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Gritting her teeth, Meggie pretended she didn’t hear Thomas, just as she’d zoned out the glare of the light when he’d walked in. Pink roses entwined with green vines were etched on the scalloped headboard on her bed. The footboard wasn’t so fancy.

Meggie huddled closer to the wall, searching for her knife but finding the razor blade she’d stashed a week ago.

Thomas’s heavy breathing polluted the air and grated on Meggie’s nerves. She clenched her teeth, pretending he wasn’t there, and raised the front of her gown. Thin silvery lines crisscrossed her outer thighs, mapping all the places she controlled what happened to her body. He was moving around in the room but she didn’t care. She knew what was coming, so she pushed his presence out of her head and ran her fingers through her pubic hair. It was so soft, unlike Thomas’s. She swallowed, held her breath, and dug the blade into the flesh on her hip, slicing straight, neat and not very deep, moaning at the pressure, the sting. The hurt.

“Scoot over.”

She did as instructed, shuddering when he pulled her into his arms and pinched her nipples. She dragged the blade through her upper thigh, the new wounds mingling with the older ones, and the blessed numbness she wanted embracing her. He shoved her nightgown above her waist and bit into her shoulder. She recited the words to
Wrecking Ball
in her head, fisting the blade in her hand, the pain tearing through her just as Thomas inserted his finger…

“Your ass is made for fucking,” he breathed.

Warm blood ran down her hand, joining the dried blood from earlier. He fumbled in his pajamas, his finger going in and out of her.

She remained quiet, still, the song beating through her head, her blood sliding down her skin. The overhead light reflected against her window, but Meggie concentrated and found the prettiness of the night. The clear, velvety brightness of the sky. The…

He shoved his flaccid penis against her and Meggie whimpered, unable to stop it. One day, he’d be sober enough to get a real erection. One day, he’d hurt her rather than just humiliate her. If she didn’t act. She trembled, her body a desert of pain and a tundra of shame, layered, hot on top of cold and cold on top of hot.

His hand fluttered across her belly and teased her pubic hair. Cutting her other wrist, Meggie closed her eyes, able to cope and pretend this was a man she
to make love with. The man who’d love and protect her. He’d listen to Bruno Mars and Miley Cyrus and Adele and Alicia Keys with her. He’d overlook her shame and what she couldn’t control and what she willingly did.

God, please. She
find that man. She

Thomas’s fingers squeezed her clitoris and Meggie tensed, his alcohol-laced breath fanning across her cheek. She was as much a coward as her mother. If she had courage, she’d slice Thomas to pieces. She’d kill him with her bare hands, all five feet eleven inches and two-hundred fifty pounds of the mean pig.

“I’m gonna fuck you soon.”

Revulsion turned her stomach, competing with all her other emotions and aches. Dinah didn’t know how far Thomas had gone with Meggie over the past few months and she worried, if she told her mother, Dinah would be too frightened to do anything about it.

“Your stupid bitch mama refuses to put you on the pill.” He licked her ear and snickered, pulling back before slamming against her again. “I bet she will now after I kicked her ass tonight and showed her how I intend to fuck you.”

Big, overgrown tyrannosaurus rex. Under the guise of trying to free herself and knowing she couldn’t, Meggie jerked her elbow back and thunked his nose. The sharp intake of his breath made the hard slap against her belly he punished her with worth the pain.

He removed his hand from her clit. “Cold, fucking whore. Can’t even come when I’m rubbing your pussy.”

The scent of alcohol seeped through his pores. His sweat dripped onto her face, mixing with her tears. She wouldn’t allow this man to ruin her. Never. She hadn’t ever lived anywhere except with her mother, but she had to get to her father. It didn’t matter that she’d have to drop out of high school in her senior year. Neither did it matter that her father headed the Death Dwellers’ MC. He’d welcome her and he’d get her mother away. She’d call and, if he didn’t answer, she’d leave a message and tell him she’d come to him. He didn’t have to pick her up.

Thomas grunted then stiffened before shuddering and relaxing his grip on her. A moment later, he yanked her face to the side, almost breaking her neck. He planted his mouth over hers and shoved his tongue past her lips.

Thomas cupped Meggie’s sex and squeezed. “I want all that innocence between your legs. Your father will never get you. Never. You’re mine.”

Though she should’ve known better, she couldn’t help her resistance, which only infuriated Thomas more. He cuffed the side of her head and stars danced in front of her, lulling her to the darkness. She resisted, refusing to give in so completely. If she didn’t run away, he’d ruin her and, eventually, kill her. Dinah had married this pig. Meggie hadn’t and determination to get away from his sick perversions possessed her.

He leaned in and Meggie spat in his face, then threw her hands over her head to protect herself. He shoved her onto her back, ignoring the cuts she’d done because they were interspersed with bruises he’d caused. He stretched out on top of her and her body screamed in pain. Hatred flowed between them and she almost wished one of them would end it for the other.

But she didn’t want to die. Not really. She just wanted to escape and be in control of her body. She wanted someone to love her and shield her. Until she got to her daddy, though, responsibility for her well-being fell on her shoulders. She tried to gulp in air but her lungs struggled for oxygen, Thomas’s heavy weight crushing her and placing her well-being in dire jeopardy.

Mama, please, where are you?

Beaten and brutalized and in her bedroom.

Meggie brought her blade to his cheek, furious. Caught off guard, Thomas clutched his cheek and fell to her side. She scrambled over him and off her bed, just managing to evade his grasping hands.

“You little fucking bitch. I’m going to kill you.”

Blood dripped from a variety of wounds on her body, so she couldn’t hide in the secret cupboard she’d found. A trail of blood would lead him straight to her. Instead, she ran into the bathroom and locked the door.

Meggie rushed to the window over the sink. She kept it unlocked for this reason, learned from almost five years of living with this. Thomas kicked at the door and she shuddered, sorry she hadn’t told her father the truth when Dinah first barred him from visiting anymore. He’d asked her.

“Talk to me, Meggie. Is there anything I should know?”

“No, Daddy. I swear, we’re fine.”

His blue eyes, so like hers, had taken in every last detail of her features, then he’d nodded. He’d seemed old in that instant, tired, and so sad Meggie wanted to cry.

“So your momma just want to cut me out like that? All because the asshole she married don’t like me.”

“I guess, Daddy,” she whispered. The truth lodged in her throat, right on the edge of her lips. Big Joe looked tall and intimidating, his blond hair reminiscent of a Berserker rather than a modern day motorcycle man. If nothing else, he’d take her with him. But, then, she’d have to leave Dinah behind and she couldn’t bear to think of her mother being alone with Thomas. “They just told me last night.” She mumbled the lie.

Big Joe crouched to her eye level. “You don’t lie good, sweetheart.”

She lowered her eyelids, embarrassed she’d been caught. Her arms throbbed from her cuts. New ones. Old ones. Partially healed ones. Her long-sleeves hid the wounds from her father, but the guilt of the injuries weighed upon her.

Another moment of silence went by before he turned on his heel and headed for his bike. Before climbing on, he shoved money into Meggie’s hands. “Go shopping. Cheer yourself up.”

Shopping sounded good. She nodded and embraced him, her world a train of dominoes collapsing at a reckless speed.

“You need me, call. I’m a phone call away. Remember, you’re
daughter. No matter what that asshole says to you, don’t believe shit. The problem is his, not yours.”

Thomas’s words weren’t the problem. It was his actions.

“If the fucker
anything,” Big Joe continued, like he’d seen her thoughts, “that’s when he’s going to have real problems. Understand, Megan?”

That had been the last time she’d seen her father and that conversation haunted her. So much could’ve been different if she’d spoken up.

Meggie climbed onto the counter and wriggled through the window, feet first. Another exercise borne of desperation. Just as the door crashed open, she landed on the ground outside. Grimacing at the pain, Meggie headed to the clearing behind the house.

“Megan! Where the fuck are you?” The call, through the open window he couldn’t fit through, resounded in the quiet night.

She reached her favorite tree, the smell of the spruce and bark and grassy earth calming her, soothing the exhaustion overtaking her. Thomas would pass out soon enough. Meggie just had to bide her time and wait.

Note from Author

I hope you enjoyed the story of Crusher and Dani. My readers have expressed mixed feelings on Dani. Through this book she became my favorite heroine to date. She was twisted up inside at a young age and yet she comes out strong and able to love. Some of these scenes were graphic and so hard to write. I’m not sure why I can’t do happy-go lucky romance in this series, but it is what it is heh. I have a lot of plans coming up. Besides finishing this series with Bull’s story. I am launching a new MC Series with Skull’s crew in a new anthology involving Cora Brent who has been one my author stalks since before she created the Gentry Boys and made me fall in love with her forever. I hope you will be on the lookout for it. Skull’s crew are definitely interesting. And four members will get their story, including and perhaps the one I’m most anticipating, Beast.

I couldn’t leave this mountain of a book without saying thank you one more time and asking you to stalk me! Well not in the boiled rabbits kind of way, but I truly love talking to readers and finding out their thoughts on my books and well just talking. I’m a talker.

Until next time readers! Much love.











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