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BOOK: Coercion (The Cassano Series Book 3)
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I stare at her, and my restraint frays. All rational thought as to why we shouldn’t be together dissolves into a puddle at the feet I worship.

Chapter Five



What I’m doing is out of raw desperation. A stall tactic. Anything I can think of to get him to hang on to me–to us.

The balmy breeze washes over me from behind, but it does nothing to dissipate the still thickness of the air between Adrian and me.

“Dammit, your realness makes me love you so fucking hard,” he says before he charges toward me in a pair of black swim trunks. In mere seconds, he’s wrapping his arms around me and pushing me back into the pool.

We both fall in, and I inhale a breath before I’m snapping my eyes and mouth closed. Adrian lifts me out from underneath the water. His hands stroke my hair lovingly and wipe water from my face.

“You don’t strip down half-naked in front of my team, who are likely watching from the house, and expect me to let you stand there.”

I smirk at him. “I knew you wouldn’t be able to take it.”

Slowly, he shakes his head. “My stubborn-ass girl. God, you’re so damn beautiful. The water is beading above your vivid eyes, and your hair is shining.” He rakes a hand over my long strands again. “I missed you so much it hurt to breathe.”

Leaning my forehead against his, I try not to feel the pain that has consumed me over the last week.

“It hurt for me to breathe, too. I’m sorry.”

“No, I’m sorry. Regardless of my reasoning, I was dishonest to you about so many things. I was only trying to protect you and not lose you.”

“I know that now.” For the last two days, getting to him was all I thought about, and it feels surreal to be with him somewhere other than the penthouse.

“Juice Box, I’m going to do everything in my power to show you that you can trust me. I can’t believe you’re really here.”

Adrian grips my thighs, signaling for me to wrap them around him. He walks with me until my back presses against the side of the pool.

Our lips collide, and we savor each other’s mouth, tracing the familiar lines. Soon he’s working my tongue over as if he’s punishing me for my previous behavior, and I welcome it.

He has long forgotten about his so-called team who could be watching as his cock presses turgidly against me. A hand snakes around my back, and my bra is unhooked at lightning speed.

“I want nothing between us,” he murmurs against my lips. I yank down my panties, and they’re soon drifting off in the water.

Reaching over, I pull on his trunks, and he helps me remove them. “Shit, I can’t let anything happen to you. Taking you back home and dealing with Noah Sanders is still going to happen even after I fuck you.”

“Precisely, so let’s make the most of this,” I say impatiently. Adrian’s forehead falls against mine.

“What am I going to do with you?”

“Fuck me like it’s your only chance, and then tie me up like you’re terrified I might get away.”

A smile curves from his lips. “Why did I think I could send you back home?”

“I haven’t a clue. Now, fuck me already. I’ve never done it in a pool.”

“Another first with me.” In a beat, his lips are slamming against mine. He grips my hips and thrusts deep inside of me, sending a tidal wave of familiar sensations crashing into me.

Our tongues feed in a frenzy as my elbows rest on his shoulders, my fingers entwining in his thick, ebony hair.

I can’t express enough to him what relief and happiness I feel to be embraced by his touch. The expedition to physically arrive here was a journey in self-discovery. I unveiled to myself the loyalty I feel to Adrian.

It’s undeniable, and I was fooling myself to think I could separate from my counterpart, my parallel of passion. I believe our love is the most honest part of each of us.

My legs wrap tighter around his hips, my heels bearing heavily against his iron-hard ass as he shamelessly bounces me up and down.

Water swooshes around us, and the momentum of his cock sliding in and out of me propels the ecstasy front and center. It crosses the finish line, winning against my self-control.

Adrian buries his head against my neck as his hands clamp down on my hips. He spills deep inside of me, the ecstasy now taking its victory lap.



After Victoria and I consummate our reunion, I find my trunks and pull them back on.

“Wait here. I’m going to get a towel for you to dry off with and one for you to stand behind, so you can dress.”

I climb out of the pool and grab two beach towels from a table. Juice Box has rounded up her bra and panties and carefully climbs up the stairs to exit the pool, all while I hold a towel to block the view of her exquisite nakedness.

Shivering, she dries off as I look toward the house and back at her.

“You’re adorable when you’re nervous and territorial,” she says with a giggle.

“There is only one of you, yet there are eight testosterone driven males on this property.”

“OK, but only one of them gets to touch me.”

“True, but my team is too valuable to blind, so I can’t stop their wandering eyes.”

She giggles again, and I’m not finding this as funny as she is. I’m dead serious that I don’t want the guys viewing any of her fine assets.

After I’ve been given an amazing view of her nakedness once more, she buttons up the blue blouse she wore to Arizona. Shit, she can’t put back on her soaked bra, so her nipples are saluting me.

“Wait here,” I order. Victoria has her long locks draped to the side of her shoulder as she towel dries them. I stride to the back door of my home, and once inside, I survey the area.

I find Boone and Chip in the kitchen, and I hear laughter coming from the game room. The guys are always outdoing each other in their real lives, so they’re likely trying to kick each other’s ass on the Xbox, too.

Going back outside, I wave for Victoria to come to me. She’s carrying her undergarments and heels and looks straight out of a teenage boy’s wet dream with her soaked hair, short shorts, and nipples protruding through her wet shirt.

Fuck yes. I’m definitely not done with her tonight.

“My bedroom is on the third floor and last door on the right. I will be up shortly.” I steal another kiss from her, and swat her ass, encouraging her to take it upstairs.

I never would’ve had my team here had I known Victoria was going to show up. They’ll never let me live this down. I stroll to the kitchen, noticing the suitcase sitting by the patio doors.

Boone and Chip shut up and stare at me.

“I’m guessing this is Victoria’s suitcase.”

“Yes, sir,” Boone says before a broad grin spreads from his clever smirk, and I know how to get rid of it.

“The pool now needs a chlorine treatment.” After a few seconds, my words resonate with him.

“Gross, and I guess you’re welcome. Hell, she’s been here a whole five minutes, you slut.”

Chip snickers and takes a swig from his beer bottle.

“Actually more like twenty. I guess I owe you a thank you for getting her here safely.”

“Yeah, no problem, and I’ll get right on that pool treatment, your Royal Highness.”

“Thanks.” My smirk descends as I recall my concerns over the guys being here.

“I wasn’t expecting Victoria, so I expect all of you to be on your best behavior.”

“Please, she’s a tough cop. We talked about it on the way here. I’m sure we’ll seem tame to her.”

“Regardless, behave please and relay the message.”



Adrian’s Arizona home is more like a mansion. I take in his master bedroom, my gaze moving panoramically. It’s in shades of blue with some white and grey speckled in.

The wrought iron bed has a pewter finish and an intricately designed head and footboard. I imagine Adrian’s firm body rocking over me, and a shiver streaks through me.

I should find a restroom and finish drying off, but I spot two doors that have no window coverings. Since we’re on the third floor, I assume they hold the key to me viewing the desert from above.

I pad their direction and open them up. They lead out to a balcony, and although the darkness has tucked us into its blanket for the night, I can still spy the sandy color beneath us.

“You don’t miss anything.” Adrian’s arms slip around my waist, and I lean back into him. His body surrounds my still damp skin and warms it like the summer’s sweltering heat.

“You don’t miss anything, either. I’ve always loved the way you admire every inch of me.”

His hands glide upward along my waist until they’re at my breasts. Fingertips begin to rub over my nipples, and I fall back farther into him.

“I also like to put my hands and mouth on every inch of you.”

My fingers slide up until they’re sailing into his hair. I grip it tightly in the back as my nipples throb under his diligent touch.

“Please do it, Sir. Touch me everywhere. Give my body what it’s missed.”

My blue blouse comes apart, white pearl buttons flying off the balcony. The surprise of it leaves me heaving for air. His strong hands mold over my breasts and begin kneading them as I cling to his hair.

“Don’t worry, no one can see us up here,” he whispers in my ear before he’s coasting a hand down over my taut stomach. His fingers work at releasing the button of my shorts and then shove into them.

I’m ready to come apart from his bare chest pressed to my back and his arms holding me tightly. His fingers dip right into me, and I inhale a sharp breath.

“Damn, baby, I’ve missed this, and you’re soaked for me.” Lord knows I’ve missed it, too. His free hand jerks my shorts to the ground before he kicks my legs apart, opening me up farther for him. It’s as if he’s the cop and I’m the criminal.

It might be a crime to devote myself to Adrian Cassano, but I don’t care. I will give up my career if that’s what it takes to be with him and save him from the malevolence eating him up inside for over a decade.

Fingers stroke me in and out, and I’m brought right back to the place of pleasure. His heated breath bathes my ear, and his dirty talk, encouraging me to come, is wizardry. An orgasm grips me ultrafast, and I split apart. Adrian pulls me in solid against him, and I feel his erection stiff against me.

“I have to tie you to my bed and do that to you all over again but with my tongue this time. Then, I’m going to bury my cock inside that warm, slick place it has ached over for a week now,” he whispers.

My body trembles against him as I turn in his arms. I hug him snugly, and out of nowhere, tears come. I’ve never felt as safe as I do when I’m with Adrian. Why did I think I could turn my back on him?

Our bond was shakable before but no more. It’s unyielding, and I feel no mercy on anyone who fucks with us.

“Victoria, what’s wrong?” he asks as he frames my face and brushes my regret away with his thumbs.

“Everything is right, and I’m digesting how important that is to me. I’ll never let you go again. Never, Adrian.”



Victoria expresses her regret and love for me through her tender tears and words. I pull her back flush to my chest and kiss the top of her head.

“In bed, baby. Let me replace your hurt with something meaningful.” I pull back my blue comforter and white sheets as she strips off her damp clothes.

Her elongated, bare frame lies nestled in the center of my bed, luscious tits rising and falling with her labored breaths. She knows what is coming.

Once I’ve stripped off my swim trunks, I climb onto the end of the bed and worship at her feet yet again.

“I am not tying you to anything, but hold the headboard.” The detailed design of the headboard leaves her plenty of open spaces to grip the steel.

Her tits perk out farther, and I’m propelled forward, having to taste and feel them. My hands skirt up to the sides of them, and I bury my face, kissing her delicate skin between them.

I think of her delicate heart that is working overtime, pounding beneath me. Victoria has a tough side I respect, but her heart, now exposed and no longer numb, feels every emotion. Old pain and new. Happiness and pleasure.

My pearl truly does need nurturing and care, and I’m more than happy to give it to her. My open mouth drags over to a nipple, sweeping around it, demanding it to harden below my wet lips.

Her whimpers elicit a groan from me, and I can no longer wait to taste her slick center. My lips faintly trail down her stomach until I’m settling between her thighs, kissing the inside of them.

She lets them fall open farther, and I breathe in her intoxicating scent, my dick twitching against the sheets in the process.

“Mmm … baby, I’m going to make you scream. Please, run the guys right out of my house, so I can fuck you anywhere I want.”

“Adrian, I can’t. That’s embarrassing.” Her head turns inward toward her arm, a blissful smile relaxing on her lips as she turns pink.

“Oh, yes. You’re going to do precisely that.”

BOOK: Coercion (The Cassano Series Book 3)
11.63Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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