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BOOK: Devious Submission - Episode 1 (An Erotic Thriller)

I sat on the edge of the bed and wrapped my lips around Nate’s cock. I left my hands at my sides, using only my mouth. I couldn’t think of anything more submissive than pleasuring a man with only my mouth. I looked up into Nate’s eyes and saw his look of approval. He took a handful of my thick, black hair and began thrusting his cock deep into my mouth. I took every inch forcing myself to open up to him as he pushed deeper.

I wanted to struggle as his cock slid down my throat, but I managed to relax and overcome the urge. Nate proceeded to fuck my throat, unconcerned with my discomfort. I dared not reject him. Finally, he pulled his cock free and though I gagged, I had managed to take him as he wished. I never took my eyes from Nate’s and I saw the admiration in his eyes. It felt so good to know he was pleased with me but I was cautious not to enjoy it too much. I fought to keep the physical pleasure separate from the emotional need.

Nate continued to use my mouth for his pleasure, sliding down my throat again. It was easier the second time and I even managed to tickle the base of his cock with my tongue as he held me against his torso. This time, Nate pulled his cock free and slapped it against my face. How wonderfully degrading. I pressed my face closer to show him how much I enjoyed being humiliated. I wanted him to think I would do anything to gain his approval. I didn’t want to admit to myself that it wasn’t just an act.

Nate began fucking my mouth again, faster and with more force now. Every few strokes, his cock would force its way down my throat. Although I enjoyed the act, this was about Nate. This was for Nate’s enjoyment, not mine. I let him use me to pleasure himself, but I could tell he needed more than my oral attention. Soon, Nate pushed me to the bed roughly.

“On your hands and knees, slut!” Nate ordered. No more Kimmie. I was a slut now. His slut and I could hear the affection in his stern command. I did as he wanted and Nate slammed his cock into my pussy. He took my hips in his hands, his fingers digging in painfully. I relished it. I didn’t want the tease anymore. I wanted Nate to use me fully and completely. I wanted him to take me and make me his.

I could easily give in and let Nate have me. It would be such a simple thing. Part of me wanted that. I wanted it desperately. I knew I’d feel like this when I agreed to Nate’s proposition. I just wasn’t aware how strong the feelings would be. I thought they would be easy to dismiss, just faint longings. I couldn’t have been more wrong. My desire to give in to Nate was overwhelming. I was so close to the edge of the abyss and I wanted desperately to let myself fall in.

Nate growled as he fucked me hard and fast. I was screaming and moaning, enjoying being able to express myself. This was no longer careful tease and measured responses. This was raw passion. Nate was using me to gain his satisfaction and taking me along for the ride. His cock was driving me wild and for a time I was able to enjoy the journey, but soon I felt the need for release. Not just the physical release but also an emotional one. I told myself that once I climaxed the feelings that betrayed me would be satisfied.

Honestly, it was the shame that kept me sane. The shame was always there. I knew damned well that this man would use me and likely toss me aside when he was bored. My desperate hope that he might have deeper feelings, however, made me fell so ashamed. I wasn’t that stupid, but emotions had nothing to do with reason and logic. My heart told me lies. It told me my head was the problem and if I would only give in to my feelings, I could have it all.

It was all so demeaning. Is this what I was reduced to? A silly little girl pining after an older man? I was disgusted with myself for feeling the way I did. I thought I was stronger than this. I thought I could ignore my baser instincts, but it was proving harder than I had ever imagined. I forced my emotions aside and recalled my plan. Do the job and get the prize. I could still feel the tug of my irrational longings, but my shame kept them at bay.

Suddenly, Nate pushed me over and onto my back. The chain pulled on my collar but I didn’t care. His cock was in me again and he was driving towards his own release. He fucked me hard, holding my hips above the bed as he stood at its side. I screamed, sobbed and even dared to touch Nate, running my hand over his hard stomach. He climbed on top of me his arms under my shoulders grabbing handfuls of my hair. His warm body and his strong arms tore at my resolve.

I wrapped my legs around Nate’s waist and my arms around his neck. He kissed my neck, shoulders and breasts desperately. I was sobbing, my need so great I thought I might burst. Nate’s cock was as hard as I had felt it and he slammed into me with a ferocity I had never experienced. He was biting my earlobe as I dug my nails into his back. I tried to replace my emotional need with my physical pleasure. If only Nate would let me orgasm.

I wailed as my need became almost too much to deny. Then Nate looked in my eyes and said, “Beg me, you whore! Beg me for release and I may grant your wish.” I badly wanted to be his whore.

“Please Nate, please let me come. I need to come all over your magnificent cock. You are my master, a God! Please let me feel the full force of your love. Please?” I said hardly believing the words that were coming out of my mouth. Nate looked at me, considering the depth of my words. I felt it wasn’t enough and continued, hoping to convince him. “Nate, you’re the best I’ve ever had. I’d gladly fuck you every day for the rest of my life and never come again, but I know you want to see it. I know you want to see me go crazy with lust for you. Please let me come. Not for my pleasure, but for yours.”

That seemed to be what Nate wanted to hear. He wanted to hear that this was about him. Even my pleasure was just a show for his enjoyment. His ego would allow nothing less. “Come for me!” Nate growled. I let go and my body exploded in pleasure. I let out a long, savage scream as my orgasm took me. I was lost suddenly to the pleasure as Nate continued to fuck me. I began to cry, sobbing openly as the pleasure almost hurt it was so intense.

Nate, not satisfied with merely letting me experience the pleasure, was on his on his knees again and rubbing my clit furiously. I could barely even cry as I gasped for air and began to convulse. This was too much. I had been denied all evening and now even the pleasure was too ragged and insistent to enjoy. Nate, however, wasn’t going to relent. He had promised that once I he allowed me to orgasm, I would end up begging him to stop.

He pulled his cock from me, pulled me upright and shoved it in my mouth. “Fuck your pussy and rub your clit! Now!” he demanded and I did as ordered. I cried as the pleasure ripped and tore at my soul and Nate violently fucked my mouth. I wanted to stop. I wanted this to be over. My humiliation was complete. Nate forcing me to come was one thing, but having to do it myself was sheer torture. I’d spent the entire night forcing myself to ignore my need, to deny myself pleasure, and now I wanted nothing to do with it.

Nate rammed his cock into my mouth as I masturbated and cried. Somehow, I took some sick pleasure from it all. Some dark, wicked part of me craved this. It needed to be humiliated and denied. It needed to submit and I had. I had not only delayed my pleasure to satisfy this man, I had ruined it too. Nate, however, was enjoying my torment immensely. My tears and sobs seemed to drive him wild with lust. He pushed me to the bed again and his cock was in my pussy once more.

I put my hand over my mouth and shook my head. I couldn’t take any more of this, but Nate seemed to be able to go as long as he wanted. I silently begged for this to end but Nate wouldn’t stop. He was rubbing my clit as he fucked my wet, raw pussy. He seemed to be in a world of his own, a trance of some kind, as he savagely pounded me. How long this went on, I couldn’t tell. All I knew was he had managed to take even my pleasure from me.

Nate’s rhythm seemed to change suddenly and his grunts became desperate. He pulled from me and backed away from the bed. I knew my place, though I could barely move and felt as if I might faint, I managed to get to my knees as Nate stroked himself. His orgasm came quickly and covered my face with its thick warmth, his orgasm mixing with my tears. Nate shouted and growled as his climax raged and his cock emptied onto me. I could barely breathe as the chain pulled at my collar.

I rubbed the sticky mess into my face and all over my breasts as Nate oozed the last of his orgasm onto me. I took his cock into my mouth and slowly pleasured him as I hugged him too me. I wanted him to tell me I had done well though part of me was thoroughly embarrassed. Nate’s hand rested on my head and he stroked my hair as I sucked him clean. I felt dizzy and still shuddered and sobbed as Nate reached down, unfastened the collar and set me free.

He coaxed me to stand and as my knees almost gave out, he held me up and hugged me close. I buried my head in his chest and began to cry. Nate comforted me, stroking my face and hair and gently shushing me. I felt warm and safe in his arms, but I knew it was all an illusion. Still I wanted to allow myself to feel it if only for a moment.

“Kimmie, you’re wonderful. Let me take you upstairs,” he said and Nate helped me to walk out of the room, down the hall and into the elevator. We rode to the main floor and walked into the parlor. Muriel wasn’t watching this time. Nate had me stand as he found a blanket, wrapped me with it, and then sat with me on the sofa. I shivered and shuddered as he held me.

“Kimmie, I’d...I’d like to do this again. I want to see you again. I’ve never had a woman like you and I don’t want to let you go,” Nate told me and I looked up at him. My emotions threatened to overwhelm me. I wanted to believe him. Why was this so damned hard? “I’ve been looking for a woman like you for years. I want to experience so much more with you. I want to test your limits. I want to...listen to me. One thing at a time,” Nate said seemingly reining in his own emotions.

“Nate, I’m overwhelmed. I just...,” I began to say before Nate interrupted. I’m glad he did, I wasn’t sure what I was going to say and that scared me.

“Stay with me tonight. Don’t make any decisions now. Just stay with me and we can talk more tomorrow,” Nate offered and I wanted to believe this was all genuine. However, I knew different. Still, maybe I could enjoy the lie for just a little while.

“What about your wife?” I asked.

“I don’t love her. I haven’t for a long time. I keep her around for appearances. Now that I’ve found you, I...,” Nate explained but left his thought dangling there. I knew every word was a lie, but my heart told me I was different. It told me Nate meant it with me. I suspected every girl that had come before me felt the same way.

“What Nate?” What were you going to say,” I asked. He had changed. His tone and demeanor were different and I was having a difficult time resisting his charms. I’d been told this was all a game he played. I was told this was how he operated. He enjoyed dominating girls like me, but even more than that, he enjoyed toying with their emotions. He enjoyed saying the right things to make the girls fall for him and then casting them aside. Even thought I knew this, I found it hard not to fall into his trap.

“Well, for a girl like you, I might finally rid myself of Muriel,” Nate admitted, or rather lied.

“Wouldn’t that be messy? The divorce I mean,” I asked though I knew the answer already.

“No, I have an iron-clad pre-nup. Muriel won’t get much of anything,” Nate said and looked off into space. He almost looked happy at the thought. After a moment, he took me to the guest bedroom and tucked me in before joining me. He held me close for a while but soon he was asleep. Even Nate was just a normal man and after his performance, he felt the need for sleep. I was tired too, but I remained awake and waited.

After an hour, I slipped quietly from the bed and into the parlor again. I’d seen the picture behind which I knew Nate concealed a safe. I found the catch and swung the picture open on its hinges. I pressed my ear close to the safe and listened to the tumblers as I turned the dial. My father had taught me how to crack safes. He was a locksmith and I’d worked in his shop as a girl.

As I’d hoped, the wall safe wasn’t all that difficult to crack and I had it open on the first try. Just as I was told, there was small black book inside. I retrieved my dress, still folded on the back of the sofa. I ripped the hem and pulled the small micro-camera that I’d hidden in the hem before I dressed back at home. I returned to the safe and took photos of the pages with numbers on them before replacing the book back in the safe. I closed it up and slipped into my dress. I wasn’t concerned about fingerprints. I didn’t have a criminal record and had never been fingerprinted. The authorities had nothing to match them against.

I put the picture back in place and went to the front door. I disabled the security system before quietly sneaking outside. Even though Nate was rather lax about security, I still had the guard at the front gate to contend with. However, I wasn’t going that way. Instead, I disappeared into the lush landscaping and climbed the wall. With the security system down, I had no worries of being detected. Just down the street, an unregistered Jeep waited. I climbed in and drove away.

I drove most of the night to a small town just outside of Boston. There I parked at a small motor lodge and got a room. I wasn’t their long. The jeep had a bag inside with everything I needed. In it, I found clean clothes, toiletries, hair color and scissors. I cut my hair, leaving it short and spiky and colored it blonde. I showered and then dressed in the jeans, t-shirt and walking shoes. I then retrieved my purse containing my passport, a few hundred dollars, smart phone and plane ticket. I placed my hair clippings, dress and toiletries into the bag. I called a taxi and while I waited, I tossed the bag in the motel’s dumpster.

I took the cab to Logan International Airport and on the way I transferred the photos from the small camera to my phone. Once we arrived, I boarded a flight to Europe. I knew I likely wouldn’t be caught, but I still didn’t feel safe until the plane had left the ground. Honestly, Nate had no idea I had stolen anything. He would find me gone and assume I’d simply left. When I didn’t show up at work on Monday back in Philadelphia, he might be concerned but I doubt it. I knew more about him than he realized.

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