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Authors: Jerrice Owens

Tags: #capital punishment, #hex, #cult horror adventure teen adult content, #voodoo murder mystery, #curse removal, #revenge and betrayal, #gypsies and carnival, #governors race, #death and demons, #death and suffering

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He’d spoken with Kate’s loved ones and
decided to drop by and check on Phil. He’d overhead part of
Phillip’ story and the part about demons got to him.

“Governor,” Pastor Judd said to him.
“If it’s okay I’d like to pray with you.”

Mr. White looked to Phil who nodded
okay. They bowed their heads and he delivered his words.

“Thank you Pastor,” he said as he

He smiled at him, “no problem at

As Pastor Judd left the hospital, he
once again tried to reassure Phil, that what happened to Kate
wasn’t his fault, and she was in a better place.

He felt that Phil was in deep shock
about what’d happened to her therefore his mind had fabricated all
of these different apparitions.

When Pastor Judd entered his house very
late, everything was perfectly still.

He noticed a plate was left on the
stove. Bless his wife for thinking of him!

He eagerly unwrapped his food—a baked
potato and broccoli, accompanied by a hearty steak. He sliced it
and examined it.

“Good,” he whispered. “Medium rare. I’m
sure glad she remembered this time.”

He fixed a drink but didn't notice the
small tapeworm that peered out.

He cut his dinner to smaller pieces,
avoiding the piece with the tapeworm in it.

Finally though, it reached his mouth.
The worm slid out as he started to chew.

It arrived at the base of his throat.
From there, the worm started to grow. It fattened until it filled
it up, almost like a small tube.

The pastor tried to gasp out as he
began to lose his oxygen.

The worm had seriously restricted air
flow from every direction which he could breathe. It swelled and
touched the roof of his mouth, growing so heavy it depressed his

The tail wiggled between his

He slumped face first into the plate
which broke.

As he lay in the midst of jagged
porcelain, the worm started to slowly shrink.

However, it was too late by now. He had
stopped responding at all.

Sam paced in front of the bed.
“Phillip, you gotta come outta that funk.”

Phillip merely blinked at him. It
wasn’t something he wanted to hear.

“Listen, we all feel bad about Kate,
but man, look it wasn’t your fault. God forbid if I ever lose Ang,
you’d probably have to say this to me.”

Phil then spoke. “Where is

“She said that she didn’t want to come.
I don’t know man; I can’t figure her out. Maybe it’s her period and
shit, but this is a time we need to stick together and she doesn’t
seem to understand that. Bro look, I’m here with you. You gotta get
better if just for me.”

Phil looked into Sam’s eyes and images
of all the shady shit he’d been doing behind his back immediately
flashed in front of his eyes—times that Angie went down on him and
times that he had fucked her senseless.

Then like it gave him a sick sense of
pleasure, a smirk formed in the corner of his lips.

“Bro, it’s good to see you

Phil snapped right out of his

“But you know what’d really do the


“If we get out of here. Be with people,
enjoy ourselves. I’m gonna miss Kate as much as you, but the truth
is bro, life goes on.”

He sat on the bed.

“Check this out. You know that
carnival’s in town right? Let’s get out for a couple of hours. If
you aren’t up to it, I’ll bring you back.”

Phillip groaned. “Alright right man!

“Cool bro. Just give it a

He left the room so Phillip could

As they walked through the carnival,
people on rides shouted with glee.

In Phillip’s head, it was evil
laughter, just like that of the drunks in jail.

He looked to his left and then to his

Sam, worried, placed a hand on his

“You alright?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Phil nodded.

“Why don’t you win a prize or

They came upon an anvil and

Sam paid the guy two bucks.

He passed Phil the hammer. “Give it a

Phillip swung with all of his might.
The bell sounded loudly, striking the top.

It took him to another flashback of
when he discovered Kate’s body. In a rage, he swung it again and
again, releasing the stress that he’d built up.

“Hey!” cried the carnival

“It’s okay,” said Sam, giving more

Sam snatched the hammer from Phillip’s

“Phil,” he called. “Give it a

Phil was breathing profusely and
sweating hard.

“We’ll take that bear,” Sam said,

The carnival worker passed him the
prize. He grabbed Phil’s arm and hurried off.

Sam noticed the

“Let’s ride something so you can cool
off. The breeze will probably do you some good.” He gestured around
him. “Pick out something.”

After glancing at all of the rides at
the place, Phil pointed to a tamer one. All the ride did was spin,
but still, it moved extremely fast.

The carnival employees were just
reloading when the two of them headed towards the gate. They didn’t
have to wait in line for long.

“Get in,” Sam ordered.

Phil obliged.

He placed the stuffed animal between

“I watched the other people,” he said.
“The speed’ll have you smushing somebody. I hope this prize offers
some cushion.”

He pulled the bar down over

The ride started and Phil relaxed, cool
air washing over him.

It began to move faster and people

“Pretty fun huh?” Sam asked

The glee suddenly left his face as he
came around and noticed two people. Standing right at the edge of
the gate, two people stood kissing each other. As he came around
again, he was certain this time that they were the image of Angie
and Phil.

He glared at Phil, who’d seen it

“What the hell man?!” Sam

Phil merely shook his head, still
keeping his eye on the figures.

As expected both of their skin turned
pale and each of them had started to morph. They took the shape of
menacing creatures, who lashed out claws the next go

They succeeded in snatching off Sam’s
skin. He glanced at Phil scared, only muscle and veins.

Phil began to holler but no one
noticed, not even next time when they snatched the meat.

All that remained was Sam’s skeleton
and the third trip by, they yanked up the bones.

Phil held up the bear to protect
himself, and the ride started to come to a stop.

As he got off shaking, unaware of
what’d happened, people whispered, “what’s wrong with that

“Your keys,” called a girl who’d taken
his spot.

He grabbed the keys and then took

“Where the hell did we park?” he asked
himself, lost as he neared the parking lot.

“You alright,” asked a girl in a long
country dress.

“Stay away from me please!” Phillip
cried out.

“It’s alright,” she said, trying to
come closer.

All of a sudden, something knocked her

As she fell to the ground, she was
positioned on knees as demonic images flooded her mind.

Two more people left from a

“Esmeralda,” said the man. “Tell me
what’s wrong.”

He glared at Phillip, who walked away
backwards. He then took off in a mad dash.

When he was safe in the car, he thought
for minute.

“Maybe they’ll lift it. Of course
they’ll lift it.”

Eugene answered on the very first

“Phillip,” he said. “Long time no

“No time to catch up. I need you

“Of course you do. You always do.
That’s the only time you call right, Phil?”

“You know your ass could be sitting in

“And you never ever let me forget

“You were about to be sentenced for
computer hacking.”

“Right! One time and I paid you back. A
favor for a favor; that’s how it works. You have gotten three

“Well, the crime is fitting for five
whole years. So the way I see it. I’ve got two more.”

Eugene sighed. “Alright alright! Who do
you need me to track this time?”

Twenty minutes later his phone

“Phillip, I’ve got the address for

Another half hour passed. Phillip was
banging hard on the door. The lights were out and inside was still,
but Phillip kept banging anyway.

Finally, he started to kick the door. A
neighbor then came out of her house.

“Hey you!” she cried, shading her eyes.
“What are you doing? Don’t I know you?”

Phillip turned and gave her a stare. It
was none other than Beverly Crum.

“What are you doing here?” he

“I live here. Why in the hell are you

He pointed to the door. “I have to see

“Sorry, but they moved

“Moved away?”

“Went back to their country. Their
father’s death was too much for them. But I personally say good
riddance. To him and as well as those bastard kids.”

She studied Phil.

“Why do you need to see

“Because they put a curse on

Mrs. Crum let out a hearty laugh.
“Those curses aren’t real, Governor’s Son. Everyone who believes in
God knows that. So they really killed my husband for

“You don’t understand,” Phillip

“I do,” she nodded. “Why don’t you come

Phillip’s feet stood where they

“Come on,” she said. “What would it

Phillip let out a very deep breath then
cautiously stepped inside of her yard.

“Good boy,” she smiled. “Come inside. I
was just about to have some dinner.”

Phillip followed her into her

“Would you care for some Caesar

He grinned at her. “Is that all you
eat? It’s sort of late for dinner though.”

“What’d make you say that?”

He pointed at her. “Your attire for

“What about it?”

“Well, you’re wearing a

“Yeah, that’s all I’m wearing

She smiled at him,

“I put it on to step outside. I wanted
to see what was going on and couldn’t go out with nothing

She gave him a wink.

“Being a nudist. Is something I’ve done
since my husband died. When I realized I was here by myself. I said
‘what the hell’, nobody can see.”

“What if a guest dropped by?” he asked.
“Would you be comfortable getting naked in front of

Mrs. Crum let robe fall to the floor.
“I guess that must have answered your question.”

Phillip had to close his mouth as he
stared over her flawless body.

“You enjoyed your lunch too much that
day, or you’d have known that I didn’t wear panties.”

She touched his chin.

“I can’t blame you though,
you’re a growing boy. You need food. Now let me turn the question
on you. Governor’s son, is that all

Without even answering her, he fell to
his knees and spread her thighs. He started to attack her clit.
Beverly moaned in ecstasy.

He then palmed two hands full of ass,
as soft as the pillows strewn on his bed, lifted her on to the
counter top, unbuckled his pants, and slid them down.

As both of their bodies made love in
sync, the tension had started to disappear. Phillip began to climax

“Damn,” he said, pulling it

“It’s okay,” she said, kissing him.
“With the money I have, it wouldn’t matter none. My husband had
three policies; me and my child would be set for life.”

“No,” Phillip cried, shaking his head.
“None of this should have ever happened. You were lonely and I was
lonely. I need to go home,” he then confirmed.

“Well, no hard feelings though,” she
replied, lightly patting Phil on the rump.

BOOK: Damned for Eternity
10.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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