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Alyssa’s world went white with an explosion of sensations. She had no idea how that was possible—especially considering that sometimes she had trouble pleasuring herself, let alone enjoying the ministrations of a man—but Xavier seemed to always be able to hit all of her sweet spots, including her G-spot. He was unfailing, and he didn’t fail this time either. It was as if he already knew Alyssa’s body by heart. He remembered everything she liked, and he could effortlessly track down all of her most sensitive spots, even with his tongue.


Soon enough, Alyssa’s pleasure had escalated, and she was hovering dangerously close to the edge. For a moment she tried to push it back, not wanting to come just yet and longing to make this sweet torture last as long as she possibly could. Eventually, however, she decided that she never wanted to hold back. Not with him. She let go, and sweet miracle of orally-induced orgasms was once again upon her.


Xavier grinned. He looked immensely pleased with himself, and Alyssa wasn’t about to blame him. While she was still in the throes of the aftershocks, he hoisted one of her legs up, gently but firmly. He supported her thigh with her palm, and she automatically wrapped her calf around his waist, pulling him impossibly closer still.


Xavier captured her mouth in yet another hungry kiss.


“I want to be inside you,” he whispered roughly when he emerged for a breath.


Alyssa nodded readily. “Please,” she gasped out. “Please. I want you, too.”


Xavier kissed her cheek then. It was a gesture that would have felt horribly out of place with anyone else in that situation, but it filled her with tenderness and had the already skyrocketing levels of her pleasure spike up instead.


He entered her then, and she gasped in surprise at his eager thrust. It didn’t hurt, however, and soon she was gasping and moaning in renewed pleasure. This time, they didn’t start out slow and then let the rhythm escalate. This time, they were both too starved for each other. Xavier’s hips were thrusting at a wild pace, like he already couldn’t get enough of her, and Alyssa accommodated him readily, arching against him with every thrust.


Her body was alive with sensations. He was entering her deeper than he had before, and she was all too happy to take him in just as eagerly. No one had ever entered her this deep, and Alyssa found that she loved it. She leaned back against the wall, relishing the cool sensation against her hot skin. She tilted her pelvis up slightly and reached out to grab his buttocks—they were so firm that she thought they should have been declared illegal. She thrust upwards whenever he thrust in, until each thrust of his had his pelvis rub against her clitoris. The combination of his strokes with the grinding sensation of his pubic bone against her clitoris was mind-blowing, and soon Alyssa was having yet another orgasm.


A little voice in Alyssa’s mind told her she should probably pace herself, but she shushed it quickly. She couldn’t stop. She couldn’t slow down. She couldn’t help it. Everything about Xavier was intoxicating. The way he smelled like summer; the way he handled his body; the way he could move like a porn star; the way his lips sucked at the sensitive spot on the side of her throat; and the way he looked at her like she was once again her entire world.


Alyssa wrapped her arms around his shoulders then and clung to him. Her fingertips dug into his flesh. She couldn’t let him go. She
let him go. Not again.


She gave herself to him wholly and completely, and she abandoned every restraint. To her delight, Xavier was ready to do just the same.


She didn’t know how long it lasted; it was never long enough anyway. Eventually, they climaxed together, something which Alyssa had always thought was a myth. Xavier slumped against her, and she wrapped her arms around him once again, effectively holding him up.


They stood motionless for a short while, slowly coming back to full awareness and letting the world creep back into their lives. Alyssa hated that part.


Slowly and cautiously, they disentangled from their position. Xavier slipped out of her as gently as he could, and he lowered her leg back to the floor. Then, wordlessly, he picked her up again and carried her to the bed. They slid under the covers and lay in silence for the longest of times, neither daring to break the spell. Xavier held her close, and Alyssa was only too happy and content to just stay there with her head on his chest, listening to his previously frantic heartbeat go back to normal.


“I don’t want you to get hurt.” Xavier spoke suddenly in the semi-darkness of the room. His fingers were running absently through her long, dark hair. The touch was intimate and soothing, and it filled them both with much-needed peace.


“I don’t want you to get hurt either,” Alyssa said. “That’s the whole point, isn’t it?”


“I guess,” Xavier conceded after a moment.


“Don’t worry, Xavier,” Alyssa said, turning her head to press a kiss to his naked chest. “We’ll make it. Everything’s going to be all right.”


“Are you sure it’s worth it?”


Alyssa heard the real question loud and clear. The real question was: “Are you sure
’m worth it?”


She propped herself up on one elbow and looked down at him.


“Look at me,” she said when she saw that he was avoiding her gaze and staring absently up at the ceiling. He didn’t move, and she repeated her request. “Xavier,” she said firmly. “
at me.”


Eventually, he did. There was a vulnerability in his green eyes that belonged to the boy she used to know, and not to the jaded man he had become.


“Yes,” she said. She locked eyes with him to make sure he heard her.
heard her. “I’m sure. It’s worth it.
’re worth it. You have to trust me with this.”


“I trust you,” Xavier said immediately, and the easiness with which he said it tore at her heartstrings.


“Good,” Alyssa said. She bent down and kissed him tenderly.


She settled back against him and listened to his breathing even out. It was touching the way he just let go of everything whenever he was around her. It was the second time now that he had fallen asleep with her in his arms, and Alyssa didn’t believe that was a coincidence.


She snuggled closer. “I love you,” she whispered quietly, unwilling to wake him.


She knew that the fact that Xavier still had any trust to give was nothing short of a miracle. She knew that trust was the most precious thing he had to give, and she knew she had to guard it fiercely. And she swore she would do just that. She would guard his trust. And she would guard him. No matter the cost.


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To Alyssa Kelley, the world was red-hot passion.


There was something especially and fundamentally erotic about having sex first thing in the morning. Movements were still slow and sluggish from sleep—kisses were drawn out, touches lingered. Bodies were warm under the covers. Skin still smelled like slumber. Eyes were still dulled with the night’s dreams. No one was yet awake enough to put on their mask for the day, and emotions were raw and in the open. Sex in the morning was sleepy and honest and tender.


And passionate. It was always passionate with Xavier. Their lust had all but exploded over the past few weeks, with them basically unable to keep their hands off each other for very long. They craved each other’s body like the lungs craved air.


Alyssa liked to go down on Xavier in the mornings. She liked to take his pleasure literally in her hands while he lay sleepy and compliant underneath her. In the mornings, Xavier tasted like warm honey. His skin smelled of sunshine, and Alyssa spent long, sating half-hours exploring every inch of it with her lips and tongue.


That morning was no exception. Alyssa could think of no better way to start her day than with the rush of power that came from making Xavier moan and climax with her mouth alone. Presently, he let out a low moan, as she ran her hand slowly along the length of his shaft through the soft cotton fabric of his boxer shorts. She ran one hand up his side, fingers brushing over the sensitive skin there, tickling the nerves underneath. As always, Xavier tensed and gasped at the sudden, electric jolt of pleasure that shot straight down to his groin.


Sleepily, Xavier fumbled around and found her hair. He ran his fingers through her long locks and tugged gently at her nape. Alyssa grinned and just as gently pushed his hand away.


“No touching,” she all but purred, knowing the quality of her voice would add to his arousal.


His groan of protest filled her with satisfaction.


Xavier lay back down, and Alyssa decided she would have her fun with him. She would take full charge and drive him as wild and crazy as he drove her on an almost daily basis. That purpose alone filled her with an exciting, thrilled form of anticipation. She hooked a finger in the elastic band of his boxer shorts and pulled them down slowly, freeing his erection. His hard-on was well on its way to be the powerful thing Alyssa had long since fallen in love with, but it wasn’t quite there yet. It would be her job to lead Xavier to that place of glory. 


Over the past few weeks, Alyssa had learned exactly how to touch Xavier to send him quickly and surely over the edge—or, at the very least, hovering precariously on the brink. She let her fingers and palm come into play, touching and teasing. She kept the contact light, just the way Xavier liked it in the beginning. Her fingertips barely grazed at his sensitive skin, making him gasp and shiver. She took her sweet time teasing him, touching him near his cock but never quite getting there. He was becoming impatient, and it made her feel powerful to know that she was the one responsible for driving a man like Xavier insane.


Alyssa finally gave his waiting cock the attention it craved so badly. She ran her palm along the length of the shaft and teased the crown with a fingertip, tracing small circles along its perimeter. Xavier gasped and arched his hips up in response.


Little by little, Alyssa felt him harden underneath her touch. It was a sensation that excited her to no end and brought forth her own arousal. When he was finally as hard as he could get for the time being, Alyssa let her mouth replace her hand. She ran her lips along the shaft first, her breath ghosting over the skin and nerves there. Xavier gasped. She kissed him everywhere then, worshiping his rock-hard abs, his hipbones, and his testicles.


“I love the way you taste,” Alyssa murmured against his warm skin.


“Oh God,” Xavier moaned. “Aly, please. You’re driving me crazy.”


Alyssa smirked. “Good.”


Deciding to finally sate both of their mounting desires, Alyssa ran her tongue all along the glory that was Xavier’s cock. She licked him and kissed him, worshiping him and satisfying her lust at the same time. She worshiped his whole length, from base to head to crown and vice versa, alternating between fast little flicks of the tip with her tongue and long, languid strokes.


Xavier was getting harder and harder—because that was the thing with Xavier—just when you thought his erection had reached its peak, he surprised you. But Alyssa knew what the real peak was by now, and when she felt him get there, she finally took him into her mouth.


Xavier moaned, and Alyssa smiled around him. This was the moment she liked best, the connection. As powerful as the act of giving Xavier oral pleasure made her feel, she also knew there was no act more intimate than this, and reaching this intimacy with the man she once thought was lost forever always astounded her. Alyssa didn’t take any of their intimate acts for granted, not even this one.


She kept her pursed lips always in contact with his warm, sensitive skin, and she circled the base of his cock with her thumb and forefinger, her fingers following the movements of her mouth along the expanse of Xavier’s penis. Soon, the double contact had him all but writhing underneath her.


She alternated between long, slow, sensuous sucking motions and hard, fast ones, making her actions utterly unpredictable in their varied rhythm. Soon, she was tasting pre-come, and soon enough she could feel the tremors in Xavier’s body that told her he was trying
hard to hold back.


She pulled back ever so slowly, teasing him even with that one motion, and she looked up at him. The darkening of his green eyes was enough to renew her own arousal.


“You can let go,” she said.


She didn’t give him time to reply before she went back to minister all of her attentions on his erection.


It wasn’t long before Xavier complied. Alyssa took him in readily, and when all was said and done, he pulled her in for a long kiss and flipped them over, taking her in his arms to do so. When she looked up at him then, all traces of sleep had left his eyes and had been replaced with the hungry, devilish twinkle that she loved.


They made love for a very long time, both of them completely ignorant and uncaring of the passing of the time. Gloriously enough, they had nowhere else to be that morning but in each other’s arms. Alyssa let Xavier have his way with her, because his way was also
way. It was tender and slow at times, and at times it was urgent and fast and furious. Alyssa rode her own sexual energy with a passion and an awareness that she had never possessed before Xavier.


When they both finally lay sated next to each other on the rumpled, wet sheets, Alyssa felt blissful. She always felt that way after having sex with Xavier. It was yet another miraculous aspect of her relationship with him; the universe could be ending outside and her world might be slipping away from underneath her feet, but after Xavier touched her, Alyssa always felt at peace.


“I’ll make breakfast,” she said, kissing him thoroughly before getting out of bed and slipping into her robe.


“Toast and scrambled eggs?” Xavier requested, with a childish light in his green eyes. He always looked happy whenever the talk was about food. Alyssa found it incredibly endearing.


She smiled. “Sure.”


As she walked downstairs, she heard Xavier get up, and a moment later the rush of the shower reached her ears.


There was something domestic about preparing breakfast for the both of them while Xavier was in the shower. It had become sort of an after-morning-sex routine, and while comforting, it was oddly at odds with the precarious quality of their situation. Coming to think about it, their whole relationship was at odds with their predicament.


While they worked to create the right circumstances that would allow them to flee to Canada and away from the Devil’s Fighters and their horrid illegal fighting rings, their relationship was strengthening. It was disconcerting how, even in these very abnormal circumstances, their union was taking mundane steps. The first date. The first time they slept together without doing anything. Going to the movies. Talking, getting to know the adult version of each other after they had separated in their early twenties.


Their relationship was blossoming. They were learning intimacy, the kind that comes from domesticity as well as from under the covers. Alyssa loved it, but it also terrified her. It wasn’t the sort of commitment that that kind of relationship brought along that scared her; it was how attached she was becoming. She would have been a fool not to admit that their plan, whatever it would be, could backfire. She would have been an idiot not to take into consideration the possibility that they might fail and that they would end up being forced to separate again—if not worse. Xavier could end up getting himself killed.
could get herself killed, too. These were all very real possibilities when dealing with Benedict Lenday and the Devil’s Fighters.


By logic, Alyssa would have been wise not to get too attached. She would have been wise not to let herself savor this intimacy that they were creating and get used to it. There was a very real chance that this happiness that she felt mounting inside of her whenever she stopped to reflect on her relationship with Xavier might be snatched away at a moment’s notice. And yet, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t help but dive deeper and deeper into it.


Because the thing was, if she didn’t let herself feel it all, then what was she even doing still in Pinebrook? If she didn’t allow herself to really build something with Xavier, then what were they fighting for?


By the time Xavier emerged from upstairs, Alyssa had breakfast ready. She placed the mugs and plates on the table and sat across from him, watching him as he happily dug in. As odd as it may sound, she liked to watch Xavier eat; he savored every bite. He applied the same rule to his life in general, savoring every little thing about it. Alyssa thought Xavier’s appetite for life was nothing short of miraculous, considering the life he had led.


She would have thought eight years of fighting in the rings to pay up his father’s gambling debt to the Devil’s Fighters would have robbed Xavier of all of his light. Instead, the dark world he was immersed in seemed to make him strive even harder to hold on to his true self. He hid it well enough from the outside world, knowing that he couldn’t afford to appear weak or, sometimes, even human. But, much to her relief, Alyssa had learned that the Xavier she had fallen in love with back when they were teenagers was still there. She had learned he wasn’t all about the fight and the gang. Xavier was still Xavier, and she loved him all the more for it.


“What are you thinking about?”


His voice startled her from her reverie. Alyssa shook herself out of it and smiled, taking a long sip of coffee.


“Nothing,” she said. Then, when he kept on staring at her, she amended: “You.”


“Ah.” Xavier grinned, pleased with himself. “That good of a performance, huh?”


Alyssa laughed. “Yeah.”


“Seriously, what were you thinking about?” Xavier asked again when silence fell over them.


“I told you,” Alyssa said. “You. Us.”


Xavier frowned. “Are you having second thoughts?”


“What?” Alyssa blinked at him, surprised. Sometimes, when it came to being with someone, Xavier could display astounding lack of self-esteem. “No,” she said, calmly but forcefully. “I’m not having second thoughts. I was just thinking that I love where we’re heading.”


“Where are we heading?”


“You know what I mean,” Alyssa said. His thickness on the subject could be infuriating at times. “The way our relationship is going.”


“Oh.” Xavier shifted in his seat, uncomfortable. It always made him uncomfortable to discuss these matters openly, mostly because he didn’t quite know how to express himself. “I really like where we’re going, too.”


Alyssa beamed. She knew she wouldn’t get anything better than that from him, and she was okay with that. In fact, in Xavier language, those words meant a lot more.


“What are you up to today?” he asked, changing the subject.

BOOK: Delinquent (Devil's Fighters MC Book 2)
2.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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