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Rory glared at him. “How the hell is she supposed to do that? We don’t know where Joel is and the only ancients are at the governors’ caves.”

Dennis grimaced. “I can get a message to the governors and Joel is in New York.”

“I completely forgot about the radio. Can you try to contact them for me, for her?”

Dennis smiled. “Of course I will. We need Em. She is our queen. She keeps everyone in order, including the three of you.”

Rory couldn’t help but smile at his chagrinned expression. Given a chance, he had a feeling that Dennis would be all too eager to join their little ménage. It was not happening in the near future. “I’m going back to see if she woke up yet. Can you let me know what happens?”

“I will.”

“Thank you, Dennis. Also, thank you, Wesley. If my mind was a bit clearer, I could have looked the information up myself. Of course. Up until a few minutes ago, I didn’t really know what happened. Now I need to find out the rest.”

Rory returned to their rooms. He walked in quietly, but Salt was lying on the bed beside Em. She had tears dripping from her eyes. Russell was behind her with his arms and legs wrapped around her. Obviously he was trying to keep her warm. It was not working. Em’s teeth were chattering.

Rory took a seat at the bottom of the bed. He stroked her leg. “Talk to me.”

“I’m so fucking cold.”

“Okay. I just spoke with Wesley. He said that because you didn’t take enough blood to completely heal yourself, you are having side effects. The redness of your skin and the feelings of cold need to be addressed.”


“You need to take blood from me and from Joel. You also need blood from an ancient.”


“That is what the book says. I have Dennis trying to contact Joel and the governors’ caves. Hopefully we will have word shortly on how this can be done.”

“What do I do in the meantime? I’m so cold it hurts.”

Rory crawled up her body, offering his throat. Em brought her fangs forth and bit into his flesh. His blood tasted warm and she drank heartily, hoping it would help. When Rory pulled back, she felt slightly better. She was still cold, but didn’t feel as if her entire body was freezing. He leaned back and shrugged. “Did it help?”

“A little.”

“I have to move, Em. You are making me feel like an ice cube.” Russell shifted out from behind her. He was shivering as he walked over to the heater and turned it back on.

Rory sat back on her thighs. “What happened?”

“I woke up and I was on fire. I leapt into a snow bank and stayed there until Russell dug me out.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“For what? You didn’t do this.”

“For not noticing that you had slipped off the sled until we got back. For not having more balls to come after you. I had a few minutes before the sun would have torched me. I wasn’t there for you when you needed me and if you had died it would have been my fault.”

She sat up, taking his hands. “I don’t blame you. It was an accident. Having you die trying to get me wouldn’t have helped anything. I’m alive and we will get through this. Please don’t feel guilty. I love you and that’s all that matters. Did you get the windmill parts back?”

“Yes. Adrian said that they will work on them tonight.”

“Then our mission was accomplished.” Em gave an involuntary shudder. “I wonder if sex would help warm me up?”

Rory smiled and shook his head. She was incorrigible. “I guess we can try if you would like. Name your poison.”

“My poison is sweet and passionate. I want my men to make me warm and wet.”

Salt stroked her cheek softly. “How much does your skin hurt?”

“Not enough to shy away from a touch, but I don’t think a paddle or a whip would feel too good right now.”

Salt pushed back her hair and Em frowned. She obviously hadn’t considered that her hair had been burned off. Putting her hand to her head, she groaned. “Again?”

“It’s not as short as when you gave it to Gaelic to keep him from cutting your head off. It is short, though. I think I can cut it this time and have it look better. You also need a shower.”

“I still smell like charred flesh, huh?”

“Yes, you do.”

Rory smiled. He knew exactly what Em needed. “Sit tight for a few minutes. Salt, I need your help.”

Rory slid off the bed and waited as Salt got up. They walked together through the main hall and the kitchen into the back storage area.

“What are we doing, Rory?”

“If I remember correctly, there is an old plastic tub back here. It was used to store T-shirts and I believe was once the base for a large fountain or koi pond. I was thinking that we could fill it with warm water and give her a bath.”

Salt chuckled. “I think that is a brilliant idea. I wonder if there are any candles left. They would set the mood.”

“Good thought.”

They came across the tub in a back corner. As Rory had figured, it was empty and it was the perfect size for what they had in mind. Salt went in search of candles and came back with three thick ones. He and Rory carried their treasures back into the kitchen. “I wonder if there is any of that tea left? The one that smells so good and is suppose to be soothing.”

Salt dug through the cabinet and came up with one filled with boxes of tea. He took a few down and then held one up triumphantly. “Chamomile and peppermint. That sounds perfect.”

“Yes, it does.” Rory pulled out a large wash bucket and took it to the sink. Obviously the solar hot water tank was still working. He washed the tub well and then filled it with steaming water. He dumped the entire box of teabags into the water and then threw the wrapper in the trash. With the tub balanced between them, Salt took the candles and Rory carried the water as they walked back to their rooms.

Em was still lying under the quilt when they walked in. They set everything down and moved the table, putting the tub in the middle of the small area that had once been a kitchen. Rory poured the bucket into the tub and then began to fill it from the sink. Salt lit the candles and then turned off the lights.


* * * *


Em was intrigued. She sat up, watching the two men as they busily filled the tub. Russell got in on the act as he went to get some towels from the bathroom. It was rare that they bothered to take a shower, but the room was equipped with one. They filled the tub a little more than halfway and then Rory walked over. He flipped back the quilt and swept her from the bed. Em giggled. “I could get used to this.”

“Don’t get too used to it. As soon as you are better, I intend to tie you up and make you pay for worrying me.”

“Rory. What would you have done if things didn’t work out as they did?”

“You already know the answer to that. Why ask me?”

“I don’t know. I don’t want you to.”

“That is one thing, my love, that you have no say over. I died with my wife and my daughter. You brought me back to life. If I die again, this time it will be forever.” He laid her down in the tub of wonderfully warm water.

The contrast between her body and the heat made her shiver. “This feels good.”

Rory smiled. He grabbed one of the washcloths that Russell had brought out and began to wash her feet. Salt started at her head, slowly rubbing her skin with another wonderfully scented cloth. They had put something in the water. It smelled like a subtle flower and peppermint. Em closed her eyes as she felt Russell lift her arm. He gently stroked her skin, the soft washcloth being applied with almost no pressure. Rory stroked the top of her foot, her ankle, working upward. Salt moved down, washing her shoulder and then her arm. Russell softly stroked her face, tracing her nose, her eyelids, down to her lips. His mouth touched hers, gentle, his tongue parting her lips to engulf her tongue. Behind her closed eyes, she could see the slight flicker of the candles as they filled the room with the scent of green apples.

Rory slid his hands down her thighs, the washcloth gone. He kissed her skin, lifting her leg from the water to caress it with his tongue. Salt washed her breast, encircling her nipple with warm wetness. He lifted the cloth, allowing the water to dribble down over her nipple in a flow of warmth.

Em was captivated by the sweet sensations. Russell’s kiss was enthralling, the feel of Salt tormenting her nipples making her pussy itch with desire. Rory sucked her toe into his mouth. It had been a long time since he played with her toes, and Em was completely enjoying it.

Russell parted from her, using his hot palms to wash her other breast. Salt slid up, his lips touching hers. He put his hand around the back of her head, drawing her into his mouth. His tongue was chilled compared to Russell’s, but the kiss was no less enchanting. Salt stroked the back of her hair with his fingers, the touch unusually gentle. Salt was a fantastic lover, but he was not known for being tender. Em had to wonder how much his attention was focused on not hurting her. Maybe they were just caught in the aftermath of wondering if she was gone from their lives forever.

Rory kissed his way up her leg, his mouth finding its way to her pussy. He parted the lower lips, stroking her skin with water before he leaned his head down to lick her clit. Em could feel him in the water with her. At some point, Rory had removed his clothing and was kneeling in the tub. She was surprised that she hadn’t noticed. Her pussy was certainly grateful. Rory’s tongue felt oddly warm as if he was suddenly not as cold. It was more likely that Em was now cooler than death.

She pushed the thought from her mind, enjoying Salt’s kiss. Russell was softly licking her nipple, his tongue feeling twice as hot as it usually did. Em also made note that the water seemed to be getting cold.

Rory rolled his tongue over her clit, his fingers probing the depth of her cunt. She jumped, his touch making her pussy flicker with sensation. All three men stopped and sat back. Em opened her eyes. “What? That felt good. It didn’t hurt. I promise.”

Rory chuckled. “Okay. I know this is going to sound odd, but we don’t want to hurt you.”

Em giggled. Normally the prelude to sex meant that they were out to hurt her. More aptly, they were out to heighten her sexual enjoyment through pain. “I’m not in pain. Okay?”

Russell returned to tormenting her nipple with his tongue. Salt stood and went for some more hot water. Rory stared at her for a moment. “I love you.”

“I know. I love you, also. What you are doing feels

He smiled. “I’m
glad to hear that. It is intended to feel good.” He lowered his mouth to her flesh, his tongue breaching the opening of her cunt. Rory knew exactly the spot to flick with his rolled tongue and he did it perfectly. Em whimpered, her hips arching into his face in enjoyment. The inner heat was growing, the throb of sensation an overwhelming force.

Salt added a tub of steamy water to her bath and then dropped the bucket, taking off his clothing. He stood above her, staring down at her face. “Will you do me the honors?”

She ran her palms up his calves. His legs were extraordinary, the perfect combination of shape and muscle. Em had always liked men with slightly thick thighs and well-proportioned legs. Salt definitely fit the bill. “I can’t reach you way up there.”

Salt lowered himself to her chest. The way he was situated, he was balancing on his legs rather than put too much pressure on her. When he leaned forward to put his hands to either side of her head, Em sat up slightly and drew his cock into her mouth. It wasn’t as hard as she was accustomed to, but she already knew that Salt was slightly out of his element. Em took it in stride, sucking him gingerly between her lips. She rolled her tongue over his dick, stroking it until she had Salt’s complete attention.

Rory was licking her pussy, alternating between his fingers and tongue. Em’s cunt was screaming from the glorious attention, her hips rising. She reached out with one hand and grabbed Salt’s ass. With the other, she searched for Russell, but didn’t find him.

The sound of Russell’s deep voice filled the room. “Salt, get your ass up. I want in on this.”

Salt grumbled but stood. He grabbed Em’s hands and pulled her out of the water. Rory was behind her in a flash. He wrapped her in a towel, drying her off vigorously. She saw that Salt was now lying on the floor and frowned. Without warning, Rory grabbed her by the waist and flipped her over. She was left to balance on her hands with them placed to either side of Salt’s thighs. Their alternate position was obvious and she lowered herself, returning to Salt’s dick. Russell took a place behind her, drizzling oil onto her anus. Rory was in front of her, his feet to either side of Salt’s calves.

A knock at the door.

“Son of a bitch. Who is it?”

“It’s Dennis, Rory. I have the information that you asked me to get.”

“It’s unlocked.” Rory slid his cock deeply into her pussy, Em gasping in surprise. Why was Rory allowing Dennis in the room while they were in the middle of sex? She pulled back from Salt’s dick, shivering as Russell parted the muscles of her anus with his fingers.

Dennis had a large grin on his face. “Okay. Um. Interesting position.” He cocked his head to the side to look down at Em. “Are you comfortable?”

She nodded. “Yeah. Ah,” Russell filled her with his dick. Em had to smile at the humor in Dennis’s expression. “You interrupted us why?”

“I just got off the radio with New York. As I suspected, Joel and Gaelic have taken up residence there as the kings. I told them about your situation and they welcome you to come up. I then called and did a radio convoy to the governors’ caves. Vidar is sending a helicopter for you tomorrow night. They will take you up to New York and then fly back to the governors’ caves before morning.”

Em was stunned. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about saving your ass from an eternity of misery. As soon as the sun goes down tomorrow, you are to hightail your ass out to the road. The helicopter will be waiting for you. The pilot is human. You need to take blood first from Joel and then go to take blood from Vidar. You will be staying at the governors’ caves until at least the following night unless you have a reaction. Then you might have to stay for a few days. That can’t be determined now.”

BOOK: Claiming Emerald
13.67Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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