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Authors: Kathryn Le Veque

Devil's Dominion (58 page)

              “I am sorry, Mother,” she said, forcing down her lofty pride as she went to kneel by her chair. “I did not mean it. The truth is that the knight never actually said father was dead. I really do not know why he is here.”

              Mary stroked her daughter's blond head. “I know,” she smiled gently. “Now, please, go change your clothes. That would please me.”

              “Is there anything else I can do for you? Wine, perhaps?”

              “Nay, my dear.  Hurry along now and do as you are told.”

              With a reluctant nod, Dustin rose and moved for the door. She crossed the threshold and turned the corner only to run headlong into a broad, armored body.

              It was a strong impact. Dustin shrieked, jumping back as if she'd been burned as her eyes flew up to face her accoster. The same sky-blue eyes that she had seen earlier smoldered back at her, now with something more than mere politeness. Now, there was something appraising there.

              “My apologies,” Christopher said.

              Dustin nodded unsteadily as Jeffrey led Christopher into the drawing room, leaving Dustin standing in the corridor with her hand on her throat, wondering how a mere gaze could make her feel so vulnerable. De Lohr’s eyes were piercing and consuming, something she’d never experienced before. It was an odd sensation. Coming back to her senses, she rushed to her bedchamber to do her mother's bidding.

              Ready or not, she wanted to hear what the man had to say.






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