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Friday night we had plans for a double date with Nat
and Jack. Jack suggested Mulligan’s—the miniature golf
course in town—but I couldn’t stand to go somewhere Ky
had taken me on a date the day of the Spring Fling dance.
“Veto,” I said at his suggestion.

“Veto?” Jack raised his eyebrows at me. “Why?”

Nat smacked Jack on the arm. “That’s where we went
for Spring Fling,” she whispered.
“So?” Jack was still confused.

, Captain Clueless. I was there with that one guy
that used to be our friend. I don’t want to go back there,” I
didn’t like to say his name in front of Nick. He always got
annoyed and growled. Nick’s chest rumbled. “Oh great,
now you did it.”
“What did I do now?” Jack asked.
“Nick, you’re rumbling,” I pointed out. “I didn’t even
say his name.”
“Sorry. I just thought about when I walked out of the
dance that night,” Nick said.
“What happened anyway?” Jack asked. “I just
remember Sof being super weird and pissed off on the way
home that night.”
“Well, our old friend kissed me, it was lame—like
really awful—and Nick walked out and saw us. I heard him
growl. Ky said he was gonna beat him up or something
stupid and macho like that. After Nick threatened him, he
took off running, and a minute later I heard him howl in the
distance. It was the saddest thing I had ever heard. It was
like I could hear the pain in it,” I answered. “That’s when I
made my decision to choose Nick.” Nick squeezed my
hand hard.
“Back then? Before Mexico?” Jack asked.
“Duh, why do you think he came to Mexico?” Nat said.
“It’s not like he just so happened to be there and they
hooked up. Of course they were already together.”
“Oh, I get it now. That’s why you were being all weird
in Mexico the whole time.”
“Sometimes I wonder about you Jack,” I said. “Are you
sure you wanna marry this guy?” I turned to Nat.
Nat rolled her eyes. “Sometimes you’re a little slow,
Jack.” He just shrugged his shoulders at us.
“Anyway, that’s why I veto Mulligan’s. What about a
movie? Or dinner?” I suggested.
“Let’s do both,” Nat agreed.
We decided on fast food, but our movie didn’t start for
a while, so we hung out in the restaurant talking. We let the
guys choose the movie for once and ended up seeing some
kind of zombie apocalypse film.
“That was actually pretty good,” I said as we walked
out of the theater.
“Are you serious? That was disgusting. I almost lost my
dinner,” Nat disagreed.
“I’ve never been more proud than I am right now,”
Nick said, pulling me against him and kissing me hard.
“Never?” I asked with my left eyebrow raised.
“Okay, maybe not never. But you get the point. Girls in
general don’t like blood and guts,” Nick said.
“Well, she’s not most girls,” Nat said. “Has she told you
about her obsession with MMA fighting yet?”
Sofia? The romantic comedy queen?”
“I can’t believe you don’t know about it yet,” Jack said.
“Apparently they don’t do much talking,” Nat teased.
“Shut up. We do too. I just haven’t gotten around to it.
It’s in between seasons of
Ultimate Fighter
right now,” I
“I am so turned on right now,” Nick grinned as he
opened the car door for me. Jack had left his car at our
place and we all piled into Nick’s car.
“And she gets all into it, too. Like she screams at the
TV and stuff. And if there’s no blood or they just lay on the
mat wrestling, she gets bored,” Nat continued.
“I’m definitely seeing you in a new light tonight,” Nick
“And she has a secret crush on Georges St. Pierre,” Nat
“Really? You had to throw that in?” I complained.
“You do, huh?” Nick looked over at me.
“Maybe a teeny one, but he’s not even close to being as
sexy as you,” I said. He laughed. “I’m serious. You are king
of sexy.”
“Oh barf,” Nat said from the backseat. “Still in the car
here.” Jack laughed next to her.
“Sorry, I can’t help it if my husband is amazingly hot,”
I said. I could practically hear Nat’s eyes rolling from the
backseat. She didn’t comment again though.

We spent the weekend outdoors enjoying the warm
weather. Our entire group decided to go to some
underground caves just outside of town. I had done the tour
with my third grade class, but hadn’t been back since then.

Dash was most impressed by the 54,000 year old bat
guano. “Seriously? That’s what you’re the most excited
about?” Nat asked him at the end of the tour. “Not the
amazing fifty-one foot column of rock?”

Nick laughed and I said, “Typical Dash. Just when you
think he’s maturing, he goes and gets excited about bat

“You don’t think it’s cool? I mean, come on, it’s like a
zillion years old!” Dash argued.
“Whatever, weirdo,” Nat rolled her eyes and walked
towards Jack’s car.

Nick and I slept in on Sunday until almost noon and
went to the pool for the rest of the afternoon. “So, I was
thinking,” I started as I sat up on my pool chair.

“Yes?” Nick raised his sunglasses to look at me.
“You know how we don’t wear rings—”

“Oh, Sof, I’m sorry. How stupid of me not to think of
that. Everything just happened so fast. Do you want to go
look next week?” Nick interrupted me.

“No, that’s not what I meant.” He looked confused. “I
don’t really want a ring. I don’t think it means as much as
the rest of the world likes to think it does.”

“Oh, well what did you want instead?”

“Well, have you ever seen someone with a tattoo on
their ring finger?” I asked.
“What? You want a tattoo?” He looked completely
“I just thought it would be cool to get each other’s
names. It’s okay if you don’t want to do it. I realize it’s on
you like forever.” I looked down at the concrete like there
was a secret message hidden there. I thought he hated the
idea and I was embarrassed.
“I didn’t mean it like that, Sof.” He leaned towards me
and lifted my chin gently with his fingers. “I just never saw
you as the tattoo type. But, yes, I have seen someone with
one before. I think that’s an awesome idea. I know it’s
forever and that’s what makes it so perfect for us. We’re
bound forever, Bella Mia.” I smiled at him. “Why can’t you
seem to get it that I’m not going anywhere? I wouldn’t
have made the biggest commitment of all time if I planned
on walking away. We are connected in a way that can never
be broken. And though you were the one who asked me to
be bound to you, if I recall, I’m the one who did the
pursuing in the beginning. You hated me. And then maybe
not as much, but you still wanted to be with me.”
I leaned in and kissed him. “I know. Sometimes I just
look at you and think this is all an amazing dream. I mean,
we brought our people together. I never thought that would
happen in a million years.” He laughed at my exaggeration.
“And you’re so perfect. I can’t believe you’re with
“Sofia, I wish you could see yourself through my eyes.
You are the most beautiful creature to ever walk the earth.
From the moment I saw you in the hallway, I knew I would
never look at another girl the same. And you’re the most
amazing witch. And when you do magic… That night in
the woods when we were attacked,” his chest rumbled and I
smiled. “It took my breath away how incredible you were. I
promise I’m never going anywhere.”
“Okay, then how about after graduation we do it?” I
asked with an excited grin.
“Perfect,” he smiled back.

~Chapter Four~

After seeming like time had sped up, the final two
weeks of school seemed to drag on forever. “I’m so going
to fail the math final,” Nat complained at lunch one
afternoon as she dropped her head on the table.

“Oh whatever. You’re like one of the smartest people I
know,” I assured her.
“I’ll help you study,” Jack grinned.
“Oh, I bet,” I laughed.
He ignored me and squeezed Nat’s arm. “Can’t you just
take it for me?” she asked him as she sat up.
“If you take my bio final,” he answered.
“Ugh, never. That’s even worse,” Nat groaned as she
dropped her head back on her arms.
“Don’t worry, Nat. You got this,” I smiled.
She ignored me and didn’t bother to sit up to eat lunch.
The conversation changed to the topic of after graduation
plans. “Who’s going to the University?” Helene asked.
“Nick is going to work at the restaurant full-time,” I
said. “But I’m going and so are Nat and Jack.”
“Your wife is speaking for you already?” Dash teased
Nick. “Did she completely take over as Alpha?”
That hit a nerve with Nick. He was very serious about
his duty as pack leader and he didn’t like anyone
challenging him. He gave Dash a really harsh look and
growled through gritted teeth, “You will not question my
authority again Dashiell—ever.”
Dash actually whimpered a little at the sound of his
Alpha’s angry command. He tried to lighten things up and
said, “Chillax dude. I was just messin’ around. I would
never question you and I know you are true Alpha.”
I squeezed Nick’s arm hard to make him look at me.
“Not cool. Calm down. We’re in public. And besides, you
know he was joking.”
“I don’t care. It is not okay to joke like that. And
sometimes I just get sick of his crap. It’s time for him to
grow up,” Nick said.
“Still sitting here,” Dash grumbled.
“Nico, knock it off,” I chastised. He yanked his arm
away, stood up, and practically stormed out of the cafeteria.
“Uh, what about you Rene?” Helene asked, turning to
face him and trying to lighten things back up.
“What the ‘h’ was that all about?” Nat whispered to me.
She sat up during all the commotion.
“Not sure yet. I might travel a bit. I’ve always wanted
to go to France to see where our family came from.” Rene
answered Helene.
“Ooh, me too,” Helene said.
“Hey, don’t get any ideas,” Dash interrupted.
“Of course I’d want to go with
,” she smiled at him.
“Ugh,” Jack said. “Those two are starting to bug me.”
“In case anyone was wondering, I’m going,” Dash said.
“You are? I just assumed…” I said.
“What? That I’m too dumb? Or is it because I’m too
immature?” he seemed genuinely offended.
“No, I just never thought you would be interested,” I
“Of course I’m going. It’s like one of the best party
schools on this side of the country,” he grinned.
“There’s the Dash I know and love,” I rolled my eyes.
“Hey,” Helene frowned. “Don’t party too much. I don’t
want you running off with some college skank.”
“You’re right, Jack. They’re getting annoying,” I
The bell rang to signal the end of lunch hour and
everyone but Nat and I left for classes. “To answer your
earlier question, I have no idea,” I said to Nat. “But when I
find out, I’ll keep you in the loop.”
I was able to catch up with Nick before he entered our
classroom and tugged on his arm to stop him. “What was
all that about?” I asked him, wrapping my arms around his
waist. His frown disappeared as he leaned down to kiss me.
I felt someone bump into me from behind and saw
Missy Collins glare at me. She sat next to Nick in art and I
caught her staring at him on more than one occasion.
“Watch where you’re going or you might trip,” I smiled
sweetly as I focused on her feet. As she walked through the
door, she tripped and smacked her face right on the corner
of Mr. Whitman’s desk. I laughed as Mr. Whitman went to
help her up. “That’s gonna be a nasty shiner.”
“Did you just do that?” Nick leaned in close and
“I’m not sure what you’re talking about,” I said. “And
don’t avoid the question. What was your problem earlier?”
Before Mr. Whitman could force us into class, I backed up
around the corner so we could finish our conversation.
“You think I’m bad, but you might have just broken her
nose?” Nick questioned.
“Oh whatever, she totally deserved it. She practically
drools on you everyday in class. If the roles were reversed,
you would be punching a certain witch in the face,” I
“What are you talking about? She sits next to me.”
“You’re so oblivious. She has the major hots for my
husband. I did something about it, the end. Now, answer
my question already.”
He just stared at me for a second. “You’re mean. No
wonder Dash is afraid of you.”
“Well, unless you want me to hex you too, you better
tell me what’s going on with you today,” I said.
He sighed heavily, “First of all, I am
going to
apologize to him so don’t make me.” I nodded and he
continued, “Whether he was joking or not, he seems to be
the one to question my authority the most. It really pisses
me off. I know you probably think I’m a jerk, but it’s my
pack and Babbo sent me to this school to keep him in
check. I have to remind him who’s boss sometimes.”
“And it has nothing to do with the fact that he hinted
that I’ve got you whipped?” I smiled.
He laughed and answered, “There is no doubt about that
Signora Bartolini. You’ve had me under a spell since day
one.” Our foreheads were touching and he touched his lips
gently to mine.
“Let’s get out of here. We’re already late anyway,” I
said, pulling away from our embrace and leading him down
the hall to the parking lot.
“Geez, you’re bossy,” he chuckled.
“Well, you’re kinda stuck with me, so get used to it.”
As we got in the car, I asked, “Did you really like me from
the beginning?”
“When I saw you at your locker that first day, staring at
me,” he started.
“I was
staring at you,” I interrupted.
“Are you serious? You were totally checking me out,”
he argued.
“Okay, so maybe I was thinking that I wanted to run my
fingers through your hair like this,” I said.
“What? You never told me that,” he grinned and closed
his eyes as I rubbed his scalp.
“So, I might’ve thought you were a little good looking.
I still thought you were an idiot werewolf.”
“Hey,” he said as he opened his eyes and pulled away
from me. “That’s not fair. You didn’t even know me yet.”
“I knew your pack and that was all I needed to know
you would be the same. I mean, come on, the T-shirt you
had on that day? Give me a break. I’m supposed to assume
you’re Prince Charming?”
“Point taken,” he smiled and put his hand on my cheek.
“And yes, I did like you right away. I looked over at you,
standing there, and felt a tug in my chest.”
“I thought you hated me back. You kept giving me the
evil eye and growling at me,” I grinned.
“Sei così bella,” he whispered. I loved when he told me
how beautiful I was. “I never growled at you. I flashed my
fangs a few times, but I already told you what that was all
about.” It gave me butterflies just thinking about it. “I
snapped at you because you wouldn’t back off. I was mad
that I had it bad for you, and in return you treated me like a
I winced when he said the word. I knew how offensive
it was to weres. “I didn’t really, did I?”
“It felt that way, but I realize now it was mostly your
friends. When I caught you staring at me the day Dash
pulled the alarm, I thought maybe you felt something too,
but then you guys took my howl away.”
He whimpered softly and I kissed him. “I’m so sorry
about that. I know I’ll never live it down, but I swear I
genuinely didn’t want to do it.”
“I know, Bella. But after I confronted you and we ended
up kissing, I knew you couldn’t deny it after that. And I
was a total goner.”
“That really was the most amazing kiss I had ever had,”
I smiled. Our noses were almost touching as we talked.
“What about that night when I snuck in your room?” he
“Why were you really there? Was it to get me to kiss
you again?” I teased.
“You know why. I really did want to talk about it. You
ran out on me like it was nothing, but I knew you had to
feel something for me.”
“I seriously thought about skipping school for the rest
of the year. I did
think I could face you after that. I
wanted you, but I knew that wasn’t acceptable. Nat is the
one who told me to kiss he-who-must-not-be-named.”
His chest rumbled a little, “She what? I’m gonna have
to talk to that girl.”
“Oh stop. I thought it was a good suggestion. She said
to kiss him, too so I would know for sure. If I didn’t feel
magic with him, then I knew what the right choice was.”
“Grrr,” he growled. “I still think it was a stupid idea.”
“It worked though. It was like kissing a dead fish,” I
said as he laughed out loud. “And your howl—that
seriously broke my heart. That sealed the deal.”
“You did break my heart. I honestly thought that just
going to the dance with him would make you realize we
should be together. But then I walked outside to find you,
and he had his arms all over you.” He growled again.
“You came to find me?” I asked.
“I was hoping you would be out there alone so I could
talk to you about all of it.”
“Well, they lived happily ever after, so no need to think
about it a second longer. He isn’t worth it.” I touched my
lips to his and we ended up making out in his car until I
heard a tap at the window.
I shot up and yelled, “What the hell, Nat?” as I saw her
through the window.
“You got a little somethin’ right here,” she said as she
looked at Nick and pointed to his mouth. He just grinned
back at her.
“I take it you won’t be needing a ride home with me
today?” she asked me. Nick and I came to school together
every morning now, but since he had a final period, Nat
always drove me home after art.
“Nah, I think I’m going to go home with this hot guy,” I
whispered like he was a random stranger.
“Have fun,” she giggled and walked away.

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