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BOOK: Devious Submission - Episode 1 (An Erotic Thriller)

I knew he was a sex addict and our tryst was just the tip of the iceberg. He had a string of girls like me, not to mention the high priced escorts he utilized. I knew he was lying about all of it. It was a game. He enjoyed playing with girls and their emotions. He paid young impressionable girls that worked at his corporation to submit and when they fell for him, he would pretend to have feelings for them. After he had his fun, he’d have them fired and turn them out. His money and lawyers kept them quiet. He enjoyed ripping their hearts out and he was good at it.

He hadn’t lied about his wife though. He didn’t love her but he kept her around with the help of the pre-nuptial agreement. He enjoyed tormenting her as much as he enjoyed toying with girls like me. She could leave, but she’d end up with nothing and he’d probably destroy her in the process. He was like that, a complete and utter bastard who got off on hurting others.

However, I also knew he had hundreds of millions in Swiss bank accounts that he’d hidden there to avoid paying taxes, as if it mattered. Nathan Remington was a multi-billionaire. The taxes owed on that money was nothing to him. It was a game, like the girls he toyed with and his poor wife. Now I had the account numbers and with those, I could clean the accounts out. All that money was untraceable and all you needed to get it was the account number. I’d have a hard time explaining to Uncle Sam how I came into hundreds of millions of dollars, but returning to the United States wasn’t in my plans.


Six days later, I walked down a mostly deserted beach in southern Mexico. From a distance, I saw the small open-air bar that I was looking for and I could just make out a person sitting at one of the tables. I approached and walked up to the bar. “Two Coronas, por favor,” I asked the middle-aged man behind the counter. He set two cold bottles on the bar and I tossed him a few coins. It was way too much, but I didn’t care. Money wasn’t a problem anymore.

“About damned time, Giselle,” the person seated at the table said using my real name.

“I was kind of busy. I was sorry to hear about your plane crash, but it seems reports of your demise have been greatly exaggerated,” I joked as I sat and slid the second beer across the table. I took a sip of mine as I looked out over the Pacific.

“It’s a shame. The plane went down in deep waters. My body will likely never be recovered.”

“I think we pulled it off. I doubt Nathan has any idea I cleaned out his Swiss accounts and even if he does figure it out, he can’t exactly call in the authorities without having to deal with his tax evasion. Muriel, I think you’re free,” I said. I leaned over, slid my hand around Muriel’s waist and kissed her deeply. Her tongue was so warm and wet. I couldn’t wait to taste the rest of her back at our little place down the beach.

“I missed you, Giselle,” Muriel said as we parted. She looked happy and I was glad. She was away from Nathan and she wasn’t left penniless and ruined. Justice and legal were two entirely different things. What we did wasn’t legal, but it was justice for all the shit she had to put up with for the last twenty years.

“I missed you too,” I replied. I noticed the bartender staring at us. I couldn’t tell if he had enjoyed the kiss or if he was praying for us. I giggled and when Muriel turned to see what amused me, she did too.

“How was it? You’re night with Nate, I mean?” Muriel asked.

“I managed,” I replied though I still was fighting with my feelings for him. I didn’t want Muriel to know what it had cost me, however.

“I wish that wasn’t part of the plan,” Muriel said.

“I know. It was what it was. I’m fine,” I told Muriel but I’m not sure she was buying it. We’d hatched the plan one night back in my apartment in Philly. I’d met Muriel at a fundraiser I was working at. I’d never been with a woman, but Muriel was rather convincing. Though I’d come to care for her, I agreed to sleep with her because of her status. I wanted more than just a job and paycheck and having an affair with the wife of Nathan Remington couldn’t hurt.

We saw each other whenever she could get away and over the course of a few months, I learned of her predicament. She couldn’t leave Nathan but she couldn’t stay either. We’d become good friends as well as lovers. I helped her out partly because I cared for her and partly because my cut of Nathan’s money would set me up for life. I thought sleeping with Muriel might open doors, but instead I’d hit the jackpot.

Muriel found me a job at Nathan’s corporation and then helped me look the part. I wore short skirts, low cut blouses and high heels. I made sure I caught his attention, learning Nathan’s schedule and making a point of running into him often. It worked. For Muriel’s part, she staged the plane crash. Money can be very persuasive, I suppose, but I figured the less I knew the better. Now here I was, a hundred million dollars richer and having an affair with a dead woman.

Nevertheless, Nathan haunted me. I tried to pretend I hadn’t developed feelings for him, but I had. The son of a bitch was good. I hoped it would pass as time went on. In any case, there was no going back now. I liked Muriel too. She made me feel good about myself unlike Nathan. He made me feel horrible but I still craved it. I wished I didn’t. I wished I were as strong as I thought I was before all of this.

“Giselle, thank you. I couldn’t have done this without you. Even though you won’t say it, I know all too well what Nate can do to a woman,” Muriel told me.

“Well, we’re both free now. Maybe you can help me forget,” I said trying to lighten the mood again.

“Oh yeah, what did you have in mind?” she asked playfully.

“Honestly, I need a nice, soft orgasm,” I said remembering the harsh pleasure Nate had allowed me.

“I can do that,” Muriel said and smiled gently at me. I think she understood. She might even have shared some of my feelings for Nate but neither of us wanted to speak of it.

“Grab a few beers for the road and you can show me our little love nest,” I said.

“Sounds good,” Muriel replied and bought four beers. We headed down the beach to the small house on the beach she rented for us. I took Muriel’s hand and slipped my fingers between hers and I wondered where all this might lead. I guess I hoped life would be like this all the time. A little love, a few beers, beautiful sunsets, but life wasn’t like that. That’s why I just took things as they came and lived in the moment. Moments like this were just too few and far between not to enjoy them while you could. Maybe for just a little while I could pretend Nate didn’t exist and he wasn’t still tugging at my heart.


Enjoy this excerpt from the upcoming book, Desperate Submission.  Find out what happens next as Giselle’s struggles with her feelings for Nate take a desperate and dangerous turn.

Muriel and I found coffee and pastries and while enjoying those, we began to explore the city.  We found ourselves on a narrow street with old buildings towering over us on either side.  As we neared the end of the alleyway, a black car pulled up and blocked our exit.  I didn’t think much of it until a man in a black suit and sunglasses emerged from the passenger door.  His virtual his twin did the same from driver’s side and came around to join him.

Muriel tugged my arm and we turned to walk the other way but another car, the same as the first, blocked that end of the street too.  Two men, dress the same as the others, stood waiting.  I looked for another exit, but there was none.  We were trapped and I knew Nathan had found us.

“There’s nowhere to go ladies.  Giselle, come with us and you won’t be harmed.  You have little choice,” one of the men said as he approached.

“Simone, what do we do?” I whispered using Muriel’s alias.

“I don’t know, but I’m not going with them.  They can kill me, but I won’t go back,” Muriel said.  The man who approached us must have heard her.

“We don’t want you.  We only want Giselle.  Come with us or we’ll be forced to kill your girlfriend, Giselle.  In either case, you will be coming with us.  She’s free to go if you come peacefully,” the man said.  I looked at Muriel and she shook her head.  She knew what I was going to do.  I cared for her.  She was my friend and lover.  She was all I had in this world right then.

“I’ll go, just don’t hurt her,” I said.  A tear ran down Muriel’s face.  I hugged her and whispered in her ear, “They don’t know who you are.  Get away and hide.  I’ll find my way back to you.  I promise.”  Muriel had colored her shoulder length blond hair red and let it grow out to make her harder to spot if anyone was looking.  I hoped the disguise continued to work.

Muriel hugged me tight as the man came and led me away.  I held Muriel’s hand until her fingers slipped form mine.  She stood and watched helplessly as the man helped me into back seat of the black sedan.  I watched Muriel, my hand on the window, until the car pulled away from the curb and she was lost from site.  I dropped my face into my hands and sobbed.  The man sat stoically next to me as his partner drove.  I sobbed all the way to the airport but I was glad Muriel was still free.

Desperate Submission - Coming September 2012


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Marlene Sexton is just a regular girl with a wildly sexual imagination. She has been writing erotica for her own enjoyment. Now she wants to share her naughty stories with others. She enjoys writing about hot and steamy sex between characters that her readers can connect with in realistic, but exciting, situations. Marlene loves writing about married couples, lesbians, transsexuals and all manner of dominant woman fantasies. Of course, all of Marlene’s characters are consenting adults.

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