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Deep Freeze Christmas (10 page)


All my love, always, Georgie.


Her eyes widened as she read his words. He couldn't wait for her response.

She lowered the sheet of paper onto her lap and stared at him. Her expression unreadable. "No."

His heart sank. That was not the response he'd expected. Hoped for. What? "No. Why not?"

"We can't open
with this money." Her face remained void of emotion.

"What do you mean? It's what I've saved it for. It's your dream." He couldn't believe what he heard. How could she not want to do this? Was it because it was his money? Surely, she had to know that now everything he had was hers, too.

"I know. That's why we're not opening
." She turned to him, kissed his lips softly and then met his questioning gaze. "We're opening
R & G's
. Our dream."


Cajun Pronunciation/Definition Key




Beurre blanc: White butter sauce


Dat: “That" spoken in a heavy Cajun accent.


Dere: "There" spoken in a heavy Cajun Accent.


Petite: “Little,” used as a term of endearment


Shâ: Cajun variation of the French
, meaning beloved, darling, precious.


Lagniappe – (pronounced lan–yap) a little something extra.


Second line: A uniquely New Orleans wedding tradition. A parade led by the bride and groom that signifies the beginning of their life together. The second line band leads the wedding party and the guest from the church to the reception.


The Quarter: Common name used to describe the French Quarter of New Orleans.


Cajun Surnames


Buquet: Bue' kay

Doucet: Doo' set

Mayeax: My' you



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