my hands around hers. “Whatever it is, I can take it.”

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