Damon [The Texas Senator's Sons 1] (Siren Publishing Classic)

BOOK: Damon [The Texas Senator's Sons 1] (Siren Publishing Classic)
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The Texas Senator’s Sons 1


Can a lonely florist meet a hot cowboy, become a stripper, get snared in an FBI investigation, and fall in love in one week? Absolutely!

Meet Regan O'Connor, who plunges into a world of stripping and fabulous sex with Damon Radcliff, who fails to mention that he's the Texas senator's son. That little tidbit of information would have been helpful to know before Regan got herself involved in Damon's idiotic scheme of proving his brother's stripping fiancée is up to no good. Regan steps into the shady world of stripping to find that the fiancée-to-be is a very bad girl and more.

All Regan ever wanted was to look back on her life and know that she lived for the moment and smile while reminiscing. She gets that and more. Regan also finds her inner stripper, confidence in herself, unimaginable sex, and an adventure of a lifetime.

Contemporary, Western/Cowboys

43,227 words



The Texas Senator’s Sons 1






Hennessee Andrews










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To my mother-in-law, who finally understands what phone sex is all about.


The Texas Senator’s Sons 1



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Chapter One


“Good afternoon, sir!” Regan smiled as she busied herself with an arrangement of fresh, sparkling white daisies. “Be with you in a minute!”

The man didn’t have a clue, she thought. He walked around the shop in a daze looking at various floral designs and live plants.

Regan chuckled softly to herself while she tidied up her work area. Thank goodness she was here to save all the poor souls. In the last five years she had seen them all. Most of the time it was the average—men who wanted to say I love you, simple really.

Business had been slow up until three years ago with the slumping economy and increasing unemployment rate. If people were saying “I love you” or “get well soon,” they hadn’t being doing so with flowers.

Her business had been in its infancy and on the verge of bankruptcy when her big mouth helped her out, literally. What really made her business boom and take off was her free-advice-with
purchase catch. Who knew? Five years ago she was struggling with a small floral shop in Dallas and within two years,

With little repeat business, and earnings only marginal, she had known she would need a plan. Then, presto! A man strolled in and ordered roses! She just couldn’t take it anymore, just roses! Red at that!

Variety was the spice of life. At least that’s what Regan always understood. So in came the man, midthirties, doing the
I better do something
roses thing. He was utterly naïve to be polite about it. “I need a dozen red roses,” he said with a less than sincere tone.

Regan gave him a sympathetic look. “Anniversary?” She frowned. They were so easy to read.

“Yes, how did you know?” the man asked, bewildered and dumbfounded.

“Easy guess, really. You asked without a smile, for starters.” She winked.

“Interesting, what does that tell you?” The man furrowed his eyebrows with a small grin on his face.

Regan couldn’t help herself, and the verbal barrage tumbled out. “That you’re bored…” She clicked her nails on the counter, looking for the right words. “Your marriage has fallen into a scheduled routine…ho-hum existence. Work five days a week, sex...down to hmmm…once a week or less.”

The man went pale. With a sigh, he scrubbed his chin. “Wow-um…” he stuttered. Regan saw that her words had hit home—the truth hurt.

“No judgment here.” Regan grasped for words, sure she had ruined a sale, and that was so not what she needed at that time.

“No…really, you’re dead on.” The man’s eyes blinked once, twice. He pursed his lips tightly, and looked deep in thought.

“Sir, if I offended you, I apologize, really. I seem to have lost control of my mouth.” Regan watched the man, sure that the next words out of his mouth would be “Piss off!”

A chuckle broke through the stale, quiet air. Regan felt her eyes grow wide as she watched JQ Customer laugh. That was the nickname she gave men without a clue. Uh-oh, she thought, he has lost it. Married life and his anniversary had scrambled his brains. No sale.

“You know,” he said then paused. His smile fell solemn as he adjusted his tie, and his eyes told of unhappiness, sorrow. “When we got married, we were wild about one another…sex everyday!” A smile curved at the corner of his mouth as he reminisced about the past. “Then…” He paused as if trying to find the singular answer to what went wrong and when.

Regan jumped in. “Then life happened!” She smiled and could see that deep inside the shell of a man that stood before her was a man begging to be released from the hell of a ho-hum marriage.

“Yeah, life.” He repeated her statement and looked to her for guidance, advice…anything. “You know, when we got married I thought we would have grand adventures…maybe travel, see the world.” He sighed. “Then we bought a house, needed to work extra hours to renovate…”

“Life’s a bitch, huh?” Regan agreed, nodding.

“Yeah…I just…I just don’t know how we…damn it!” He pulled his tie loose, as if he was thinking of all that it signified presently. “I just want to take off and do something! Anything! Something reckless, fun! Maybe Vegas.”

Regan smiled. The man had heart and vigor for life deep inside. And she felt the need to help him out. “Well, I only see one solution.”

The man’s eyes flickered brightly in anticipation. “What? Help me.”

Regan typed a quick search into her laptop with a grin on her face. By the looks of the man in the suit, he had means to money or quick money via a credit card. “Well, looks like two can fly to Vegas and stay at the Bellagio for under nine hundred. What a deal!”

“Nine hundred, huh?” The man pondered her words for a moment. “But when would we have time?” He turned and began to pace.

Regan could almost see the wheels turning. It was Friday, 1:00 p.m. This was a no-brainer.

“Really, there’s no time better than the present. Live for the moment! Grab life and your wife, and tell the world to kiss off!” She laughed. That was a little overboard, but really, she needed to build a fire inside this man.

He chuckled, and a meaningful grin washed over his once-discontented face. “Spontaneous, just buy the tickets and go, just go!”

She could see his elation and excitement. In less than five minutes she had turned a beaten-down man stuck in the carpool lane into Mr. Enthusiasm.
Way to go, Regan!
She gave herself a mental pat on the back.

“So, should I send the roses? Maybe a card telling her what we’re going to do?” Words tumbled out of his mouth as he paced again.

“Red roses, no. They say, ‘I couldn’t think of what else to do so I bought these roses.’ Now, an exciting, one-of-a-kind flower arrangement, yes!” Regan bubbled over with enthusiasm. She was already starting to mentally picture the type of arrangement that stated fun, sex, and reckless adventure.

“What do you suggest?”

“I suggest you use that laptop and book your flight! I’ll handle the flowers. Oh, and on the card you should write…” Regan thought quickly. “Forget the luggage. Meet me at the airport at six!”

That had been three years ago. She received a nice postcard from Vegas from the happier couple, thanking her, and since then, a bottle of expensive wine on their anniversary every year.

One thing led to another until a snowball effect took place. Soon her shop was a buzz of business, especially from the male sector. So many men and so many different scenarios played out, from the occasional marriage proposal to the
sorry I ran over your cat
That one was interesting.

What was enjoyable the most for Regan was creating over-the-top designs and kicking traditional to the curb. Some would say her arrangements were garish and extreme, but people loved them, and each year, women anticipated their one-of–a-kind bouquet with extra perks, and the men savored the end results.

BOOK: Damon [The Texas Senator's Sons 1] (Siren Publishing Classic)
7.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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