Daughters of the Dagger 03 - Amber (27 page)

BOOK: Daughters of the Dagger 03 - Amber
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“Same as you meaning to be a part of attacking Banesmoor. So the way I see it, we are even.”

“I cannot allow Banesmoor to attack Calila.”

“And I cannot allow you to give information that would seal the doomed fate of Lord Solomon and his people either.”

“I won’t do what you ask.”

“Then I have no choice but to bring you before the lord of Banesmoor.”

He reached out for her but once again she disappeared from his sight. He groped at the air, but couldn’t find her. Then he saw her horse turn and ride off quickly, and he rushed to his own steed to follow.

“Sir Braden,” called out Sir Samuel, riding up to join him. “I saw you groping at mid-air in an odd fashion.” He cocked his head and studied him as if he thought he were addled. “What were you doing, if I may ask?”

“I am following someone,” he said, mounting his horse.

Sir Samuel looked in the distance at the lone horse riding away and then back to him. “You are chasing a horse without a rider?” he asked. “I hardly think Lord Solomon would find that courageous. Mayhap he was wrong in choosing you to marry his daughter after all. I am not sure you would be able to protect her as promised.”

Braden watched the horse disappear in the distance and knew he couldn’t follow without looking like a fool. He’d pledged his fealty to Lord Solomon now, as well as accepted the betrothal of his daughter. As a knight of his word, he would follow through with what he’d started.

“If you would be kind enough to tell Lord Solomon I would not be joining him back at the castle, I’d appreciate it.”

“Another horse to chase?” the man asked with a smile.

“Nay. A spy to catch,” he answered, taking off in the direction of Mount Calila to do the job that was now expected of him.


BOOK: Daughters of the Dagger 03 - Amber
7.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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