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For Armon


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Bragg watched on the camera as the two men disembarked, then he closed the hatch and nodded curtly to Genevieve to start up the ship. She’d found a grey flight suit with nano-sizing to fit anyone in a cupboard by the control room and had hastily slipped into it while the men had had their exchange. Sitting back at the controls, she eased the Chimera out of the clearing and guided the ship toward Uruk and Azaes’s place.

A terrific jar threw Genevieve off her chair. A thunderous boom and the squeal of tearing metal pounded her ears. She was flung this way and that like a rag doll, grunting with each hard impact. Then her head smacked into something and she blacked out.

Chapter Twenty-Four

Chapter Twenty-Five


About the Author

A hotshot pilot on a collision course with destiny…

When Genevieve Dubois, Zeta Corp’s hot shot starship pilot, accepts a research mission aboard
to the mysterious planet Eos, she not only collides with her guilty past but with her own ultimate fantasy.

thinks she’s found paradise in the jungle planet of Eos and its people; only to discover that she has brought the seed of destruction that will destroy it. And Eos, whose steaming jungles harbour an eerie connection with Atlantis, is not the paradise she envisioned after all. When she is forced to journey through the perilous jungle to redeem herself and save the man she loves, its intoxicating breath threatens Genevieve’s very sanity with secrets not only of her guilty past but of ancient Earth.

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Collision with Paradise

Copyright © 2013
Kate Wylde

ISBN: 978-1-77111-501-8

Cover art by Martine Jardin

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Collision with Paradise


Kate Wylde

For Armon


He bolted awake, shivering sweat, and reeled out of the groggy purple haze of the
drug he’d succumbed to earlier. Something warm with an intoxicating scent had touched his naked body. His eyes snapped open and he saw her in the dim moonlight, bending over him. Splendidly naked, her smooth mauve skin resembled his, but her face shimmered with a remarkable beauty unlike any he’d seen on this world. Alien hair streamed chaotically behind her in the hot breeze. It was
again. The entity in the shape of that statuesque alien who tormented him with dreams of forbidden love.

“Why do you come to me this way?” he asked, heart slamming with the thrill of fear.

“Because she is coming already,” the entity said, climbing seductively over him. His breath seized as she slithered over him with her knees astride his hips. Her slender legs coiled around his quivering thighs like a predator. “Although she doesn’t know it yet, she is coming for
,” she hissed. Her hands hovered over his pelvis and she whispered, “Your souls already seek to join, your bodies to entwine.”

He tensed. Did the entity know of his dreams? Of course it did… Yet he was not being punished…yet.

“You must make ready for her arrival,
soul drifter
… She brings you your destiny.” His penis surged in waves of firming and bobbed as if dancing into her hands like a puppet. “You have travelled through many minds unscathed,” the alien murmured, “but hers is very different… Once you drift into her mind, she will seize yours.”

He inhaled sharply as her face dove, shiny lips hovering over his erect cock, with a hiss of pleasure. Her lips stopped short of his quivering penis and she glanced up, eyes sharp like a knife. “Not only will she embrace it, she’ll feast on it!”

He recoiled slightly and met her gaze with stricken eyes. Why did she speak of his dreams and not of reality? He felt a surge of panic rise up his throat. “But my destiny lies with another,” he insisted in a raspy voice out of a dry throat. “One of my kind. We are destined to rule the next age of our people.”

He cut himself off at the moist touch of her flickering tongue on his penis and let loose a guttural sigh. She raised her beautiful head again, deep eyes slicing into his heart, wild hair backlit like a halo of jewels, her velvet voice seductively alien. “You will fall in love with this alien,
. And once you do, she will kill you.” She leaned down again, hair teasing his abdomen with a delicious tickle: “
is your destiny…” then seized his cock into her slippery mouth… and bit.

Chapter One

“Let’s check telemetry by measuring the optical depth of Eos’s outer ring, Zac,” Genevieve said in a lazy voice and yawned. She leaned back, comfortably naked, in her pilot’s chair and rested one of her slender legs on Zac’s console. She’d just come out of a month of hibe in the
suit and was still basking in a dumb haze of lingering euphoria.

Thirty minutes earlier, Zac had awoken her with the pleasant male voice Genevieve had programmed into the organic ship: “Up and Eve, sleeping beauty. Prince Charming is here. Time to do diagnostics on me and the crew.”

Still floating in Zac’s dimly lit and padded negative G section, Genevieve inhaled deeply and roused out of sleep. Her naked body was enclosed in the tethered
suit with its two and a half billion nano-sensors gently probing her flesh and stirring her from her long slumber―the same sensors that had earlier caressed her into blissful erotic dreams, while tapping the theta waves she generated in REM sleep to power the ship.

Once Zac had reintroduced gravity and settled her to the soft floor, Genevieve pulled off the suit and felt a brief chill as the air in the room gently caressed her exposed skin. A little giddy from coming out of hibe, she didn’t bother to put any clothes on―she never did anymore―and strode directly to the control centre of the ship, while Zac chattered on: “So, this young man goes into the drug store to buy condoms…”

“Mmmm,” she mumbled. Another of Zac’s dirty jokes…

“…The pharmacist asks him which pack: three, six, or twelve. The young man says,
I’ve been seeing a really hot chick and I think I’ll get lucky tonight. We’re having dinner with her parents and then we’ll go out. Once she’s had me, she’ll want me all the time, so I better get the twelve pack.
Then he makes his purchase and leaves.”

She only half-listened while making her way along the narrow duraflex corridor, bare feet padding along the soft underflex floor. Exulting in the freedom of being totally naked, she let her mind drift: Zac’s
suit had originally been designed about thirty years before as a recreational virtual reality ride. Then some scientist at Zeta Aeronotics Corp., formerly NASA, had integrated the
technology with the discovery of theta-rhythm energy to power their newly developed organic-quantum computers. When Zac, the first organic sentient ship, was built, it was a natural progression to incorporate the
suit as the ship’s principal method of human-machine interaction and fuel source.

As soon as this mission came down the pipe, Zac, she and her crew became Zeta’s instant pilot project. While she was in hibe for a month, Zac fed her, kept her clean and maintained her in REM sleep through the
suit. The suit even provided her with dreams. Her dreams, in turn, provided the suit’s 2.3 billion nano-sensors touching her skin with wave power to run Zac. It was a perfect symbiotic relationship of human and machine. Eleven other shipmates were riding
for the entire trip. They included the mission commander of the landing party and a crystologist, two planetary ecologists, two exo-biologists, a sociologist, weapons expert/shuttle pilot, archeologist/mythologist, nano-biologist and a psychologist. And, of course, there was herself, who was an expert in none of these, though she dabbled in all of them out of interest.

Only Genevieve, ship’s captain and trouble-shooter, was awakened every month to do diagnostic checks before plunging back into blissful hibernation. Zeta technicians had determined that this compromise for Zac’s pilot during the eighteen-month voyage as Zac sling-shot its way along one of the Universe’s quantum highways to Eos, was necessary on several fronts. Not only did Genevieve serve the purpose of conducting monthly QA checks on the ship’s self-replicating auto-poietic systems, but she also provided some company for Zac, who had been programmed for human interaction. Considering that Genevieve had made some additional programming changes on Zac, she thought this only fair. She’d cranked the ship’s personality up for humour and sensuality, hence Zac’s inclination for raunchy jokes. She could put up with them for what Zac gave her in hibe.

“Later that evening,” Zac went on with his joke, “the young man sits down to dinner with his girlfriend and her parents and asks if he might give the blessing. But his prayer goes on forever and the girl leans over and says,
You never told me you were so religious
. And he says,
You never told me your father was a pharmacist.

Genevieve burst into a cackle-laugh, then groaned. “Oh, Zac,” she remonstrated mildly with a half grin. “That’s got to be your worse one yet.”

“Then why did you laugh?” the ship challenged her.

“Because I laugh at all your jokes. Especially after just waking up from hibe.” Still half-
, and particularly vulnerable, her skin cells tingled with their own exquisite memories of incredible sensation. One of the reasons she didn’t dress right after hibe was because it almost hurt to put anything on. “You’re a dirty old ship, you know?” She sashayed around a tight corner. Feeling a burst of impish energy, she impulsively pirouetted on the balls of her feet and blurted out, “But you’re a great fuck.”

“You mean
a great fuck,” Zac corrected somewhat tartly, referring to her erotic cyber-dreams. Genevieve unconsciously slowed her pace, cheeks flaming. She instantly regretted her foolish outburst and chalked it up to post-hibe dumbness.

“Of course it’s Dan!” she said defensively, and wondered why she suddenly felt uncomfortable. “But
orchestrate it through
,” she insisted.

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